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    • Emerging Quantum Dot Materials: Synthesis and Application
      Emerging Quantum Dot Materials: Synthesis and Application Osman M. Bakr, PhD Upcoming: Oct 25 2018 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    • Quantum Dots (QDs) undoubtedly attracted lots of interest with their superior luminescent properties. What is distinct about their luminescent properties is that the wavelengths of emitted light can be precisely tuned by changing of nanoparticle size or composition. Quantum dots possess narrow full width at half maximum (FWHM), high photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY), emission wavelength tunability through the entire visible and near IR range. In this webinar, we talk about synthesis and application of emerging quantum dots materials: Perovskite and PbS QDs. Perovskite QDs emit light within the visible range, have high PLQY (up to 100 %), narrow FWHM (below 20-25 nm), and are considered as the best alternatives for CdSe and InP QDs for display application. PbS QDs emit light in near IR region with narrow FWHM of absorption and emission, making them ideal in NIR photodetectors and solar cells.

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    • IC's Role in CAPPS
      IC's Role in CAPPS Robert J. Echenberg, MD, FACOG Recorded: Apr 4 2013 10:30 pm UTC 88 mins
    • What is CAPPS? … short for Complex Abdominal -Pelvic Pain Syndrome, CAPPS is a syndrome of nonmalignant origin consisting of a complex of abdominal and pelvic symptoms that includes a variety of painful bowel, bladder, genital, reproductive, muscular and nerve dysfunctions lasting at least 3-6 months in duration.

      Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC/PBS) patients often have overlapping chronic conditions, including fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, vulvodynia, endometriosis, pudendal neuralgia, pain with sexual intimacy, pelvic floor dysfunction, obstructing adhesions, lichen sclerosis, and even TMJ, as well as psycho-social issues that often develop as a result of these difficult conditions.

      Attempting to treat these disorders as separate entities is often a frustrating task for patients and practitioners alike. Although these conditions may start out separately, they may be better diagnosed, assessed and treated as essentially connected disorders of pain processing in the pelvic region — CAPPS.

      In this webinar, Robert J. Echenberg, MD, FACOG, will discuss not only IC/PBS’s role in CAPPS, but also the multi-disciplinary and holistic approach that is needed in order to most effectively treat what most practitioners call “chronic pelvic pain (CPP). He will explain how IC/PBS should be considered as a “major player” in the broader context of “connecting the dots” in this family of all too common and debilitating conditions.

      This ICA webinar is made possible with the generous support of Innovation Compounding.

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    • New OneXafe: next generation converged storage and data protection
      New OneXafe: next generation converged storage and data protection Florian Malecki, International Sr. Product Marketing Director Upcoming: Sep 27 2018 9:15 am UTC 60 mins
    • The growth of virtualised applications, diminishing backup windows, and explosive data growth have collectively placed an immense burden on data protection and storage infrastructure requirements. This complexity continues to be exacerbated by today’s fragmented data protection environments and the need to backup physical and virtual, on-premises and off-premises data, all with different service level agreements (SLAs). Backup and secondary storage infrastructure often comes from multiple vendors which significantly increase costs, add operational inefficiencies, and create data silos, making it difficult to manage centrally. An incomplete view of data protection workflow can lead to rising operational costs, data loss, and the inability to meet SLAs and specific industry regulations and compliance requirements.

      Join our webcast and learn how the new StorageCraft OneXafe converged data platform can help you with better protecting and managing your data in heterogeneous environments.

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    • Technical insight: protecting your Office 365 or G Suite data with StorageCraft
      Technical insight: protecting your Office 365 or G Suite data with StorageCraft Jaap van Kleef – EMEA System Engineer Recorded: Jul 19 2018 9:00 am UTC 34 mins
    • When it comes to working in cloud-based applications, the option of granular recovery isn’t a given. But the opportunity for human error can be: users delete important files, overwrite one another’s documents, and accidentally download viruses. And SaaS vendors may or may not have a recovery solution for you. If they do, there’s no guarantee that it'll be easy, that you’ll get the data in a useful format, or that the recovery will happen quickly or inexpensively.
      Join this webcast and learn how StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365 (and G Suite) provides granular protection for Exchange, calendars and contacts, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Public shared folder, etc. And you will avoid the sweat for storage space, software upgrades, or the possibility of an onsite backup server failing.

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    • Nouveauté OneXafe: nouvelle génération d'appliances de sauvegarde convergées
      Nouveauté OneXafe: nouvelle génération d'appliances de sauvegarde convergées Florian Malecki, International Sr. Product Marketing Director Upcoming: Sep 27 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    • L'explosion des applications virtualisées, la réduction des fenêtres de sauvegarde et la croissance impressionnante du volume de données ont placé un immense fardeau sur les besoins en matière d'infrastructure de stockage et de protection des données. La situation se complique d’autant plus en raison des environnements de protection des données fragmentés actuels et des besoins de sauvegarde de données physiques et virtuelles, sur site et hors site, qui doivent tous satisfaire des niveaux de service différents (SLA). L'infrastructure de sauvegarde et de stockage secondaire est souvent fournie par plusieurs prestataires. Résultat : une augmentation des coûts d'acquisition et des inefficacités opérationnelles. L'agrégation de tous ces produits entraîne de silos de données difficiles à gérer de façon centralisée. Une vue incomplète du flux de protection des données peut conduire à une hausse des coûts d'exploitation, une perte des données et une incapacité à respecter les SLA ainsi que les réglementations et exigences de conformité propres au secteur.

