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Organize and feature great content

  • Deliver webinars and videos to a discrete audience through a BrightTALK™ Channel
  • View all content on a single dashboard along with registrations, viewings and ratings
  • Utilize publishing controls for private or public content
  • Categorize and tag your content
  • Manage rich audio and video content through a single content management platform interface
  • Track subscribers and analyze engagement
  • Easily deploy a range of promotional tools
  • Create pre-event surveys that provide critical audience data
  • Manage syndication of content between your channels

Why is this important to me?

Webinars and videos are part of an ongoing conversation with customers. Providing rich engaging content for your audience in an easy-to-access way boosts your online events success. Also, making it easy for you and your team to manage the content, the information created and its promotion helps you maintain an active program. BrightTALK enables you to stay focused on the quality of your content, as this is what your audience comes to hear.

How is BrightTALK different?

BrightTALK™ Channels organize webinars and videos around the community you wish to target. Your channel becomes a content management platform that enables you to deliver specific and relevant webinars to a community of like-minded professionals. By focusing the content in a channel, your audience develops a deeper connection with you and grows to value your channel. You can extend this audience by embedding your channel using our customized players to transport your content to your website and across the web.

List content in your channel

List webinars and videos so that your channel subscribers can browse and access relevant content through your channel. Provide upcoming and recorded content through one embeddable interface which enables single sign-on and one-click registration for your audience.

Create content

Manage live webinars and videos through a simple intuitive interface. Create new webinars or import videos, publish or un-publish content, make the content private or run practice webinars.

Organize content

Tag content by topic so your viewers can find content by presenter or product area as well as upcoming or recently archived presentations.

Promote and embed content

Select the content to add to your branded embeds or pick the player formats to be used for a specific webinar or video. Feature individual assets prominently in your website embeds.

Create channel surveys

Survey channel subscribers to gain valuable customer insight. Make survey fields mandatory or optional. Your content management platform remembers previous survey submissions from your subscribers.