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    • Get a Clue About IT Security Analysis - SIEM 101 Get a Clue About IT Security Analysis - SIEM 101 Joe Schreiber & Garrett Gross Recorded: Nov 12 2014 11:05 pm UTC 43 mins
    • Everyone in IT knows that security is a big deal, but did you know that SIEM (security information and event management) can help protect your network from data breaches, even when traditional defenses fail?

      If SIEM a mystery to you, lets grab Colonel Mustard, the candlestick and head to the library because this mystery is about to be solved. We'll be giving out more than just clues in this webinar: you'll discover explanations of security concepts, tools, tips and tricks as we unravel the mystery of how to better protect your network. Bring your magnifying glass, because you’ll also learn about event correlation, EPS, normalization and other things that will surely impress your friends.

      Learn from our chief gumshoe and noted SIEM Enthusiast Joe Schreiber. He’ll explain the reasons that SIEM exists, how it works, and most importantly - what you can do with it.


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    • B2B Marketing in 2016: New Roles and Trends You Need to Know About B2B Marketing in 2016: New Roles and Trends You Need to Know About MATHEW SWEEZEY, Principal of Marketing Insights - Salesforce Upcoming: Feb 18 2016 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Purpose, value, trust - these words that are the foundation of the new world of B2B marketing. Incredibly telling, they provide critical clues to the 2016 buyer. Your buyer’s expectations, discovery paths, and mindset are all quite different from just a few years ago. But, how and why are they different?

      Unlocking these mysteries holds the key to discovering our new roles as marketers, success in marketing and sales, pipeline, lifecycle for 2016 and beyond. Join Mathew Sweezey, Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, as he shares with us valuable information on the ever-evolving B2B marketing world. You will:

      - Explore how today’s buyer is different, and why identifying these differences is crucial to a B2B marketer’s success
      - Discover how and why a CMO’s understanding of the new B2B marketing landscape and technology can spell success (or otherwise) for both marketing teams and buyers
      - Learn why the future of demand is undeniably now the new “middle” and how this effort is fueling new marketing roles and relationships

      Fair Warning: Be prepared to be inspired!

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    • Vulnerability Landscape: What’s new in the HP 2012 Cyber Risk Report Vulnerability Landscape: What’s new in the HP 2012 Cyber Risk Report Gab Gennai, ArcSight Solutions Specialist, APJ, HP Enterprise Security Products Recorded: May 30 2013 5:00 am UTC 57 mins
    • Cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated and targeted, but organisations can create defenses with the right intelligence and benchmarks.

      Join Gab Gennai in this hour-session, where he follows the trail of cyber criminals and the clues they leave behind to give us insights into today’s technology weaknesses and how organisations can build better defenses:
      •New critical attacks to watch out for
      •Top vulnerabilities that are being exploited
      •Rising complexity and sophistication in attacks
      •Latest mobile threats

      Gab Gennai
      ArcSight Solutions Specialist , APAC & Japan
      HP Enterprise Security Products

      Gab has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry servicing customers in the Asia Pacific region. An established security specialist, Gab is currently the Strategic Product Evangelist for HP Enterprise Security Products, where he shares the key messages and vision on HP’s new & emerging security technologies, and plays a critical role in bringing customers’ needs back into product innovation and development.

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    • So You Really Thought Your Email Was Private? So You Really Thought Your Email Was Private? Michael Scheidell Recorded: Dec 8 2010 2:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • The concern with many email systems today is that any individual with access to any of the switches, routers and hubs between your outbox and your recipient's inbox is able to read your unprotected email. Even if the email body is encrypted, the header data can offer vital clues to prying eyes. Cyberspace is filled with individuals and organizations who constantly seek information to exploit for profit or malice.

      This presentation reviews various email encryption solutions, and includes a live demonstration of their respective weaknesses. Using Wireshark (packet sniffer), Traceroute (router and POP counter), and Telnet (to simulate email), the following will be demonstrated:

      Outlook: Send normal email via non encrypted channel. Use Wireshark to decode captured email.

      Outlook: Set up for PGP encryption; import PGP keys; exchange PGP keys with recipient. Send PGP email; capture packets to reveal mail headers, same as S/MIME.

      Outlook: Send email via TLS encryption. Capture packets, reveal mail headers.

      Outlook: Send secure email, using required tag [SECURE] in subject line; or, install plugin.

      Windows Mobile: Send email over SSL, show outbound email decrypted.

      Gmail: Connect to gmail via secure browser (Firefox on https). Send email, watch as Google unencrypts email after it is sent.

      This session explores the regulatory, systemic, and practical aspects of email encryption to assist IT professionals and email administrators in making effective choices to protect their organizations’ email communications.

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    • It’s a Matter of Trust: Driving Traffic & Increasing Profits It’s a Matter of Trust: Driving Traffic & Increasing Profits Bob Angus, Product Marketing Manager, VeriSign Recorded: May 26 2010 7:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • The current economy is not the only issue impacting consumer confidence. Identity theft, malware, and other online threats have made consumers reluctant to do business with Web sites they do not know. Ecommerce sites and online businesses have just seconds to establish trust… or your hard earned visitors and customers will buy somewhere else. The good news is that if you do establish trust, you gain a powerful competitive advantage. By some estimates, trust is 10 times more important to consumers than cost. Better yet, not only can you protect your customers' vital information, but you can provide visual clues that increase traffic, boost conversion rates, and build loyal customers. We will explore the key strategies and tactics that are proven to work, including: • What innovations are helping consumers feel safe online • How trust indicators can increase traffic from search engines • When and where to use trust marks effectively to boost confidence

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    • What Makes Your Customers Tick? What Makes Your Customers Tick? James Knight, Founder, Potential Unlimited Recorded: May 28 2009 1:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • Over 35,000 people have taken part in James Knight's IMA Style behavioural survey questionnaire in the past four months, and this number is increasing by over 1000 per week. Each participant has identified 1of 4 styles as being his/her dominant pattern of behaviour called the IMA Style. When you know a person's IMA Style, you know that person's needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses, how he/she likes to give and receive information, what motivates her/him, how she/he thinks, and how to assure her/his satisfaction.

      People give away visual verbal and vocal clues that indicate his/her IMA Style.

      James Knight,the creator of IMA Personality Profiling will show you how to Identify each IMA Colour Style along with Strategies that give you and your company Customer Insight. You will be shown how the fast, simple and inexpensive IMA Profiling System can build loyalty and increase sales,simply by treating people the way they want to be treated.

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