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    • Accelerate Data Center Application Deployments with Cisco ACI and AlgoSec
      Accelerate Data Center Application Deployments with Cisco ACI and AlgoSec Ranga Rao, Director of Solutions Engineering at Cisco & Anner Kushnir, VP Technology at AlgoSec Recorded: Feb 1 2017 5:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • In today’s fast-paced world, supporting an ever-growing number of applications across the data center poses significant security management challenges. Managing policies across physical and virtual networks and multivendor security devices requires a delicate balance between ensuring security, reducing risk and provisioning connectivity for critical business applications to increase productivity.
      Cisco ACI reduces TCO, automates IT tasks, and accelerates data center application deployments, using a business-relevant software defined networking (SDN) policy model. Through a seamless integration, AlgoSec extends Cisco ACI’s security policy-based automation to all security devices across the enterprise network, both inside and outside the data center.
      Join Ranga Rao, Director of Solutions Engineering at Cisco, and Anner Kushnir, VP of Technology at AlgoSec on Wednesday, February 1, at 12pm ET/9am PT for a technical webinar where they will discuss how to leverage the integrated Cisco ACI-AlgoSec solution to process and apply security policy changes quickly, assess and reduce risk, ensure continuous compliance, and maintain a strong security posture across your entire network estate.
      Attend this must-see webinar and learn how to:

      - Get visibility into the Cisco ACI security environment and extend Cisco ACI policy-based automation across the enterprise network
      - Proactively assess risk for the Cisco ACI fabric and recommend changes to eliminate misconfigurations and compliance violations
      - Automate the configuration of security devices on the ACI fabric
      - Generate audit-ready regulatory compliance reports for the entire Cisco ACI fabric

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    • Securing Cisco with Splunk - Lessons from One of the World’s Most Mature CSIRTs
      Securing Cisco with Splunk - Lessons from One of the World’s Most Mature CSIRTs Imran Islam, CISCO, Matthias Maier, Splunk, Adrian Davis, (ISC)² EMEA Upcoming: Mar 20 2017 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The Cisco Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is a global team of information security professionals responsible for the 24/7 monitoring, investigation and incident response at one of the world’s largest and leading technology companies.
      Learn how Imran Islam, leader of Cisco’s EMEA/APAC CSIRT team relies on Splunk to help his team drive best practices in threat assessment, mitigation planning, incident detection and response, incident trend analysis, and the development of future security architecture.
      Join this webinar to hear Imran Islam discuss how Cisco drives CSIRT best practices:
      - CSIRT playbooks and automation methods
      - The importance of timely CSIRT data access, correlation & visualisation
      - CSIRT staffing approaches
      - CSIRT threat intelligence management
      - Driving CSIRT operational efficiency
      - The importance of CSIRT collaboration across the business during investigations
      - How CSIRT functions can increase business relevance
      - Learn about the importance of understanding your environment
      - Learn about the importance of having the right data
      - Learn the critical success factors for building a CSIRT Team and capabilities
      - Learn how to enable your security team to scale its ability to handle incidents and quickly find, validate, and resolve issues
      - Learn how to justify adding more resources to an incident response team
      - Learn how to introduce consistency into your security team for approaching and solving security problems.

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    • SQL Server 2016 on Cisco UCS with SanDisk® Flash
      SQL Server 2016 on Cisco UCS with SanDisk® Flash Debbi Lyons, Microsoft; Peter Plamondon, SanDisk; John McAbel, Cisco, Sr. UCS Mngr Recorded: May 18 2016 5:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • The launch of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 provides an opportunity to transform your data platform with key enhancements made to AlwaysOn, operational analytics, and more. But is your infrastructure ready to capitalize on these new enhancements?

      Join members of Microsoft, Cisco and Western Digital to learn how SQL Server 2016 with Cisco UCS and SanDisk® flash changes everything. This webinar will cover:

      •What's new in SQL Server 2016
      •Benchmark test results of the combined solution
      •Performance, economic, and manageability benefits
      •Customer case study with SQL Server environment on Cisco UCS and SanDisk flash storage

      Ensure that you are implementing a flash-optimized SQL Server platform to achieve maximum performance, greater capacity, and high availability, with reduced operational and management costs.

      We dare you to find a better place for your data!

