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    • Dell EMC | OEM Solutions and VMware: Better Together
      Dell EMC | OEM Solutions and VMware: Better Together Alan Brumley, CTO Dell EMC OEM Solutions & Scott Trapp, Architect -VMWare Embedded & Jeffrey Sullivan, Dell EMC OEM Solutions Recorded: Jun 28 2018 2:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Please join us for an in-depth conversation on how the blend of your IP, our Dell EMC hardware powered by Intel®, and VMware software means your solutions have better scalability, availability, security, efficiency and simplified lifecycle management.

      VMware on Dell EMC OEM appliances allows your solution to run multiple operating systems on one physical machine. It adds fault and security isolation at the hardware level, and makes it easy to move and copy virtual machines. It also simplifies lifecycle management as there is an easier transition between hardware generation changes.

      Additionally, VMware helps your solution to become cloud ready and relevant when your customer is looking for a hosted or cloud solution.

      In the session we will be covering:
      •Trends in the industry impacting OEMs today and what’s driving the need for virtualized appliances.
      •Hear directly from Dell EMC OEM’s CTO and VMware’s embedded architects on how the inherent benefits of virtualization can help both the OEM’s solutions and their customers.
      •How solution builders can leverage Dell EMC OEM for a turn-key combined solution that includes support and distribution globally.

      We hope you’ll be able to join us for this informative and valuable session.

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    • Monetizing Your Data with Analytics Powered by Dell EMC Isilon
      Monetizing Your Data with Analytics Powered by Dell EMC Isilon Dell EMC's Sai Devulapalli, D-Wises's Joey Leveille, Quotient's Lenin Gali & Tessa Chen Recorded: Mar 28 2018 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • To stay competitive, leading organizations realize the potential value in data and they’re making a strategic commitment on how they choose to plan, optimize, and create long-term value around their data. This Data First approach is the fuel that is driving digital transformation and is rapidly becoming the greatest asset companies can have; at Dell EMC we call this Data Capital.

      While we can all agree on Data Capital’s importance to modern organizations, it can be challenging to make use of this data due to the difficulty in collecting and storing it, making it securely accessible, and finally extracting actionable value from it. This is where Dell EMC Isilon differentiates itself as the vehicle to simplify this process and enable data analytics that fully monetize data by enabling organizations to make better, timelier decisions.

      In this webinar, we’re going to discuss how Dell EMC’s modern infrastructure provides the ideal environment for getting the maximum value out of your data with analytics. You’ll hear from two of our customers who will discuss how Isilon has accelerated their digital transformation journey.

      Quotient, is revolutionizing the coupon industry with digital shopping analytics. Their Data Lake solution delivers personalized digital coupons and ads to 40% of US households driven by POS and online engagement of millions of shoppers. Quotient leveraged Isilon and Cloudera to keep up with extremely rapid data growth and speed delivery of analytics to constantly improve the digital experience.

      D-Wise, helps life sciences firms accelerate their drug development and clinical trials with increased speed and efficiency. Their SAS analytics solutions sitting on top of Isilon deliver a flexible, high performance, and affordable platform that handles the most data-intensive computations while making it easier for clinical statisticians to derive insights.

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    • Workforce Transformation
      Workforce Transformation Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 14 2018 2:00 pm UTC 12 mins
    • The Workplace is transforming. Brought on by the Digital Revolution.
      Today more and more people work outside a traditional office space.
      Work is no longer a destination but an activity. One where users of technology expect more and also where with innovation in workplace technology can enable people more than ever before to be productive, creative and most importantly support workplace and technology wellness in the workplace.
      Highlights include:
      • Key Research insight on trends in the workplace
      • How to enable productivity in the Workplace
      • Dells PC Ecosystems and focus on enabling a Productive, Secure, Manageable workplace

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    • Accelerating Big Data Insights with Dell EMC & Hortonworks
      Accelerating Big Data Insights with Dell EMC & Hortonworks Armando Acosta, Dell EMC & Saptak Sen, Hortonworks Recorded: Nov 15 2017 5:30 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Hadoop’s data analytics capabilities offer tremendous potential for deriving new and differentiated business insights. But, many organizations get bogged down with the DIY infrastructure decisions and fail to keep up with the evolving needs of their business. Dell EMC and Hortonworks can help organizations get past this challenge with proven and certified architectures which allow them to confidently deploy high performance, scalable analytics enabling solutions in just days. Together, Dell EMC and Hortonworks can support organizations looking to get more value from their existing installations or quickly deliver new high value solutions for ETL offload, Single View, or the Internet of Things.

