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    • CMO Priorities for 2019
      CMO Priorities for 2019 Vasu Jakkal, EVP & CMO, FireEye Recorded: Dec 5 2018 9:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Marketing today plays a central role in driving growth as businesses look to win the most important real estate in the world – a piece of your heart and mind. As our world rapidly evolves with the physical and virtual blending, consumers are increasingly engaged in digital self-nurture, complemented by analog immersive experiences that strengthen our bonds.

      CMOs are expected to be business leaders and change agents with “THINK BIG” strategies. We are expected to define brand purpose – have the vision and “why narrative” and to keep the company aligned to its NorthStar. We are expected to tackle big market trends with the magic of storytelling that’s supported by data, analytics, and digital platforms – combined with human-centric understanding – to drive revenue and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

      The CMO’s role has never been more exciting or more relevant, and in this talk we will explore what 2019 holds for us and what trends, disruptions and priorities we need to flawlessly address in order to win hearts, minds and $.

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    • From CMO to CGO: Marketing Takes its Seat at the Revenue Table
      From CMO to CGO: Marketing Takes its Seat at the Revenue Table Liz Miller, CMO Council, Daniel Gaugler, PFL, Maneeza Aminy, Marvel Marketers and Scott Vaughan, Integrate Recorded: Apr 30 2018 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • The CMO role is in a time of great change. On the B2C side, we're seeing several noted CPG brands like Coca Cola eschewing the CMO role and instead hiring Chief Growth Officers. In B2B, there is some traction in the rise of CGOs but the broader trend shows the CMO role becoming much more metrics and revenue-driven. It's an exciting time for marketers but it's critical to understand what's driving this dramatic shift.

      Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing at CMO Council will host a lively roundtable with several notable CMOs. In this session we'll explore why this shift is happening, how businesses should think about these leadership roles, and what this means for Marketing as a whole.

      You'll learn:
      - How the emergence of key technologies has powered the shift to CGOs and revenue-focused CMOs
      - How the need for growth influences breaking down old siloes across organizations and placing big bets on innovation
      - What a CGO does and whether your company needs one today

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    • The Evolution of the CMO
      The Evolution of the CMO Martyn Etherington, Mitel; Chris Hummel, Siemens; Steven Bushong, Disney ABC Television Group; Liz Miller, CMO Council Recorded: Dec 13 2012 5:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Strategic leadership does not rest with the CEO alone.

      Impactful leadership requires an approach that leverages highly strategic executive talent across multiple functions acting as a fully integrated team.

      An increasingly important voice at the table is that of the chief marketing officer (CMO). As organizations across all industries strive to set themselves apart from their competitors, marketing has taken on new prominence. Highly effective CMOs are moving well beyond the longstanding role of being the proxy for the customer to one in which they provide strategic leadership, drive change, and achieve quantifiable business results.

      Join this panel session to learn how CMO's are increasingly intertwined with the business and are contributing to fundamental business transformation.

      About the panelists:

      Martyn Etherington is the EVP & CMO at Mitel. With over 25 years, he has a proven record in transforming the marketing function to a measurable customer-centric, market driven organization and commercial general management leadership for emerging markets.

      Chris Hummel joined SEN in April 2010 and currently serves as the CCO. Hummel is a recognized thought leader and has extensive experience in global enterprise sales and marketing, having lived and worked in a range of countries, including the US, Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia.

      Steven Bushong is Senior VP, Marketing Operations, ABC Entertainment Group of The Walt Disney Company. Bushong contributes to the strategic reflection and direction setting with diverse internal and external stakeholder groups and manages the overall Marketing budget.

      Moderator, Liz Miller is the VP of Marketing for the CMO Council - a network dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide range of global industries.

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    • CMO Rising: Reshaping The Role
      CMO Rising: Reshaping The Role Liz Miller, SVP Marketing-CMO Council, Ken Wincko, SVP, Marketing-PR Newswire, Martyn Etherington-CMO Summit Chair Recorded: Dec 1 2015 6:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • While the appointment of a CMO sends the right signal, the credentials, character and capability of this emerging C-level executive member are of critical importance to internal acceptance and permanency. Combined with title inflation in the C-suite with multiplying turfs and sub-divisions of responsibility, including “chiefs” of revenue, digital, data, customer experience, relationships, insights and innovation, chief marketing officers are constantly being challenged to fortify their positions, expand authority and assert ownership of critical leadership roles in their organizations.

      Along with trying to establish themselves in the C-Suite, global marketers are also facing an increasingly complex, distributed and digitally driven marketing ecosystem. With unmeasured pressure to better integrate and manage data, best of breed solutions, creative resources, brand assets and go-to-market functions, they are also called on to collaborate on an unprecedented level with CFOs, CIOs and COOs as well.

