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    • What’s best for VDI Hybrid or All-Flash Storage What’s best for VDI Hybrid or All-Flash Storage George Crump, Storage Switzerland Recorded: Mar 12 2015 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • The top concern for IT planners looking to implement or expand the use of their VDI investment is storage performance. This is because every step that is taken to drive down cost per desktop, or improve the user experience, impacts storage performance and capacity. All-flash arrays address the performance problem with a sledgehammer and for many environments they can be the most cost effective option. But for others, hybrid solutions may make more sense.

      Join Storage Switzerland and Tegile Systems for a live, interactive webinar as we discuss the various challenges that VDI scale brings to storage and how All-Flash Arrays and Hybrid Arrays can address those challenges.

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    • Unleashing the Power of VDI in Banking & Insurance Unleashing the Power of VDI in Banking & Insurance Craig Beattie, Senior Analyst from Celent and Muthu Somasundaram, Product Manager from VMware Recorded: Feb 19 2015 8:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    • Desktop computers have been in existence for over 30 years, but the innovation in the last 10 years has fundamentally transformed the way we use them. The desktop is now increasingly found in the cloud, thanks to the technological advancements leading to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). While VDI has been in existence for the past 8 years or so, it has become more relevant in the banking and insurance industries in recent years. Insurance agents and Wealth Managers work in a heavily regulated industry. While adhering to heavy regulations, the Insurance Agents and Wealth Managers have a critical need to access important information in real time to better serve their clients.

      Now with VDI they’re able to break free from the limitations of the traditional infrastructure, being able to access real time information any time anywhere, enabling them to focus on their clients’ needs. Join us in this session to learn from Craig Beattie from Celent and Muthu Somasundaram from VMware, how VDI has helped accelerate the pace of innovation in the Insurance and Wealth management industry, while maintaining compliance with all regulations.

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    • VDI: Server-side vs. Client-side Virtualization VDI: Server-side vs. Client-side Virtualization John Whaley, CTO, Moka5 Recorded: Sep 17 2014 9:05 pm UTC 4 mins
    • Although VDI has been touted as the most economical, efficient way to manage desktop, server-side solutions pose serious drawbacks—including massive infrastructure investment, huge data-center power bills, and the need for ample bandwidth and high Internet speeds.

      Unlike server-side VDI, client-side virtualization runs images from central servers connected to desktops via a remote desktop protocol. This allows for central management, while executing on the local device itself.

      In this video, learn the benefits and drawbacks of client-side VDI, as well as the pros and cons of server-side VDI.

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    • Expand your VDI use cases with Graphics Acceleration Solutions Expand your VDI use cases with Graphics Acceleration Solutions Olivier Favre, Director of Product Management Recorded: Apr 9 2014 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is now a mature technology that is being adopted by organizations with increasing popularity. However, the user community who needs high-end graphics capabilities in their work (such as 3D modelling and simulations) were somewhat skeptical about the capabilities and performance of VDI with applications using 3D graphics, compared to the performance they can expect from a physical PC or workstation with a dedicated GPU. Recent advances in VDI help make this performance gap narrower by providing the capabilities for either a pool of virtual desktops (shared GPU) or, to a specific virtual desktop (GPU pass through), depending on the user requirements.

      Join Teradici for a deep dive on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) deployment options for VMware Horizon View and walk away with the GPU knowledge to increase productivity and accelerate your application performance in your virtual environment. In this webinar, we will discuss GPU technology related to Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration (vSGA),Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration (vDGA) and Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator deployment options available today. We will also explore how using PCoIP Hardware Accelerator in combination with a GPU allows you to expand and enhance your VDI deployment to provide a rich and interactive graphical experience across a broad set of use cases and ensure application performance.

      Key Takeaways
      • Understand the graphics acceleration options for VMware Horizon View
      • Learn how PCoIP Hardware Accelerator complements GPU implementations to improve 3D application performance

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