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    • Latest trends revealed: The 2016 BCI Emergency Communications Report
      Latest trends revealed: The 2016 BCI Emergency Communications Report Owen Miles (Everbridge) & Patrick Alcantara DBCI (BCI) Recorded: Jan 17 2017 2:30 pm UTC 59 mins
    • The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has just published its latest research project, The Emergency Communications Report. The annual report surveyed over 600 industry professionals, reviewing emergency communications and security incident response plans for organizations around the world. This year’s findings revealed that global businesses are increasingly aware that true business resiliency is a company-wide initiative that involves taking accountability for the safety of all staff—whether they are located in the office, at home or on the road. Respondents indicated that a diversity of departments, including business continuity, IT, security, facilities, HR and more had a stake in the management, planning and enforcement of their organization’s emergency communications plans, but that an opportunity exists to optimize these processes to account for a global, mobile workforce, as well as the increased complexity and frequency of critical events and physical security incidents.

      Join Owen Miles, Managing Consultant from Everbridge, and Patrick Alcantara DBCI, Senior Research Associate at the BCI and the author of the report, for an engaging webinar that will discuss the research findings and share additional best practices for critical communications.

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    • The lessons from the 2016 BCI Cyber Resilience Survey
      The lessons from the 2016 BCI Cyber Resilience Survey Patrick Alcantara DBCI (The BCI) & Sonny Sehgal (Transputec) Recorded: Jul 21 2016 1:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The results of the 2016 Cyber Resilience Survey confirm much of what we already suspected about the changing nature of the cyber threat and the way that cyber criminals have found new ways past corporate perimeter security. The increased difficulty of breaching perimeter security and the increased human resources available to cyber criminals has combined to produce a new point of attack. This is focused on the weakest link in the corporate security chain, which is now human beings rather than technology. The research shows clearly that phishing and social engineering is now the single top cause of cyber disruption, with over 60% of companies reporting being hit by such an incident over the past 12 months.

      In this webinar, we will be looking at some of the findings from the study, and discussing what actions organizations can take to help improve their cyber resilience.

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    • Cross border returns – moving from a battleground towards a differentiator
      Cross border returns – moving from a battleground towards a differentiator Ton ter Laak (Vice President Sales Central & Northern Europe, MetaPack) & Patrick Haex (Managing Partner, BCI) Upcoming: Mar 7 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Returns are seen as the next big obstacle to overcome in eCommerce delivery. Savvy consumers say that their decision to buy online is increasingly influenced by the returns options on offer. Therefore, returns need to be easy and as convenient as possible for consumers. But shopper frustrations are running high. Almost half (43%) complained that it is often difficult to find information on the returns process on an eCommerce website.

      MetaPack and Buck Consultants International are pleased to invite you to this 60-minute webinar on international returns, how they benefit your business goals and make a differentiator. Listen to industry experts Ton ter Laak (VP Sales Northern and Central Europe, MetaPack) and Patrick Haex (Managing Partner, BCI) as they present the latest insights of return preferences of online shoppers. How should you drive your returns to benefit your business? How important is tracking of returns for your customers’ experience? If so, how can you best implement this in your overall strategy? And what does it mean for owning the last mile/your carrier landscape?

      The session will also include an overview of how MetaPack and BCI can help your business keep up with consumer demand and to ensure a fluid returns process.

      What you will learn?
      •Recent trends and development in international returns
      •Impact of alternative service offerings
      •Current and future return models to support customers’ demands
      •Latest insight of customers’ expectations
      •Effective cross border return management
      •Returns influence on your carrier landscape
      •Best practice examples

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    • BCI webinar: A critical need for supply chain resilience
      BCI webinar: A critical need for supply chain resilience John DiMaria AMBCI (ISO Product Manager for BSI Americas) Recorded: Apr 28 2015 2:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • In today’s economy, companies need to be highly focused on managing costs. Strategies involving far-flung suppliers with single-source, just-in-time contracts and outsourced manufacturing and assembly agreements are aimed at reducing costs and boosting the bottom line. This type of procurement strategy may increase profit margins, but it also significantly raises the risk and potential impact of an unexpected disruption in the supply chain. This is particularly true when little is known about key and critical suppliers and their business continuity plans.

      The most recent port slowdown in the US had global ramifications. Eight months of failed labor talks with longshore workers have brought West Coast port congestion to a breaking point.

      It is no wonder that the results from the most recent BCI/BSI Horizon Scan report showed that Supply chain disruption has risen by 11 places from 16th last year. As a global economy with so many interrelated processes, it is imperative that we evaluate and address third party risk with the utmost urgency in order to find a way to mitigate and manage them.

      Approaches to addressing risk can vary greatly with what types of risk are considered acceptable along with the methods chosen to mitigate and minimize potential impacts. Assessing critical suppliers as well as those downstream Tier 2 and Tier 3 providers is a critical part of doing business in a globalized marketplace. Objective evidence of compliance, such as certification to international business continuity standards like ISO 22301, as well as updating supplier information on a regular basis is quickly becoming part of the initial screening process for choosing suppliers and maintaining a level of confidence and transparency.

      Join us as we discuss best practice business solutions.

