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    • Ten Reasons Why You Will Love Windows Server 2016 Ten Reasons Why You Will Love Windows Server 2016 John Savill, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft Corporation Upcoming: Nov 9 2016 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Windows Server 2016 is packed with capabilities, and after a year of discussions with customers at Microsoft Technology Centers across the US, we've got our finger on the pulse of which features resonate best. In this webcast, you'll learn about the top reasons to love Windows Server 2016, including virtualization, storage, networking, management, and more. We'll focus on the unifying theme of security, while highlighting some game-changing capabilities that finally enable the protection of workloads, even from the administrator.

      Join this webcast to learn about:
      Top 10 standout features of Windows Server 2016, according to our customers
      Comparison between Windows Server 2016 Datacenter edition versus Standard edition
      Details on an important licensing update on processor-based to core-based

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    • How to Build a Service Catalog Customers Love How to Build a Service Catalog Customers Love Ian M. Clayton, USMBOK Recorded: Feb 20 2015 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Many believe an IT service catalog is a vital element of a successful service management strategy, representing the capabilities and image of the IT organization. There’s no lack of seemingly sound advice. Then why is it the catalog is all too often where the service experience begins and ends, badly for the customer? What is the secret to a well-designed service catalog? Does it really require you to define your services at the outset? What is the customer’s role in a design?

      In this presentation we shall explore how successful service businesses approach designing a service catalog customer love to use, including:

       The 5 common mistakes with traditional IT service catalogs initiatives;
       The role of a catalog in the customer’s service experience;
       The relationship between a service portal, knowledge base, fulfillment process, and the catalog.

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    • What's New and Innovative with HPE Vertica What's New and Innovative with HPE Vertica DIna Love,HPE, Akshar Dave, Softnets, Steve Sarsfield, Jeff Healey Recorded: Oct 13 2016 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • One of the biggest issues facing organizations today is extracting intelligence from data residing in multiple silos across the datacenter. HPE Vertica 8 provides organizations with a unique, analyze-in-place, unified architecture that enables businesses to continually gain intelligence from their information, wherever it lives. HPE Vertica 8 also includes core data movement and orchestration enhancements, resulting in up to 700 percent faster data loading for hundreds of thousands of columns, simplified data loading from Amazon S3, and comprehensive visual monitoring of Apache Kafka data streams. With this webinar we will have key individuals from HPE Vertica team to deep-dive into the latest innovations included as part of HPE Vertica 8 release.

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    • GamesBeat: How to get gamers to love your games and love your brand GamesBeat: How to get gamers to love your games and love your brand Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat Recorded: Sep 29 2016 5:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Building brand affection is one of the best things you can do for any product. Think about it -- do you ask for a tissue or do you ask for a Kleenex? Do you look for a plastic bandage or do you ask for a Band-Aid? Do you "use a search engine to find out information about your blind date" or do you Google them?

      This is more than performance marketing -- which evolved solely to drive transactions and downloads -- this is awareness marketing. And for the games community, it's about getting people to remember and associate an emotion with your game, so they seek it out now -- and later. But brand awareness is hard to measure -- and hard to get your arms around. Many games teams spend little to no budget, favoring the results-focused performance marketing. We're going to show you how to be better than them -- and get the advantage for your mobile game, starting today.

      Venturebeat's own CEO Matt Marshall will sit down with execs from the gaming industry such as Seriously's VP of marketing and Eli Danziger, product manager for YouTube Ads as well as the CMO of Smule, Rob Singer. Together, we'll discuss storytelling and brand awareness marketing tips tailored to mobile games today.

      In this third installment of our Building Games Communities series, you will:

      * Learn how to use YouTube and other channels to drive brand awareness for mobile games;
      * Find the right time to invest in brand awareness marketing in your mobile game lifecycle; and
      * Understand the right KPIs to measure ROI on awareness marketing.

      Our esteemed panel for this rockstar discussion includes:

      * Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat
      * Phil Hickey, VP Marketing and Communications; Seriously
      * Rob Singer, CMO, Smule
      * Eli Danziger, product manager, YouTube
      * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, GamesBeat

      Don't miss out. Register today and attend live for this interactive mobile gaming panel.

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    • How to Create Content Your Audience Loves How to Create Content Your Audience Loves PG Bartlett, SVP of Product Marketing, Acrolinx Recorded: Dec 11 2014 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Every writer comes to the keyboard with a unique set of skills, experiences, and biases – how do you align teams of writers so that you speak with one voice – a clear, concise, compelling voice? Acrolinx content optimization software can help. It works within the authoring tools your writers love, and it guides them to follow your standards for style, tone of voice, terminology, spelling, and grammar. Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and PG Bartlett, SVP of Product Marketing for Acrolinx, for this free, one-hour presentation, and learn what Acrolinx can do for you and see Acrolinx in action and learn how to set it up, and how writers work within it.

