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    • Top Business Security Risks and How You Can Fight Back
      Top Business Security Risks and How You Can Fight Back Graham Cluley, Independent Computer Security Expert Recorded: Jul 16 2018 9:00 am UTC 30 mins
    • According to cyber security experts, the frequency and severity of cyber attacks are on the rise, causing alarm to businesses and customers across a variety of industries. Taking a proactive, strategic approach to evaluating your cyber security strategy is critical, it starts with understanding who your organisations adversaries are and what the impact would be on your business if you were the victim of a cyberattack.

      Hear from Graham Cluley as he examines the latest methods and exploits used by cyber criminals providing an overview of the most current ways they target businesses. You’ll get an insight on how the most sophisticated attackers choose their targets and what they are looking for.

      You will learn about:
      - The ever-changing threat landscape, and how it affects your business
      - Key Considerations for your Cyber Security Strategy
      - Insight into real-life case studies

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    • Understanding and Taking Action on Risk Associated with your Digital Footprint
      Understanding and Taking Action on Risk Associated with your Digital Footprint Dustin Wilcox, 360Velocity | Vamsi Gullapalli, RiskIQ Recorded: Mar 9 2018 11:55 am UTC 28 mins
    • Visualising your organisation’s complete attack surface—all the known, unknown, and rogue and phoney digital assets across digital channels—is central to a robust and effective digital threat management (DTM) program. Having this complete picture also provides an understanding of vulnerabilities associated with those assets, and which should be prioritized highest (e.g., old vulnerabilities, which are the most often exploited, and new vulnerabilities like zero-days).

      During its discovery process, RiskIQ’s Digital Footprint surveys the entire internet, looking for digital assets that belong to or are connected to you, across the web, social, and mobile channels. Register for our upcoming webinar with RiskIQ’s Digital Footprint Product Manager, Vamsi Gullapalli, where he discusses:

      - What is RiskIQ Digital Footprint?
      - Where it fits in your security stack
      - How it can improve your vulnerability and asset management processes by making them more complete and up-to-date
      - Real life uses cases from customers who have improved their security posture and digital threat management programs with RiskIQ

      Also, you’ll hear from a RiskIQ customer and security chief on how he used Digital Footprint to improve his organisation’s risk posture.

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    • Cybersecurity in the wake of recent attacks - Is Browser Isolation the solution?
      Cybersecurity in the wake of recent attacks - Is Browser Isolation the solution? Rajiv Raghunarayan, VP - Products, Cyberinc Recorded: Aug 21 2018 3:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • The spate of cyber-attacks continues with an increasing level of sophistication and precision and sometimes finding the easiest path – through the weakest link in the chain – the human factor. Businesses and even government organizations are constantly in an alarmed state having to deal with the aftermath of such attacks. Be it the case of City of Atlanta or the more recent SingHealth breach, it is evident that CIOs and CISOs across the globe need to re-assess their traditional security approach.

      What is Browser Isolation? And how can this technology aid CISOs, security leaders & practitioners in managing cyber threats?

      Register to watch Rajiv Raghunarayan, VP Products at Cyberinc outline a simple yet effective approach organizations - enterprise or government - could take towards reducing risk and vulnerabilities, while also driving up the productivity of their IT security teams.

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    • How to Build your People-Centric Cybersecurity Strategy
      How to Build your People-Centric Cybersecurity Strategy Ryan Kalember, SVP Cybersecurity Strategies at Proofpoint Recorded: Sep 12 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Today’s most popular security and compliance tools focus on protecting the perimeter—they manage endpoints and patch system vulnerabilities.

      But cybercriminals don’t target technical vulnerabilities. They target human weakness: the distracted user who clicks on an email attachment, the eager customer who fills in credentials to claim a fake offer, a loyal employee who follows directions to wire money from a criminal impersonating their CEO.

      The only security strategy that will successfully combat today’s advanced attacks is one that focuses on protecting our people. Join Proofpoint SVP Ryan Kalember to learn how to build a strategy that:

      • Reveals who is targeted and how
      • Combats attacks before they reach your users, and
      • Mitigates damage from the attacks that inevitably will

      About the presenter:

      With over 15-years of experience in the information security industry, Ryan currently leads cybersecurity strategy for Proofpoint and is a sought-out expert for media commentary on breaches and best practices for enterprises as well as consumers. He joined Proofpoint from WatchDox where he served as chief marketing officer and was responsible for successfully building and leading the marketing team through the company’s acquisition by Blackberry. Prior to WatchDox, Ryan was instrumental in running solutions across Hewlett-Packard’s portfolio of security products. He has also held a variety of marketing leadership positions at ArcSight and VeriSign including EMEA regional manager. Ryan received his bachelor's degree from Stanford University, where he studied fault tolerance, cryptography, and authentication algorithms.

