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    • Skype for Business - The Path to Network Success
      Skype for Business - The Path to Network Success Marc Thach, Problem Analyst at Advance7 Recorded: Feb 8 2017 3:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • Advance7 has undertaken a number of studies into the implementation of Skype for Business and other UC systems in med/large enterprises.

      Using the experience gained from these studies, we believe that Skype for Business can bring headaches to the network.

      This presentation is aimed at network implementation and support staff and their managers, and we hope it will help you avoid some of the pitfalls, and highlight what it will mean to you.

      It outlines how the voice and video calling features of Skype for Business will impact the network and how the support model may present extra challenges to the network team.

      Increasing numbers of corporates are adopting Skype for Business. Although an organisation may already use an enterprise-wide VoIP solution, a smooth deployment of Skype for Business and the planning for good call quality is a challenge.

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    • Non-disruptive upgrade to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7
      Non-disruptive upgrade to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 Nanuk Krinner and Rick Salevsky Recorded: May 3 2017 3:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Upgrading a huge software stack is always a big problem in a production environment with many services relying on the availability of the software stack. This problem can often be experienced while upgrading SUSE OpenStack Cloud in production environments. To minimize the downtime, upgrading from SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 and future releases will be made non-disruptive for the important services. But every Cloud deployment and use case is different, and this implies that every upgrade will be a little different from others. This talk will give an overview of the recommended preparations and requirements to make the upgrade as smooth as possible. Beside this, we will also show the different ways that an Administrator can upgrade the Cloud. A recording from SUSECON 16.

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    • WikiLeaks Vault7 Impact
      WikiLeaks Vault7 Impact Alex Holden, CISO of Hold Security Recorded: Mar 21 2017 6:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Are we really surprised about the current revelations behind WikiLeaks Vault7? It confirms that the US government has secret hacking tools like everyone else. Are they the only ones who have these tools? We will discuss the Dark Web hackers and the government-sponsored hacking advances. Most importantly, how does it impact our privacy at home and within our companies. What do we need to do to stop this type of unwarranted exploitation?

      Join this talk to learn more about:
      - Motivation and techniques of the Dark Web hackers and government-sponsored groups.
      - Understand the impact of hackers having access into your corporate infrastructure or your home.
      - How to defend against the unknown 0-day vulnerabilities?

      About the Presenter:
      Alex Holden is the leader of Hold Security, LLC. His research of the Dark Web and hackers has led to the identification and remediation of thousands of breaches in the past decade including high profile breaches like Adobe Systems, Target, JPMorgan and many others.

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    • Stop Problems Bouncing Between Support Teams
      Stop Problems Bouncing Between Support Teams Paul Offord Recorded: Apr 19 2017 2:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • The demand for increasingly sophisticated IT applications is leading to complex systems that are interconnected with other complex systems. This in turn is driving an increase in the number of difficult performance and stability problems.
      The cause of such problems is often hard to determine, which makes it difficult to allocate the problem to the correct technology team. Consequently, the problem bounces from team to team, as each in turn ‘proves’ that their technology is not at fault.
      More often than not, some of the technical support teams involved are from service providers, and so rather than a problem just bouncing between internal teams, it bounces between commercial organisations. This can result in disputes with circular behaviour driven by the need to avoid reputational and commercial damage.
      Unfortunately, problem management doesn’t provide the solution. Whilst problem managers may coordinate the troubleshooting activity of multiple technical support teams, these teams operate in silos. This paper explains why a siloed approach is ineffective when investigating difficult performance and stability problems.
      Some organisations are aware of these potential issues and are tackling them by creating service-orientated Cross-technology Troubleshooting Teams (CTT).
      In this webinar, we outline the need for a CTT, the benefits it delivers, its structure and strategies to optimise its effectiveness.

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    • Maximize the Value of CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition Investment
      Maximize the Value of CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition Investment CA Technologies Recorded: Jun 26 2014 6:45 pm UTC 27 mins
    • In today’s competitive marketplace, reducing cost, improving productivity and reducing business disruption are major IT drivers that can help improve responsiveness to business demands across the enterprise. CIOs are increasingly looking to manage demands and maximize the value of their investments and resources.

      Make sure you are using your CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition (CA 7) investment to its fullest of capabilities. How do you currently visualize and rapidly respond to business critical events? How do you monitor critical path jobs and raises alerts if your service level thresholds are at risk? What are you doing to help improve performance gains with CA 7 today?

