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    • Approfondimento tecnico: come pianificare e progettare una rete wireless
      Approfondimento tecnico: come pianificare e progettare una rete wireless Claudio Dell'Ali Recorded: Apr 23 2018 9:00 am UTC 61 mins
    • Gli Access Point SonicWall della serie SonicWave, utilizzano la nuova tecnologia Wave 2. Pensata con particolare attenzione alla sicurezza ed alla facilità di utilizzo, la serie SonicWave offre una soluzione End-to-End stabile, sicura e performante.

      Scopri le procedure consigliate per pianificare e implementare una rete Wireless con SonicWall attraverso i seguenti argomenti:
      • Fondamenti di RF e l’importanza della tecnologia 802.11ac Wave 2
      • Una panoramica del portafoglio di prodotti SonicWave
      • Come effettuare un Site Survey per definire dove installare le antenne al fine di ottenere una coperture ottimale
      • Impostazione, monitoraggio e configurazione dei punti di accesso

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    • [CPE Credit Panel] AI & Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
      [CPE Credit Panel] AI & Machine Learning in Cybersecurity Diana Kelley (Microsoft) | Mary Writz (Micro Focus) | Chris Morales (Vectra Networks) | Barbara Kay (ExtraHop) Recorded: Apr 17 2018 5:30 pm UTC 53 mins
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning can power cyber attacks and disrupt the operations of organizations on a global level. ML can also help organizations detect and analyze threats faster, as well as respond to attacks and security incidents. What are the latest advancements in AL & ML? How can we incorporate ML to improve our security posture and better protect our data?

      Join security experts, researchers and practitioners for an interactive Q&A roundtable discussion. Viewers will learn more about:
      - The latest AI/ML trends and applications in cyber security
      - ML tasks for better security
      - Threats, detection & response
      - Hype vs. reality
      - Recommendations for CISOs

      - Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO, Microsoft
      - Mary Writz, Director of Product Management, ArcSight, Micro Focus
      - Chris Morales, Head of Security Analytics, Vectra Networks
      - Barbara Kay, Sr. Director of Security, ExtraHop

      This is a CPE credit session in partnership with ITSPmagazine and (ISC)². This panel will be streamed LIVE from San Francisco during RSAC week.

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    • The Board's Role in Balancing Risk & Reward
      The Board's Role in Balancing Risk & Reward Steve Durbin, Managing Director, ISF LTD Upcoming: Apr 26 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    • Cyber has become a strategic issue and for many companies is now a business enabler and increasingly a form of competitive advantage. However it is clear that it remains difficult for Board's to get the “right” management information to support their cyber risk discussions and decision making.

      So how can Board's ensure that they are asking the right questions when it comes to an organisation’s cyber posture and how can CISOs maintain and improve the Board’s attention in this fast-moving space? This webinar will look at the challenges faced by CISOs and Board members and offer insights into how to successfully approach cyber security at Board level.

      About the presenter:
      Steve Durbin is Managing Director at the Information Security Forum (ISF). His main areas of specialism include strategy, information technology, cybersecurity and the emerging security threat landscape across both the corporate and personal environments.

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    • [Ep.11] Founder's Spotlight: Richard C. Wilson, Founder & CEO,Family Office Club
      [Ep.11] Founder's Spotlight: Richard C. Wilson, Founder & CEO,Family Office Club Ryan Ross & Richard C. Wilson Recorded: Apr 17 2018 2:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Founders Spotlight series. In this episode, Ryan Ross interviews Richard C. Wilson of The Family Office Club, talking about the origins & challenges that arose in creating the company, and the value that The Family Office Club creates.

      Richard C. Wilson helps $100M+ net worth families create and manage their single family offices and currently manages 14 clients including mandates with three billionaire families and as the CEO of a $500M+ single family office and Head of Direct Investments for another with $200M+ in assets.

      Richard is author of the #1 bestselling book in the family office industry, The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating, and Managing the Investments of a Single Family Office and a recently released book called How to Start a Family Office: Blueprints for Setting Up Your Single Family Office. Richard has his undergraduate degree from Oregon State University, his M.B.A. from University of Portland, and has studied master’s level psychology through Harvard’s ALM program while previously residing in Boston. Richard currently resides 10 minutes from downtown Miami on the island of Key Biscayne, Florida with his wife and three daughters.

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    • The hackers are winning: Deploy your secret weapon
      The hackers are winning: Deploy your secret weapon Rob Shapland, Principal Cyber Security Consultant, First Base Technologies Upcoming: Apr 26 2018 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    • How to make your staff your first and last line of defence.

      Learn how to:
      •Identify your enemy and their tactics
      •Discover why technological defences will lose to hackers
      •Learn how to make staff genuinely care about security

      About Rob Shapland BSc (Hons) OSCP OSWP CRT Principal Cyber Security Consultant, First Base Technologies

      Rob Shapland is an ethical hacker with 9 years’ experience conducting penetration tests for hundreds of organisations, from small businesses to major international organisations.
      He specialises in simulating advanced cyber attacks against corporate networks, combining technical attacks with his other hobby of dressing up and tricking his way into company headquarters using social engineering techniques.
      He is also a regular speaker at events and conferences around Europe, and has appeared on both BBC and ITV as a cyber security adviser. He holds qualifications from SANS, Offensive Security and CREST, and has been trained in social engineering techniques by Chris Hadnagy, one of the world's leading practitioners and researchers.

