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    • ISO/IEC 20000 tavoitteena ja kehityksen karttana
      ISO/IEC 20000 tavoitteena ja kehityksen karttana Jaakko Marin Recorded: Feb 1 2017 7:00 am UTC 55 mins
    • Moni kuvittelee ISO 20000:n raskaaksi ja byrokraattiseksi malliksi, joka harvoin soveltuu järkevään palvelunhallintaan. Myös liiketoimintakytkentä on ollut joillakin kadoksissa standardin kanssa. Tässä webinaarissa käydään läpi standardin rakennetta käytännönläheisesti ja otetaan esimerkkejä vaatimusten täyttämisestä ketterällä tavalla. Voiko ISO 20000 olla hyvä renki palvelunhallinnan kehitystyössä ja voisiko sillä olla konkreettista vaikutusta jopa liiketoiminnan tuloksiin?

      Tule kuuntelemaan, haastamaan ja keskustelemaan aiheesta kokeneen ISO 20000-kehittäjän johdolla.

      Standardista opit lisää ISO 20.000:2011 -kurssilla: https://www.oppia.fi/kurssisivu.php?id=d4d68bedc81e3f66d950a9928b6d24f7

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    • Demystifying ISO 20000: What You Need To Know
      Demystifying ISO 20000: What You Need To Know Kenneth Gonzalez, CSMP, Managing Partner, Engaged Consulting, Inc. Recorded: Jul 11 2012 6:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • In April 2011, the International Standards Organization (ISO) published the second edition of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard.

      The new edition includes for the first time the term 'service management system', requiring an IT organization to demonstrate an integrated approach for establishing, operating and improving the service management system, placing a greater emphasis on customer satisfaction, and requiring an annual internal audit. The standard also introduces numerous new requirements and represents a serious differentiator for organizations and individuals.

      Despite the update, there is much confusion in the marketplace about what the standard is, how it was developed, what it is based upon, how conformance is demonstrated, etc. As a result, few organizations and practitioners are able to effectively address key questions such as:

      •Why is ISO 20000 certification important to my organization?
      •What value does demonstrating conformance to the standard provide?
      •What does it take to prepare for an audit?
      •What does it mean to operate a service management system?

      In this session, we will address the key things that practitioners need to understand about the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 standard, how this is related to “Next Generation Service Management” and some of the resources available to help them on their journey. We will go beyond the “common sense” connections and identify the key elements required to have you, your team and organization be successful with ISO 20000.

      Please join us for an advanced, practical and engaging discussion on “Demystifying ISO 20000: What You Need To Know”

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    • Caso Práctico: La certificación ISO20000 de Telefónica en Argentina
      Caso Práctico: La certificación ISO20000 de Telefónica en Argentina Marta Massaro, Gerente Service Management, Laura Rodriguez, Gerente Service Management, Telefonica Global Technology SA Arg Recorded: Mar 13 2014 5:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • En la ponencia se presentará el caso práctico de los servicios TI de Telefónica Global Technology en Argentina. Esta organización certificó todos sus servicios TI por primera vez en el año 2010 con la norma ISO/IEC20000-1.

      Después de cuatro años de recorrido, se expondrá lo que ha supuesto el mantenimiento del certificado tanto en trabajo como en mejora de los servicios y madurez de la organización.

      También se explicará cómo se ha llevado a cabo el proyecto de la última renovación, que además supuso la adopción de la nueva versión 2011 de la norma. Mejoras del negocio

      El contenido resulta de interés para toda organización que esté pensando en certificarse ISO20000, que tenga que actualizarla con la nueva versión de la norma o que simplemente tenga que renovarla.

      Se describe un caso práctico de renovación del certificado en un contexto donde el SGS sufre un alto impacto en su alcance:
      -Reorganización interna /estructura
      -Proceso de outsourcing de parte de la operación
      -Cambio de versión de la norma

      Marta Massaro, ha participado en los últimos años como gerente del área de producción, liderando equipos de trabajo de Mantenimiento / Operación de Aplicaciones y Operación de Sistemas, así como proyectos de renovación Tecnológica y de Transformación. Desde hace un año es responsable del área de Gestion de Servicios de Producción, estando bajo su responsabilidad las áreas de Proyectos, Procesos y Calidad, el Service Desk y el servicio de Wokplace, así como también las funciones de Gestion de Indicadores y gestión de nivel de Servicio y Gestion de la Configuración.

      Laura Rodriguez, ha participado en los últimos años en grandes proyectos de transformación de la compañía a través del diseño e implementación de nuevos procesos y herramientas aplicativas, la aplicación de nuevos modelos de gestión (ITIL, Metodología de gestión por Proyectos del PMI, P.N.C., Modelo Servicios y Beneficios) y despliegue de nuevas soluciones y tecnologías.

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    • Higher Ed SIG: Lessons Learned: ITIL Process Maturity Assessment in Higher Educa
      Higher Ed SIG: Lessons Learned: ITIL Process Maturity Assessment in Higher Educa Jim Haustein of Cornell University and Reg Lo of Third Sky Recorded: Jan 25 2012 7:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Attend this itSMF Higher Education Special Interest Group (SIG) webinar to hear Jim Haustein, Cornell Information Technology's Process Improvement Manager, describe their experience with an ITIL process assessment.