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    • BCI Webinar: You’ve got the job of business continuity - so where do you begin?
      BCI Webinar: You’ve got the job of business continuity - so where do you begin? Lynda Vongyer AFBCI Recorded: Mar 9 2016 2:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • So you have been requested to take on business continuity planning for your organization, but what does that really entail? This webinar has been compiled to give you an overview of what encompasses a business continuity programme, the foundation you should establish before you begin and some of the challenges you may face. The webinar can assist you:

      - in deciding whether you wish to take on the role of business continuity manager,
      - in preparing for your interview for the role; and
      - in helping you to create your first 6-month action plan.

      This webinar can also be shared with your Business Continuity Sponsor to help them to appreciate the scope of work involved in a business continuity programme and some of the essentials that need to be established before initiating any business continuity activities.

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    • Seamless Cross Border Delivery Experience
      Seamless Cross Border Delivery Experience Ton ter Laak (VP Northern/Central Europe, MetaPack) & Patrick Haex (Managing Partner, BCI) Recorded: Oct 11 2016 1:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Cross border eCommerce is in constant growth as consumers increasingly shop internationally. This opens new questions for retailers and brands: does speed really matters? Does offering multiple delivery options drive top line revenue? If so, how to support this from an Operations and Distribution perspective? And what does it mean for Marketing?

      MetaPack and Buck Consultants International are pleased to invite you to this 60 minute webinar on European cross border eCommerce. Listen to industry experts as they present the latest about fulfilment models, distribution, and the impact of speed and service offerings on customer satisfaction, recurring revenue, shipping solutions and carrier options.

      What you will learn?
      •Recent trends and developments in European cross border eCommerce
      •Impact of alternative service offerings such as delivery slots and delivery times
      •Current and future distribution models to support customer expectations
      •Cross border shipping solutions and related carriers
      •Effective cross border returns management
      •Best practice examples

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    • نظرة عامة علي دليل الممارسات المهنية الخاص بمعهد استمرارية الاعمال  BCI GPG 2013
      نظرة عامة علي دليل الممارسات المهنية الخاص بمعهد استمرارية الاعمال BCI GPG 2013 Ahmed Riad MBCI Recorded: Sep 28 2015 2:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • خلال هذا العرض سوف أقدم نظرة عامة عن دليل الممارسات المهنية الخاص بمعهد استمرارية الاعمال وذلك عن طريق توضيح ماهي استمرارية الاعمال وماهي اهميتها للافراد وللمؤسسات وللمجتمعات وماهي الممارسات المهنية الخاصة بالمعهد , وماهي العناصر الاساسية في دورة حياه ادارة استمرارية الاعمال والتي من خلالة تتحرك المؤسسة لتحسين المرونة التنظيمية الخاصة بها وكذلك سوف يتم توضيح كيفية المطابقة مع متطلبات المعيار القياسي الايزو 22301 بأستخدام الممارسات المهنية الستة الخاصة بمعهد استمرارية الاعمال .

      هذا العرض سوف يقدم في اطار السعي لزيادة المحتوي العربي المتاح في علم استمرارية الاعمال

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    • BCI webinar: The resilient organization – methodology and practice
      BCI webinar: The resilient organization – methodology and practice Phil Wood AMBCI, Bucks New University Recorded: Sep 29 2015 10:00 am UTC 63 mins
    • This webinar will consider the complementary disciplines of security, crisis, business continuity and disaster response, blending theoretical and practical applications. It should interest practitioners and students of organizational resilience at advanced levels as it will bind together the various complementary disciplines necessary to become resilient into a single holistic approach. The webinar will aim to develop insights and discussion about how to match the needs of security and risk to the requirements of business continuity and impact management; and to identify the intuitive and learned skills to anticipate, respond to and recover from the many unwanted issues that can arise and threaten organizational capability.

      It will be set in the context of a dynamic, changing world where new threats such as embedded terrorism, social media risk generation, food and logistics security, environmental issues, governance and legislation (as examples) can affect resilience significantly. Many of us look at single elements – this will combine many complementary and potentially conflicting elements in a single analysis and discussion.

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    • BCI webinar: Business continuity, a neglected aspect of emergency management
      BCI webinar: Business continuity, a neglected aspect of emergency management Peter Podell Recorded: Sep 8 2015 2:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • The webinar will highlight the advantages of local emergency management (EM) agencies supporting business continuity (BC) programs. The webinar will cover the importance of BC, the placement of BC as a sub-set of EM, provide an overview of the PS Prep program, and most importantly, explain why local emergency management is the most appropriate organization to provide risk awareness as well as offer first level technical support for BC programs to local businesses. My presentation will conclude by offering a road-map for local emergency managers to follow in order to prepare themselves to take on the enhanced responsibility of providing this service.

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    • BCI webinar: Business continuity and the pandemic threat
      BCI webinar: Business continuity and the pandemic threat Robert Clark MBCI Recorded: Sep 11 2015 2:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Pandemics occur every twenty to forty years. This webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of the threat and associated issues that are synonymous with pandemics. It will take account of both the business and human aspects of this threat while not just considering businesses in isolation but as part of a greater supply chain.

      The session will include:

      •Definition of what a pandemic is and why it is so dangerous
      •Brief history of pandemics
      •Review what contagions are currently on the radar which could develop into a pandemic
      •Overview of SARS and the resulting economic tsunami that it caused (cost the global economy an estimated $50 billion)
      •Preparation within our critical national infrastructures
      •Potential social effects and the knock-on impact on businesses
      •Considering mitigation and contingency options
      •Human Resource Management issues arising

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