      CA Technologies continues to deliver new capabilities for CA 7. Attend this webcast to learn more about how to maximize your CA 7 investment. We’ll have a live demo of some of the newest features that will help you improve application availability and workload visibility so you can reduce the risk of business disruption.

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    • Building Armies - Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Cybersecurity
      Building Armies - Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Cybersecurity Deidre Diamond (CEO and Founder of CyberSN, #brainbabe) & Kyle F. Kennedy (President, #brainbabe) Upcoming: Jan 24 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Cyber security has a massive retention challenge and by “hanging together” we can solve the challenges that are causing people to leave the industry faster than we can recruit them! Learn to master the art of creating teams with cultures of retention, growth and happiness.

      Join this interactive webinar as CyberSN and #brainbabe Founder and CEO Deidre Diamond is interviewed by #brainbabe President, Kyle Kennedy.

      Together they will explore the topic of “Building Armies”, or how to create cultures of transparency, equality, training, support, high-productivity and love in the workforce.

      About the Speakers
      Deidre Diamond is the CEO and Founder of CyberSN.com, a cyber security research and staffing company, and the Founder of brainbabe.org, a cyber security not-for-profit organization. Deidre’s vision and leadership has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the frustration, time and cost associated with job searching and hiring for cyber security professionals. Prior to CyberSN, Deidre was the CEO of Percussion Software, the first VP of Sales at Rapid7 (NYSE:RPD) and the VP of Staffing and Recruiting for the national technical staffing company Motion Recruitment.

      Kyle Kennedy has over 20 years of experience in the tech field, and degrees in Sociology, Business, and Homeland Security. Mr. Kennedy currently serves as President of brainbabe.org a non-profit focused on empowering women and men in cybersecurity and CISO for CyberSN. Prior to joining CyberSN, Mr. Kennedy was the CTO and CIO of STEALTHbits.

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    • Your Customers, Your Brand: Transforming Brands with Customer-Centric Marketing
      Your Customers, Your Brand: Transforming Brands with Customer-Centric Marketing Cindy Vandecasteele, NGDATA ; Jeroen Bronselaer, Telenet ; Liz Miller, CMO Council Recorded: Dec 6 2017 6:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • A CMO’s success often hinges on the success of the brand to drive business and grow revenue. Because of this, the CMO is in a unique position to optimize growth by meeting the demands of their customers while driving and advancing digital transformation. But transformation for technology’s sake will not advance the business. To be successful in today’s highly competitive market, the customer needs be front and center – the CMO must lead a truly customer-centric revolution.

      Customer centricity is about building relationships, conversations and service around the needs, preferences and actions of individual customers on an ongoing basis. By putting customers first and meeting their expectations across all channels, you can deliver exceptional experiences that drive retention and build loyalty. The key is to deliver a consistent, seamless experience across all touchpoints, and ensure that all interactions are relevant to each and every customer.

      To accomplish true customer-centric marketing, you must understand each customer at the individual-level, down to their individual Customer DNA, and be able to rapidly take action on those insights.

      Join the CMO Council as we welcome experience and data expert, Cindy Vandecasteele, NGDATA’s VP of Product Strategy, and Jeroen Bronselaer, Senior Vice President Residential Marketing at Telenet, as they share their own experiences in transforming a brand with customer-centric marketing.

      Key takeaways will include:

      •How customer-centric marketing impacts the whole organization
      •Why customer-centric marketing matters in today’s omni-channel, always-connected world
      •The challenges and benefits of customer-centric marketing, and how you can put it into action
      •Mapping the individual Customer DNA and turning that knowledge into profitable action

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    • Powering the Shift to Agile
      Powering the Shift to Agile Liz Miller - CMO Council, Dario Debarbieri - IBM Watson Recorded: Oct 12 2017 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Today’s marketing machine must be aligned to the agile flow of today’s fickle customer, able to adjust and adapt in real-time, thinking and often predicting behaviors in context to allow an organization to swiftly advance, iterate and optimize across functional boundaries.

      The CMO Council, in partnership with IBM Watson, will share new thinking and best practices for making this new marketing operation a reality in a one-hour interactive webcast featuring subject-matter experts and brand leaders currently making the bold shift to meet the customer where they stand. Joining the session will be Dario Debarbieri, CMO of IBM Watson North America and longtime CMO Council Advisory Board member, who will discuss the latest trends, from the API economy to the real opportunity of cognitive computing being applied to the marketing engagement engine.

