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    • Tips for writing an effective, marketable abstract
      Tips for writing an effective, marketable abstract Susan King, Mary Nishikawa Recorded: Mar 15 2017 10:30 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Are you confused about when to write the abstract? Do you need help in understanding how to create an effective abstract? Let’s take a look at the steps you can follow. Also, you will learn about essential elements that make abstracts more attractive to potential audiences.

      Who is this for?
      Early career researchers who are submitting their first paper to an academic journal in the fields of biomedical sciences. This is a beginner-level session, though it is valuable for experienced writers alike.

      Why should you attend?
      Editage Academic Trainer Mary Nishikawa will focus on a checklist that you can use when writing an abstract. She will provide examples of effective abstracts and explain why they are effective. Rockefeller University Press Executive Director Susan King will provide a brief introduction to The Journal of Cell Biology, The Journal of Experimental Medicine, and The Journal of General Physiology.

      How do you register?
      It’s simple!
      •Click on “Attend” in the “Registration” section below.
      •Fill in the short one-time registration form to generate your username and password.
      •You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to the webinar.
      •On the day of the webinar, click the link and sign in using your login details.

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    • How to Write an Effective Response Letter in English and Editage author services
      How to Write an Effective Response Letter in English and Editage author services Steven Ward & Aditya Vadrevu Recorded: Mar 31 2017 11:00 am UTC 56 mins
    • Would you like to gain more confidence when responding to reviewer comments? Are you trying to gain a better understanding of the peer review process in general? This webinar will cover all practical aspects of responding to reviewer comments, including writing a response letter.
      Who is this for?
      Anyone who aspires to get published in an international academic journal but feels intimidated by the review process should attend this webinar. It will be particularly helpful to authors that are awaiting an answer to their submitted manuscripts.
      Why should you attend?
      This webinar will enable you to develop a very detailed understanding of the entire process of responding to peer reviewers. You will know the best tone and format to use in your written correspondence with reviewers.

      This Webinar will be delivered in English

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    • Seven Steps to Effective Regulatory Response
      Seven Steps to Effective Regulatory Response EDRM and Zapproved Recorded: Sep 5 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Learn the seven steps to effective regulatory response and be prepared to respond quickly to ensure compliance.

      Regulatory agencies such as the SEC and CFTC can initiate an investigation into business activity at any time, bringing challenges beyond those of typical ediscovery. Regulatory investigations often relate to unclear charges, make broad and sweeping data requests under unrealistically tight timelines, and bear severe consequences for noncompliance. Organizations need to be prepared to identify, preserve, and analyze relevant information rapidly and accurately.

      In this webinar, Zapproved will discuss seven clear, actionable steps to launch a successful regulatory response. These steps start with strategizing and preserving data before moving into assessing information, negotiating the terms of the request, creating privilege logs, and keeping the lines of communication open.

      Any organization subject to regulatory oversight could be investigated at any time. Prepare today so you can face tomorrow with confidence.

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    • Best Practices for Building an Effective Insider Threat Program
      Best Practices for Building an Effective Insider Threat Program Simon Sharp, VP International, ObserveIT Recorded: Sep 5 2018 7:00 am UTC 62 mins
    • The greatest cyber security threat an organization faces is no longer the malicious outsider hacking from beyond network firewalls. It is the insiders – the contractors, vendors, privileged users and business users – who already have full access to your company’s systems and sensitive data. Addressing this type of threat requires a much different approach, but whether unintentional or malicious, you need to quickly identify and eliminate insider threat. Attend this session to learn best practices for building and maintaining an effective insider threat program.

      You will learn:
      - Why insider threats are prevalent, despite many organisations implementing a layered defence approach
      - How to stop insider threats in their tracks, through comprehensive visibility, real-time intelligence and policy enforcement
      - How to help organisations achieve data privacy and protection compliance in line with GDPR regulations
      - Why you need to focus on people, processes and technology, in that order

      Join ObserveIT and (ISC)² on Sep 5, 2018 (Wed) at 15:00 (Singapore time) to learn how to build an insider threat program.