      ~ Why did they perform the assessment
      ~ Lessons learned on how to conduct the assessment and what to do with the results
      ~ How the assessment will help guide them on their IT Service Management journey

      Reg Lo, from Third Sky, will also present a short segment on TIPA(r), an internationally-recognized framework for IT process assessment. TIPA offers a turnkey, well-defined, repeatable methodology that organizations can perform themselves after being trained in the approach.

      About Our Speakers

      Jim Haustein is Cornell Information Technology's Process Improvement Manager and is responsible for maturing and maintaining a portfolio of maintainable processes, to facilitate process and IT Service Management awareness, training and mentorship. Jim's experience in the private sector before coming to Cornell has proven to be a valuable asset for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of IT processes within the higher ed environment. He was a co-presenter at Educause 2008 and a reviewer for the 2011 ITIL Service Design book.

      Reg Lo is a certified ITIL v3 Expert and Vice President of Professional Services for Third Sky. Reg has helped hundreds of organizations adopt IT Service Management good practices. He recently spoke at the itSMF Fusion conference on "How to reduce IT costs and give the Business the levers to control costs"; and was also a speaker at the 2008, 2009, and 2010 conference. He was selected as a reviewer for the ITIL 2011 Edition and was also a reviewer for TIPA - an open framework for assessing ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 maturity.

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    • itSMF USA Arizona IG: IT Service Management and Governance
      itSMF USA Arizona IG: IT Service Management and Governance Mart Rovers (President InterProm USA) with Moderator Mark Trubl (Manager, Service Support at US Foods) Recorded: Jun 29 2012 7:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Successful IT Service Management adoptions benefit from good dose of IT Governance. Both ITIL and COBIT are well-known for their best practices regarding these respective topics. However, where does one find the information to benefit from both worlds of best practices? This presentation will discuss how IT Governance best practices compliment and boost the adoption of IT Service Management best practices.

      Mart Rovers has over 30 years of experience in IT and has been consulting and training in IT Service Management and Information Security Management since 1992. He currently serves as the President of the itSMF USA LIG and is the Chair Person for the ISO/IEC 20000 Special Interest Group. Mart is a certified ISO/IEC 20000 Internal Auditor and Executive Consultant/Manager (Master). He holds the ITIL® v3 Expert certification along with ISO/IEC 27001 Professional certifications. He has led numerous organizations towards becoming ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified and is an accredited instructor for ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, and ITIL training courses.
      Mark Trubl, a certified ITIL and ISO20K professional, has been working in IT in the Valley of the Sun for over 20 years. Starting out at DHL, Mark worked in several technical roles before becoming an IT Manager, where he led teams through four major data center consolidations across three continents, wrote DHL’s Emergency Incident Recovery policy, and was Country Contact Lead for the European IT Process Harmonization project. Mark ended his career with DHL in 2009 as Head of the Americas Regional Service Level Management and Reporting teams and joined the Apollo Group in the newly defined Service Owner role. After helping Apollo clarify the roles and responsibilities of a Service Owner, Mark joined US Foods in 2011, heading up the classic Service Support function, concentrating on implementing an ITIL aligned Change Management process.

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    • Pittsburgh LIG: Metrics That Matter: Supporting IT Decision & Strategy at the Sr
      Pittsburgh LIG: Metrics That Matter: Supporting IT Decision & Strategy at the Sr Randy A. Steinberg - Co-Principal at Migration Technologies Recorded: Jan 23 2012 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Metrics That Matter – Supporting IT Decision & Strategy at the Senior Executive Level

      IT measurements are meaningless if they don’t provide executives with information to make accurate and timely decisions. Yet many IT organizations produce reams of operational reports that provide tons of information yet still leave Senior Management blind as to what actions to take or whether IT benefits are truly being realized.

      This session provides a solid practical approach for closing the loop between what kinds of metrics should be reported on and how Senior Management can leverage results for effective decision making. Actual examples are including nine key IT measurements that may make IT very squeamish with their power to quickly highlight issues.

      As a result of this session, attendees will learn about what kinds of metrics matter most and how these fit into an overall model for making key decisions. In addition, attendees will get access to a simple EXCEL-based metrics model that they can use right away within their own IT organization.

      About the Presenter

      Randy A. Steinberg is a Co-Principal at Migration Technologies with over 25 years of extensive IT Service Management and operations experience gained around the world. He was the lead author for ITIL 2011 Service Operation book. He was an early ITIL champion and served a stint as Global Head of Service Management for a worldwide media company with 176 operating centers around the globe. Randy is also the author of several popular ITIL books: Implementing ITIL, Measuring ITIL, Servicing ITIL and Architecting ITIL, and has been a frequent speaker around the US for a number of nat’l organizations that focus on IT Service Management. His background includes all facets of IT service management for operations, applications, supporting technologies and organizational solutions. He holds an ITIL V3 Expert and ITIL V2 Service Manager designation and is also Practitioner and ISO20000 Consultant certified.

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