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    • Centralizing Intelligence to Power Individualized Experiences
      Centralizing Intelligence to Power Individualized Experiences Mary Anne Hensley, CMO Council; John Timmerman, Teradata; Peter Francis, T-Mobile Recorded: Nov 16 2017 6:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • True one-to-one interaction is considered the holy grail of customer experience. However, according to a recent CMO Council study, only 7 percent of marketers are able to consistently create these individualized experiences across all channels.

      For the third and final webinar of this series, the CMO Council and Teradata are concluding the conversation around shaping customer experiences by focusing on the importance of coordinated cross-channel messaging through a centralized hub for all customer interactions—one that listens to all interactions, automatically tells marketing channels when and about what to say based on all the latest data and machine-learning analytics, and applies contact governance so that your marketing is smart and optimized, not fragmented by channel.

      During this one-hour webinar, our expert panel will share insights around how companies can build one central messaging hub for all customer interactions, regardless of channel. Marketers can elevate their marketing with a marketing hub to optimize and coordinate messaging, analytics and data so that the messaging automatically shifts, whether it’s time to sell or time to provide customer care, ensuring that each interaction is good for the customer and the brand. A featured brand expert will also share their company’s challenges in this area, as well as the steps they have taken in order to create consistent cross-channel messaging for the customer and make one-to-one experiences a reality for their organization.

      Among the topics to be discussed:

      • Challenges to achieving a full, cohesive view of all customer interactions
      • How to balance multiple customer interaction strategies amid the focus on clicks and conversions
      • Industry best practices and results from marketers who are coordinating their
      marketing in a hub and how it has elevated their marketing

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    • Data-Driven Digital Transformation - The Key to Effective Marketing & Analytics
      Data-Driven Digital Transformation - The Key to Effective Marketing & Analytics Don Nanneman, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica Recorded: Aug 1 2017 2:20 pm UTC 29 mins
    • Advances in marketing technologies, programs and processes have exploded over the past few years. To take better advantage of these innovations, you need to fuel them with trusted, governed, relevant and authoritative data. The results are deeper customer insights around relationships so that you can unleash differentiated customer engagement and personalized experiences.

      Businesses are drowning in a deluge of data collected from so many sources and in so many formats. To unleash the power of data, information needs to be intelligently shared by multiple applications across the business. However, the quality of the data can't always be guaranteed, resulting in errors and wasted effort. Equally important, analytics using bad data will produce inaccurate results leading to poor decision making. With the right technology and an intelligent data-driven approach, companies can effectively see, understand, and share data insights across their organizations.

      Trusted by over 4,000 Salesforce customers, the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services offers the most complete suite of modular data management services for the Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, IoT and Analytics Clouds.

      Attend this informative Informatica session, hosted by TechRepublic, and learn how:

      • Integrating your data and applications provides the foundation for more effective marketing campaigns and information sharing
      • Delivering great data quality will improve marketing ROI, analytics and improved customer experiences
      • Robust master data management, data hubs, and automation can provide more accurate, real-time data across all your business applications
      • Automation and best practices can significantly streamline repetitive and complex workflows reducing errors and saving time

      The key to data-driven marketing is entirely in your control.

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    • Is Email The Junk Mail of Tomorrow? Not if We Can Help It!
      Is Email The Junk Mail of Tomorrow? Not if We Can Help It! Liz Miller - CMO Council, Julie Gibbs - Gigamon, Tommy Lamb - Teleflora Recorded: Aug 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • At the dawn of the digital age, email heralded a bold turn away from junk mail and battling the paper bulge of the overworked mailbox. But in today’s crowded engagement landscape, email has started to feel more like a cheap imitation of its scan-and-junk bulk snail mail predecessor.

      According to the technology research group, Radicati, 205 billion emails are sent each day. Not even social can compete with the power of email, according to a Forrester report that indicates that people are twice as likely to sign up to receive a brand’s emails as they are to interact on Facebook. But, as email open rates are increasing year over year according to Epsilon, rising from 31 percent to 34.1 percent, email CLICK rates are in decline, dropping from 3.5 percent to 3.1 percent in Q3 of 2016.

      Nonetheless, email continues to deliver. According to the Direct Marketing Association, in 2016, email had a median ROI of 122 percent, nearly four times higher than other marketing tactics including social, direct mail and search. And, according to a recent CMO Council study, 52 percent of consumers surveyed say email is a critical part of the customer experience, second only to access to a corporate website.