      Rejoignez StorageCraft pour un webcast exclusif afin de découvrir les avantages de la nouvelle plateforme OneXafe converged storage and data.

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    • RAID vs Object storage: what is best for your data integrity?
      RAID vs Object storage: what is best for your data integrity? Jaap Van Kleef, Kevin Rasdale and Florian Malecki Recorded: May 22 2018 9:00 am UTC 51 mins
    • When RAID was proposed in the 1980’s, it was designed to fit within the limits of available technology: flash memory had not yet been invented, and applications were seriously limited in terms of storage performance. Today, traditional RAID concepts are out of touch with modern storage architectures, placing serious limits on performance, efficiency, flexibility and scalability. Modern storage solutions are moving “post-RAID” with advanced data protection and layout strategies, by treating treats files as objects in a data store rather than blocks on disk.

      In this presentation, you will learn about the key differences between RAID and object based storage that offers better performance, more flexibility, greater capacity utilization, and increased data protection without the high price tag.

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    • Ransomware Infection? Don’t worry...we have your data protected!
      Ransomware Infection? Don’t worry...we have your data protected! Florian Malecki and Jaap Van Cleef Recorded: Mar 9 2018 10:00 am UTC 46 mins
    • With the ever growing popularity of Black Friday Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year special deals or the March Madness, millions of employees take advantage of them and go on-line shopping, using your organization’s network and devices to connect to the internet. In addition to employees’ productivity concerns, this can expose your company to major security risks, like ransomware attacks: they often come from phishing email campaigns, that are often disguised as retailer promotions. A recent report from Cybersecurity Ventures predicts ransomware damages will cost the world $5 billion in 2017, up from $325 million in 2015, to reach $11.5 billion annually by 2019. This puts data protection at the forefront of IT professionals priorities.

      Join this StorageCraft webinar and learn how scale out object based storage combine with back-up & recovery can best protect your data against ransomwares.

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    • Next Generation Storage: Eliminating the Guesswork and Avoiding Forklift Upgrade
      Next Generation Storage: Eliminating the Guesswork and Avoiding Forklift Upgrade Florian Malecki, International Product Marketing Director, StorageCraft Recorded: Feb 14 2018 12:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Data is growing at an accelerating rate and is expected to explode to reach 100s of zettabytes in 2025; the vast majority of this data is expected to be unstructured. This massive growth in data is characterized by both diversity and complexity of data types. Traditional scale-up NAS systems, with limited throughput and complex configuration requirements, lack the flexibility to address this new reality. Once scale-up capacity and performance ceilings are reached, forklift upgrades are required, creating NAS sprawl, underutilized assets and complex management.

      In this presentation, you will learn how StorageCraft OneBlox innovative scale-out storage solutions solves businesses’ common storage pain points.

      About the presenter:
      As International Product Marketing Director at StorageCraft, Mr. Florian Malecki drives the development of data protection and storage solutions. His key responsibilities include messaging, positioning, and the evangelization of StorageCraft data protection and scale out storage solutions to customers, partners, media and industry analysts. Prior to joining StorageCraft, Mr. Malecki worked in senior roles at SonicWall, Dell, Aventail, ClearSwift, Omgeo, Lucent Technologies and Air Products. He earned a Master’s degree in Business, Marketing and Technology from École Supérieure des Affaires et des Technologies, France.

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    • Authentic Stories: Applying Documentary Filmmaking Concepts to Content Creation
      Authentic Stories: Applying Documentary Filmmaking Concepts to Content Creation Curt Wallin, Documentary filmmaker; Chris Ross, CEO/Founder, Systym Recorded: Aug 13 2015 4:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Documentary filmmaker Curt Wallin and Systym CEO/Founder Chris Ross will share how many of the core principles so important in documentary filmmaking can be applied to content marketing.

      Ideas such as:

      - The importance of authenticity
      - How emotion is an essential element of great storytelling
      - Balancing structure and planning with spontaneous events
      - Necessity of a talented "crew"
      - Even in long-form content, less is more

      Curt Wallin has done work for BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, MTV, Bloomberg, Sky, AMC, HBO, ESPN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, Sundance Channel and others. His documentary film Boys of Bonneville won film festival honors around the country including the Berkeley Film Festival Grand Cinema Award and the Geneva International Film Festival Best Emerging Filmmaker Award. Chris Ross has led marketing teams for Sprint, Gartner and others and is the creator of the Systym Optimal Message MAP and MODEL content strategy frameworks.

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