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    • Conversational Technologies- The Catalyst For Customer Service Experience
      Conversational Technologies- The Catalyst For Customer Service Experience Sheryl Kingstone, 451 Research; Jordi Torras, Inbenta; & Phil Jennings, Ticketmaster Recorded: May 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • The shift of customer service from a cost center to an engagement center will spur investments in more intelligent automation and conversational approaches to service and commerce. With 76% of customers preferring digital channels to communicate with businesses, and roughly 40% choosing to chat with a business through SMS, social media or Facebook messenger, conversational technologies have forever changed the customer service experience. Learn first-hand, from industry peers, how smart chatbots are improving how businesses converse with customers, and nurture relationships across the customer journey.

      Join the 451 Group, Ticketmaster and Inbenta for this session to discover how:

      •Digital engagement will shift commerce and service from interactions to conversations [The 451 Group predicts that 80% of all customer interactions will eventually be contained in a self-service channel].

      •Customers want self-service options on their own terms, in their preferred channels, including SMS, web or mobile chat. [The 451 Group data shows 55% of survey respondents prefer self-serve tools to avoid calling a customer service agent]

      •How businesses like Ticketmaster leverage enterprise-class chatbots; key factors to include and what to to avoid when launching a chatbot pilot [55% of companies employ self-service solutions; and 26% say they plan to build a chatbot as part of their self-service strategy]

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    • Real-time Personalisation: The power of conversational content
      Real-time Personalisation: The power of conversational content Spencer Waldron, Regional Manager - Western Europe at Prezi, & Dallas Jessup, Content Marketing Manager at BrightTALK Recorded: Aug 18 2016 12:30 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Over 61% of B2B marketers leverage personalised content to better shape the experience (Cintell). Marketers spend an enormous amount of time, bandwidth, and finances to create various content segmented by persona, stage, or vertical to have the best influence. But when it comes to creating and delivering presentations, many marketers and salespeople are still taking a traditional approach: build a different presentation for each opportunity, memorise a script and deliver the same one-way, linear presentation, no matter who the audience is or what information they need.

      Enter conversational presenting, an emerging trend that allows you to customize your presentation in real-time to make the best connection for the most success. Prezi’s European Regional Manager, Spencer Waldron, and BrightTALK’s Senior Marketing Manager, Andrea Goodkind, will discuss some of the best tactics to evolve previously stale, one-sided presentations into personalised conversations. Topics may include:

      Channels to leverage before the presentation to give the audience what they want
      The questions you should always ask your audience in order to determine what will resonate with them the most
      Live tactics for real-time content personalisation while presenting

      Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to know on this topic by tweeting us @Brighttalk using the hashtag #brighttalkprezi. See you there!

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    • How Brands Can Become Publishers Through Conversational Marketing
      How Brands Can Become Publishers Through Conversational Marketing Bob Barker, CMO, Occam Recorded: Mar 14 2012 11:00 am UTC 42 mins
    • With traditional publishers struggling and the rise of social media where "everyones a publisher", brands need to think about how they themselves become publishers in their field/market, of useful,engaging, personalised content delivered through social and online channels. This session describes the conversation marketing technology now becoming available to orchestrate and automate this process and how customers interaction with that content in turn ties back to provide insight and inform the more traditional marketing campaigns to the customer.

      Bob has been marketing in the technology industry for 25 years, working for brands such as Oracle, NCR and SAS. For the past 3 years, Bob has run the Corporate Marketing and Digital Engagement at Alterian and is now CMO of Occam, the market-leading provider of marketing management software.

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    • B2B video marketing: Turn your CRO into your BFF
      B2B video marketing: Turn your CRO into your BFF Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Upcoming: Aug 17 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • You better get good at conversational video marketing, fast—or you're going to be obsolete.

      Videos and photos get the most retweets. Last year, Facebook's video viewership doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day in seven months. Google owns YouTube, and coincidentally, rich media is a favorite of the search engine's algorithms.

      Conversational videos drive traffic, boost engagement, and serve up information better than any other medium. They promote trust in your brand and your products. They're eminently shareable, potentially viral, and taking over the internet: 74 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

      Step up and stand out in every step of the sales funnel with conversational video marketing when you join our latest interactive VB Live event.

      By watching this webinar, you'll:
      * Optimize your audience takeaways for video content
      * Get tips from the savviest sales and marketing people on their video content strategy
      * Focus your energy on the right distribution channels for your adverts
      * Personalize video content to lock in the close

      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
      More speakers to be announced soon!

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    • Character in TTS
      Character in TTS Rasmus Dall, TTS Researcher at Jibo, Inc. Recorded: May 18 2017 3:00 pm UTC 17 mins
    • Text to speech synthesis systems today sound very realistic, with very few artifacts and minimal signal distortion, however with little expressivity or character. While systems are certainly capable of producing a wide range of emotions and speaking styles, enabling rich character driven experiences, these are seldom, bordering to never, used in commercial applications due to one simple problem. They require human manual design.

