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    • Flexible and Family Friendly Working for Universities as Employers
      Flexible and Family Friendly Working for Universities as Employers Susanne Jacobs Recorded: Feb 8 2017 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • As we move into the next industrial age the skills needed to attract, engage and retain talent are shifting. Employee gender balance is critical to the success of any organisation and creating a flexible family friendly environment is a part of the equation to fully harness female talent and progression.

      This webinar will explore the return on investment from establishing flexible family friendly workplaces and how this directly supports your application and success for Athena SWAN. The session will look at both the economics and neuroscience of sustainable high performance and the correlation to flexible family friendly workplaces as well as a road map to implement change.

      Join us on February 8th at 12 noon to see this informative session and case studies from the University of Manchester, Kings College London and the University of Suffolk.

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    • Breastfeeding and other Triumphs and Tribulations of the Working Mom
      Breastfeeding and other Triumphs and Tribulations of the Working Mom Jennifer Riggins Recorded: May 30 2018 12:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Being a working mom is the new norm but that doesn’t make it any easier. This week’s cuppa talks to four working moms — in non-profit, healthcare, business, and entertainment — who have juggled contracted and self-employed roles, motherhood, and breastfeeding.

      Our awesome guests to kick off this series of conversations with awesome women of influence will be author of 'The Big Letdown', communications strategist and social commentator Kimberly Seals Allers; actress and musician Noa Bodner; self-employed occupational therapist Melinda Eriksen; and nonprofit marketing director Kate McLoughlin Thornton.

      We talk about the challenges and celebrations of the working mother, and share tips, stories and tricks that can help other working mothers and the folks that work with them. Along with your questions, we will cover topics like:
      - the personal journeys of each remarkable woman
      - family leave, childcare and breastfeeding support on and off the job
      - the different experience of mothers in different roles, races, cultures and economic levels
      - specific struggles and discriminations facing working mothers and how to deal
      - where working mothers can find allies
      - work-life balance tips
      - advice for moms getting back to work after a long leave after kids
      - and of course your questions during the live taping!

      NOTE: This week is just as important for non-parents to join. We all work alongside working moms and they are essential to the future of every sector — including humanity! Join the live show to get the answers to all the questions you were afraid to ask or catch up by signing up now and get the recording sent to you afterwards.

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    • Flexible and Family Friendly Working in the Technology Sector
      Flexible and Family Friendly Working in the Technology Sector Jennifer Liston-Smith Recorded: Nov 24 2016 11:00 am UTC 31 mins
    • A webinar for HR and Diversity Professionals.

      80% of people actively look for flexible working options in prospective employers. So why do so few employers enable and support flexible working despite the fact that the ‘right to request’ flexible working for all employees has been in place for over 2 years?

      We’ll be sharing our latest research findings to shed light on the needs, wants and challenges from both sides of the employee/employer fence.

      Leading employers from the technology sector will be joining us to share their experience and the challenges and benefits of embracing flexible working.

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    • Office not required? How to make remote working a success
      Office not required? How to make remote working a success Heather Greig-Smith Recorded: May 11 2016 10:00 am UTC 41 mins
    • Technology company DADI decided to dispense with offices for good. Founding partner Chris Mair explains why he rejected bricks and mortar and how the company runs on an entirely distributed basis.

      “We thought long and hard about the role of an office in the kind of company that we are and decided to give it a go without a permanent base.”

      Flexible Boss editor Heather Greig-Smith asks Chris what lessons other organisations can learn from this approach, looking at the infrastructure, culture and effort needed to make remote working a business success.

      This session will help organisations keen to embed flexibility and increase employee autonomy and engagement. Tips to help managers, departments and teams challenge the status quo - even if they want to keep their offices as well.

      Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/137643065@N06/

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    • The Father Factor – Why should employers support their working fathers?
      The Father Factor – Why should employers support their working fathers? Jennifer Liston-Smith Recorded: Feb 1 2016 12:55 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Unquestionably, talent retention is not just about mums any more. With Shared Parental Leave in place parents have greater flexibility than ever about how they ‘mix and match’ care of their children.

      We’ll be sharing our latest research on what dads really want and need, and talking to our employer panellists, companies that are leading the field in understanding and supporting the needs of their working fathers.

      The discussion will be covering:
      • What do fathers actually want and need from their employers?
      • How do businesses benefit from engaging and supporting new and expectant dads?
      • What happens if we ignore dads and focus only on mums?
      • How do we take this forward: what does best practice look like?

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    • Data Residency
      Data Residency Claude Baudoin, Chair, OMG Data Residency Working Group Recorded: Oct 17 2018 8:20 pm UTC 33 mins
    • Data Residency consists of issues and approaches related to the location of data and metadata, and how to minimize the risk of adverse consequences due to the many laws and regulations that constrain where various types of information (financial, private, sovereign, etc.) can be stored. The OMG Data Residency Working Group published two important discussion papers in 2017: a study of Data Residency Challenges and Opportunities for Standardization, and a Data Residency Maturity Model. OMG's intent is to develop standards to describe laws and regulations on one hand, and the sensitive nature of a dataset on the other hand, allowing tools to expose the issues on might face when moving that data from one location to another. Recorded September 27 in Ottawa, Canada.