      As Acrolinx’s SVP of Product Marketing, PG Bartlett brings eighteen years of experience helping companies use technology to improve how they communicate. PG entered this market in 1994 when he became Arbortext’s head of product strategy, product management, and marketing. In 2007, two years after Arbortext was acquired by PTC, PG left to go to Quark as part of their new executive team. At the beginning of 2012, PG joined Acrolinx because he wanted to be part of a group that loves helping their customers create great language.

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    • Where is the Love? The Importance of Brand in a Global Digital World Where is the Love? The Importance of Brand in a Global Digital World Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Michele Westphall and Alex Hunter Recorded: Aug 17 2016 5:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • We live in a digitally driven world. And while the direct interactions consumers have with brands has become as easy as clicking a "like" button or pinning an image, what drives passionate advocacy continues to rest squarely on your brand’s shoulders. Understanding how people see your brand around the world is critical in driving real business value. These insights allow top brands to empower their audience and gain genuine, organic word-of-mouth, which directly translates into increased relevance and financial value. Knowing where you stand could make the difference between continued global expansion and closing up shop.

      Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Michele Westphall, Associate Producer of the Brand2Global Conference, and Alex Hunter, Former Head of Digital Marketing at Virgin Group for this free webinar. Our guests will talk about how some of today’s global brands are building passionate followings by leveraging the digital world in which we live and creating strong brand cultures.

      You’ll hear about what matters most when building a global brand, why you need a global brand strategy that takes into account local needs, and how to empower your employees and customers as brand co-creators in this digital world. Don’t miss this exciting event, brought to you by your friends at the Brand2Global Conference.

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    • Dear B2B Marketer: A Love Letter From Your Sales Team Dear B2B Marketer: A Love Letter From Your Sales Team TIFFANI BOVA, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce Recorded: Jul 20 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • We all know that when sales and marketing are in sync, deals close faster and revenues soar. The research tells us it’s true. Our gut tells us it’s true. But putting ideas into action isn’t always so easy. Marketing often lacks perspective on what’s really going on in the field, and how to best influence organizational change. So, we’re calling in an expert to give you insight into what it’s like to “bleed sales.”

      Join Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce — and self-proclaimed “recovering sales rep” — as she discusses current trends in B2B marketing, and shares her perspective on how to build better marketing-sales relationships. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

      - How to translate current buying trends into actionable playbooks
      - Why your sales training isn’t sticking
      - Why sales and marketing alignment is more important now than ever before

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    • Love Will Keep Us Together (Revenue Love, that is) Love Will Keep Us Together (Revenue Love, that is) Maureen Blandford, CMO, the TAS Group, Matt Close, EVP Sales. the TAS Group Recorded: Jun 18 2014 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • We know that contention between Sales and Marketing organizations impacts both top and bottom lines – and can lead to significant lost revenue potential and productivity issues in both organizations. With contributors and teams that speak very different languages, coming from different cultures, you need more than technology, tools, and automation to close those gaps.

      There’s hard work required here for both Sales and Marketing organizations. At the leadership and operational level. And no roadmap to get that done.

      The TAS Group is working every day to solve this issue. Maureen & Matt will share how they're working to increase understanding, awareness, and value between leadership and operational levels in order to optimize revenue from New & Base. It's challenging but do-able and worth it.

      At Love Will Keep Us Together (Revenue Love, that is), you'll learn:

      · Their strategies & cadence for staying connected
      · Finding Comfort with Friction
      · Enabling Marketers to be more responsive
      · Listening, T&Is, Sales Kickoffs, participating on calls, ride-alongs
      · How Sales is feeding back into marketing on issues targets care the most about

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    • Mobile Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love Mobile Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love Carlos Montero-Luque, Chief Technology Officer at Apperian Recorded: Aug 5 2014 4:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    • Gartner predicts that by 2017 more than 50% of companies will have implemented a BYOD (bring your own device) program. Whether you already have BYOD, or are planning for your BYOD future, security is likely one of your top concerns. Fortunately, when done right BYOD can increase employee productivity and workforce satisfaction while maintaining the security you need.

      Unfortunately, many companies often struggle by implementing BYOD policies that are too intrusive to end-user’s personal devices. The business results and security benefits are lost altogether.

      In this webinar you will learn how focusing on business apps and data can drive the mobile security you need with the BYOD your employees love.

      Carlos Montero-Luque, Chief Technology Officer at Apperian will reveal:

      • Why focusing on the true end-point of mobility, the apps and data, is the best approach to create a secure BYOD environment
      • How a zero-touch, non-intrusive BYOD security approach increases employee productivity
      • What practical steps you can take to simplify the complexity of supporting multiple devices, operating systems, and contingent workforce BYOD environments.

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