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    • Preparing for Tomorrow’s Threats Across the Expanded Enterprise
      Preparing for Tomorrow’s Threats Across the Expanded Enterprise Dave DeWalt, Former CEO, FireEye & McAfee; Rob McNutt, VP Emerg. Tech., ForeScout; Stu Solomon, Chief Tech. & Strategy, Optiv Recorded: Jun 20 2018 4:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Cyber leaders have a massive visibility problem that is only growing as the number of corporate unmanaged IP-connected devices continues to explode. Organizations are discovering up to 60 percent more devices on their network than previously known – amidst this rapid growth, where should CISOs and CIOs focus to increase their visibility, while at the same time manage and maintain security hygiene and compliance? Add to this, the expanded attack surface represented by non-traditional IoT and OT devices as entry points into the enterprise, and the challenge to prepare against threat actors seems overwhelming.

      In a rare opportunity to hear from an industry leader, join Dave DeWalt, former CEO of FireEye and McAfee, along with Rob McNutt, Vice President of Emerging Technologies at ForeScout, and Stuart Solomon, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer at Optiv, as they share insights and lessons on how today’s cyber leaders should be preparing for tomorrow’s expanded threats.

      Join this webinar to learn:
      - Where CISOs and CIOs should focus their resources to improve visibility
      - How device visibility can enable security hygiene and compliance
      - How organizations can shrink the attack surface created by IoT and OT

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    • Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyberattacks
      Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyberattacks Maj. Gen. Robert Wheeler, USAF (Retired); Willy Leichter, Virsec Recorded: Sep 11 2018 5:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • New Mindsets and Strategies for Proactive Defense

      There is no doubt that our infrastructure is under attack, and new vulnerabilities are being revealed daily. A perfect storm of political forces, aging infrastructure, increased automation, and advanced decentralized hacking all mean that we can’t be complacent about the security of our nation’s industrial backbone. To tackle today’s threats, we can’t rely on outdated security models and need a shift in mindset and defensive strategies that are up to the task.

      Join us for an interactive discussion with Maj. Gen. Robert Wheeler, a renowned security expert and former Deputy Chief Information Officer for Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) and Information Infrastructure Capabilities (DCIO for C4IIC).

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    • Decoding the Matrix: Deception-Borne Threat Intelligence
      Decoding the Matrix: Deception-Borne Threat Intelligence John Bradshaw, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering at Acalvio Technologies Recorded: Jul 18 2018 8:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Deception-based solutions can provide a wealth of information about how adversaries behave as they attempt to complete their mission. Depending on the level of engagement organizations desire to setup in their deception solution, information gleaned can include basic network connection information or every keystroke, command and action taken when a system is accessed. Understanding where in the attack life-cycle your deception information is coming from is critical to knowing how to utilize that information to strengthen your SOC / IR Operational Workflows. This webinar will discuss the types of information that can be gathered by Deception Solutions based on different levels of engagement and how that information can be used in the most effective manner with your Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics platforms.

      About the Speaker:

      John Bradshaw, Sr. Director, Solutions Engineering at Acalvio Technologies, has more than 25 years of experience in the Cyber Security industry focusing on advanced, targeted threats. He held senior leadership roles at Mandiant, ArcSight, Internet Security Systems, Lastline, and UUNET.

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    • Kaspersky Technical Talks Series - KATA / EDR Part 2
      Kaspersky Technical Talks Series - KATA / EDR Part 2 Jibril Hassan, Kaspersky Lab Recorded: Sep 6 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    • A unified security solution for a new era of digital transformation.

      Join our technical team as they provide a deeper dive into the Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack (KATA) and Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms.

      Learn how:
      - it delivers complete visibility across the distributed enterprise environment, together with global threat statistics and reputations, providing contextualised, actionable Intelligence.
      - multi-dimensional advanced detection combines machine learning with advanced detection capabilities using static, behavioural, cloud reputation, sandboxing and pattern based detection engines, together with a Targeted Attack Analyser.
      - automated prevention of and response to advanced threats
      Verdicts are automatically shared via the platform with a whole spectrum of products, including email, web, endpoint and storage protection. As a result, instant action can be taken when an incident emerges.

      This session is highly recommended for technical roles and continues our series of technical talks. If you missed a previous one please check it out on our On-Demand Service.

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    • Kaspersky Technical Talks Series - KATA / EDR Part 1
      Kaspersky Technical Talks Series - KATA / EDR Part 1 Jibril Hassan, Kaspersky Lab Recorded: Aug 2 2018 10:00 am UTC 48 mins
    • KTMD - A Corporate Cybersecurity Strategy to meet digital disruption challenges

      Join our technical team in our first session to explore the dedicated features that gives Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense an edge.
      - how KTMD exposes advanced attacks with precision machine learning and behavioral analytics, plus how it minimizes false positives to help ensure high levels of productivity for security teams, powered by the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).
      - discover what the Threats Landscape actually looks like
      - what challenges Enterprises have today and explore how to mitigate against Advanced Threats whilst protecting against Complex Threats

      At the end of the session you'll learn how to effectively PREVENT the threats, Rapidly DETECT the breach and RESPOND to incidents with our Multi-dimensional Advanced Threat Detection with Machine Learning.