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    • How to Accelerate Large-Scale VMware Horizon Success with FlashStack from Cisco
      How to Accelerate Large-Scale VMware Horizon Success with FlashStack from Cisco Kyle Grossmiller, Pure Storage & Mike Brennan, Cisco Recorded: Sep 21 2016 7:50 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Converged Infrastructure solutions sound great on paper, but what happens in real life in an enterprise deployment? Can CI designs deliver enterprise performance, resilience, scalability AND management simplicity? How can you provide awesome end-user experience without breaking the bank? Talk to Cisco and Pure architects as well as customers on how FlashStack is able to address the most critical success factors with a tested and validated 5,000 seat desktop virtualization architecture.

      What we’ll answer:
      How is VDI now able to deliver virtualized desktops to nearly all users in an enterprise? How do I break through performance barriers needed to provide end-user experience better than physical desktops? Isn’t the cost of all-flash storage going to blow my budget? If I’m supporting thousands of users on VDI, how do I keep up with management and support overhead of so many users? What architecture considerations and best practices should I keep in mind for large scale VDI? Is dedicated infrastructure a requirement for VDI? Hear from not only Pure and Cisco architects, but customers who have architected successful enterprise VDI deployments.

      Featured Speakers:
      Kyle Grossmiller, VDI Solutions Architect at Pure Storage
      Mike Brennan, Manger Desktop Virtualization and Hyper-Converged Performance Solutions at Cisco

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    • Optimizing Your Cisco Envir.: Driving Innovation in IT’s Era of the New Normal
      Optimizing Your Cisco Envir.: Driving Innovation in IT’s Era of the New Normal Peter Waterhouse, CA Technologies; Jim Frey, Enterprise Management Associates: Mark Balch, Cisco Recorded: Jun 6 2012 3:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • To increase agility, drive workforce productivity and better support customers’, business is demanding the delivery of new innovative applications, including collaboration, video, VDI and everything cloud. All this, however, must be achieved with flat budgets and without introducing additional risk. This is the “New Normal” for IT.

      To reduce data center costs and speed service delivery, organizations are adopting converged infrastructure platforms like Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), while readying the network with the capabilities and capacity needed to deliver dynamic services. Doing this effectively not only requires performance visibility to maintain uptime, but also better insights into where new technology infrastructure will be most effective for the business.

      On June 6th, together with Enterprise Management Associates, we’ll discuss the transformative trends and technologies shaping IT and business today. We’ll also show how CA Technologies and Cisco are working together to help our customers accelerate innovation by cost effectively ensuring quality-of-service and an optimum customer experience – especially for new applications hosted in unified datacenter and delivered across a truly borderless network. During this session you’ll gain valuable insights into how organizations can:

      • Leverage Cisco UCS platforms to better support the delivery of new virtualized cloud services the business is demanding
      • Maintain and exceed service levels, manage performance and ensure Cisco UCS compute power is there when the business needs it
      • Proactively manage the performance of tier 1 applications, virtualized services and infrastructure to increase ROI and accelerate time-to-value of Cisco investments
      • Deliver real-time visibility and historical analysis into bandwidth consumption and application response times to drive business performance improvements
      • Provide extensible, value-added services including voice and video quality-of-experience management

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    • Your Journey To Cloud Native Made Simple
      Your Journey To Cloud Native Made Simple Mark Williams, CTO at Redapt Inc, Sasha Jeltuhin, Dir of Technology at Apprenda, Scott Whitright, Cisco Recorded: Oct 26 2016 4:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • As software becomes the competitive currency of the enterprise, investments are being made to embrace new distributed cloud applications, implement cloud platforms, and automate infrastructure provisioning. However, organizations are facing many challenges in regards to setting the correct path toward cloud native, delivering high quality & agile applications, all while keeping up with the increasing pace of business without sacrificing governance and operational efficiency.

      Cisco, Apprenda and Redapt have joined hands to offer an end-to-end solution to alleviate these challenges and transform your datacenter into a secure, policy-driven application cloud platform.

      Join us to learn:

      • Where your organization currently fits on the cloud maturity model and what strategies can help you succeed at improving your cloud capabilities

      • How enterprises can effortlessly cloud enable existing monolithic Java and/or.NET applications in addition to running docker based cloud native applications

      • How to drive rapid development through DevOps, including continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/deployment (CD)

      • Approaches to leverage both IaaS and PaaS to automate service provisioning, security, compliance and governance

      • Ways to drive order of magnitude improvements in infrastructure utilization, developer productivity, organizational agility, and governance

      • And more!

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