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    • Flexible Working: How to Make it Work for You and Your Team
      Flexible Working: How to Make it Work for You and Your Team Jennifer Riggins Recorded: Sep 5 2018 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • The future of work is flexible. In order to embrace people from all works of life and backgrounds, we must embrace what technology has enabled -- as long as people have a good Internet connection, they can work from anywhere. This WITty episode will include a discussion on the benefits of allowing your team to work from anywhere (including better work-life balance, more diverse team, often lower costs), how to make a distributed or remote team flourish, how to flourish yourself working from home, the growing trend of project-based and freelance work, and the opportunities to feel connected with a community no matter where you work.

      So grab a cuppa and listen from anywhere that's convenient to you and join the conversation with:
      - Leanne Creasey, who previously launched and ran two of London's most popular coworking spaces, works as a startup coach for new entrepreneurs and is currently working with Cuckooz, who offers design-led serviced apartments alongside Cuckooz Nest, London's first coworking space and pay-as-you-go nursery for under twos.
      - Emma MacGregor heads up the platform success team at YunoJuno whose core beliefs is to find freedom in freelancing. YunoJuno offers a platform which enables those in creative and tech freelancers to link up for work with London and New York-based agencies.
      - Sophie Segal, who founded the Mindset Shift Summit a remote conference for women, alongside developing a portfolio career and running a business in sales and marketing, being a mum of two, and being involved in the flexible working space.
      - Lisette Sutherland is the director of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps people work together from anywhere through online and in-person workshops. She also produces a weekly podcast featuring interviews with remote working experts highlighting the challenges and successes of working with virtual teams.

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    • Introducing the OMG Cloud Working Group
      Introducing the OMG Cloud Working Group Cloud Standards Customer Council Recorded: Jul 19 2018 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • This presentation is intended for members of the Cloud Standards Customer Council™ (CSCC™) and will explain the transition of the CSCC to the newly formed OMG® Cloud Working Group in July 2018.

      The Object Management Group® (OMG®) is an IT standards development organization headquartered in Needham, MA, USA with a longstanding history (nearly 30 years!) of supporting software standards and communities of practice. The OMG launched the Cloud Standards Customer Council in 2011 to serve as a source of vendor-neutral guidance on cloud computing best practices, standards and opportunities for standardization. Contributing members of the CSCC published 28 whitepapers and reference architectures to highlight customer requirements and advance the successful adoption of cloud computing.

      The OMG is transitioning this program to a Cloud Working Group. The Cloud Working Group will maintain and update the deliverables published by the CSCC over the course of 2011-2018, and initiate new projects under the OMG Cloud Working Group umbrella.

      This webinar will –
      • introduce the OMG and its structure for developing standards and discussion papers
      • explain the operations of the Cloud Working Group and how to get involved
      • facilitate Q&A with CSCC members

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    • Working Capital Disputes: The Role of the Neutral Arbitrator
      Working Capital Disputes: The Role of the Neutral Arbitrator Basil Imburgia, Jeff Litvak Recorded: May 6 2015 5:00 pm UTC 89 mins
    • With global M&A activity on the rise, companies should prepare themselves for potential post-acquisition disputes prior to buying or selling a business. Often times, the contract between the parties will address the process to be followed in the event of any purchase price disputes and will reference the use of a neutral arbitrator.

      This presentation will address the important role of a neutral arbitrator in purchase price disputes, including how that role is created, defined and executed, from the initial negotiation of the purchase price agreement to the final opinion given to the parties by the neutral arbitrator. The presentation will also briefly highlight the most common types of working capital account and other post-closing adjustment disputes that a neutral arbitrator typically adjudicates, as well as controversies regarding GAAP, consistency, and whether alternatives to GAAP apply.

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    • How to Write a Good Brief When Working with Influencers
      How to Write a Good Brief When Working with Influencers Alistair Wheate Recorded: Jul 5 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • We're very lucky to have 3 top FinTech influencers join us for this discussion on the importance of writing a good brief when working with influencers.

      • Specificity vs flexibility – is it important to be very specific with an influencer about what you’d like them to do or should you accept it’s better to let the influencer have some freedom to say what they want?

      • Give vs take – how should brands think about the ‘give and take’ in terms of working with an influencer.

      • What are the sort of things that an influencer values when working with a brand?

      • What are the sort of things that an influencer can offer a brand?

      Joining us on the discussion will be:

      Chris Richards - Global Marketing Manager at Barclays RISE. Chris oversees the Rise social media strategy and platform content delivery for its 6 FinTech Accelerator Ecosystems dotted around the globe.

