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    • Creating a Multi-Cloud Buying Strategy
      Creating a Multi-Cloud Buying Strategy Meg Ramsey, Vice President, Cloud Services Product Management, Sungard Availability Services Upcoming: Oct 17 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • CEOs and boards are demanding their IT departments pursue a cloud-first, or all-in cloud, strategy, but not all clouds are created equal. A multi-cloud strategy is most prudent for enterprise businesses but to do so different business, system, application and cost drivers must be considered. In this presentation we will help you create a strategic buying framework for pursuing a multi-cloud strategy that pulls in both public cloud and private cloud services.

      About the speaker:

      In her role as Vice President of Cloud Services, Meg Ramsey sets the cloud strategy and vision for Sungard AS. Leading a team of product managers dedicated to delivering cloud infrastructure services for enterprise clients, she focuses on delivering application recovery and interoperability across all cloud platforms. Her efforts directly support Sungard AS’ strategic growth initiatives and include building partnerships with AWS and VMware to expand Sungard AS’ modern service offerings. Ramsey brings extensive consulting and strategy experience within the cloud, IT infrastructure and telecommunications industries. Prior to joining Sungard AS, Ramsey held positions at Accenture and Internap. She received her BS from Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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    • Applications cloud et hybrides : comment rationaliser votre data integration
      Applications cloud et hybrides : comment rationaliser votre data integration Cédric Israel et Francois Lacas Recorded: Sep 18 2018 3:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Vos applications et systèmes migrent vers le multi-cloud, certains restent on-prem comme vos outils d’intégration, de sécurité, qualité, archivage de données … combien de temps allez-vous encore assumer ces silos et ces coûts multipliés face aux métiers ?

      A l'issue de ce webinar, vous saurez :
      - Ce que couvre exactement l’iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)
      - Sur quels critères de référence (technologie, architecture, étendue applicative, user experience, localisation …) m’appuyer pour bien choisir
      - Quels profils d’utilisateurs peuvent utiliser l’IPaaS
      - Quels use-cases vous pouvez adresser immédiatement

      A l’issue de ce webinar de 45-min, vous saurez pourquoi et comment essayer l’IPaaS.

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    • How to Modernize your Private Cloud
      How to Modernize your Private Cloud Vaughn Stewart, VP of Technology at Pure Storage Recorded: Aug 13 2018 9:50 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Pure Storage presents how to simplify private cloud operations with FlashStackTM. During this presentation, Pure Storage will discuss the advantages of FlashStack including:

      - Why clouds providers deploy disaggregated architecture and the benefits compared to hyper-converged
      - Evergreen Storage as a Subscription
      - Operational simplicity enabled by a no trade-off storage architecture
      - How to meet the performance and availability needs of tier-1 workloads at they price point of tier-2 VMs simultaneously from a single platform
      - How operational simplicity allows cloud admins to manage storage in a cloud infrastructure
      - Discuss the depth of Pure's integrations with vSphere and Public Cloud providers

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    • How to Achieve Cloud Control Using Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management
      How to Achieve Cloud Control Using Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management Shaw Zhang, Neil Miles Recorded: Apr 18 2018 4:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Brought to you by the Vivit Automation & Cloud Builders Special Interest (SIG) Group.

      Attend this webinar to receive a live demonstration of public cloud service brokering, aggregation and governance using the Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management solution. HCM allows IT to easily aggregate public cloud resources into an end-user catalog, while providing governance and analytics to ensure business unit consumption is visible and within budget. In addition, learn how improved control of public cloud spending can help you start building a strong business case for cloud management.

