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    • Master the mobile mindshift: Engineer your business to win the mobile moment Master the mobile mindshift: Engineer your business to win the mobile moment Ted Schadler, Forrester Research, Christoph Pfister, HP Software, Yan Auerbach, SpeechTrans Recorded: May 6 2015 5:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Mobility has produced a mind shift with your customers. They have become the consumers of now. They demand an exceptional mobile user experience anytime and anywhere. Forrester Research calls this the mobile moment, a point in time when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want – when they want it. These mobile users have become impatient and intolerant of problematic mobile apps. And they are very likely to abandon or delete slow performing, crashing or battery-hogging mobile apps. So what should a mobility team do?

      Watch this Webinar with Forrester analyst Ted Schadler and Hewlett Packard’s Christoph Pfister as they share how analyzing mobile applications with mobile APM tools can protect your company’s brand and future revenues. Learn how SpeechTrans used big data analytics to guide their development roadmap and achieve a 5-star mobile app rating in the app stores.

      Learn how to:
      • Measure what matters most from the user’s perspective
      • Focus on the problematic issues that are impacting the most users
      • Continuously monitor and improve – prioritize fixes to achieve a 5-star rating

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    • Mobile Threats: The Force Awakens! Protecting Mobile Enterprise Data Mobile Threats: The Force Awakens! Protecting Mobile Enterprise Data Michael Raggo, Director of Security Research Recorded: Nov 5 2015 5:45 pm UTC 59 mins
    • As employees choose smartphones and tablets for work, mobile apps become critical business tools. With recent mobile malware such as XcodeGhost, Stagefright, Key Raider, and YiSpecter, an unprecedented amount of mobile business data has been put at risk.

      Join MobileIron’s Director of Security Research Mike Raggo for a discussion about where enterprises are coming up short in terms of mobile security. Raggo will share MobileIron insights about how often compromised devices access the enterprise network and which apps are the most commonly blacklisted by IT departments. He will outline the mobile threat landscape to understand why devices commonly fall out of compliance. This will provide the basis for listing steps enterprises can take to protect enterprise mobile data without sacrificing employee experience or productivity.

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    • Mobile Customer Experience - One Careful User, or one size fits all? Mobile Customer Experience - One Careful User, or one size fits all? Rob Thurner, mobile marketing consultant, trainer and author Recorded: Feb 20 2015 2:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Think about it - your customers have a very intimate relationship with their mobiles. Beware!

      It’s amazing how many marketers still enthuse about their “mobile first” approach to digital. Sure, many of you will have over half your web traffic from mobile devices, and most of your social engagement of smartphones.
      But what about the unique mobile customer?

      Drawing on case studies from Amazon, Clever Cards, FT.com, Selfridges and Starbucks, this 45 minute session looks at how to deliver the best mobile customer experience in your sector.

      - Create a great first impression - any screen, any time, any place
      - Wow the early adopters - win the hearts & minds of your greatest fans and resellers
      - Develop exceptional UX - across sites, apps
      - Make it personal, keep them coming back for more - across the whole customer journey

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    • Protecting Against Fraud and Cybercrime from Mobile Devices Protecting Against Fraud and Cybercrime from Mobile Devices Dean Weinert, Director of Mobile Products at ThreatMetrix Recorded: Jan 21 2015 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Mobile devices are becoming the preferred platform for online banking, commerce and accessing business applications. In the recent Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, mobile devices accounted for 39 percent of online transactions. This increased reliance on mobile is driving an increase in fraud and cybercrime attacks through mobile devices, with organized cybercriminals deploying sophisticated attacks that exploit mobile technology.

      Cybersecurity and fraud prevention professionals require defenses specifically designed to protect against losses and exposure from mobile attacks. Attend this webinar to understand how to protect transactions from native mobile applications and browsers in real time, without adding friction to the user experience.

      Topics include:
      •How authentication from mobile devices differs from laptops and PCs
      •Indicators of potential fraud from smartphones and tablets
      •What precise geolocation can tell you about a mobile transaction
      •Why global shared intelligence is critical to frictionless protection

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    • Managing the Mobile Chaos Managing the Mobile Chaos Stephen Drake, VP Mobile Enterprise at IDC Recorded: Jan 18 2013 8:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • In 2012, IDC research found 68% of smartphones used for global business were owned by employees. This shift in prevalence of employee-owned devices from corporate-issued devices is forcing organizations to consider the ramifications of such ownership on the security of its applications, data and content.

      New Year's Resolution: Safeguard Social, Mobile and Cloud

      Will you be the savvy organization that says "bring it" to bring your own device (BYOD)? Or the one that forgoes the policies and solutions needed to address broader mobile content control? Join Stephen Drake, Program Vice President for Mobility & Telecom research at IDC, for our first live webinar of the year and learn the steps required to successfully manage and secure your business' mobile ecosystem:

      - Key market trends to morph your strategy
      - Policies and solutions to overcome challenges
      - Success attributes to aim for in 2013

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    • Big Data and Mobile Business: Opportunities, Privacy and Data Protection Big Data and Mobile Business: Opportunities, Privacy and Data Protection Dr Bostjan Makarovic, Chief Consultant, Aphaia; Jean-Stephane Gourevitch, Managing Director, Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Recorded: Jan 21 2014 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Very few sectors and market segments are left untouched by the digital/mobile convergence ecosystem. The retail and distribution sectors are among those where new consumer behaviours and consumption patterns extensively using digital and mobile tools and devices are changing the paradigms. Comparing prices on the go, comparing products on the move, shopping on the go, Research Online, Purchase offline (RoPo), Social Local Mobile commerce/SoLoMo possibly including augmented reality and targeted advertisement are forcing to coordinate far better the physical and virtual distribution, retail and delivery channels.

      Big data, which is increasingly linked to the use of mobile devices by adding a geographical component to the transactions, is therefore increasingly a strategic resource not only for mobile operators but also to technology giants such as Google or Amazon, retailers, banks and payment services providers.

      Policy and regulation play a vital role here, especially in the EU markets where detailed provisions protect consumer privacy and regulate individual consent to process personal data. The new EU Data Protection Regulation foresees limits as to profiling.

      Furthermore, according to the 2009 regulatory framework, a specific regime applies for the use of mobile location data. Because big data enables the making of huge amounts of unprecedented connections between consumer information, its reality inevitably challenges the ‘consent’ concept of the EU data protection rules.

      Industry / policy solutions to be discussed:

      • effective use of big data in the mobile business ecosystem
      • linking data and profiling consumers across different platforms (mobile networks, online email and social network accounts, payment services, retailers)
      • reconcile mobile big data with the EU data protection framework
      • what do the expected new EU data protection laws mean for mobile data processing?
      • how to obtain a valid customer ‘consent’ in the big data context?

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