      I will not propose a solution to this, but rather aim to state where the field currently is, and make a case for a more concerted effort into automating the use of human conversational elements in speech going beyond simply reconstructing the original signal as faithfully as possible.

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    • Roundtable: IVR and Self-service
      Roundtable: IVR and Self-service John Forrester, CMO, Inbenta Recorded: May 9 2017 4:45 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Much like any other technology, IVRs have evolved significantly. Originally serving primarily as a voice routing engine, IVRs are now taking center stage in the digital customer experience. The line between the IVR, Virtual Agents and your website is blurring fast. Chat remains the number one way customers want to talk to brands and they often want to talk when customer service teams are offline.

      -- Inbenta will discuss an Aberdeen Group report; 55% of companies employ self-service solutions and 26% say they plan to build a chatbot as part of their self-service strategy. Learn how to leverage enterprise-class chatbots. Hear how companies are deploying enterprise-class chatbots and generating customer and business success.

      -- Jacada will discuss how IVRs have evolved, and what the IVR of the future can, should, and MUST do to stay relevant. We will discuss topics such as Visual IVR and Conversational Commerce and address YOUR questions.

      -- Through current use cases, Inference Solutions will take you through how to get the most out of your IVR and valued added call handling self-service solutions.

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    • Privilege: Shifting Sands, Protecting Information in Cross-Border Investigations
      Privilege: Shifting Sands, Protecting Information in Cross-Border Investigations Matt Axelrod (Partner, D.C.) Satindar Dogra (Partner, London) and Adam Lurie (Partner, D.C.), Linklaters LLP Recorded: May 3 2017 3:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • With cross-border enforcement on the rise, companies must consider what information, if any, to provide to various regulators. But that’s only the start of the challenge. Having decided to provide information, companies must carefully consider how to protect their privileged and otherwise protected information, including information subject to data protection law.

      This GIR Live webinar will break down these challenges as well as looking at various strategies that companies can take to protect that which is privileged or protected when interacting with regulators around the world.

      In the GIR Live style, the webinar will aim to be highly conversational and will include time for a question and answer session with the presenters.

      Issues to be addressed include:
      •How to protect privilege and data privacy during an internal investigation in response to a regulator.
      •How to interact with regulators while preserving privilege and data protection rules.
      • How do legal privileges and data privacy protections vary between key jurisdictions?
      •How does increasing cross-jurisdictional cooperation between regulators impact these considerations?
      •What recent developments should practitioners should be aware of?

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    • Mobile commerce + AI: Not just a nice-to-have
      Mobile commerce + AI: Not just a nice-to-have Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Recorded: May 9 2017 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • AI ain't a maybe anymore. New payments and mobile commerce conversion strategies are erupting, all in the wake of the impact that AI and bots are having. More than 2.5 billion people worldwide use instant messaging services, and you need to be where your customers are – it's where AI and commerce meet.

      Indeed, messaging platforms are revving up to let businesses dive face-first into the buffet of expanded commerce opportunities, letting businesses leverage customized communications like receipts, shipping notifications, and even direct conversations with customer service.

      In this interactive VB Live event, we'll dive deep into the latest Bot Insight consumer study to show you why you need to get on board, and take you on a deep dive into how to take a running start, with full C-suite support.

      Don't miss out!

      In this webinar you'll:
      * Dive into the current AI landscape, from free tools to enterprise-class options
      * Learn how conversational UI and AI will transform your mobile commerce
      * Understand which new platforms are right for your own commerce strategy
      * Get the key points to convince your CEO and CFO to put these master class tools in your hands

      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
      * Jonathan Jarvis, CEO, Token
      * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

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    • GDPR vs Trump vs Brexit vs Privacy Shield – how can you protect your data?
      GDPR vs Trump vs Brexit vs Privacy Shield – how can you protect your data? FRA’s co-founders; Toby Duthie, Frances McLeod and Greg Mason Upcoming: Jun 7 2017 2:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    • With Safe Harbor being invalidated and EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield yet to be tested, UK data privacy post Brexit an unknown, the General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect throughout the EU next year, and the Trump administration potentially poised to ride roughshod over EU surveillance concerns– the uncertainty surrounding the current regulatory environment will inevitably add complexity to the issue of data transfers, especially in the context of international investigations and disputes – and, by extension eDiscovery.

      As regulatory investigations and related processes frequently span several years, strategic decisions made today around data transfers will have important ramifications down the line.

      Do you know where your/your client’s data currently is hosted and if it is being held in accordance with the various and, at times, conflicting data privacy laws? If the answer is 'no', significant reputation and even financial implications could ensue.

      This GIR Live webinar will break down the current data protection laws and set out some considerations and practical guidelines to minimize risk exposure for companies and professional services firms dealing with cross-border investigations and litigation.

      In the GIR Live style, the webinar will aim to be highly conversational and will include time for a question and answer session with the presenters.

