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    • Certain Uncertainty
      Certain Uncertainty Evan Leybourn, Founder and CEO, Business Agility Institute Recorded: May 17 2018 7:30 pm UTC 48 mins
    • The world is changing more rapidly than ever before and organizations of every size are struggling to remain relevant in the eyes of their customers. The simple fact that the average lifespan of a company has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century demonstrates that not all organizations are prepared for this new reality. It is only high-performing, adaptable and agile organizations that will leverage, lead and thrive in this ambiguous and unpredictable market. We call this business agility.

      The problem with a statement like that is that there is no common definition of what business agility means. And that’s actually a good thing. In a dynamic and changing market trying to lock it down will defeat the very advantage it brings. Instead, I want you to start thinking of business agility as the common thread. An adaptable and sustainable narrative that binds & guides, rather than directs, us into the uncertain future.
      This session will cover the state of business agility around the world. We’ll look at the Domains of Business Agility, interspersed with case studies from 4 multinational organizations in both the banking and utilities sector.
      In this session you will learn:
      • Domains of business agility
      • How to work with Finance and HR to increase agility in your current organization
      • How Business Agility is being adopted by organizations around the world

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    • Continuous Testing Agility 2020 - Data Visualization Summit
      Continuous Testing Agility 2020 - Data Visualization Summit Hamesh Chawla Recorded: May 1 2018 5:30 pm UTC 21 mins
    • Zephyr is leading the global transformation towards DevOps and Continuous Testing Agility.
      During the Data Visualization Summit, Hamesh Chawla, CPO, Zephyr, illustrates the need to break down walls between QA testing, development, and operations, and importance of making the right moves, right now towards creating a seamless delivery pipeline. Hamesh provides an inside view into Zephyr and its mission to lead enterprise clients to achieve full Continuous Testing Agility by 2020—building best-in-class capabilities from Agile to Automation, DevOps to Analytics.

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    • DevOps 2020 Vision - Achieve Full Continuous Testing Agility
      DevOps 2020 Vision - Achieve Full Continuous Testing Agility Ankita Bhargava Recorded: Jun 14 2018 5:30 pm UTC 29 mins
    • The year 2020 is approaching faster that you imagined. And the paradigm is shifting rapidly, with go, no go decisions being made in seconds and the battle for customer loyalty becoming an everyday reality. As companies across the board are moving towards DevOps and a shift-left approach, defining clear goals and making the right decisions, right now, is critical to success. The enterprises that most espouse shared responsibility, empowered autonomous teams, and continuous learning environment allow DevOps to thrive in their organization, in the truest sense.

      Join Zephyr Product Manager, Ankita Bhargava as she covers the four critical components to test management in a DevOps ecosystem and why it is integral to achieving continuous software delivery.

      In this session Ankita addresses:

      - Why your organization needs to focus NOW on Continuous Testing Agility
      - Actions your organization can take to get ahead in the race
      - How Zephyr is accelerating the global adoption of DevOps with the launch of Zephyr DevOps

      Presenter Bio: Ankita Bhargava brings over 7 years of product, engineering, and networking technology experience. Prior to Zephyr, Ankita has worked in product and marketing roles in companies such as Godrej, Aadtech and Loadstar. She holds an MBA in Product Management & Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Outside of work, Ankita enjoys playing tennis, scuba diving, hiking and travelling and experiencing new cultures.

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    • How Digital Process Management Enables Business Agility
      How Digital Process Management Enables Business Agility Alan Zimmerman, Mike May Recorded: Feb 20 2018 9:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Discover how creating an agile culture enables you not only to deliver digital solutions fast, but also to make sure that they return results – including huge financial savings and complete project payback in 2 months or less

      Join this webinar hosted by Bizagi Customer Travelport, a travel commerce platform connecting the world’s leading B2B travel providers with pioneering B2B payment solutions. We’ll discuss how agility has radically redefined the way Travelport operates by:

      - Creating a culture of collaboration and experimentation
      - Shining a light on the simplification of critical processes
      - Delivering rapid results that demonstrate digital transformation

      Who should attend: Digital Technology Leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT, Business and Process Professionals.

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    • Mind the Gap: Business Agility
      Mind the Gap: Business Agility Doug Barth, Gatepoint Research and Deema Dajani, CA Technologies Recorded: Oct 26 2017 6:00 pm UTC 34 mins
    • Why is there a such gap between what senior-level executives believe about business agility, and what their companies actually embrace? Join us for a webinar to find out why and learn how to help close the gap.

