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    • 2015 IT Resolution 3: Modernize Your People, Process & Technology
      2015 IT Resolution 3: Modernize Your People, Process & Technology Ven Shanmugam & Victor Palma Recorded: Feb 5 2015 7:00 pm UTC 29 mins
    • 2015 New Year’s resolutions for IT - #3 of 3. Driven by quantum leaps in computing and global communications, the pace of innovation in the modern business environment has increased by orders of magnitude in the past few decades thanks to game-changing innovations such as cloud computing, robust open-source solutions, big data and DevOps. The pace of innovation has shrunk from years to quarters, and often from days to hours.

      In this fast-paced environment, developing new products and features and while insuring the highest levels of quality will make or break your business. New methodologies such as Agile and Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CICD) allow companies to maintain their competitive advantage while providing an integrated experience for customers.

      Resolve to modernize your people, process & technology and register now.

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    • 2015 IT Resolution 1: Get Out of the Data Center Business
      2015 IT Resolution 1: Get Out of the Data Center Business Daniel Hernandez & Scott Whitright Recorded: Jan 21 2015 7:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    • 2015 New Year’s resolutions for IT - #1 of 3. – Are you spending 80% of your time “keeping the lights on”, consumed with the mundane non-differentiating task of managing infrastructure (the plan-build-operate cycle)? For most businesses, managing and optimizing technology infrastructure simply does not offer any significant business value or competitive advantage.

      There is a rising trend of progressive and forward-thinking IT departments outsourcing their infrastructure and other non-differentiating technology services to service providers, and re-focusing their talent on activities such as service/vendor management, business process optimization, big data, analytics and mobile productivity.

      Resolve to get out of the data center business and register now.

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    • 2015 IT Resolution 2: Become a Service Provider to the Business
      2015 IT Resolution 2: Become a Service Provider to the Business Sandy Thorsen Recorded: Jan 28 2015 7:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • 2015 New Year’s resolutions for IT - #2 of 3. You know your business better than any newly minted web start-up. Take advantage of this opportunity and apply your own “start-up mentality” to reinvent your IT organization.

      Modern IT teams are transforming their knowledge and use of technology to become true partners to the business and permanently address the issue of “shadow IT”. Through a combination of brokered services from external providers, and internal services delivered in a timely manner, they are acting more akin to “service innovators” as opposed to “system operators”. This means that Central IT can finally, through this transformation, ensure the levels of governance, security and accountability are met, deliver faster time to market, offer higher service levels, and enable clarity in costs by leveraging charge-back/show-back to business units.

      Resolve to become a service provider to the business and register now.

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    • Successful early resolution strategies for IP disputes
      Successful early resolution strategies for IP disputes Edward A. Mas II , partner, McAndrews, Held & Malloy; Leland G. Hansen, partner, McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Vaishali Udupa, HP Recorded: Sep 10 2014 3:00 pm UTC 77 mins
    • Managing IP, in association with McAndrews, Held & Malloy, invites you to join a free web seminar focusing on strategies for early resolution of IP disputes.

      As litigation becomes increasingly expensive and prolonged, early resolution strategies are more and more attractive to IP managers. IP has never been more valuable to an organization, but without the correct enforcement and resolution strategies, IP disputes can become a heavy burden on your budget. Thus, having a range of successful early resolution strategies at your disposal will enable you to save money and find mutually beneficial solutions for IP owners and accused infringers.

      Speakers include:
      •James Nurton, managing editor, Managing IP (moderator)
      •Edward A. Mas II , partner, McAndrews, Held & Malloy
      •Leland G. Hansen, partner, McAndrews, Held & Malloy
      • Vaishali Udupa, IP litigation manager, Hewlett-Packard
      The webinar will focus on successful early resolution strategies, covering:
      •The importance of preparation
      •How to select an appropriate forum
      •Assessment of litigation costs and potential exposure
      •Identifying potential counterclaims
      •How to conduct early discovery and avoid delays
      •Ways to file an early motion for summary judgment
      •The utility of settlements
      •Properly-timed PTO and ADR Proceedings
      •How a redesign might solve your problems

      With litigation becoming increasingly expensive and prolonged, having a well-functioning early resolution strategy is essential for sustaining a strong presence in the market place. This webinar will provide an invaluable guide for IP managers who are facing the problem of having to deliver ever greater levels of IP protection or defense, all while managing resources under considerable time constraints. The live audience will be able to ask questions of the speakers during the webinar, which will be in English and will last one hour.

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    • Cloud security threats and resolutions: A meeting of the minds
      Cloud security threats and resolutions: A meeting of the minds Jim Reavis of CSA, David Baker and Arturo Hinojosa of Okta Recorded: Apr 27 2016 4:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • According to the 2016 Top Threats report from CSA, the ramifications of poor cloud computing decisions is no longer an IT issue but rather a boardroom issue. Executives at the highest levels are under scrutiny about security posture, and their response to a breach, from stakeholders, regulators and consumers.

      The growth of cloud and mobile technologies in the workplace has forced IT and security professionals to re-think their security strategy. A traditional network perimeter built on firewalls, VPNs, IDS, and DLP does not address the new threat landscape of phishing, social engineering, and data breaches.

      Join CSA CEO, Jim Reavis and Okta CISO, David Baker, for a discussion on the top threats organizations face, how the landscape is changing and best practices for improving the security of your organization.

      You’ll take away:
      -Highlights from the CSA 2016 Top Threats report
      -How to build a new security perimeter based on user identity, capable of detecting and stopping attacks in real time
      -How to improve visibility into user behavior and implement controls without sacrificing productivity

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    • Operations Analytics: IT’s new year resolution to innovate IT Operations
      Operations Analytics: IT’s new year resolution to innovate IT Operations Ian Bromehead, HP Software Recorded: Jan 23 2014 6:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Give up burgers? Quit smoking? More exercise? Yes it’s resolution time again. Let us help you keep those resolutions by making life easier for IT by tackling Big Data issues at the office!

      Everyone's heard of Big Data, there's a lot of buzz around it, but how does it apply to IT Operations?

      HP Software provides a new approach to making IT operations teams more efficient, by applying Big Data Analytics to collect, store and analyze all IT operations data, whatever the source. HP Operations Analytics is a new solution that adds visual analytics to powerful search through IT data. This provides guidance by exposing the most pertinent information, meaning IT operations is better prepared, and can predict and pinpoint issues much faster than ever before. So much easier than quitting smoking!

      Join HP Software to learn more about this powerful new solution, see a demonstration and hear the benefits of using it.

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