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    • The 3 Must-Haves on the Path to a Better Customer Journey
      The 3 Must-Haves on the Path to a Better Customer Journey Alton Harewood, Solutions Consultant, 8x8 Recorded: Jan 30 2018 7:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • As customer loyalty is tested by limitless options, the need to understand and manage the customer journey has become essential to competitive differentiation. And far from being the domain of only large corporations – organizations of all sizes must now seek to gain insight into how customer experience is executed and ways to improve.

      Join contact center veterans Alton Harewood, Contact Center Consultant, and Kara Allen, Global Workforce Management and Optimization, to hear how the fundamental building blocks of CX strategy are being used today, as well as which technology enablers provide the insight and oversight needed to adjust and administer the modern customer engagement team.

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    • Can you deliver the personalization your customers demand?
      Can you deliver the personalization your customers demand? David Hardtke, Director of Advertising Science, Pandora Recorded: Nov 6 2018 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • More and more, savvy customers are willing to share info about themselves and their browsing behavior — but in return, you have to use those powers for good. Or in other words, start serving them up completely personalized web and mobile ads that reflects their tastes, values, and preferences in every (not-creepy) way. It’s the key to delivering the kind of goods and services that keep your customers clicking — and more than happy to keep handing over their personal information.

      It’s also hard to pull off. To learn how companies like Pandora flawlessly serve up the customized advertising that clicks, don’t miss this VB Live event!

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      Attend this webinar and learn about:
      * How to offer your customers content that connects to their lifestyle and tastes
      * The intersection between art and science in the new world of hyper-personalized advertising
      * How to create customized content that connects without creeping out customers
      * Best practices companies like Pandora and Trulia use to create authenticity and bring in more revenue.

      * David Hardtke, Director of Advertising Science, Pandora
      * Deep Varma, VP of Engineering Trulia
      * Moira Dorsey, Founder, Dorsey Experience
      * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Sponsored by Cvent

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    • Customer Success: How do you enable the mindset and infuse the culture?
      Customer Success: How do you enable the mindset and infuse the culture? Shreesha Ramdas | CEO at STRIKEDECK Upcoming: Dec 18 2018 10:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Customer success isn't just about a title, department, or jumping into an account manager role. It is a lifestyle. It should flow through the veins, and ooze out every pore. From the external, it appears that it comes from jumping on top of tasks and engaging with customers, but true CSM's feed their entire lives not just into their assigned customers or company customers, but every customer that they have an interaction with. This includes walking into Starbucks and holding the door open for that person behind you, or picking up the paper towels on the floor in the bathroom. Demonstrating that customer success can happen everywhere you go. It can go unappreciated, but this is also where it can catch on. Your co-workers, potential customers, and perhaps even the occasional current customer are watching. The mentality of being there to serve others is a culture shift which can catch people off guard and see the difference as to why they selected you as their vendor. So the next time you visit Starbucks, don't just walk in, but hold the door and give that person a huge high five!

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    • IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Customer Experience 2019 Predictions
      IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Customer Experience 2019 Predictions Alan Webber, Research Director, Digital Strategy & Customer Experience Recorded: Dec 4 2018 4:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • In this IDC FutureScape presentation, IDC's Alan Webber will discuss the key predictions that will impact how enterprises address the customer experience over the next one to five years. Senior IT leaders and line-of-business executives will come away with guidance for managing the implications these predictions harbor for their IT investment priorities and implementation strategies.

      About IDC FutureScape
      IDC FutureScape reports are used to shape enterprise IT strategy and planning by providing a basic framework for evaluating IT initiatives in terms of their value to business strategy now and in the foreseeable future. IDC's FutureScapes are comprised of a set of predictions designed to identify a range of pending issues that CIOs and senior technology professionals will confront within the typical three-year business planning cycle. Each prediction is assessed on the basis of its complexity, organizational impact, and time frame to expected mainstream adoption.

      To learn more about IDC FutureScape 2019, please go to http://www.idc.com/events/FutureScapes

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    • From marketing campaigns to insight-driven, contextual customer interactions.
      From marketing campaigns to insight-driven, contextual customer interactions. Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Steven Noels, Chief Technology Officer at NGDATA Recorded: Nov 29 2018 3:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • With so much data at our fingertips, why are marketing campaigns so much less effective today than ever before, at acquiring and retaining customers? It’s because consumers are more distracted, and they’re being marketed to with little relevancy. In order to stand out, you need to deliver personalized and context-driven interactions with each customer.

      Brands that seize this potential are embracing a Customer-Obsessed Marketing Model around core competencies: mindset, talent, process, and insights. And they are assembling what Forrester calls, Contextual Marketing Engines: brand-specific platforms that exploit customer context to deliver utility and guide the customer into the next best interaction.

      In this webinar, we’ll discuss the Customer-Obsessed Marketing Model and how to build a Contextual Marketing Engine to realize the shift from static product-focused marketing campaigns that target customer segments, to dynamic and contextual customer interactions based on real-time scoring of individual customer data.

      We’ll focus on the capabilities you need to be successful and how a Customer Data Platform can help fill this essential gap in your current marketing stack.

      Join our guest, Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and our own Steven Noels, Chief Technology Officer at NGDATA, for an interactive and informative conversation.

      Key takeaways will include:
      • How can the right marketing strategy, processes, teams and technology enable your brand to make the shift to conversational programs.
      • How brands are currently gaining advantages through contextual marketing.
      • How contextual customer interactions create value for both your brand and your customer, improving long-term business results.

      Register today: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/16715/340779

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    • Leveraging AI to boost customer acquisition, engagement, and retention
      Leveraging AI to boost customer acquisition, engagement, and retention Brian Witlin, CEO, Yummly Recorded: Oct 30 2018 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Your instincts are good — but AI can make them flawless. With AI, every time a customer engages with your brand, you’re making that moment really count.