      Issues to be addressed include:

      • Data privacy and adequate protection
      • What you can do now to remain compliant
      • How to manage conflicts of law in a global investigation with practical tips from real life case studies

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    • The Science of Capturing Intent and Generating Demand With Search and YouTube
      The Science of Capturing Intent and Generating Demand With Search and YouTube James Miller, DWA Recorded: Apr 6 2016 8:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Are you a marketer looking to learn how to engage and influence purchase behaviors with today’s savvy buyer? We’ve got you covered. In this webcast recording, the DWA, Brite Content, and Dfuzr Industries teams share how to combine intent marketing, video content marketing, and conversational experiences in a framework that will give you immediately actionable insights and tactics to deliver delightful and high-converting campaign experiences.

      You’ll come away knowing (at least):
      - 3 actionable strategies to improve YouTube video marketing performance today
      - How to drive 10x more value from paid ad campaigns on YouTube, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook
      - 4 keys to delivering a user experience that exceeds today’s customers great expectations

      A must-watch session for Content, Performance, and Video Marketing professionals alike.

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    • CMO Checklist: Why brands should engage with bots
      CMO Checklist: Why brands should engage with bots Jon Cifuentes, Analyst, VentureBeat Recorded: Jul 21 2016 7:30 pm UTC 56 mins
    • A few years ago, kik might have seemed like just another messaging app. Today it boasts 275 million users and its very own Bot Shop a platform for companies like Sephora and Weather.com to display their bot prowess. More and more smart companies are sitting up and paying attention, as Yahoo, Facebook, and others get into the messaging bot game.

      Today most bots center around the conversational interface offered by Facebook Messenger and the likes of kik, but who knows what tomorrow might mean?

      Join our VB Live event as our panel of experts talks about what smart companies know about bots. From messaging to shopping, bots are increasingly part of the business landscape.

      In this webinar, you’ll learn to:

      * Understand the importance of bots to brands
      * Know bot landscape and what it means for your business
      * Recognize the potential synergies and pitfalls between bots and brands


      * Paul Gray, Director of Platform Services, Kik
      * Jon Cifuentest, Analyst, VentureBeat
      * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Register for this free executive leadership live event today!

      Sponsored by ArcTouch

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    • Getting Voice Biometrics Authentication Right in Financial Services
      Getting Voice Biometrics Authentication Right in Financial Services Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Ravin Sanjith, Director, Opus Research; Interactions LLC Upcoming: Jun 8 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • As financial service companies battle to build customer loyalty and increase security in the age of FinTech, providing efficient, secure and personal services is a source of competitive advantage. The rapid growth of voice biometrics authentication demonstrates it is a convenient and secure way to authenticate real customers, detect impostors and prevent fraud. 

      In this webinar, join Interactions and Opus Research as they describe the steps that financial service companies should take to incorporate voice biometrics authentication into the customer care experience. 

      Topics to be discussed include:
      • Identifying Responsibilities and Stakeholders: Contact center, security/risk management, marketing, customer care, IT, and communications infrastructure
      • Finding the Budget: Making a business case and finding the budget for voice biometrics authentication
      • Best Practices: Engaging Marketing to build customer awareness around voice biometrics
      • Preparing for Success: Anticipating the need to scale operations to accommodate new interaction patterns to suit multichannel environments

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    • Five Steps to Overcome Customer Authentication Chaos
      Five Steps to Overcome Customer Authentication Chaos Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Brand Whichard, IBM Security Recorded: Aug 9 2016 5:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • As digital, mobile commerce crescendos, Identity and Access Management (IAM) techniques are key to providing a consistent, individualized experience, regardless of the device used or communications channel employed. Providing secure access from a trusted device was hard enough. Now customers control their device-of-choice, channel-of-choice and time-of-choice. It is important to develop and employ technologies that make authentication friction-free and pleasant.

      Join Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research, and Brandon Whichard, from IBM Security, as they provide “Five Concrete Steps” toward keeping each customer happy. Opus Research has coined the term “Intelligent Authentication” (IAuth) to describe simple, secure and seamless ways to authenticate individuals and support digital commerce.

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    • Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Proven Value and Future Potential
      Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Proven Value and Future Potential Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Umesh Sachdev, CEO & Co-Founder, Uniphore Recorded: Aug 24 2016 3:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • In a recent survey commissioned by Uniphore, Opus Research asked 500 influential executives in the contact center and customer experience domain about the perceived value of Speech Analytics and to ascertain the impact on plans to procure and deploy such resources in the future.

      With completed interviews of decision-makers (Director, VP, C-level) from firms with revenue of more than U.S. $50 million, the survey respondents included a mix of vertical industries, including: telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, retail, pharmaceuticals, travel & tourism, and commercial banking.

      Join Dan Miller, lead analyst & founder at Opus Research, and Derek Top, director of research with Opus Research, as they unveil the key findings from this exclusive executive survey on speech analytics:

      * Implementation of speech analytics is poised for growth: New, real-time applications create better customer experience
      * Findings attest to maturity of technologies, applications and options: Support of multi-channel support strategies
      * Mix of premises, cloud and “hybrid” architectures
      * Respondents see a bright future: Most expect to increase spending and investment & finding means to build a business case

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