      Join Dell EMC and Hortonworks as we discuss how to help organizations get past the challenges of keeping up with new and differentiated business insights by using proven and certified architectures that will allow organizations to deploy high performance and scalable analytics.

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    • Transform Enterprise File Services with Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage & CTERA
      Transform Enterprise File Services with Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage & CTERA Jim Crook, Ctera; Brian Giracca, Dell EMC Recorded: Nov 2 2017 4:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Enterprise File storage is facing massive disruption. Explosive data growth, mobile workforce, shadow IT, and ransomware present unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide. For global corporations the dream is to have data accessible to all users worldwide simultaneously. This data needs to be geographically distributed and protected and mechanisms must exist to keep the data synchronized worldwide as well. A combination of File System access and object storage is a perfect combination. This is why CTERA’s Cloud Gateway with Sync & Share capabilities and Dell EMC ECS are such a great combination.
      In this session you will learn how the joint solution addresses today’s business challenges such as:
      •Launching a variety of storage-as-a-service offerings
      •Integrating endpoint, office and cloud file services
      •Increasing productivity while maintaining data security and integrity
      •Replacement of file servers, tape backup and other proprietary systems
      •Providing cost effective and cloud intergraded enterprise file services

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    • Gestione dei PC
      Gestione dei PC Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 5 2018 2:00 pm UTC 5 mins
    • Sappiamo che la tua priorità è fare in modo che gli utenti finali siano produttivi. In quest'ottica, gestire con efficienza i sistemi è estremamente importante. Non è semplice, però, destreggiarsi tra implementazioni, configurazioni, conformità e accessi.

      Con Dell diventa tutto più semplice. Abbiamo sviluppato prodotti e servizi pensati per garantire la massima efficienza nel funzionamento dei sistemi, in modo che tu possa dedicare tempo e impegno agli aspetti più strategici e importanti del tuo business.

      Segui questo webinar per scoprire come Dell semplifica la gestione dei sistemi e consente ai clienti di risparmiare tempo, denaro e risorse in tutto l'ambiente PC. Punti salienti affrontati dal webinar:
      • Streaming e automazione con Dell Client Command Suite
      • Integrazione out-of-band di Intel vPro nella soluzione
      • Nuove e potenti capacità di approvvigionamento

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    • PC Management
      PC Management Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 5 2018 2:00 pm UTC 5 mins
    • Wir wissen, dass die Produktivität Ihrer Endbenutzer zu Ihren obersten Prioritäten gehört. Deshalb ist ein gutes Systemmanagement so wichtig. Hinsichtlich Bereitstellung, Konfiguration, Compliance und Zugriff stets auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben, ist dabei keine leichte Aufgabe.

      Mit Dell gelingt dies ganz einfach. Wir haben Produkte und Services entwickelt, mit denen Sie maximale Effizienz aus Ihrem System herausholen können. So bleibt Ihnen mehr Zeit für die Erledigung strategischer Aufgaben in Ihrem Unternehmen.

      In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit Dell das Systemmanagement vereinfachen und es Ihren Kunden ermöglichen, Zeit, Geld und Ressourcen in der gesamten Rechnerumgebung zu sparen. Highlights sind unter anderem:
      • Streaming und Automatisierung mit Dell Client Command Suite
      • Integration von Intel vPro Out of Band in die Lösung
      • Leistungsstarke neue Funktionen für das Provisioning

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    • Gestión de PC
      Gestión de PC Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 5 2018 2:15 pm UTC 5 mins
    • Sabemos que mantener la productividad de los usuarios finales es el objetivo principal. Por eso, es muy importante contar con una buena gestión de sistemas. No obstante, puede ser difícil mantener el control de la implementación, la configuración, el cumplimiento normativo y el acceso.

      Dell puede simplificarlo todo para usted. Hemos desarrollado productos y servicios que mantendrán sus sistemas en funcionamiento con la máxima eficacia, de modo que pueda dedicar tiempo y trabajo a las áreas más importantes y estratégicas de su negocio.

      Únase a nosotros en este seminario web para descubrir cómo Dell simplifica la gestión de sistemas y permite a nuestros clientes ahorrar tiempo, dinero y recursos en todo su entorno de PC. Algunos puntos destacados incluyen:
      • Streaming y automatización con Dell Client Command Suite
      • Integración de Intel vPro fuera de banda en la solución
      • Nuevas y potentes prestaciones de aprovisionamiento

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    • Gestione del ciclo di vita dei PC
      Gestione del ciclo di vita dei PC Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 5 2018 2:30 pm UTC 9 mins
    • I dipendenti vogliono la tecnologia più adatta alle modalità e al luogo in cui lavorano. L'IT vuole sicurezza, gestibilità e rispetto del budget.

