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    • Leveraging MT to Enable Global Technical Support
      Leveraging MT to Enable Global Technical Support Kirti Vashee, Language Technology Evangelist, SDL Recorded: Jun 12 2018 3:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Customer Care is now a priority for digitally-savvy enterprises as it is seen as a top differentiator in driving superior customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. In this age of digital transformation, the customer is instantly global, and the enterprise must respond instantly as well.
      Machine Translation (MT) can help you create multilingual content to drive Customer Experience and build a global competitive advantage fast.

      Join us for this live webinar, where Kirti Vashee, Language Technology Evangelist for SDL, will explore:

      • How Global Customer Support contributes to your success.
      • Best practices to develop high-quality multilingual self-serve support content.
      • Developing MT solutions that can help make chatbots and other new Customer Support models multilingual.

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    • Customer Support through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
      Customer Support through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Robin Marcenac, Sr. Managing Consultant, IBM, Ross Ackerman, Dir. Digital Support Strategy, NetApp, Alex McDonald, SNIA CSI Recorded: Feb 22 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Watson is a computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language. Watson was named after IBM's first CEO, Thomas J. Watson. The computer system was specifically developed to answer questions on the quiz show Jeopardy! (where it beat its human competitors) and was then used in commercial applications, the first of which was helping with lung cancer treatment.

      NetApp is now using IBM Watson in Elio, a virtual support assistant that responds to queries in natural language. Elio is built using Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities. These enable Elio to analyze unstructured data by using natural language processing to understand grammar and context, understand complex questions, and evaluate all possible meanings to determine what is being asked. Elio then reasons and identifies the best answers to questions with help from experts who monitor the quality of answers and continue to train Elio on more subjects.

      Elio and Watson represent an innovative and novel use of large quantities of unstructured data to help solve problems, on average, four times faster than traditional methods. Join us at this webcast, where we’ll discuss:

      •The challenges of utilizing large quantities of valuable yet unstructured data
      •How Watson and Elio continuously learn as more data arrives, and navigates an ever growing volume of technical information
      •How Watson understands customer language and provides understandable responses

      Learn how these new and exciting technologies are changing the way we look at and interact with large volumes of traditionally hard-to-analyze data.

      After the webcast, check-out the Q&A blog http://www.sniacloud.com/?p=296

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    • The Future of Desktop Support: What the KPIs are Telling Us
      The Future of Desktop Support: What the KPIs are Telling Us Jeff Rumburg Recorded: Sep 13 2018 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Desktop support has evolved dramatically in recent years. From virtualization and remote desktop control, to the rise of SWAT teams and staff augmentation, most desktop support organizations bear no resemblance to their predecessors.

      In this webcast, you’ll receive industry data that illustrates key trends in desktop support. Jeff Rumburg will reveal the underlying drivers of these trends and their implications for the future of desktop support, including what today’s KPIs tell us about the future, the impact on people, process, and technology, and how to position desktop support for future success.

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    • The Impact of Cybersecurity on IT Response Teams: A Game Changer!
      The Impact of Cybersecurity on IT Response Teams: A Game Changer! Vincent Geffray and Roy Atkinson (moderator) Upcoming: Nov 13 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and denial of service attacks—many initiated through “phishing”—will continue to frequently interrupt business and government operations. Across all industries, businesses see an uptick in cyberattacks frequency and damage to their organizations.

      “One of the best services we can provide for our customers, whether they are internal or external, is keeping their personal information—and the information needed for the business—safe. The first line of assistance should also be the first line of defense.” - Roy Atkinson, HDI

      The support center should have clear guidance on how to avoid social engineering threats and phishing threats, as well as the ability—including the time—to educate users on why support may not be able to immediately help them, or why additional information might be required. Meanwhile, when hit by a cyberattack, organizations need to execute a clearly defined and agreed upon cross-function response plan to mitigate the risks and minimize the disruption.

      In this interview-style webinar, HDI’s Roy Atkinson and Everbridge’s Vincent Geffray will discuss the importance of the support center’s role in cybersecurity prevention and response.