      Cloud Aggregation & Brokering
      - Cloud service aggregation to quickly aggregate hybrid cloud services and publish offerings in catalog
      - Self-service web portal access to catalog services for end users to consume services

      Hybrid Cloud Governance
      - Get visibility into IT cloud costs with show-back reporting for LOBs/organizations
      - Policy-based budget quota management to proactively track cloud costs and notify on quota overages

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    • Key Considerations of an Effective Cloud Strategy
      Key Considerations of an Effective Cloud Strategy Matt Nolan - Senior Cloud Architect, Red Hat and Stephane Lefrere - Director, Cloud infrastructure Practice, Red Hat Recorded: May 22 2018 9:00 am UTC 41 mins
    • One of the most pressing questions enterprises have to answer is: “Should we move to the cloud or stay on-premise?” For many, the answer is a blend of both. Determining your organization’s cloud strategy can be complex. Important considerations must be made around security and compliance requirements, balancing the needs of developers, as well as the existing infrastructure implementations.

      In this webinar, we’ll identify multiple considerations you’ll face when starting to think about your cloud strategy and walk through how to manage those critical choices. We’ll cover how to:
      - Evaluate the mix of private and public cloud options are best for your business
      - Prioritize services for your developers and end users
      - Identify new approaches to enable freedom of choice, mobility, and accelerate service delivery
      - Define a cloud strategy that accelerates your ability to deliver new applications and innovative solutions

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    • The Future of Cloud Applications in a Hybrid World
      The Future of Cloud Applications in a Hybrid World Anthony Heaton, Chris Priest, Martin Warren, and Chris Harvey Recorded: May 10 2018 9:30 am UTC 41 mins
    • Join this live panel discussion with experts from NetApp to learn the latest trends, technologies and future predictions for hybrid cloud infrastructures.

      Tune into this interactive Q&A session to hear from Cloud, MSP and Infrastructure experts on:

      - The future of data services for hybrid cloud platforms
      - How to modernize your IT architecture
      - Why a one-size-fits-all-approach doesn't work for hybrid cloud platforms
      - Where managed hosting and managed services fit into your cloud strategy
      - The latest trends in multi-cloud and what it means for enterprise applications

      Moderator: Anthony Heaton, Director of Growth Sales, BrightTALK
      Panelists: Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp, Chris Priest, Senior Consultant, Amido and Chris Harvey, Lead Architect, Scality

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    • Building Modern Apps at Cloud Scale with Data Services
      Building Modern Apps at Cloud Scale with Data Services Kannan Muthukkaruppan, Co-Founder and CEO of YugaByte Upcoming: Sep 19 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • A number of modern, geo-distributed apps are being built in verticals such as retail, finance and SaaS. In an increasingly multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud world, the applications are becoming portable, but the databases are not. Enterprises are seeking to re-platform the data layer for scalability, developer friendliness and cloud-neutrality.

      The transactional database tier powering these apps has been a high-latency, hard-to-scale, master-slave RDBMS for a long time. Multi-master configurations or the use of a separate NoSQL DB (for multi-region data distribution) are common solutions. However, none of these solutions achieve the desired business outcomes of high customer satisfaction, increased data protection, and regulatory compliance.

      This talk will dive into how it is necessary to unify the best of SQL and NoSQL into one database in order to deliver the above business outcomes, and how YugaByte is helping democratize the transactional database layer by offering a single non-proprietary database that can span public and private clouds. YugaByte’s value proposition is strong for both CIOs, who can avoid cloud vendor lock-in at the database layer, and for developers, who don’t have to re-architect existing applications because of YugaByte’s built-in native compatibility to popular NoSQL and SQL interfaces.

      The Webinar is hosted by Fundoo.info along with IITAGH Board Members.

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    • How to Architect a Secure and Well-Managed Microsoft Azure Environment
      How to Architect a Secure and Well-Managed Microsoft Azure Environment Jeffrey Dahan, Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft Recorded: Sep 4 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Architecting a secure and well-managed cloud environment goes well above and beyond the technology layers.

      Given all of the technology challenges that exist for enterprises related to security, compliance, cost and governance, moving to a cloud architecture must be planned and executed in a responsible manner. It is extremely important to ensure that you are meeting your company’s strategic objectives while maintaining or exceeding your existing technology standards.

