BrightTALK webinar and video platform
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Present with confidence with our webcasting platform

  • Present by phone, control in real-time via our dynamic presenter interface
  • Easy-to-use, real-time, presenter console:
    • Start/stop presentation buttons
    • Next/previous slide buttons
    • Audience polling controls
    • Question management (prioritize, mark answered)
  • Schedule unlimited practice sessions
  • Count down to presentation start with phone and screen prompts
  • Prepared speaker instructions

Why is this important to me?

Your presenters need to feel confident with their webcasting service. Presenter satisfaction is a key factor in running a successful online events program. For some presenters delivering webinars is a new experience. Other presenters may not be familiar with all webcasting services or they have long gaps of time between delivering webinars. The presenter interface should be simple and intuitive with prominently displayed controls. Speakers like to practice and to see that everything is set up before they deliver their live presentation.

How is BrightTALK different?

BrightTALK is purpose-built for delivering online events and the speaker experience is a good example of this. We have designed the webcast service to reassure presenters and integrated the phone experience with screen prompts to make webinar delivery straight forward. BrightTALK does not charge for speaker practice sessions and these can be set up easily for new or inexperienced presenters.

Share presenter instructions

Copy and paste simple presenter instructions for accessing their event easily, which enables your presenter(s) to be responsible for the webinar. Schedule and host practice webinars if desired at no additional cost. Provide a conference bridge to presenters 15 minutes before a live event to prepare in a private discussion room.

Control presenter access

Provide access to external speakers without exposing the data in your reports by giving your presenter a secure PIN number to access the specific event. All presenters must also register with BrightTALK.

Start on time

Coordinate the audience and the presenters to arrive before the webinar, so that the event starts on time. Your audience receives reminder emails and a starting now email to encourage prompt attendance. The presenter can dial-in up to 15 minutes before the event and is shown a countdown to their start time to ensure that they begin on time.

Use simple presentation controls

Easy-to-use interface for presenters with start presenting, next slide, previous slide, and end webcast prompts streamlines the presenter experience. Questions, polls, rating and feedback by your audience are available during the presentation.

'Presenter to audience' messaging

Enhance the audiences live viewer experience with your presenter delivering real-time messaging to your live audiences via the BrightTALK player. Presenters can type and send the messages to your viewers during the live presentation. URLs in your text will be hyper linked for your audience.