      Dell può dare una mano a entrambi. Con soluzioni come PC as a Service e il portafoglio di prodotti più ampio disponibile sul mercato, possiamo aiutarti a trasformare questa sfida in un'opportunità. Le nostre soluzioni soddisfano i dipendenti e l'IT, garantendo il massimo livello di sicurezza e affidabilità per il business e per le persone ne fanno parte.

      Parleremo di questi e altri argomenti nel webinar on-demand sulla gestione del ciclo di vita dei PC.
      Punti salienti affrontati dal webinar:
      • Equilibrio nel supportare gli utenti finali e le risorse IT.
      • Riduzione del carico e dei costi della gestione dell'IT lungo l'intero ciclo di vita dei PC.
      • Riduzione al minimo dei problemi relativi alla gestibilità e dei costi complessivi di gestione.

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    • PC-Lebenszyklusmanagement
      PC-Lebenszyklusmanagement Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 5 2018 2:30 pm UTC 9 mins
    • Mitarbeiter fordern die richtige Technologie, um überall und auf ihre Weise arbeiten zu können. Der IT geht es vor allem um Sicherheit, Verwaltbarkeit und darum, das Budget einzuhalten.

      Hier kann Dell helfen. Mit Lösungen wie PC as a Service und dem umfassendsten Produktportfolio können wir Ihnen dabei helfen, diese Herausforderung in eine neue Chance umzuwandeln. Wir helfen Ihnen dabei, Ihre IT und Mitarbeiter zufriedenzustellen. Gleichzeitig verbessern wir die Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit Ihres Unternehmens und aller Beteiligten.

      Diese und weitere Themen besprechen wir im On-Demand-Webinar zum PC-Lebenszyklusmanagement.
      Highlights sind unter anderem:
      • Ausgeglichener Support von Endbenutzern und IT-Ressourcen
      • Weniger Zeit- und Kostenaufwand beim IT-Management über den gesamten PC-Lebenszyklus hinweg
      • Weniger Probleme beim Management und geringere Gesamtbetriebskosten

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    • PC as a Service
      PC as a Service Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 5 2018 2:15 pm UTC 6 mins
    • Die geschäftlichen Anforderungen entwickeln sich weiter, besonders jetzt, da sich unsere Arbeitswelt in einem stetigen Wandel befindet. Weniger Komplexität, höhere Mitarbeiterproduktivität und mehr Flexibilität zählen hier zu den wichtigsten Anforderungen. Daher werden die „As a Service“-Modelle für das PC-Management auch immer beliebter. Eine Partnerschaft mit Dell ist dabei enorm sinnvoll für Sie.

      Denn mit Dell wird alles einfacher. Unser PC as a Service-Modell reduziert den Zeit- und Kostenaufwand für das PC-Management. Es handelt sich dabei um einen flexiblen Ansatz, mit dem Sie nicht dazu gezwungen sind, vorgegebene Anforderungen einzuhalten.

      In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie mehr über Dell PC as a Service und wie Sie damit eine speziell auf Ihre geschäftlichen Anforderungen zugeschnittene Lösung erstellen. Highlights sind unter anderem:
      • Eine einzige Lösung für Hardware, Software, Lifecycle Services und Finanzierung
      • Auswahl aus einem breiten Angebot an Systemen, die auf die tatsächliche Arbeitsweise Ihrer Mitarbeiter ausgelegt sind
      • Ihr persönlicher Services Delivery Manager als zentraler Ansprechpartner

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    • PC as a Service
      PC as a Service Dell EMC Upcoming: Nov 5 2018 2:15 pm UTC 6 mins
    • Le esigenze aziendali sono in continua evoluzione, soprattutto in un periodo come questo dominato dalla trasformazione della forza lavoro. È sempre più importante evitare le complessità, garantire la produttività dei lavoratori e rimanere flessibili. Questo spiega perché il modello "as a service" è sempre più diffuso e apprezzato. E perché conviene stringere una partnership con Dell.

      Con Dell diventa tutto più semplice. Abbiamo sviluppato un modello PC as a service che riduce il carico e i costi della gestione dei PC. Si tratta di un approccio flessibile che non ti costringe a rispettare una serie di requisiti prestabiliti.

      Segui questo webinar per scoprire come il PC as a service di Dell ti permette di progettare una soluzione esclusiva adatta alle esigenze del tuo business. Punti salienti affrontati dal webinar:
      • Un'unica soluzione che combina hardware, software, servizi per il ciclo di vita e finanziamenti
      • Un'ampia gamma di sistemi concepiti per il modo di lavorare effettivo delle persone
      • Un Service Delivery Manager personale che rappresenta l'unico punto di contatto

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