      A true CMO must be the CEO-in-waiting, groomed in all aspects of the business and a true leader and value-setter for the organization. Many CMOs aspire to this role, but few make it to the corner office and even less serve on corporate boards. As the realities and requirements for a CMO are reflected in the selection and appointment process, this is likely to transform.

      Please join the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in a live, one-hour, interactive webinar as we discuss our upcoming CMO Summit in Napa and how the role of the CMO must be reshaped in order for the CMO to rise as a true business leader.

      Some of the broad areas we will explore include:

      •The biggest shifts in the CMO role during the past five years
      •What has most impacted the CMO role: talent, technology or transformation of the business and the customer?

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    • Get To Know A CMO
      Get To Know A CMO Frank Grillo, CMO, Harte Hanks ; Liz Miller, SVP Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: May 22 2018 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Imagine, for a moment, walking into a store where you have only made a purchase one time before. The salesperson runs up to you and greets you by name, and before you can get a word in edge-wise, he offers you five other products that are almost identical to the one you purchased before. Then, without warning, he invites you to talk with five other customers who not only look eerily similar to you, but are also all wearing the same item you purchased. Then, as you begin to hasten your exit—because at this point, you are fairly certain that the salesperson is a stalker—he begins to shout down the corridor after you, begging you to come back and offering you coupons and discounts as your brisk walk turns into an all-out sprint away from the insanity.

      It is so easy to imagine this scenario in real life, but it is far more difficult to admit that this is the very experience that many of us have inadvertently created for our customers across the omnichannel landscape. So it begs the question: When did we forget how to build real relationships with real, live human beings?

      In this latest installment of the CMO Council’s thought leadership series, “Get to Know a CMO,” Liz Miller will have a one-on-one session with Frank Grillo, Chief Marketing Officer at Harte Hanks, seasoned veteran of the advertising, marketing and telecommunications industries, and a passionate advocate for bringing the human back to marketing.

      Join the CMO Council as we hear Frank’s position on what customer centricity truly is (and what it isn’t), how marketing can be made human again, and where we lost our relationship skills somewhere along the way. Liz will also be asking Frank about his own path to becoming a CMO, which has seen stops along the way as the COO of telecommunications companies and a long track record of serving as the chief growth engine and customer experience orchestrator for large, dynamic organizations.

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    • CMO Buzzword Bingo: Demystifying The Biggest Hype-Tastic Phrases of 2014
      CMO Buzzword Bingo: Demystifying The Biggest Hype-Tastic Phrases of 2014 Liz Miller-CMO Council, Martyn Etherington-Mitel, John Balla-SAS, Tim Moran-CMO.com Recorded: Dec 10 2014 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Everyone…it’s time to play Buzzword Bingo! Join the CMO Council as we delve into the biggest buzzwords that terrorized brands and marketers throughout 2014…and we predict what the big buzzwords will be that we will try to outrun in 2015. If we were still hung up on buzzwords from 2013, we would be obsessing over gamification and multi-channel…but that’s all SO 2013.

      Now we are dealing with BIG DATA, personalization, and omni-channel experiences. Tomorrow we will obsess over the Internet of EVERYTHING. So, what is the reality behind these big issues? How much of it is hype and how much is really being applied in winning strategies? Where have leading brands learned to steer clear of the hype and maximize opportunity?

      While we have a couple buzzwords in mind, we want to hear from you, so register for the webcast and be sure to tweet out the biggest, buzziest catchall phrase that you have been grappling with this year. Hit up Twitter with #CMOBuzzBingo and we will try and cover as many as we can during our time together.

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    • The New CMO To-Do List: How Today’s Digital CMOs Are Getting More From Social
      The New CMO To-Do List: How Today’s Digital CMOs Are Getting More From Social Mary Anne Hensley, Executive Editor for the CMO Council's PeerSphere magazine, CMO Council Recorded: Sep 25 2014 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In our first conversation around the new requirements for today’s digital CMO, we learned that CMOs still have work to do specific to building a robust digital marketing and engagement practice.

      In this latest discussion of the to-do list for today’s digital CMO, we will focus on this issue of social preparedness. What has been holding marketing back from truly understanding where and how social can be leveraged? Where can social media impact the advancement of today’s business agenda? How are we using this channel to listen and better understand the customer, from their issues and challenges to their needs and behaviors?

      Join the CMO Council, together with IBM, as we explore these new priorities and the required to-do list for the senior-level marketer. This one-hour webcast will focus on how these industry leaders are shaping their own social strategies, teams and businesses for future success. From achieving a deeper understanding of the customer to creating new channels to loyalty and revenue, our speakers will share their own views on the evolving requirements and new emerging challenges being faced in this age of digital, social and mobile engagement.