      Presenter: Simon Sharp, VP International, ObserveIT;
      Jonathan Boyko, Senior Technical Manager, ObserveIT
      Moderator: Tony Vizza, CISSP, Director, Cybersecurity Advocacy for APAC, (ISC)²

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    • The role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation
      The role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation Oleg Glebov, Threat Management and Defense Solution Leader, Alexander Liskin, Heuristic Detection Group Manager Kaspersky Lab Recorded: Jul 31 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    • Experts predict a busy year for cybersecurity threats… a rise in general and accidental malware infections, an increased risk of targeted ransomware attacks and new types of malware and malicious tools all lie ahead.

      Threat intelligence is a key component of any effective security operation. Without exceptional, coordinated threat intelligence, cyber threats simply can’t be reliably identified or stopped.

      Kaspersky Lab is hosting a webinar on the key role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation. The webinar will be presented by Oleg Glebov, solution leader for our Threat Management and Defense portfolio and Alexander Liskin, Kaspersky Lab anti-malware research expert.

      The webinar is aimed at anyone with a professional interest in cybersecurity and threat intelligence, in particular IT security officers, incident response specialists and SOC analysts.

      The webinar will cover the following topics:
      • the current threat landscape – and the methods cybercriminals use to evade detection;
      • the critical role threat data feeds play in protecting you from attack;
      • the increasing importance of proven, established sandboxing – and the capabilities of Kaspersky Lab’s Cloud Sandbox;
      • APT and Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting;
      • how our experts use Threat Lookup for incident investigation;
      • Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence Services – and how we can help build a comprehensive Incident Response (IR) framework with our Threat Intelligence Portal and Cloud Sandbox.

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    • ISM Webinar: How to Write an Effective Sales Email
      ISM Webinar: How to Write an Effective Sales Email ISM Fellow - Niraj Kapur Upcoming: Feb 5 2019 11:00 am UTC 30 mins
    • Key Takeaways:

      90% of businesses can’t write an effective email. You will learn the 5 things you must never do and the key things you must include when writing an email

      Email is the most common form of communication in business. Everyone sends emails, yet the response is getting less and less since people inboxes get clogged up. How do you stand out from everyone else?

      Reasons to Attend:

      Break up the length by having one very short sentence after any longer ones. This helps people slide through your email with ease and eliminates friction. So much sales training concentrates on technique, body language, asking open-ended questions, and more. Working on your writing might not seem as flashy or trendy. And to be sure, it’s an investment of time and money. But like any sound investment, it can impact your bottom line in rich, rewarding ways.

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    • How to Make the Most of your Metrics: an Effective Reporting Framework
      How to Make the Most of your Metrics: an Effective Reporting Framework Paul Dooley, Optimal Connections Recorded: May 17 2018 5:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • There is a lot of guidance in the IT service management world about designing a proper Metrics
      and Measurements Framework; yet without a timely and effective Reporting Framework to sort
      this data, convert it to information, and present it in the right format at the right time to the
      people that need to know in order to make better decisions and take action, a metrics and
      measurements framework will be of little practical use.

      In this presentation, Paul will discuss why and how an effective Reporting Framework is essential
      to converting metrics into usable information that enables knowledge and improved decision making.

      Additionally, we will consider:
      • Why reporting should operate at three levels – strategic, tactical and operational
      • Four key elements to focus your reporting around
      • Why subjective results are just as critical as objective measurements
      • How “visible reporting” can drive people performance at all stages of the life-cycle
      • Which processes rely heavily on an effective reporting framework
      • Common reporting pitfalls, and how to avoid them

      Paul will conclude with 10 keys to designing and deploying a high-performance ITSM Reporting

      Attendees will walk away with an understanding of why a well-designed highly automated
      Reporting Framework that utilizes a “balanced approach”, effective graphics, clear targets, real-time
      as well as periodic reporting, along with analysis and actionable recommendations, is
      essential for IT service management to be effective in delivering quality services, as well as
      reporting the value of such services to all stakeholders.