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    • Data Breach Countermeasures: Actionable Items from Actual Cases
      Data Breach Countermeasures: Actionable Items from Actual Cases John Grim, Senior Manager, Investigative Response Team, Verizon Recorded: Sep 18 2018 1:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Verizon’s John Grim will talk through data breach scenarios investigated by the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center | Investigative Response Team that have afflicted victimized organizations. Drawing on these real-life experiences, he’ll discuss some of the most common (as well as some of the most lethal) cybersecurity attack scenarios experienced by organizations today. John will augment these scenarios drawn from Verizon's investigative caseload with data from Verizon’s industry-leading research reports (Data Breach Investigations Report and Data Breach Digest). He'll then provide you actionable countermeasures to effectively help detect, respond, and mitigate data breaches and cybersecurity incidents.

      John has over 15 years of experience investigating data breaches and cyber security incidents within the government and civilian security sectors, leading a team of highly skilled digital forensics investigators. He also advises on data breach containment and eradication efforts, performs digital forensic examinations, and leads data breach response preparedness training and breach simulation tabletop exercises for customers worldwide.

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    • FireEye Global Threat Response – How we Protect the World
      FireEye Global Threat Response – How we Protect the World Tim Wellsmore, Director of Threat Intelligence & Consulting Mandiant International, a FireEye Company Upcoming: Oct 22 2018 2:00 am UTC 75 mins
    • Most approaches to the global cyber security problem are usually focused locally inside separate organisations, who struggle to look out across the global landscape and effectively respond. National responses from government capabilities can be challenged by capacity and jurisdiction to truly understand the global threat environment, and to effectively respond. This presentation will highlight how FireEye utilises its various capabilities and threat focused teams from all parts of the business to build a cohesive global detection and response capability for the biggest global threats.

      This presentation will outline how we tactically respond within our internal capability teams, and across our customer base of 67 countries and how we keep the media, our customers and our government partners informed on the latest information. How we scale quickly to respond to WannaCry or NotPetya to ensure our Community Protection mandate is relentless maintained is an impressive story. This presentation will highlight how our FireEye technology arm and FireEye's subsidiary companies of Mandiant and iSight work seamlessly together in a global cyber threat event to bring our best against the world's most advanced cyber threat actors.

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    • Pragmatic Security: Balancing Investment and Protection
      Pragmatic Security: Balancing Investment and Protection Pete Clay, Katzcy Consulting Advisory Board member Recorded: Apr 26 2018 5:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • With the volume of attacks growing, the mutations and variations in attack methods broadening, and a seemingly endless catalog of defensive solutions available, it can be difficult to prioritize your security investments and operations. Join our cyber defense experts to hear tips on how to cut through the noise, effectively identify the most likely and riskiest attacks and thwarting them efficiently through balanced and targeted investment in resources, time and technology.

      About the Speaker:
      Pete Clay, Katzcy Consulting Advisory Board member, is a 20+ year veteran in the cybersecurity industry with experience in security operations, mergers and acquisitions, cyber policy, risk management, and program management.

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    • Cyber Security Risk Management –New Methods to Gain Control
      Cyber Security Risk Management –New Methods to Gain Control Matthew Keane, Sr. Director, Strategic Services, FireEye & Travis Fry, Sr. Consultant, FIreEye Upcoming: Oct 24 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Due to the combination of growing cyber risks threatening critical assets of organizations today, and firmer security regulations enforced by lawmakers across the globe, security leaders are compelled to improve their risk management processes and key stakeholder communication—to enable better decision-making around security domains and necessary investments.

      This requires adoption of new risk management methods to generate realistic risk forecasts, effective metrics techniques, and a clear roadmap for capability improvements.

      Join Matthew Keane, Sr. Director of Strategic Services at FireEye, Travis Fry, Sr. Consultant at FireEye, as they share their security and legal expertise on:

      • Security risks across the complete cyber attack lifecycle, not only detection and response
      • A simple and proven method for understanding the risk reality facing all organizations
      • The rising cyber security insurance market and how it will affect risk management efforts
      • Influence of the SEC’s recent interpretive guidance on security risks and incident disclosures
      • Using threat intelligence to ensure risk management efforts are based on real-world threats and ongoing adversary activities, not hypothetical or academic scenarios
      • Best practice exercises to test your incident response plan based on real-world experiences
      • Techniques for effectively reporting risk and capability needs to a Board-level audience

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