      During this session, you will learn about how Microsoft Azure can equip you with a full ecosystem of security and management systems. These solutions provide control and visibility into your technology assets – not just the ones in Azure, but also on-premises and within other cloud providers.

      About the speaker:
      Jeff Dahan is a technology professional who has worked globally with large enterprise organization with a focus on public cloud architectures as well as on-premises systems. During his career, he has worked mostly on the customer side for leading financial and legal organizations. Jeff has held various technology roles in management, architecture and operations. One of his professional passions is filling the void between lines of business and technology professionals. Most recently, Jeff has been working as a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft Israel with a focus on Infrastructure.

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    • EPISODE 1: The Economics of Managed Cloud Services & Tips for Choosing the Right
      EPISODE 1: The Economics of Managed Cloud Services & Tips for Choosing the Right Jay Gagne Recorded: Aug 16 2018 7:35 pm UTC 6 mins
    • Watch our first installment of the Tech over Coffee series featuring, Jay Gagné, CTO and Jeff Thompson, Director of Architecture and Operations, as they bring a unique-level of candor and humor to timely tech topics and impending trends in IT and data security.
      This episode includes discussion about:
      • The most common challenges of managed services
      • The economics of managed cloud services
      • How to identify which cloud model to implement
      “Tech over Coffee will provide both our tech-peers and prospective partners and clients with down-and-dirty information about what’s happening in the ever-evolving world of information technology. In our industry, information is constantly emerging, so rather than contemplating our thoughts behind closed doors, we decided to share our views and contemplations with other curious minds.” – Jay Gagné

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    • The 7 Barriers to Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation Success
      The 7 Barriers to Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation Success John Barnhart, Senior Marketing Manager, Cloudistics Recorded: Aug 23 2018 6:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • This webinar will identify the 7 Barriers to Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation Success. Participants will learn what the 7 barriers are and gain insights and understanding of why recognizing and overcoming them is so incredibly important.

      Multiple cloud studies have revealed that some 82% of organizations have a desire to use cloud to help them simplify IT processes, become more innovative and as a result accelerate time-to-market and time-to- value.

      This webinar will not only discuss the 7 barriers but also the cloud journey that most organizations follow which unfortunately results 70% of digital transformation projects to either fail completely, or fail to achieve the desired results, making their cloud efforts a waste of energy, time and money. We want to help organizations what they are up against, how to avoid disappointing experiences and successfully achieve true digital transformation.

      There will be time provided to ask questions about overcoming the 7 barriers, what to consider when selecting a cloud model and that the decision shouldn't be based on hardware. It should be based on the successful deployment of cloud applications, securing data, service delivery and providing a premium experience to everyone; administrators, developers, tenants, and end-users.

      Since 2013, Cloudistics has exceeded the promises of the IT status quo— public cloud, private cloud, or virtualization— by delivering a private cloud with a premium experience. Our aim is to help organizations break the barriers to cloud adoption and digital transformation success by developing cloud software that unlocks the possibilities and power of cloud for your people.

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    • Advanced & Frictionless Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment
      Advanced & Frictionless Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment Anuj Sawani, Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Jul 17 2018 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Today, organizations need higher performance and faster access to the latest innovative technologies in order to grab whatever competitive edge they can. This almost always means going to the cloud.

      Unfortunately, in the rush to get there, enterprises can find themselves with data and applications scattered across private and public clouds – often multiple public clouds – spanning IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

      Without the appropriate security and compliance strategy in place, this often results in poor visibility and increased risk. The simple truth is that multi-cloud security isn’t intuitive.

      We can make it easier. This webinar will cover:

      •Common speed bumps your security and DevOps teams face
      •Innovative security strategies to tackle a wide range of cloud risks
      •Security automation and integration within the development lifecycle
      •Achieving consistent and advanced multi-cloud protections

      Register now and learn how to secure your multi-cloud environment with advanced, frictionless protection.

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