      The spray and pray messaging approach of old is no longer applicable to emails. Where personalization reigns, what are the new rules of email marketing engagement and how have CMOs adjusted strategies to optimize emails as part of a holistic customer experience?

      Join the CMO Council as we assemble a panel of marketing leaders who have all evolved email strategy to advance the customer experience and pull this powerful point of connection out of the junk mail pit.

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    • Data - The Key to Effective Marketing Solutions and Automating Processes
      Data - The Key to Effective Marketing Solutions and Automating Processes Don Nanneman, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Informatica & Mike Braund, Director, Marketing Operations, Tableau Recorded: Apr 19 2017 6:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Advances in marketing technologies and the automation of processes have been on a huge upswing in the past several years, and for good reason.

      The problem marketers and business leaders face today isn't from a lack of data; it's just the opposite: Businesses can easily drown in the deluge of data that they are collecting from so many sources and in so many formats, and the quality of the data can't always be guaranteed. With the right technology, companies can effectively see, understand, and share data insights across their organization.

      Join Informatica and Tableau on this webcast, sponsored by CRM Magazine, and you will learn how:

      •Great data quality will improve marketing ROI and create excellent customer experiences
      •Master data management, data hubs, and automation will provide more accurate, real-time data and reduce errors
      •The disparate sources of data can be combined for a more holistic view of what's happening
      •Data and application integration is absolutely key to leveraging the data you have for more effective marketing campaigns
      •Best practices can be used to create a data-driven culture

      The key to great marketing is entirely in your control.

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    • Debunking 5 Myths around Storage and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
      Debunking 5 Myths around Storage and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Amyn Jivani and Michael Haag, VMware Recorded: May 10 2016 7:35 pm UTC 32 mins
    • The rapid evolution of technology means that something difficult to manage or expensive one day, can become simple and inexpensive in a blink of an eye. This is how hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is transforming virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as VDI’s biggest challenges rapidly disappear. If you’re still hanging on to your Sony Walkman, then maybe VDI isn’t for you. For everyone else, join us to learn why VDI makes sense today.

      In this business webinar we will look at five specific VDI challenges that are disappearing thanks to HCI and technology advances:
      •New instant clones in Horizon 7 and their impact on storage requirements
      • All-flash HCI solutions that lower costs and improve performance—without tradeoffs
      •The benefits of VMware Virtual SAN over other HCI solutions and traditional storage models

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    • Putting the Customer Into Context
      Putting the Customer Into Context Olivier Binse, Advisory Partner, Deloitte Digital ; Jamie Anderson, CMO, SAP Hybris ; Liz Miller, SVP Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: Jun 15 2017 1:00 pm UTC 66 mins
    • Customers are not looking for extravagance. In fact, according to a recent CMO Council survey of 2,000 global consumers, conducted in partnership with SAP Hybris, customers crave simplicity. Customers want value and to be valued by brands. And customers expect brands to know and recognize them: 36 percent admit that they are often frustrated when they are not treated like a loyal customer regardless of channel.

      Marketers, however, have admitted that there are significant challenges in meeting the very basic expectation of knowing, recognizing and responding to their customers. In the report, “Context, Commerce + Customer,” only one in four marketers has been able to leverage customer insights to advance troubleshooting in order to address customer issues before they become frustrations or problems.

      As brands strive to deliver exceptional, connected, contextual experiences to their customer, marketers admit there are significant challenges to be resolved specific to data, analytics and the ability to leverage real-time customer intelligence to truly deliver value in the moment the customer most expects.

      To discuss these challenges and the opportunities in exceeding the expectations of the connected customer, the CMO Council, in partnership with SAP Hybris and Deloitte Digital, invite you to join us for a live-webcast being held on Thursday, June 15, 2017. We will be sharing additional findings of our new consumer study including how consumers say they will react to continued frustrations. In addition, experts from SAP Hybris and Deloitte Digital will join the discussion to share where and how customer demands have shifted customer experience strategies, including the very ecosystem of cross-functional connections that organizations must forge in order to truly meet and exceed these expectations.

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    • Bridging the Strategy-to-Execution Gap to Drive Customer Engagement
      Bridging the Strategy-to-Execution Gap to Drive Customer Engagement John Nash, RedPoint; Mary Anne Hensley,CMO Council Recorded: Mar 28 2017 5:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    • The latest research from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and RedPoint Global indicates that although customers are more connected across a multitude of channels than ever before, many organizations are still struggling to deliver the seamless, omni-channel experiences that customers seek, despite having a plethora of data, analytics and engagement systems implemented.

