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    • Unified IT-OT Security Management: Strengthening Critical Infrastructure Defense
      Unified IT-OT Security Management: Strengthening Critical Infrastructure Defense Terry Olaes, Sales Engineering Lead, Central US Skybox Security Recorded: Aug 16 2018 8:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Critical infrastructure — from energy production to manufacturing to public utilities — is becoming a more prevalent attack vector for nation-state threat actors as well as the common cybercriminal. These attackers are frequently exploiting the interconnectedness of IT and operational technology (OT) networks, finding their foothold in the disconnect between their security management.

      In response, many organizations are looking to unify and align their IT-OT security programs to better understand and tackle cyber risks in both environments. In this session, Skybox Security SE Terry Olaes will cover what challenges to expect in this an endeavor, and how to use comprehensive visibility and contextual intelligence to overcome them.

      In this webinar, you will learn:
      - What are the inherent risks to OT security and how the continued integration with IT impact risk in both environments
      - What are the key concerns for IT and OT security teams and how can they can align to improve security throughout the organization
      - Which elements and capabilities needed to gain seamless visibility of on-prem, cloud and OT networks
      - How to use modeling and analytics to put risk in the context of your attack surface and effectively prioritize response

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    • Best Practices for Outsourcing Your IT Security
      Best Practices for Outsourcing Your IT Security Ryan LaSalle, Global Managing Director, Growth & Strategy - Accenture Security, Narayan Makaram - Arctic Wolf Recorded: Jun 19 2018 6:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • With the growing IT security skills shortage, many enterprises simply do not have the staff they need to handle new projects or ongoing threats. In addition, many businesses are increasingly relying on network and cloud service providers, taking key security functions out of their hands. How can enterprise security teams work with third-party contractors and service providers to improve overall security? In this Dark Reading & Arctic Wolf webinar, top experts discuss security outsourcing strategies, tools for measuring service provider security, and ways to use third-party services to supplement your in-house cybersecurity skills.

      By attending, you’ll:

      - Understand best practices for working most effectively with third party providers
      - Discover what security functions can be handled by third parties and what should be kept in-house
      - Recognize how to avoid common pitfalls of working with third parties
      - Get a peek into how the market is changing, what type of security functions third parties will be providing in the future, and how to prepare for it

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    • Solving the Financial Services Security Talent Shortage with Managed Detection
      Solving the Financial Services Security Talent Shortage with Managed Detection Todd Thiemann, Director Product Marketing - Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Aug 14 2018 7:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    • Financial institutions face a daunting combination of cybersecurity threats and compliance requirements. IT teams at regional banks and credit unions have a relatively small staff but facing similar security and compliance burden to what larger, well-resourced financial institutions carry. How can small and mid-sized financial institutions counter sophisticated cyberthreats, provide monitoring and incident response needed for compliance, and do so with tight budgets that do not allow for staffing an elaborate security operations center? Managed detection and response provides a “force multiplier” to address all three issues.

      Attend this webinar and learn about:

      • Top cyberthreats facing financial institutions
      • Financial services compliance evolution, security monitoring and incident response
      • Differences between SIEM, SOC, and SOC-as-a-service
      • Monitoring on premises and cloud resources without adding headcount

      To gain insights on these challenges and how to solve them, save your seat now!

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    • Forrester Total Economic Impact Study on Security Operating Platform
      Forrester Total Economic Impact Study on Security Operating Platform Scott Simkin, director of threat intelligence from Palo Alto Networks and Henry Huang, principal consultant from Forrester Recorded: Aug 2 2018 4:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Our customers tell us that in addition to minimizing their risk, our Security Operating Platform – made up of integrated network, cloud and endpoint security technologies – actually decreases their incident response time while increasing the reach and efficiency of their security teams.

      Intrigued, we commissioned Forrester® Consulting to examine the overall benefits, including ROI, that enterprise customers would likely realize after deploying the Security Operating Platform.