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    • [APAC] Intent-Based Networking in Security Policy Management
      [APAC] Intent-Based Networking in Security Policy Management Edy Almer, VP Product Upcoming: Apr 24 2018 5:00 am UTC 45 mins
    • The next big thing in networking, intent-based networking, enables users to define what they want and, like magic, their intentions are automatically translated into the desired network environment, including its policies.

      Well, it’s not magic, and this next big thing is already here. In this new technical webinar, Edy Almer, AlgoSec’s VP of products explains how AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution delivers on the promise of Intent-based networking to enable faster application delivery to market - without compromising on security or compliance.

      In this webinar, Edy will explain how:

      • Users can request network connectivity for their business applications, without having to understand anything about the underlying network or security

      • AlgoSec automatically translates, computes and deploys these intentions directly onto the security devices – all with zero touch (if risk profiles allow)

      • AlgoSec ensures that reality aligns with the intent, or is automatically adjusted if network connectivity deviates or introduces risk or compliance violations

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    • Making Real-time Payments a Reality - Part 1
      Making Real-time Payments a Reality - Part 1 Andy Brown Recorded: Apr 18 2018 1:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • Real-time payments provide huge opportunities for financial service providers to create value added services for consumers in today’s fast moving world. However, this provides a great challenge for many Banks and Financial institutions who need to invest in technology that can handle the fast response times and always available service.

      Join us for part one of this interactive webinar series on 18th April where NCR’s Authentic experts will explore the global drivers, implementations and technical demands of Real-time payments.

      Don't forget to register for Part 2 of this webinar.

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    • Betting the Right Trifecta: Connectors, Containers and APIs
      Betting the Right Trifecta: Connectors, Containers and APIs Manfred Bortenschlager, Director, Business Development for Agile Integration and API-based Integration Solutions, Red Hat Recorded: Apr 18 2018 2:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    • Microservices are a great architectural approach with many benefits when done right. However, microservices alone are by far not enough to succeed in the API Economy.

      We argue that the inner and outer aspects of an IT infrastructure need to be constructed in a way so that microservices can be exploited and lead to the desired business benefits.

      In this talk we introduce the concept of Agile Integration as an approach to build an inner and outer infrastructure. This concept is based on three pillars: distributed connectors, containers and APIs.

      About our speaker:
      For the last 15 years, Manfred's work, research, publications and teaching have revolved around API-based integration solutions (application programming interfaces). He is a regular speaker at API conferences and published several thought leadership pieces in the API space like the “API Owner’s Manual”.
      He knows the whole stack of his trade, starting as software developer, researcher, developer evangelist, and product marketer. Currently, Manfred is Business Development Director for Agile Integration and API-based Integration Solutions at the open-source company Red Hat.
      Manfred holds a PhD in Mobile Computing and completed an Executive MBA.

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    • File vs. Block vs. Object Storage
      File vs. Block vs. Object Storage Mark Carlson, Toshiba, Alex McDonald, NetApp, Saqib Jang, Chelsio, John Kim, Mellanox Recorded: Apr 17 2018 5:00 pm UTC 67 mins
    • File vs. Block vs. Object Storage

      When it comes to storage, a byte is a byte is a byte, isn’t it?

      One of the enduring truths about simplicity is that scale makes everything hard, and with that comes complexity. And when we’re not processing the data, how do we store it and access it?

      The only way to manage large quantities of data is to make it addressable in larger pieces, above the byte level. For that, we’ve designed sets of data management protocols that help us do several things: address large lumps of data by some kind of name or handle, organize it for storage on external storage devices with different characteristics, and provide protocols that allow us to programmatically write and read it.

      In this webcast, we'll compare three types of data access: file, block and object storage, and the access methods that support them. Each has its own use cases, and advantages and disadvantages; each provides simple to sophisticated data management; and each makes different demands on storage devices and programming technologies.

      Perhaps you’re comfortable with block and file, but are interested in investigating the more recent class of object storage and access. Perhaps you’re happy with your understanding of objects, but would really like to understand files better, and what advantages or disadvantages they have compared to each other. Or perhaps you want to understand how file, block and object are implemented on the underlying storage systems – and how one can be made to look like the other, depending on how the storage is accessed. Join us as we discuss and debate:

      Storage devices
      oHow different types of storage drive different management & access solutions
      oWhere everything is in fixed-size chunks
      oSCSI and SCSI-based protocols, and how FC and iSCSI fit in
      oWhen everything is a stream of bytes
      oNFS and SMB
      oWhen everything is a blob
      oHTTP, key value and RESTful interfaces
      oWhen files, blocks and objects collide

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    • Ep. 4 Intelligent Operations with Micro Focus OpsBridge: ITOps SIG Talk
      Ep. 4 Intelligent Operations with Micro Focus OpsBridge: ITOps SIG Talk Kulvinder Singh Recorded: Apr 19 2018 3:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    • Leading The Intelligent Operations with Micro Focus Operations Bridge (OpsBridge)

      The management of IT Operations in a dynamic and highly scalable MSP environment can be difficult. With the right partner and strong expertise, you can be helped to lead in the “New”. Join Kulvinder Singh from Accenture as he discusses the deployment of OpsBridge as standard within their MSP Platform. Learn the objectives, scope, methodology, and results of their deployment, as Accenture continues to scale and mature this capability with the increasing number of their clients.

      Join us for the next upcoming SIG Talk on Tuesday, May 17, 2018: http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1089263&group=.

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