      In fact, the research revealed that only 7 percent of marketers surveyed are able to deliver real-time, data-driven engagements across both physical and digital touchpoints, and only 5 percent are able to see the bottom-line impact of engagements in real time. The gap between strategy and delivery of these experiences stems primarily from fractured execution systems and siloed customer data.

      This executive briefing will discuss:

      • What are the next steps that marketers can take to bridge this gap?
      • What internal capabilities and changes are needed in order for organizations to create the frictionless, omni-channel experiences that today’s connected customers expect?
      • Where can organizations start when it comes to connecting their data and insights, to better orchestrate engagement in real time and across all journey stages and touchpoints?

      Join the CMO Council for a half-hour executive briefing, which will also include a live interactive Q&A on research findings, data implications and real-world prescriptions. John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, RedPoint Global, will join us to provide industry insights and next best actions for marketing executives looking to overcome the roadblocks that prevent organizations from capitalizing on profitable omni-channel efforts.

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    • Establishing and Enriching the Content Supply Chain
      Establishing and Enriching the Content Supply Chain Liz Miller, SVP Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: Feb 22 2017 6:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • In the world of marketing, these principles have been applied through the application of a marketing supply chain, effectively connecting customer and company demand for marketing materials (typically marketing consumables like printed content, promotional items, etc.) into a transparent, technology-powered network of suppliers and users to streamline processes and optimize budgets and utilization. Just as with manufacturing supply chain management, marketing supply chain optimization has led marketing leaders to realize great customer satisfaction and profitability, particularly through significant savings and the reduction in material obsolescence.

      So now, savvy CMOs are turning to the customer and asking whether these same principles of supply chain dynamics can be applied to a process that actually reaches, engages and connects with customers. The answer is surely yes…but before we take that leap, the same rigor and advancement used to establish a marketing supply chain must be paid to content itself. Now is the time to realize the state of the content supply chain.

      According to the Content Marketing Institute, 32 percent of a B2C organization’s budget and 28 percent of a B2B organization’s budget is spent on content. In a recent CMO Council study on the impact of the connected omni-channel experience, 60 percent of marketers admitted that the new connected customer has necessitated a shift in content strategies and a call for the rapid development of new content in new formats and sizes. Yet despite the clear budget priority content has taken—as well as the clear call to rapidly advance our content development and management skills to meet the demands of our customers—why is content still developed in campaign and functional team silos, often lacking effective paths for cross-functional collaboration and distribution? Are we giving content the respect and attention it deserves?

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    • How to Use The MDR Framework for Advanced Threat Discovery and Remediation
      How to Use The MDR Framework for Advanced Threat Discovery and Remediation Michael Suby (VP Research, Frost & Sullivan), Vinod Vasudevan (Chief Technology Officer, Paladion) Recorded: Sep 12 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In this webinar, we discuss the different components of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and how it can advance your existing security operations. Frost and Sullivan’s VP of Research Michael Suby and Paladion’s co-founder and CTO Vinod Vasudevan decode the MDR framework to help you understand its different working parts including its technology, processes, and people to help you gain better understanding of this strategic security operations area.

      Key Takeaways:
      - State of Cyber Security in the US
      - Understanding the managed detection and response framework
      - Why you should move away from a preventive security framework
      - 7 point consideration for building advanced threat detection and response
      - How to leverage your existing security investments for advanced threat discovery
      - Learn to carry out analytics, hypothesis and indicator driven threat hunting
      - Using threat anticipation services to be ahead of the curve
      - How to use machine augmented security response for alert validation, incident analysis, containment, and remediation

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    • Ask the Analyst: Breach Planning and Preparedness
      Ask the Analyst: Breach Planning and Preparedness Eric Ogren, 451 Analyst; Brian Hussey, Trustwave SpiderLabs Global Director Recorded: Jan 27 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • It is always a good idea to be prepared. A quick and efficient response to an attack on your network can save an untold amount of time, money and staff hours. Even more, in today’s risk environment you need to know what tools to have in place to flag potential indicators of a compromise, have a response team on the ready and have a digital evidence trail for legal protection.
      Join us for an interactive discussion with guest speaker, 451 Research Senior Analyst, Eric Ogren and Trustwave SpiderLabs Global Director of Incident Response and Digital Forensics, Brian Hussey, to learn more about what you should do before, during and after a breach. Help drive the conversation by submitting a question for Eric and Brian in advance so we can tackle your biggest security concerns such as:
      • What is the likelihood of getting breached?
      • Best practices around building an IR plan
      • If you’ve been breached, what is the first thing you should do?