      The study, generated after extensive interviews with longstanding Palo Alto Networks® customers, focuses on the quantifiable savings of both time and money that a hypothetical organization would realize. The study found that, over a three-year period, this organization would:

      •Realize security operation efficiencies of $4.75M
      •Avoid alternative security purchases of $3.5M
      •Generate an ROI of 65%

      Join Palo Alto Networks and guest speaker Henry Huang, principal consultant from Forrester, as we discuss the study’s findings. We encourage you to use this research to help guide your cybersecurity investment strategy and make the right security choices.

      ***The Total Economic Impact™ Of Palo Alto Networks, a March 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Palo Alto Networks

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    • Top Business Security Risks and How You Can Fight Back
      Top Business Security Risks and How You Can Fight Back Graham Cluley, Independent Computer Security Expert Recorded: Jul 16 2018 9:00 am UTC 30 mins
    • According to cyber security experts, the frequency and severity of cyber attacks are on the rise, causing alarm to businesses and customers across a variety of industries. Taking a proactive, strategic approach to evaluating your cyber security strategy is critical, it starts with understanding who your organisations adversaries are and what the impact would be on your business if you were the victim of a cyberattack.

      Hear from Graham Cluley as he examines the latest methods and exploits used by cyber criminals providing an overview of the most current ways they target businesses. You’ll get an insight on how the most sophisticated attackers choose their targets and what they are looking for.

      You will learn about:
      - The ever-changing threat landscape, and how it affects your business
      - Key Considerations for your Cyber Security Strategy
      - Insight into real-life case studies

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    • Security is NOT an Abstract Concept – Building Consensus in the Boardroom
      Security is NOT an Abstract Concept – Building Consensus in the Boardroom Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet Recorded: Apr 24 2018 9:00 am UTC 35 mins
    • Making the connection between “Cause and Effect” is difficult enough but when technology executives need to explain their strategy to a non-technical audience, all too often the key message is lost in technical jargon.

      When technology is embraced by business leaders, it’s because of the perceived business benefit the technology could bring to the organization. What is frequently not discussed, or even thought about at this level, are the security implications associated with technology. The challenge for the senior technology executives is to be able to associate technology with risk, and risk with business disruption, without resorting to a Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt strategy.

      This session will focus on how senior technology executives can better relate to a non-technical audience, using tangible and quantifiable examples, to both inform and persuade of the need of making security an essential component of any business plan.

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    • AppSec in Financial Services through the BSIMM Lens
      AppSec in Financial Services through the BSIMM Lens Nabil Hannan, Managing Principal, Synopsys Software Integrity Group (SIG) Recorded: Aug 14 2018 8:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    • Do you ever wonder whether your software security program is the correct one for your organization? You spend time and money on processes, technology, and people. But how do you know whether the security efforts you’ve put in place even make sense? The Building Security In Maturity Model, or BSIMM, is a metrics-driven study of existing security initiatives at other organizations. BSIMM results help you assess the current state of your software security initiative and determine which areas need improvement.

      During the webinar, we’ll use a BSIMM broken down by the financial services industry to see what other companies are doing. We’ll also:

      · Use real data to help drive your software security initiative
      · Learn how organizations use the BSIMM to measure the maturity of their software security initiatives
      · Look at the aggregate data of the FSI vertical in the BSIMM
      · Discuss some of the most common activities that we observe with FSI companies and the drivers of those activities

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    • Lessons Learned from the Cyber Security Front Line
      Lessons Learned from the Cyber Security Front Line Dan Pitman, Senior Solutions Architect, Alert Logic Recorded: Jul 18 2018 12:00 pm UTC 16 mins
    • Cybersecurity is currently dominating the headlines – data breaches happen on a regular basis. Cybersecurity is a space that is undergoing significant transformation in trying to gain the upper hand on hackers, and is under a constant bombardment of scrutiny.

      Join this eye-opening webinar with Dan Pitman, Alert Logic’s Senior Solutions Architect, as he discusses the perils of the cyber security industry.

