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    • Key considerations of an effective cloud strategy
      Key considerations of an effective cloud strategy Matt Nolan, senior cloud architect, Red Hat & Stephane Lefrere, director, cloud infrastructure practice, Red Hat Recorded: Oct 31 2017 6:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • One of the most pressing questions enterprises have to answer is: “Should we move to the cloud or stay on-premise?” For many, the answer is a blend of both. Determining your organization’s cloud strategy can be complex. Important considerations must be made around security and compliance requirements, balancing the needs of developers, as well as the existing infrastructure implementations.

      In this webinar, we’ll identify multiple considerations you’ll face when starting to think about your cloud strategy and walk through how to manage those critical choices. We’ll cover how to:
      - Evaluate the mix of private and public cloud options are best for your business
      - Prioritize services for your developers and end users
      - Identify new approaches to enable freedom of choice, mobility, and accelerate service delivery
      - Define a cloud strategy that accelerates your ability to deliver new applications and innovative solutions

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    • How to Ready Your Infrastructure for Public Cloud
      How to Ready Your Infrastructure for Public Cloud Taruna Gandhi - Group Manager, Product Marketing, Cloud Management Recorded: Oct 26 2017 4:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    • What does modernizing the infrastructure for public cloud really mean? And what does your on-premises infrastructure have to do with an off-premises public cloud? Join us for this webcast and learn why modernizing your infrastructure is part of the journey for successful adoption of cloud computing. We’ll cover how you are well positioned for success with a VMware vSphere® foundation, and can continue the journey to a software-defined approach by virtualizing across the data center from compute to storage to networking, and adding unified management for intelligent operations. Specifically you’ll learn about:

      · Components of a modernized infrastructure
      · How to evolve to a software-defined environment
      · Use cases of modernizing the infrastructure

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    • How to Develop a Secure Cloud Strategy
      How to Develop a Secure Cloud Strategy Brian McHenry, Security Solutions Architect; Tom Thomas, Director of Architecture Recorded: Nov 7 2017 5:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • How are you deciding what applications should move to the cloud? Is there a clear understanding of how to best secure those apps?

      Join F5’s own Director of Architecture Tom Thomas, and Security Solutions Architect Brian McHenry, as they discuss a deployment framework which you can use to assess the impact of on-premises versus cloud, while considering the business, data security, and financial impact of cloud migration.

      By the end of this webinar you’ll have the answers to these questions and more:

      • Are the security services my cloud provider offers enough to secure my applications?
      • How much of my business should migrate to the cloud?
      • What tools can help protect against the cost of lost or compromised data?

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    • The Ins & Outs of Your Ever-Evolving Cloud Security Strategy
      The Ins & Outs of Your Ever-Evolving Cloud Security Strategy Dan Pitman, Senior Solution Architect, Alert Logic Upcoming: Feb 27 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • There is plenty to consider when building your cloud strategy and for many organisations this journey has only just started. If you’re thinking of moving your IT workloads to a cloud environment, you should also consider security in the cloud. Public cloud providers have always operated under a shared-responsibility model, where the provider controls the foundational infrastructure and the customer controls everything above that. But during the past year, in particular, it has shifted to add services that root out security threats higher up the stack. Is this enough to cover the full breadth of things? Find out and join our webinar facilitated by Dan Pitman, Senior Solution Architect, who will dispense tangible insights and best security practices that will put any cloud security dilemma into perspective.

      Highlights include:

      •Understanding your cloud provider’s security model and where you need to assume security responsibility
      •Cloud providers introduce new security services and tools that provide more information, but why this isn’t enough?
      •Best practice ideas for ensuring security in any cloud environment

      This is part one of a three-part webinar series focussed on your security journey to the cloud. Stay tuned for part two coming soon.

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    • Driving Innovation through AWS Cost Optimization
      Driving Innovation through AWS Cost Optimization CorpInfo-Onica: Shayan Tari & Danny Gelber, CloudCheckr: Todd Bernhard, Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Nov 8 2017 8:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Are you struggling to find IT budget to drive new business initiatives? There are many things you can do within the AWS console to drastically reduce your monthly AWS spend. Join us for an educational event where we’ll teach you tips and tricks to better optimize your AWS console and free up IT budgets for projects that drive innovation and move the business forward.

      The cloud promised to save you money, but your cloud bills may have actually increased. To truly leverage the cloud, you need to adopt a Cloud First attitude, using innovative ways to compute while preventing Cloud Sprawl. Tools like CloudCheckr can help you optimize costs along with experts from CorpInfo-Onica who can help you make the right architectural and technology decisions with technology.

      In this webinar, attendees will learn:

      About the AWS Well-Architected Framework and how to avoid common cloud consumption pitfalls
      Establish and follow Best Practices for Cost, Security, Usage and Availability
      Ensure compliance and mitigate risk of costly security breaches
      Tips and tricks to better optimize your AWS console
      When to leverage RIs and building a solid RI strategy
      About Cloud OpsPilot™, CorpInfo-Onica’s all-in-one service that tackles visibility & activity to support healthy cloud consumption

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    • 2017 Cloud Market Overview: An Exclusive Briefing with 451 Research
      2017 Cloud Market Overview: An Exclusive Briefing with 451 Research Melanie Posey - 451 Research Recorded: Sep 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Companies are re-thinking their cloud adoption strategy. How does your organization compare? In a dynamic cloud marketplace, having access to the very latest data and expert insights not only can save considerable time and effort in planning cloud migrations, but also create the opportunity for competitive advantage.

