Increase your return by leveraging real-time video and webinar analytics

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View real-time video and webinar reports

Video and webinar reporting helps you track the success of your content marketing programs and make intelligent adjustments. Key information provided in real-time can help you spot opportunities to improve the performance of your content marketing programs as well as identify and learn from highly successful content pieces. Access reports through BrightTALK's marketing platform when it is convenient for you.

Track promotion performance

Real-time visibility into signup rates can determine the need for further marketing. Reports show the growth of the audience leading up to the live event by day, the growth of the live audience during your live event by minute and the growth of the on-demand audience by minutes viewed. Add tracking codes to your promotions to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and compare performance across events.

Review audience engagement and feedback

Use reports on the size of the audience, the extent of audience engagement and the questions asked to gauge program performance and identify qualified leads. You can easily see the breakdown of your audience by viewed live, viewed on demand and registered but have not viewed for each webinar or video. You can also see minutes viewed, votes, questions and feedback by subscriber. Assemble qualitative information easily, respond to customer enquiries and assess performance.

Identify trending topics and popular speakers

Listen to your audience to identify your best speakers, improve the quality of presentations and focus your content on audience needs to continue generating leads through webinars and videos. Get a quick impression of performance based on number of views or access further information found in feedback, questions and votes to ascertain which speakers to invite back and which topics to address in future webinars.

Download webinar analytics reports

Easily access the information you need in CSV file reports. You can also integrate with your CRM and marketing automation systems to leverage the data faster.