      Add AI powered predictive analytics to ensure the right message at the right time, targeting is accurate and high-value, and customer support is proactive. Automate chat-based customer service, and give your agents more info off the top. Level up the shopping experience by offering the right products at the right time — and add contextual conversation to narrow their choices down.

      Customers want this kind of service and attention. And if you can’t deliver, they’re going to find the company that can. So don’t miss this VB Live event, where you’ll learn more about being relevant to your customers, making their engagement meaningful, and more!

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      Attend this webinar and learn:
      * How AI levels up personalization and customer engagement
      * How to use AI-fueled data analytics to create tactical marketing plans.
      * How to create personalized moments without being creepy
      * How to increase real and effective relevance to customers across channels

      * Grant Langston, CEO, Eharmony
      * Dave Gerhardt, VP Marketing, Drift
      * Brian Witlin, CEO, Yummly
      * Moira Dorsey, Founder, Dorsey Experience

      Sponsored by Drift

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    • Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer
      Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook Recorded: Oct 3 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Where are your target customers going, and how are they spending their time and, more importantly, their dollars? Location data and intelligence – not just on how consumers are interacting with your brand but also with your competitors – is key to crafting a killer consumer experience and reaching them when and where their hearts and minds (and wallets) are ready to be captured.

      From foot traffic patterns and location visits to frequency analysis, custom venue visit analysis offers powerful, actionable insights to companies looking for a competitive edge in a crowded field. Learn how to capture new customer interest, keep older customers coming back, and boost your market share when you join this VB Live event!

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      During this webinar you’ll learn how to:
      * Boost engagement with location-based consumer insights and competitive intelligence
      * Gain insight into the behavioral patterns of customers and prospects
      * Apply the best use of location data for your business

      * David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook
      * Sheryl Jacobson, Principal Consulting Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte Consulting LLP
      * Stewart Rogers, Analyst at Large, VentureBeat (Moderator)

      Sponsored by Skyhook

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    • Maximizing The ROI Of Customer Care
      Maximizing The ROI Of Customer Care Jeff Rumburg Recorded: Aug 7 2018 6:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Contact centers that understand and quantify their ROI gain several important advantages; chief among them is the ability to obtain funding and other resources based upon the economic benefits provided by the contact center. This webcast will define ROI as it applies to different types of contact centers, including service, sales, and collections. Additionally, it will lay out a simple methodology for computing ROI for the contact center, and share ROI data that has been computed from more than 200 contact centers worldwide.

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    • You Talkin' to Me? AI/NLP Conversational Chatbots for Next-Gen Customer Service
      You Talkin' to Me? AI/NLP Conversational Chatbots for Next-Gen Customer Service Girish MuckAI is VP of Business Development & Strategy at Passage AI Recorded: Oct 25 2018 9:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Today's consumers are demanding a customer service experience paradigm to keep up with their growing needs. From real-time instant responses to accessibility from a plethora of text and voice platforms, to understanding natural language.

      Recent advances in natural language understanding and processing (NLU/NLP) and machine learning have enabled automated chatbots to provide a unique experience for businesses and consumers to connect and converse. In this webinar, we will discuss how businesses can leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and deep learning to create conversational chatbot platforms to wow their customers.

      About the speaker:
      Girish MuckAI is VP of Business Development & Strategy at Passage AI. He has 20+ years experience bringing state-of-the-art technology solutions to market and held leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Reliance Jio, Entropic Communications, Westell, Arris, SBC Labs and Cascade. Girish holds a B.Tech from IIT Madras, MS and PhD from Boston University and MBA from the Wharton School. Girish is also the CEO of IIT Madras Foundation.

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    • Best Practices for Developing a Digital Customer Experience Strategy
      Best Practices for Developing a Digital Customer Experience Strategy Greg Cummings and John Irey Recorded: Oct 16 2018 6:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • What are companies with superior customer experiences doing differently? Join industry leaders John Irey and Greg Cummings as they share the strategy behind an effective omnichannel customer care success model. Participate in a discussion on how self-service, AI, and digital tools are shaping the customer journey and how to leverage that knowledge to build a better digital plan. Benefit from shared examples of the best and worst attempts at omnichannel and get equipped with the tools necessary to build your own strategy.

      Greg Cummings - Greg has 20 years of industry experience in consulting, operations, and contact centers -- helping to drive process improvement through an outcomes based methodology. He is currently Manager Global Channels with NICE inContact.

      John Irey - John, a contact center Principal Consultant at Mindsight, is an 18 year veteran assisting in the full life cycle of contact center engagements. His experience in both solutions and deployment engineering roles gives him deep insight into the strategy behind developing an omnichannel contact center solution for every business need.

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    • Maximizing the business benefits of your Inhouse customer data
      Maximizing the business benefits of your Inhouse customer data Monica Mullen, Solutions Marketing Manager and Marcus Kästel, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting Recorded: Sep 21 2018 2:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Competing on customer experience in retail is not just a passing fad – it’s here to stay. Customers expect more, want convenience, and they change quickly. Retailers have responded by introducing new channels, services, and personalized marketing promotions to capture customers’ attention and wallet share. What does it take to really take to engage with customers?  The answer is hidden in your data. According to Forbes, 80% of data is dark and untouched - meaning it’s never actually used to make improvements or changes deemed necessary by the customer.
      In this discussion you’ll learn what is possible as we review how you can create a trusted 360-degree view of your customer and put the customer truly at the center of your operations.  We’ll review how retailers of all types are delivering a customer experience that sets them apart from other brands to drive consumer loyalty.  And we’ll share the best practices and use cases retailers have adopted to get to know their customers better by unleashing the disruptive power of their data.

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