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    • Brinqa Enterprise Vulnerability Management Webinar - Part 2 of 4
      Brinqa Enterprise Vulnerability Management Webinar - Part 2 of 4 Syed Abdur from Brinqa and Pezhman Nikpour from Slalom Consulting Recorded: Dec 5 2018 5:00 pm UTC 20 mins
    • Part 2: A modern, cyber risk approach to vulnerability management

      In this part, we discuss how modern cyber risk management programs address vulnerability management challenges. We will look at the benefits of taking knowledge-centric and risk-centric approaches to vulnerability management and how these impact your program structure and performance. We present knowledge graphs as a potential solution to vulnerability management woes and put forth critical questions of vulnerability risk that all organizations must answer.

      We’d love to answer all of your questions by email, ask them during the session in the chat window, you can email them to me at troy.vera@brinqa.com to be answered by email, or tweet @brinqa with the hashtag of #BrinqaWebinars and we will cover everyone’s questions.

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    • Web Applications: Secure Your Most Exposed Attack Surface w/ Brinqa & Netsparker
      Web Applications: Secure Your Most Exposed Attack Surface w/ Brinqa & Netsparker Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product & Ferruh Mavituna, CEO, Netsparker Recorded: Mar 15 2018 5:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Web applications are a prime target for hackers. According to the Verizon DBIR 2017 report, web application attacks were the #1 source of data breaches in the past year. With increasing attacker sophistication and a growing web application footprint for most businesses, investing in the cutting edge of web application vulnerability detection and remediation is crucial.

      Two technologies leading the charge are NetSparker and Brinqa.Netsparker is a scalable and dead accurate enterprise web application security solutions that enables businesses to easily identify vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs.Brinqa is a cyber risk management platform that helps security professionals triage and remediate application vulnerabilities in context of likelihood of weaponization and impact to business.

      In this webinar we discuss how these two innovative technologies work together to create a comprehensive web application security program that helps AppSec programs identify, prioritize, remediate and report the most imminent and impactful vulnerabilities in your organization's software infrastructure.

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    • Demo : Self-Service Metrics & Reporting
      Demo : Self-Service Metrics & Reporting Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product Recorded: Feb 26 2018 10:40 pm UTC 28 mins
    • All Brinqa applications include powerful self-service reporting capabilities. Using Brinqa Risk Analytics end-users can create detailed actionable reports for their risk, operations and business audiences. In this video we will walk you through creating a vulnerability report from scratch.

      Some metrics represented in this report :
      Critical Vulnerabilities
      Exploitable Production and External Vulnerabilities
      Most vulnerable host and CVE
      Vulnerability Risk by OS and Ownership
      Most Vulnerability Operating Systems
      Vulnerability Risk Trend
      In the video we will cover how you can :
      Create single value metrics
      Create tables and lists
      Create visual metrics including pie, bar, columns charts
      Create trend charts
      Style reports with extensive appearance options

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    • Vulnerability Risk Management - Lessons From the Trenches
      Vulnerability Risk Management - Lessons From the Trenches Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product Recorded: Mar 29 2018 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • [Webinar] Vulnerability Risk Management - Lessons From the Trenches
      One of the largest retailers in the world, top 5 medical insurance firm, largest US electric utilities provider - these are just some of the industry leaders that rely on Brinqa Vulnerability Risk Management to secure their critical assets. How do these cybersecurity organizations - representing some of the most complex, diverse and vast technology ecosystems in the world - tackle the most pressing vulnerability management problems of today?

      Join us as we share lessons learned from down in the trenches of vulnerability risk management :
      How top risk leaders and organizations approach risk prioritization
      How to reduce remediation overhead while improving effectiveness
      How you can gain insights into emerging threats like Meltdown and Spectre
      How to future-proof your vulnerability risk management program

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    • Building a Comprehensive Cyber Risk Program
      Building a Comprehensive Cyber Risk Program Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product Recorded: Nov 13 2017 10:20 pm UTC 28 mins
    • In this session, presented originally at the Qualys Security Conference is Las Vegas on Oct 19 2017, we discuss how Brinqa customers are creating a new breed of cyber risk intelligence programs by making Qualys vulnerability management a central focus of their efforts.

      These programs take vulnerability management effectiveness to a new level, by introducing automation at every step of the process – whether it is integration and correlation of data from multiple sources, prioritization of vulnerability and asset risks, creation and management of tickets based on optimal remediation strategies, or representation and distribution of real-time metrics and KPIs.

      By taking these core capabilities and applying them to additional sources of security data — asset inventory, network management, web application scanning, BC/DR, policy compliance, IDS/IPS, change and configuration management, directory services, SIEM, etc. — these programs are providing security analysts, business owners and executives with actionable insights that were previously unattainable.

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    • 7 Strategies for Effective Vulnerability Remediation
      7 Strategies for Effective Vulnerability Remediation Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product and James Walta, Brinqa, Sales Engineer Recorded: Apr 26 2018 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • The remediation gap is real.

      You have completed your network and application scans to identify the vulnerabilities in your technology infrastructure. Now begins the long journey from a vulnerability being identified and reported, to appropriate actions being taken to address the problem. This ‘Remediation Gap’ is the window of opportunity for attackers to exploit a weakness. According to research, vulnerabilities typically spend hundreds of days in this limbo, leaving organizations exposed to attacks. Fortunately, there are concrete steps that you can take to combat this problem.

      Join us for this webinar as we discuss 7 practical strategies designed to reduce the remediation gap while improving effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency, including how to

      Ensure that remediation efforts prioritize the most critical problems

      Improve remediation coverage while reducing overhead

      Leverage existing ITSM systems and processes

      Automate significant parts of the process

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    • Automating Vulnerability Risk Management, An Essential Cybersecurity Strategy
      Automating Vulnerability Risk Management, An Essential Cybersecurity Strategy Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product and James Walta, Brinqa, Sales Engineer Recorded: Mar 8 2018 6:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Vulnerability management is consistently ranked among the top priorities for information security organizations. With an ever-growing attack surface and increasingly sophisticated malicious actors, traditional approaches to vulnerability management are struggling to keep pace with the changing threat landscape. Inconsistent, inefficient, manual processes to analyze, triage and remediate vulnerabilities doom many organizations to a never-ending game of catch-up.

      In this webinar, we’re going to explore a strategy that can help organizations break out of ‘whack-a-mole’ vulnerability management cycles and begin to secure their IT infrastructure proactively : Automation.

      Join this webinar to learn how you can automate large parts of the vulnerability risk management process, including:

      * Create accurate asset and vulnerability repositories
      * Prioritize vulnerability risk based on business context and threat intelligence
      * Group vulnerabilities into tickets, assign ownership and enforce SLAs
      * Engage and inform all stakeholders

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    • How to tame your security risk
      How to tame your security risk McAfee and Brinqa Recorded: Apr 17 2012 5:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • Today’s enterprise security professionals face a formidable challenge in finding that proverbial needle in the haystack. The needle here is that elusive piece of information that is just in time and relevant to the current business goals. It can only be identified by aggregating and reporting on metrics that are both forward-looking as well as historical, coupled with a robust risk prioritization model.

      Attend this webinar to learn how McAfee and Brinqa are working together to bring you solutions that help you tame your security risk. You will learn how to:

      • Aggregate data to achieve security intelligence
      • Report high-quality information in real-time
      • Identify that needle in the haystack of data

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