      Elizabeth Lumley - Internationally recognized as one of the leading voices in FinTech and banking technology innovation. She is a well-established global conference speaker, as well as conference organizer and speaks on services, regulations, risk, data and technology in investment, retail, and global transaction banking.

      Chris Gledhill - Lead Mobile Architect and led the disruptive innovation labs at Lloyds Banking Group before becoming CEO and Co-Founder of FinTech Startup Secco. Chris has both a technical & business background with expertise spanning a wide range of disruptive technologies including Blockchain, AI, API, Big Data, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, CryptoCurrencies, Biometrics, Mobile & Wearables.

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    • Supporting your working parents in a post childcare voucher world
      Supporting your working parents in a post childcare voucher world James Marsh, HRr; Oliver Black, My Family Care; Lindsey Doe, Tinies; Jackie Buttery & Adam Brooke, BAML Recorded: Feb 22 2018 11:00 am UTC 62 mins
    • Current Childcare voucher schemes offered through employers will close to new registrants in April 2018. For many employers they’ve been the mainstay of their support for working parents.

      So what could/should employers be doing to support their employees.
      So in our spring webinar, we’ll examine the benefits and policies options and what other initiatives work for employers. We’ll also consider the pros and cons and the business case of everything from Backup Care to on-site childcare.

      Joining us to discuss the impact and ROI will be Oliver Black, Director of My Family Care. Lindsey Doe, Director Of Tinies, part of the My Family Care Group will also be on hand to provide an overview of the current childcare landscape and what employers need to know.
      We'll also be joined by independent reward, benefits and client Insight professional, Jackie Buttery and Adam Brooke, Vice President, Benefits Consultant at Bank of America Merrill Lynch who’ll be sharing their approach and insights into supporting their working parents.

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    • Dispelling the myths about flexible working
      Dispelling the myths about flexible working Executive Shift Recorded: Nov 13 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Dispelling the myths about flexible working. For Flexangels with Jenny Ockwell and the Executive Shift panel.

      Jenny Ockwell, Executive Shift Trustee, diversity and flexible working enthusiast will draw on her experience working in asset management organisations to do some myth-busting about working flexibly. Do join us to add some of your own and discuss the practical steps that you can take to lay them to rest.

      Jenny Ockwell
      Jenny has worked full-time, but flexibly, in a number of asset management companies over her 20 year career in the city. She is a member of the Diversity Project’s (www.diversityproject.com) Advisory Board and ‘owner’ of the DP Flexible Working steering committee. She lives in a small town in the smallest county in the UK and is married with 2 wonderful (but exhausting!) autistic boys.

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    • What are the barriers to making flexible working work in the workplace?
      What are the barriers to making flexible working work in the workplace? Executive Shift Recorded: Nov 13 2017 11:00 am UTC 44 mins
    • What are the barriers to making flexible working work in the workplace? How can HR help? 

      John Preston, Executive Shift Trustee will lead a discussion on the barriers to flexible working. Are policy or regulatory interventions required, or is it more about culture and attitudes? Designed to help those HR professionals responsible for formulating and implementing flexible working strategy, our web panel of John Preston, Sally Bridgeland, Jenny Ockwell and Sarah Fuell will help trouble-shoot your problems and discuss the challenges which you face.

      John Preston
      John Preston is a non-executive director and trustee. He was a partner at PwC for many years where his roles included COO and head of people for a key part of the business which needed flexibility in its working arrangements. He was also diversity champion for many years and has always believed flexible working is a fundamental element in promoting greater inclusion in both the workplace and society.

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    • Evolving Best Practices for Working with Authors – Authorship and Beyond
      Evolving Best Practices for Working with Authors – Authorship and Beyond Janet Galliera, Executive Director Business Development, PubsHub, an ICON plc company Recorded: Oct 24 2017 6:25 pm UTC 32 mins
    • Developing scientific publications and manuscripts is a complex and time-intensive process. Each publication often involves managing multiple authors and KOLs through numerous review rounds, while gathering actionable and meaningful input and meeting stringent publication deadlines.

      Join us to learn good publication practices that will help to streamline your interactions with scientific authors, while enhancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of your industry sponsored research projects.

      Key Insights:
      We will review best practices for ensuring that authors meet ICMJE guidelines in manuscript development and submissions, and offer suggestions and solutions to help you meet the high demand for rapid publication. Learn more about:

      Best practices for working with scientific authors who write their own manuscripts from sponsored trials
      What to do when an internal investigator/author has left the company
      How to limit the number of authors listed on a publication, with examples of how this can work in everyday practice
      Criteria to determine appropriate authorship and how to credit each author
      Strategies to manage author expenses and other payments, including travel and reimbursements, and when it is appropriate to pay an author
      Easy to use technology solutions that provide compliant and efficient means to support your strategic and tactical publication management processes.

      Speakers: Janet Galliera, Executive Director Business Development, PubsHub, an ICON plc company; Surendra Sharma, Medical Communications Leader, Spark Therpeutics

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