      A recent CA-sponsored study on Business Agility throughout the Enterprise revealed that only 12 percent of organizations can claim their whole organization is on the path to business agility --- though more than two-thirds of survey participants agreed that agile organizations are better able to quickly respond to dynamic business conditions.

      The survey also finds that improved Business Agility is expected to deliver:
      •Better competitive advantage
      •Higher customer satisfaction and retention
      •Increased employee productivity and retention
      •Reduced costs
      •Faster time to act on new opportunities

      Yet only 1 in 10 executives said they are leveraging the benefits of agile across their whole organization to achieve speed and responsiveness.

      In this webinar, Doug Barth, founder of Gatepoint Research, will walk us through survey to share the following. Where has agility taken hold across organizations and what results can be expected? What departments are on the horizon to adopt agility and why? What are the biggest deterrents to adoption?

      To help demystify some of the findings and provide guidance over potential hurdles on the path to business agility, he’ll be joined by Deema Dajani, a Senior Transformation Consultant from CA Technologies. Deema thrives on taking Fortune 500 companies through successful, large-scale agile transformations, and is on the business agility front lines every day working to close the gap.

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    • Leadership agility: why it matters and how it changes our perspective
      Leadership agility: why it matters and how it changes our perspective Ken Gonzalez and Larry Cooper Recorded: Jul 6 2016 8:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • According to author and long-time advisory consultant Ken Gonzalez, leadership is not a spectator sport, you need to actually try being a leader in order to become one. Ken also says that leadership now matters far more than management.

      Larry Cooper says that anyone at any level can be a leader - the real role of existing leaders is to nurture and create new ones. Larry also believes that when an organization’s leaders no longer have to make any day-to-day decisions is the point at which they will have achieved true leadership agility.

      So with all the talk about leadership agility and how leadership is now more valued than management, how are we to make sense of it all?

      In this lively talk Ken and Larry will explore the differences between leadership and management, why leadership now matters more, the real role of leadership, the challenges to achieving it, and what leadership agility looks like. Finally, they leave you with three key take-away’s for better understanding the premise of true leadership agility.

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    • What is Business Agility?
      What is Business Agility? Stephen Denning, Thought Leader and Author Recorded: Apr 12 2017 4:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • Business agility is an increasingly common theme discussed in organizations, but what is it? Research has shown that there are three laws or principles found across all agile organizations:

      • The law of the customer: An obsession with delighting customers by continuously adding value for customers and users, as well as a recognition of the current need to generate instant, intimate, frictionless value at scale.

      • The law of the small team: Big difficult problems need to be disaggregated into small batches and performed by small cross-functional autonomous teams, working iteratively in short cycles in a state of flow, with fast feedback from customers and end-users.

      • The law of the network: A recognition that, to achieve full business agility, the whole organization needs to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.

      Pursuit of all three laws is key to sustaining business agility. Individually, none of the observed management practices are new. What is new and different is the way that the management goals, practices and values constitute a coherent and integrated approach to continuous innovation, fueled by a pervasive entrepreneurial mindset.

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    • Business Agility - Why, What, and How
      Business Agility - Why, What, and How Craig LeClair, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Recorded: Jun 7 2016 3:15 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Business agility is a means for organizations to respond and adapt to the new pace of change. Achieving it means transforming your organization for speed and opportunity capture. It involves changing your mindset, how you make trade-off decisions, and how you deliver products and IT services.

      Forrester has surveyed hundreds of companies about the success factors and dimensions of business agility. Through expert coaching and by transferring critical knowledge to company leaders, CA has helped hundreds of customers increase their agility organization-wide.

      Watch our webinar featuring Forrester — “Business Agility: Why, What, and How”. Guest Speaker Craig LeClair, Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, and Angela Tucci, General Manager, share lessons learned and key takeaways from successful transformations.

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    • Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Organizational Agility - 1 PDU
      Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Organizational Agility - 1 PDU Tricia Cabrey, Market Researcher, PMI Recorded: Apr 7 2016 7:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Organizational agility requires a supportive culture and a shift in how work is viewed and approached. Our findings focus on the value placed on the cultural elements of high organizational agility. A highly developed culture of agility exists when value is placed on ideals and behaviors such as collaboration, diversity, communication, creativity, transparency, and inquisitive thinking. Organizations that establish the following framework are better positioned to enable agility:

      •Supportive Culture: Identifying the value of openness, transparency, respect, knowledge, improvement, and adaptation
      •Strategic Flexibility: Capturing opportunities and responding quickly to varying demands
      •Collective Leadership: Sharing a common view of strategy
      •Capable People: Applying the right talent management resources
      •Adaptive Process: Assessing and establishing new means to respond to change

      This event qualifies for 1 Professional Development Unit (PDU credit).

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