      What you’ll learn:
      - How Cybersecurity is Impacting Support
      - Support’s Role in Prevention
      - How, When, and Why the Support Center Should Respond

      Who should attend:
      - Support center managers who need to be aware of the importance of support in cybersecurity
      - IT directors who want to better understand responses and communications in the event of a cybersecurity event
      - Anyone in IT service and support wanting to improve their understanding of the role of support in cybersecurity

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    • Machine Learning and Analytics: Taking ITSM and Support to the Next Level
      Machine Learning and Analytics: Taking ITSM and Support to the Next Level Vesna Soraic, Steve Anderson, and Roy Atkinson (moderator) Recorded: Sep 25 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Technology is becoming increasingly critical to businesses and other organizations, but as technology speeds up, we often don’t think about the negative business impacts it may bring: new hires whose equipment isn’t available, services that are interrupted, and customers or users who aren’t informed of a change or outage, to name a few. Smarter technologies driven by abundant data analytics can provide the support organization with information and solutions with more accuracy and speed than previously possible.

      Join us to learn:

      • Why analytics are important to service management and support
      • What machine learning is and how it can enable faster, better, more accurate resolutions
      • How machine learning and analytics combine to enable smart processes that can pinpoint expertise, accelerate configuration and change management, and minimize wasted time

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    • The Future of the IT Support Center
      The Future of the IT Support Center Roy Atkinson and Stephen Smith Recorded: Jun 19 2018 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever and will continue to accelerate. Support centers (helpdesks or service desks) not only need to keep up with the technologies of their customers or users but also the technology within the support center itself.

      The customers and end users seeking support will be increasingly mobile, more likely to be using their own devices and applications, and more tech-savvy than in the past. Support centers will be handling fewer easy, “one and done” contacts, and will need increasingly sophisticated knowledge and tools to maintain their organization’s workforce.

      You will learn about:
      * How new technologies both impact and enable the service and support center’s role
      * How to think about the coming innovations in automation and artificial intelligence

      Who Should Attend:
      * New and established service and support leaders
      * Anyone wishing to learn more about how the world of support will change over the next few years

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    • The Pursuit of Service and Support Excellence: A Roundtable with 2018 Honorees
      The Pursuit of Service and Support Excellence: A Roundtable with 2018 Honorees Rob Allen, Brittany Muxlow, Kristin Luebke, Tabitha Scarbrough, and Leslie Cook (moderator) Recorded: Jun 6 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • HDI's industry awards acknowledge and celebrate professional achievement. Our internationally recognized awards provide the industry's finest with a sense of pride and accomplishment, while earning them trust and credibility from employers and customers.

      * The HDI Analyst of the Year Award recognizes the support industry's top front-line service and support professionals who possess the knowledge and skills required to provide quality service and support for internal or external customers.

      * The HDI Desktop Support Technician of the Year Award recognizes desktop support professionals who demonstrate extraordinary commitment, dedication, technical aptitude, and service to customers while consistently exceeding performance objectives.

      * The HDI Manager of the Year Award recognizes prominent professionals who most clearly demonstrate the ability to serve and advance information technology within their organizations.

      Attend this webinar to hear the panel of award winners discuss their achievements and to learn more about HDI's industry award program.

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    • Desktop Support: Improving the Face of IT
      Desktop Support: Improving the Face of IT Cay Robertson Recorded: Oct 20 2015 2:55 pm UTC 73 mins
    • Desktop support is often called "the face of IT," and like any other business unit, desktop support needs to be as efficient and as effective as possible. Analyzing and improving the processes behind desktop support can help your organization optimize your results and increase customer satisfaction. In this members-only webinar, Cay Robertson will discuss some of the ways to accomplish process improvements, highlighting some year-over-year changes and trends from the HDI 2015 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report.

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    • The Zen of Support!
      The Zen of Support! Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner at MetricNet Recorded: Nov 8 2016 7:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • The words “Customer Support” and “Customer Service” accurately describe the role of Service Desk and Desktop Support Professionals. Unfortunately, these words sometimes carry negative connotations, and do not accurately convey the strategic potential of user support. The fact is very few support organizations operate in a Strategic Paradigm. The result is that most do not fully exploit the inherent leverage of user support to achieve a competitive advantage for IT.

      In this session Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner at MetricNet, will discuss what it means to be a Strategic Support organization, and provide case study examples of support organizations that operate in a Strategic Support Paradigm.

      Attendees of this webcast will learn:

      •Three Sources of Leverage in a Strategic Support Organization

      •Two Metrics to Measure Your Progress Towards Strategic Significance

      •Key Success Factors for Achieving Strategic Enlightenment

      •Benchmarking Results from Strategic Support Organizations

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