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    • The Future of Data Centre Cooling? - 3M's Open Bath Technology
      The Future of Data Centre Cooling? - 3M's Open Bath Technology Phil Tuma, 3M Electronics Recorded: Jan 10 2012 11:00 am UTC 46 mins
    • The limitations of legacy air cooling schemes are by now well known. Even the latest free-air cooling technologies have limitations relating to primarily to power density and energy efficiency. While emerging technologies such as direct water cooling can dramatically increase efficiency, density and the thermodynamic availability of waste heat, these approaches add complexity, cost and risk that the commodity datacom industry may be unwilling to bear. Recently published work has suggested the utility of a new cooling strategy termed open bath immersion cooling for datacom equipment. In this simple concept, servers are immersed side-by-side in bath of nonflammable dielectric liquid that boils off the heat generating devices. The vapor so generated condenses on a coil cooled by facility water and passively falls back to the bath. The process takes place within modular semi-open baths, so-called because they are closed when access is not needed but operate at atmospheric. Power densities as high as 4kW/liter have been demonstrated with densely packed modules that simulate CPU packages. This presentation will include an overview of research to date including a comparison to existing pumped water systems and an introduction to a system-scale project currently in the proposal stage that would demonstrate the commercial viability of the technology.
      Phil Tuma is an Advanced Application Development Specialist in 3Ms Electronic Markets Materials Division in St. Paul, Minnesota USA. He is currently working to demonstrate the utility of passive 2-phase immersion for cooling power electronics and datacom hardware.

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    • Building a Passive Optical LAN (POL) for High-Bandwidth Enterprises
      Building a Passive Optical LAN (POL) for High-Bandwidth Enterprises Ryland J. Marek, 3M Communication Markets Division; Francis Audet and Jimmy Gagnon, EXFO Recorded: May 15 2014 6:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Following the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) trend to deliver more bandwidth to consumers, a new technology is emerging that promises to provide more bandwidth, more services and future-proof networks to enterprises. Passive optical LANs are changing the way we think about designing the local area network. This webinar will provide an introduction to POL technology, compare POL and traditional Ethernet switching architectures, and review the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards applicable to the design and testing of POL solutions in order to address considerations such as splitters, connectors, signals and more.

      Join us for this webinar to learn more about the following:

      - The latest standards and market trends related to POL solutions
      - A detailed overview of POL solutions and their main benefits
      - The differences between traditional structured copper cabling and POL solutions
      - Elements requiring testing and available solutions

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    • Sustainable fire suppression solution for data centres - 10am CET, April 3rd
      Sustainable fire suppression solution for data centres - 10am CET, April 3rd Bart Goeman, 3M Electronics Markets Materials Division Recorded: Apr 3 2012 11:00 am UTC 48 mins
    • 3M has developed, introduced and commercialized an unprecedented sustainable halocarbon clean extinguishing agent whereby researchers have struck a balance of not only being effective in fire extinguishing but also demonstrating superior environmental properties in combination with a low toxicity and reduced space and weight requirements. It should also possess sufficient chemical/thermal stability during handling and in end use.. This halocarbon belongs to the fluoroketone class. The chemical formula of CF3CF2C(O)C(CF3)2 is identified in the new ISO 14520 standard by the ASHRAE nomenclature FK-5-1-12.
      Commercially known as 3MTM Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid and manufactured by 3M Company, this novel clean extinguishing agent has been shown to combine the performance and environmental attributes sought by industries that demand the high level of performance previously provided by halon until its phase-out. Compared to inert gas and water mist, systems using Novec 1230 fluid are much compacter and as such require much less space (and weight concerns).
      What is unprecedented is this fluoromaterial's environmental properties that are on the order of naturally occurring compounds. Novec 1230 fluid has a surprisingly short atmospheric lifetime and yet has exhibited the stability necessary for use as a clean extinguishing agent.
      Novec 1230 fluid was introduced in 2002 as a halon replacement alternative to HFCs and now has a history of use globally for the protection of special hazards / high value assets, especially in occupied spaces resulting in greenhouse gas emission reduction in industries where environmental objectives stress the use of sustainable technologies.

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    • Turning advances in VR + AR into business innovation
      Turning advances in VR + AR into business innovation Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Recorded: Jul 20 2017 4:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    • Last year, alternative reality and virtual reality raked in $1.8B, with 6.3M headsets shipped. And those numbers are expected to just keep climbing. AR and VR technology is getting sweeter every day, and the number of use cases is piling up. VR and AR isn’t just transforming how we experience games, it’s led to breakthroughs in health care, dropped operating costs for businesses, and changed how marketers can connect with customers.

      In this VB Live event, Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, will be unveiling the results of our latest in-depth VB Insight consumer study. Register now for insights into VR and AR usage, consumer attitudes, and whether the massive potential audience that exists is ready to go virtual.

      By attending this VB Live event, you'll:
      * Understand VR and AR attitudes across the globe
      * Learn what's holding consumers back from these technologies
      * Introduce innovation with AR and VR into your own organization
      * Learn how payment technology will help facilitate new VR/AR experiences
      * Hear what experts think the future holds

      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
      * Laura Gemmell, Innovation Analyst, Technology Innovation, Worldpay
      * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Register today!

      Sponsored by Worldpay

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    • A global equity fund that combines the best of Fidelity
      A global equity fund that combines the best of Fidelity Nick Peters Recorded: Feb 4 2015 10:00 am UTC 36 mins
    • Nick Peters, Portfolio Manager of FF International and Team Leader of Equity Research for Fidelity Solutions, kicks off 2015 with a roundup of Q4 14 and a look at the year ahead. FF International is Fidelity Solutions’ flagship global equity fund with a 20+ year track-record, 1.8 billion USD of assets under management and consistent first-quartile peer group ranking (1M, 3M, 1Y, 3Y, 5Y, 10Y and since inception to end December 2014). Nick will take this opportunity to sumarise the investment process, provide an update on the positioning and performance as well as the fund’s regional tactical views. FF International’s use of Fidelity managers and flexible asset allocation provides two uncorrelated drivers for performance.

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    • How Do You Know How Good You Are?
      How Do You Know How Good You Are? Howard Kendall, Founding Director, SDI Europe Recorded: Feb 18 2010 1:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • This is a question that has never been more relevant to the Service Desk Industry. We might think that we’re doing a good job; that our customers are happy and that we are performing a core business function – but how do we know? In this presentation SDI Chairman Howard Kendall will explain how Service Desks can realise their value and convey this to the rest of the business. Using the recent SDI Benchmarking Survey, Howard will examine where desks are falling down and where they are doing particularly well by analysing industry trends and what metrics we are measuring and why.

      Howard Kendall has IT service management flowing through his veins and is passionately committed to service in all its many forms. As the founding director of the Service Desk Institute (SDI) with over 7,500 global members, he is recognised as the leading industry authority in Europe, regularly speaking at industry events and contributing to industry titles.

      Beginning in the technology arena as a computer operator at 3M, Howard followed with positions in IT support management at Citibank and the Prudential. As Chairman of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) during 2001-2002 he demonstrated his customer passion being regularly involved in worldwide service standards development. He chaired the BSi British Standards committee that developed BS8600 (now ISO10002), the Complaints Management Standard, and is currently working with BSi and International Standards Organisation (ISO) to develop a class leading general Customer Service Standard.

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