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    • Backup is for Recovery, Archiving is for Discovery: Legal and IT Backup is for Recovery, Archiving is for Discovery: Legal and IT David K. Isom, Judge Ronald J. Hedges, Sean Regan and Annie Goranson Recorded: Dec 10 2009 8:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Presenters:
      David K. Isom, Shareholder, GreenbergTraurig
      Judge Ronald J. Hedges, Former US Magistrate Judge
      Annie Goranson: Discovery Counsel, Symantec
      Sean Regan, Product Marketing Manager, Symantec
      Join the world leader in backup and archiving along with distinguished legal experts to discuss the changing role of backup technology in the enterprise.

      * Are you having trouble navigating to the Safe Harbor?
      * How do you know when you are there?
      * Do your current policies prevent you from ever getting there?

      No amendment to the 2006 FRCP has generated as much discussion as Rule 37(e), the so called Safe Harbor. IT and legal organizations continue to struggle defining the role of backup while courts continue to debate whether the inaccessible argument stands. In these rough waters one of the most important things in-house counsel and IT can do is to work together to define and understand the new role of backup.

      Symantec welcomes IT and legal professionals to attend as our panel of experts discuss four key elements of backup and archiving:

      Backup is for Recovery, Archiving is for Discovery: Sean Regan will review how the legal process changed the way we use and view backup technology in the enterprise.

      Accessible or Inaccessible: Hear from Judge Ron Hedges about the current state of the accessibility argument and how courts evaluate a safe harbor claim.

      Backup and Archive Retention Policies: David Isom, the founder and co-chair of Greenberg Traurig's national eDiscovery & eRetention Practice Group will review the Phillip Adams case and the role retention and information management policies play.

      Archiving and Backup: Annie Goranson, Symantec’s Discovery Attorney will discuss where corporate counsel needs to insert itself in the backup and archiving discussion.

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    • Draft Superhuman to Super-Humane Draft Superhuman to Super-Humane Annie Lawler Recorded: Jun 15 2010 9:00 am UTC 29 mins
    • These days, we’re encouraged to be on the go 24/7 and the pace at which we lead life is amazing. This situation has been encouraged in our society in numerous ways. Our focus is often on money and material possessions, but as our standards of living are increasing, we are tied into greater debt to support it and this can become more of a millstone than an asset. In short, modern culture encourages us to be Superhuman and because of this, we are influenced to set ourselves impossible targets. When we fail to reach these, we become dissatisfied, unhappy and self-critical. The concept of Super-Humanity is to free ourselves of the need to be Superhuman, starting with unconditional acceptance of ourselves, those around us and our world. One of the key words is 'BALANCE'. As a culture at the moment, I believe we’re out of it, in more ways than one!! This Webcast is your introduction to creating greater calm, focus and confidence in your life so that you can create the life and happiness you seek.

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