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    • From Mapping to Influencing
      From Mapping to Influencing Liz Miller, CMO Council; Kathy Koontz, Teradata; Marcos Arias, AT&T Recorded: Sep 12 2017 6:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • When it comes to the customer journey, marketers have traditionally focused on mapping the customer’s experience. However, with an ever-increasing number of channels and platforms for engagement, it is becoming more and more difficult to pinpoint the next steps that a customer will take. Every customer journey is unique, and likewise, every customer has different needs. As a result, so much time is spent mapping multi-touch, cross-channel journeys that the evolving customer has already moved beyond, making it difficult to take profitable action.

      Join Liz Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the CMO Council, and Kathy Koontz, Director–Customer Journey for Teradata, as they discuss the steps that marketers can take to better inform and influence the customer journey.

      A few key topics of discussion will include:

      • The importance of integrating online and offline data to get a better understanding of where the customer is in the journey
      • Understanding which insights marketers can use to influence the customer’s next steps
      • How to interact with customers at the right time and with the right message to influence and shape the customer journey

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    • Activating and Shaping the Customer Journey
      Activating and Shaping the Customer Journey Vicky Currie, N Brown Group; Tony Brown, Teradata Customer Journey Solution; and Mary Anne Hensley, CMO Council Recorded: Oct 4 2017 3:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • It is easy to commit to delivering to exceptional customer experiences, but executing on the same can often be the hardest step. Join CMO Council, Teradata and N Brown Group (JD Williams) in part 2 of our webinar series to hear how organizations can enhance the customer experience and influence their buyers’ next steps to align with organizations’ desired goals and objectives.

      During this one-hour webinar, Vicky Currie, Head of Segmentation and Selections in the Customer Insight Group for N Brown Group (JD Williams), will share insights around how the company transitioned from just collecting customer data to influencing customer decisions with predictive insight. Specifically, Currie will share how N Brown Group moved from mapping the customer journey to actually understanding where customers are in the buying process, and then intervening with the right offer, at the right time and through the right channel, to lead customers to a purchase. Hear Currie explain how the ability to combine insights with action has helped the company meet business objectives, drive revenue and, above all, improve the customer experience.

      Joining the CMO Council and Vicky Currie will be Tony Brown, Vice President of Product Management and Business Development, Teradata Customer Journey Solution. Tony will share insights on the critical steps marketers must take to better inform and shape the buyer journey.

      Among the topics to be discussed:

      • How data and analytic insights can help identify a customer’s stage in the buying journey
      • Why integrating online and offline data is critical for a holistic view of the customer
      • Real-life business benefits of optimizing customers’ journeys

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    • Best Practices to Drive Brand Attraction With Insight-Rich Interactions
      Best Practices to Drive Brand Attraction With Insight-Rich Interactions Liz Miller, CMO Council, Gary Dolsen, IBM. Justin Steinman, GE Healthcare and Eoin Comerford, Moosejaw Recorded: Jun 22 2016 5:00 pm UTC 68 mins
    • The shift to digital experience has forever changed the marketing landscape, heightening the need for new expertise, new campaigns, new content and new data-rich repositories for marketers to gain intelligence and insight about their customers. According to a new study from the CMO Council in partnership with IBM, this new business environment has altered content strategies, demanding new forms and formats of engagement, has made the customer journey more complex as brands must manage how and where customers are actively choosing to engage, and has turned customer engagement into a real-time, 24/7 opportunity.

      However, according to 43 percent of senior marketing respondents, this new era of digital transformation has also revealed cracks in the very systems and processes across the organization…cracks and gaps that make it more difficult than ever to centralize and aggregate data and intelligence across the entire organization.

      These gaps are doing more than challenging how brands are engaging today—they are putting the future at risk as far too many marketers feel they have yet to master “simple” marketing analytics, making them feel as if gaining business traction through new technologies like cognitive computing is a far off dream. But excitement for these innovations is growing. More than one in four marketers said that they are excited about the possibilities that advancements like cognitive computing hold for the future. So the real challenge will be readying organizations for a future that is here today.

      Join the CMO Council and experts from IBM as we delve into the findings of this most recent study and share thoughts and perspectives on how these new shifts and challenges are fundamentally changing where and how marketers must address the holistic customer experience. The interactive roundtable will invite questions and commentary for the live webcast audience, along with active debate and discussion among the expert panel for the webcast.

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