      Mary Anne Hensley, Executive Editor for the CMO Council's PeerSphere magazine, CMO Council

      Linda Ban, Global C-Suite Studies Director, IBM

      Sean Kapoor, Vice President, Global Marketing,Harman International

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    • Manage: Beyond the Bond: Advancing the Alignment Between the CMO and CIO
      Manage: Beyond the Bond: Advancing the Alignment Between the CMO and CIO Liz Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: Sep 4 2014 11:25 pm UTC 70 mins
    • Much has been written about the need for partnership and alignment between the CMO and CIO. In the CMO Council’s own investigation into the relationship, we have seen the ebbs and flows of this critical dynamic. From the battle over digital marketing platform advancement in the early 2000s to the recent partnership and synergies brought about by a mutual foe—big data—the CMO and CIO have begun to forge a powerful partnership that is molding and shape customer engagement and business as we know it.

      To investigate this new and ever-evolving relationship between marketing and IT, the CMO Council will host a one-hour interactive webcast to hear from marketing and IT business leaders who are changing the definition of their roles, their organization’s dynamics and their business opportunities. This will be a session for both marketing and IT leaders to advance their strategies, share their best practices, and hear from both marketing and IT executives who are advancing their business objectives by embracing a new, digitally powered customer experience.

      Speakers include:
      Jamie Anderson, Global Vice President Product Marketing, Customer Engagement & Commerce, SAP; James Mendelsohn, CMO, CAN Capital, Toni Lee Rudnicki, CMO, iDirect Technologies, Aaron Gette, CIO, The Bay Club Company, Liz Miller, Senior Vice Presiden

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    • The New CMO To-Do List
      The New CMO To-Do List Liz Miller (CMO Council), Veena Pureswaran (IBM), Elizabeth Halaki (Canon), Alina Urdaneta (Siemens Healthcare) Recorded: Jun 5 2014 6:00 pm UTC 74 mins
    • In today’s business landscape, the role of the CMO is in constant flux, ever evolving as the keeper of the brand, the architect of the customer experience and the visionary behind business growth and opportunity. This is a tall order, and it requires a new set of priorities. So what is on the to-do list for today’s digital CMO? How will this list of priorities impact how the rest of the C-suite is advancing the business agenda?

      Join the CMO Council, together with IBM, as we explore these new priorities and the required to-do list for the senior-level marketer. This one-hour webcast will focus on these changing priorities and how industry leaders are shaping their own strategies, teams and businesses for future success. From achieving a deeper understanding of the customer to building new partnerships and alliances across the C-suite, our speakers will share their own views on the evolving requirements and new emerging challenges they are facing in this age of digital, social and mobile engagement. Everyone who joins this webcast will also receive a copy of the Institute for Business Value’s latest findings: “Insight from the Global Chief Marketing Officer C-Suite Study.”

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    • Get to Know a CMO: A Conversation With IBM’s Maria Winans
      Get to Know a CMO: A Conversation With IBM’s Maria Winans Liz Miller, SVP of Marketing, CMO Council, Maria Winans, CMO, IBM Watson Customer Engagement Recorded: Jun 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Data, data everywhere…but where is the insight to drink? This could be the new battle cry for today’s CMO. Regardless of industry or region—whether it’s a B2B or B2C company—all CMOs are facing the evolution of data and its twin: digital. From what digital transformation means to an organization to the challenges we each face as our customer demands even higher levels of personalization, CMOs today are talking about where and how digital and data converge and what that collision means for the bottom line.

      Join Liz Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the CMO Council, as she gets to know Maria Winans, CMO of IBM Watson Customer Engagement. The discussion will span from insights into how Winans is facing the digital revolution to the trends she believes will shape marketing and engagement in the months and years ahead. The one-hour, interactive conversation will also take questions from the live audience, giving participants a unique opportunity to pick the brain of a true peer.

      A graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Winans has spent more than two decades at IBM and has been at the forefront of both data and digital’s evolution. A true global business leader, Winans has served in leadership roles at IBM across Business Analytics, Collaboration Solutions, Mobile, Industry Solutions and PC Company, as well as serving as a Marketing Strategist for IBM Latin America.

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    • CMO Council: Mapping Monetization – Strategies for Frictionless Commerce
      CMO Council: Mapping Monetization – Strategies for Frictionless Commerce Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: Jun 18 2015 6:05 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Whether currently engaging in online commerce or contemplating such a move in the future, successful CMOs are realizing that their customers want a personalized, frictionless purchasing experience. Consumers seek agile interactions, painless fulfillment, and a memorable experience. CMOs are increasingly embracing a new priority: Identifying new and recurring revenue opportunities and optimizing the consumer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. To address these new mandates for digital marketing, monetization, and frictionless commerce and experience, view the CMO Council’s on demand webcast, where we discuss and debate the realities of transforming organizations, strategies and revenue models and develop winning strategies to successfully navigate the online revenue maze.

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