      During this webinar you will gain insight on:
      - What tactics are cyber criminals using to identify a vulnerable target
      - Attack methodologies and how vulnerable web apps can be leveraged by attackers to gain privileged access
      - How to effectively utilize your security tactics to better protect your web apps
      - Remediation strategies to help defend against cyber attacks

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    • [EXECUTIVE PANEL] How To Make the Cyber Risk Message a Board's Priority
      [EXECUTIVE PANEL] How To Make the Cyber Risk Message a Board's Priority FireEye EMEA Recorded: Apr 24 2018 2:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Cyber threats are growing faster than any other category of business risk, breaches are inevitable, and the areas put at risk when they happen are broad and deep: from a compromised system or supply chain to the financial implications of non-compliance and breach notification. You not only face compromised or lost data, but your brand will take a huge hit that it may not recover from. Add to that the legal risks resulting from regulatory fines and failure to keep customer commitments, and it adds up to a game-changing argument.

      Business leaders need to understand the potential losses they face on multiple levels, acknowledge the changing risk and have a breach response plan in place, but most importantly they must escalate cyber risk at the highest organisational levels and bridge the gap between the fight on the frontlines and priorities in the boardroom.

      Join us for an executive panel with our EMEA VP & regional leaders as they discuss insights on how the CISOs take the risk message to the board and how they bridge the gap by translating technical jargon into business language.

      "Cyber security is a constant battle for every business, and one of the challenges is getting the Board of Directors to understand that enterprise-wide risk management is more than an IT problem. FireEye helps security teams and company executives bridge the gap between the fight on the frontlines and priorities in the boardroom."


      "Cybersecurity is now a persistent business risk. The impact has extended to the C-suite and boardroom.
      - PWC Global State of Info Security Survey, 2015

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    • Gaining Board alignment on cyber-security
      Gaining Board alignment on cyber-security BRC, CGI and DCMS speakers Recorded: Jun 14 2018 1:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • We know the Board has a key role to play in supporting better cyber-security but with so many pressing and competing issues, how can we raise cyber security up the Board’s agenda?
      Richard Holmes, VP Secure Systems Engineering, and Gianni Rino, Global Industry Lead for Retail and Consumer Services at CGI UK, will share their insights, expertise and learning on cyber-security and Board engagement:
      •What is the role of the Board in supporting better cyber-security?
      •How to cost and communicate cyber risks to Board members
      •CGI’s eight boardroom recommendations

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    • Fighting Cybercrime with A.I.: A Self Evolving Detection System
      Fighting Cybercrime with A.I.: A Self Evolving Detection System Keith Rayle, Security Strategist, FortiGuard Labs Upcoming: Aug 29 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Malware has been around since the earliest days of connected computing. While it has evolved quite a bit, our core methods for fighting it have not. Join our webinar to learn more about the history of artificial intelligence dating back to nearly a century, plus what our labs have implemented, that includes:

      - Content Pattern Recognition Language (CPRL)
      - A two-pronged detection approach
      - Unsurpassed accuracy
      - Hyper-adaptive environment

      Keith has a 21 years military background, including USAF nuclear weapons and USA FC/test pilot, threat officer and various leadership roles. He also has 20 years in security management and consulting at placing including NASA JPL, World Bank, CME, Delta Air Lines, Humana, HECO, Hona NA, USAA, and Corning among others.

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    • How to Make Endpoint Security Easy
      How to Make Endpoint Security Easy Ryan Manni, Manager, Security Operations, Hologic Recorded: Jun 27 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Traditional antivirus can’t keep up with the pace of emerging threats. What if you could prevent attacks before they occur and spend less time managing multiple agents?

      Join us for a live webinar with Ryan Manni, Manager, Security Operations, Hologic, as we discuss their evaluation of cloud-based endpoint security and why they chose Cb Defense. Hologic is an innovative medical technology company focused on improving women’s health. Their security challenges included preventing non-malware attacks, gaining visibility into remote employees, and managing complex infrastructure with a small IT staff.

      Join this webinar and learn:

      - Learn why Hologic replaced its traditional AV solution with Cb Defense
      - Discover how Cb Defense can help you get ahead of emerging attacks and simplify your security stack
      - Get practical advice on replacing traditional AV with a cloud-based security platform

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