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Provide your own registered users seamless access to your BrightTALK content

  • Use your own user registration system to authenticate access to your BrightTALK content within your website for demand generation webinar integrations
  • Utilize BrightTALK's simple and secure web and player APIs to offer a seamless webinar event and viewing experience from your users
  • Maintain the benefit of BrightTALK reporting with configuration to reconcile data with your user registrations system
  • Continue to benefit from the convenience of the BrightTALK email service and promotional tools through automation webinar integration
  • Syndicate your content to reach audiences outside your user base

Why is this important to me?

If you have developed your own 'single-sign-on' user registration system for your website, avoid additional registration for your webinar and video content by integrating with BrightTALK. This will offer a seamless experience to your existing user base and boost their participation. To connect outside of your user base, in other BrightTALK communities, you can choose to syndicate content into a separate BrightTALK™ Channel and continue to benefit from the additional exposure BrightTALK can provide.