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    • Effective FTO searches: How to lay good groundwork before outsourcing
      Effective FTO searches: How to lay good groundwork before outsourcing Dylan O. Adams: Senior patent attorney & Amazon best-selling author Recorded: May 9 2018 3:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Conducting thorough freedom to operate (FTO) searches is an essential part of R&D and IP strategies for many companies. Outsourcing searches to external professionals can be highly effective but can come with its own list of risks and costs.

      So what are the ways you can lay the most effective freedom to operate searching foundations, before contacting a legal professional for their advice?

      PatSnap will be joined patent attorney, and Amazon bestselling author Dylan Adams, for an insightful webinar into how you can lay the most effective groundwork throughout your FTO search, whether you're using an in-house counsel team or an external law firm.

      This webinar will explore key themes including:

      - Where to get started with an FTO search
      - How to effectively communicate your invention to an attorney
      - What an attorney needs to make their searching faster and more effective

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    • The Secrets to an Effective Insider Threat Program
      The Secrets to an Effective Insider Threat Program Nathaniel Ford, Moderator, (ISC)² EMEA, Mayank Choudhary, Vice President, Observe IT Recorded: May 8 2018 11:00 am UTC 53 mins
    • With three million records stolen every day, insider threats are quickly becoming the greatest cybersecurity threat organisations face today. Unfortunately, the most trusted people - contractors, vendors, privileged users and business users - often create the most risk. Whether insider threats are unintentional or malicious, the secret to quickly identifying and eliminating them starts with a people-centric approach. Attend this webinar to learn best practices for building and maintaining an effective insider threat program.

      You will learn:
      - Why insider threats are prevalent, despite many organizations implementing a layered defense approach
      - How to stop insider threats in their tracks, through comprehensive visibility, real time intelligence and policy enforcement
      - Why you need to focus on people, process and technology, in that order

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    • Designing an effective performance support framework
      Designing an effective performance support framework Alexander Knof - Global Solution Owner - SAP Enable Now Recorded: Apr 30 2018 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Join us on Monday, April 30 at 2:00 pm to learn more about how to use SAP Enable Now to create a reliable and well-rounded performance support framework. This kind of framework should be designed to increase the productivity of corporate software users by providing the right knowledge or material at the right moment.
      In this free 45-minute webinar, SAP will share experiences and lessons learned to overcome initial hurdles and how to plan and design an effective performance support program – either by using the embedded user assistance of SAP applications like SAP S/4HANA or SAP SuccessFactors or by starting from scratch. Learn how SAP Enable Now helps to create multiple different knowledge assets while keeping the efforts for the production and maintenance as low as possible. For more information, please visit the SAP Enable Now InfoCenter: https://enable-now.sap.com.

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    • Effective Onboarding drives better Performance Management
      Effective Onboarding drives better Performance Management Sri Chellappa, President-Engagely, Joseph Hammett - Partnerships-HRCloud Recorded: Mar 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    • When we profess performance matters, are we communicating that every step of the way starting with step 1-Onboarding?

      Organizations tend to focus on Performance Management for employees once the employee is onboarded and warmed up to the workplace. However, performance management starts on day 1. During the onboarding process not only an employee is introduced to the people and processes, they are really introduced to the performance culture you have. An effective onboarding process will provide a conduit to set the right expectation, orientation and tools to start the relationship on the right foot.

      In this webinar we will discuss how tools like HRCloud and Engagedly can work seamlessly to provide a delightful and effective onboarding experience and actively engage the employee on day 1. We will learn some best practices on driving the culture of performance driven in every step, from being a new hire to an employee.

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    • Orchestrating Effective IT Risk Management Across the Lines of Defense
      Orchestrating Effective IT Risk Management Across the Lines of Defense Kelley Vick, IT GRC Forum; Cameron Jackson, Riskonnect; Weston Nelson, Moss Adams Advisory Services Recorded: Aug 8 2017 8:00 pm UTC 65 mins
    • Today’s IT risk environment is more threatened than ever thanks to the growth in sophisticated cyber attacks and security vulnerabilities. Now, complex, hard-to-detect attacks could bring down not just a single institution but also large parts of the internet and the financial markets. Organizations need an intelligent approach when it comes to assessing IT risk and managing compliance.