      TierPoint is pleased to present an exclusive briefing with 451 Research. Melanie Posey, Research Vice President will share the results of newly commissioned research, providing valuable perspective for organizations planning and designing workload migrations to the cloud. Available only to webinar attendees, this vendor agnostic presentation will answer the following key questions:
      •What are your peers spending on cloud services?
      •What workloads are your peers porting, when, and how?
      •What are some of the challenges and inhibitors for various cloud strategies?
      •What ROI are your peers are seeing?

      About Melanie:
      Melanie Posey is the Research Vice President for 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud Transformation offering. She focuses on tracking, analyzing and anticipating the pace and nature of enterprise cloud adoption.

      Prior to joining 451 Research, Melanie spent more than 15 years at IDC in a variety of roles, providing analysis, forecasting and insight for the cloud, hosting, datacenter, managed services and telecommunications markets. At IDC, Melanie received numerous awards for research, collaboration, sales support and client service, including being named runner-up for the prestigious James Peacock Memorial Award.

      During her more than 20-year career in the technology research and consulting arena, Melanie has been quoted extensively in the business and technology trade press, and is a frequent speaker at industry and client events.

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    • 5 Ways to Ignite Your Center of Excellence
      5 Ways to Ignite Your Center of Excellence Adam Hoffman, Principal Consultant, HelloNimble Recorded: Oct 12 2017 8:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • Creating a Center of Excellence allows organizations to better:

      - Leverage the knowledge of diverse stakeholders
      - Reduce rework and cost
      - Manage change and measure success

      However, to efficiently achieve these results organizations must first initiate a cultural shift, co-create a shared vision of the future and align teams around a strategy for communicating and acting moving forward.

      In this session, Adam Hoffmann will discuss 5 steps that can be used to innovate a custom organizational action plan, foster a culture of collaboration and establish the role of the Center of Excellence in the organization that it serves.

      About the Speaker:

      Adam Hoffmann is the Principal Consultant at HelloNimble; a design consultancy in Melbourne, Florida. He is motivated by leveraging collaboration and research to gain human insights, craft stories and inspire actionable steps toward a desired future state.

      Adam’s diverse education from both the Art Institute of Portland and the Defense Information School paved the way for him to become a highly regarded program manager. Adam prides himself on fusing process and creativity, helping organizations reframe problems and co-create solutions that result in simple, innovative experiences for both the creator and the consumer.

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    • New Options for Running SAP Software in a Multi-Cloud World
      New Options for Running SAP Software in a Multi-Cloud World Chris Brown, Nutanix & Greg White, Nutanix Recorded: Jan 30 2018 6:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • The cloud era has reset expectations of enterprise IT services. Internal and external consumers of IT resources demand the agility and scalability of public clouds no matter what infrastructure they are using. As a result, today’s CIOs and infrastructure, Basis, and DBA teams are looking to have true cloud-like simplicity and flexibility in their datacenters to stay competitive and support their business. They must also support workloads outside the datacenter on public, hybrid and edge clouds without adding complexity.
      What does this new enterprise IT stack look like, and how can organizations leverage the latest innovations as they put their datacenter and cloud strategies into practice for their SAP and non-SAP workloads? Attend this session to hear real-world examples and discussion of these topics, including:

      • How to build and implement a successful cloud strategy
      • When to leverage public cloud services (and when not to)
      • Innovations in datacenter technologies that drive greater efficiency and performance
      • The continued shift in IT consumption, and how to find the right balance between renting and owning cloud infrastructure
      You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the benefits, complications and how to confidently tackle these important business and IT challenges.

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    • Keeping Pace with The Cloud: Managing and Optimizing as You Scale
      Keeping Pace with The Cloud: Managing and Optimizing as You Scale Patrick Gartlan, CTO at CloudCheckr Recorded: Oct 12 2017 6:30 pm UTC 27 mins
    • With cloud maturity comes operational efficiencies and endless potential for innovation and business growth. However, the complexities of governing cloud infrastructure are impeding without the right strategy. Visibility, accountability, and actionable insights are some of the most invaluable considerations. The AWS cloud clearly enables convenience and cost savings for organizations that know how to leverage its full potential. Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs), in particular, present a tremendous opportunity when scaling to save significantly on capacity but there are many considerations to fully reaping the benefits of RIs.

      In this session, CloudCheckr CTO Patrick Gartlan will present issues that every organization runs into when scaling, provide best practices for how to combat them and help you show your boss how RIs help you save money and move faster.

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    • How to Eliminate Cloud Waste with a Holistic DevOps Strategy
      How to Eliminate Cloud Waste with a Holistic DevOps Strategy Chris Parlette, Director of Cloud Solutions, ParkMyCloud Recorded: Dec 7 2017 4:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Renting infrastructure on demand is the most disruptive trend in IT in decades. In 2016, enterprises spent $23B on public cloud IaaS services. By 2020, that figure is expected to reach $65B. The public cloud is now used like a utility, and like any utility, there is waste. Who's responsible for optimizing the infrastructure and reducing wasted expenses? It’s DevOps.
      The excess expense, known as cloud waste, comprises several interrelated problems:
      •Services running when they don't need to be
      •Improperly sized infrastructure
      •Orphaned resources
      •Shadow IT
      There are a few core tenets of DevOps that can be applied to reducing cloud waste:
      •Holistic thinking
      •No silos
      •Rapid useful feedback
      Join Chris to learn why you should include continuous cost optimization in your DevOps processes. Automate cost control, reduce your cloud expenses, and make your life easier.

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