      Staying safe is no longer just about deflecting attackers. It’s about staying ahead of attackers who are already inside the organization, and banks are doing this through structured lines of defense that enhance security capabilities, involve IT risk managers in operations, and expand internal audits mandate so they can cover business disruption. On this webinar presentation we will address some ways how organizations can as a part of an Integrated Risk Management initiative orchestrate effective IT risk management across the lines of defense.

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    • ISM Webinar: Mindsets of Highly Effective Sellers
      ISM Webinar: Mindsets of Highly Effective Sellers ISM Fellow - Peter Thomson Recorded: Feb 6 2018 11:00 am UTC 57 mins
    • Key Takeaways:

      Great sellers can understand why they sell a product and how it will genuinely help their customer, resulting in a natural sales process and experience.

      Even the most basic sales training makes an average seller out of a complete novice.

      But what truly sets the best salespeople apart from the pack?

      The answer is in their mindset--how they fundamentally identify with their product and sales process.

      Reason to Attend:

      This webinar will motivate and help you and your sales teams to connect personal meaning and passion to your processes which in turn will deliver better and longer-term results.

      Here are the 5 common mindsets that effective salespeople possess:

      -They Clearly Understand "Why"
      -They Are Helping, Not Selling
      -They Have Clear Intent
      -They Focus on What They Can Control
      -They Listen More Than They Talk

      Starting with the right mindset is an exceptionally important first step to becoming an effective salesperson.

      Find your own fundamental connections with your customers and product and set yourself apart from the pack.

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    • Does Your Business Need to Work Smarter? Tips for Effective Collaboration
      Does Your Business Need to Work Smarter? Tips for Effective Collaboration Laurie McCabe Recorded: Dec 13 2017 7:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Effective collaboration has always been essential to business success. But today, the changing mix of demographics, attitudes, requirements and digital technology are leading to new expectations and new ways to communicate and collaborate. Does your business need to rethink how you use communication and collaboration solutions to better engage employees, boost productivity and improve both employee and customer satisfaction? Attend this webinar to learn:
      - Key trends that are redefining workplace communication and collaboration
      - How employee expectations of work and collaboration are changing
      - Tips to start creating a more effective collaboration environment

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    • Episode I: Effective Micro-Segmentation for the Multi-Cloud
      Episode I: Effective Micro-Segmentation for the Multi-Cloud John Parker, VP Products, ShieldX Networks Recorded: Jan 10 2018 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    • According to MarketsandMarkets, “more than 75% of businesses are planning to implement multi-cloud architectures within the next 2 years (2018–2019).” And with the rise of multi-cloud architectures, plans and budgets to employ micro-segmentation are on the rise too, to help protect against the lateral movement of an attack, its access to high-value assets, and its subsequent exfiltration of sensitive data.

      But while ESG' research reports that already “68% of enterprise organizations use some type of software-based micro-segmentation technology” today, its implementation still presents challenges and fails to protect against today’s most pervasive assaults.

      Specifically, today’s micro-segmentation solutions offer only simple, ACL-based control, failing to secure all layers of the protocol stack in a way that is also cost-effective and practical to operationalize, especially in newer and elastic, multi-cloud environments.

      ShieldX Networks, a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Security, will present a brief and instructional overview on the new criteria for effective micro-segmentation, including why micro-segmentation and security controls must work through Layer 7 to protect against advanced attacks, and how to evaluate a solution behind the hype to determine if the micro-segmentation product you plan to deploy will deliver the security you’ve been promised.


      •Micro-segmentation state-of-the-union: What is it and how most IT organizations deploy it today

      •Security challenges: What basic micro-segmentation does, and the compromises it misses

      •Blueprint for effective micro-segmentation: Preventing the ‘confused deputy’ and its use in the spread of lateral attacks

      •Best practice takeaways


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