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    • Discount Tire & Agile Data Integration: Evolve Architecture for Business Benefit Discount Tire & Agile Data Integration: Evolve Architecture for Business Benefit John Racer, Discount Tire; Rob Myers, Informatica Recorded: Nov 10 2015 6:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • As the largest independent tire dealer in the US, Discount Tire goal is to become a top retailer and fend off competitive pressures, empowering customers and employees. Discount Tire’s business vision needs to be supported by agile and modern IT systems to support business agility and growth. A key aspect of this goal is to rapidly deliver high data quality to support improved decision making.

      The Discount Tire Data Architect will discuss how Discount Tire has been modernizing its IT architecture to support its business goals. Particular emphasis will be put on how the Discount Tire team has been evolving their data management systems to facilitate this business transformation and to support different types of projects. The Discount Tire modernization journey includes: Data Warehousing and Analytics, legacy application migration to SAP, implementing new applications on SAP HANA as well as Data Warehouse modernization. As part of their Data Warehouse modernization efforts, Discount Tire is moving from a traditional data warehouse to a hybrid architecture supporting deep analytic capabilities based on a standardized set of business semantics.

      The Discount Tire expert will describe initiatives undertaken to improve Data Integration development agility and increase operational confidence. He will also share best practices at Discount Tire to improve SLAs and data quality, in support of better decision making by the business.

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    • Reduce Costs and Capture more Discounts on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Reduce Costs and Capture more Discounts on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Scott Harrison Sr. Director America's ISVs, SAP, Brian Shannon Chief Strategy Officer, Dolphin, Vishal Awasthi Chief Technolo Recorded: Nov 18 2015 4:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Want to capture early payment discounts from vendors and have better control over cash flow? Dolphin Advanced Approvals is a modern and responsive solution that enables users to quickly approve Accounts Payable invoices and manage exceptions anytime, anywhere using any device.

      Our experts will show you how to save significant time and cut cost out of the Accounts Payable process.

      In this Webcast:

      - Learn how enabling users to approve invoices quickly ensures the organization can capture more vendor discounts and lower invoice processing costs

      - Discover how extending SAP applications with invoice approval solutions can improve transparency and control over organizational spending and cash flow

      - Leverage the power of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to quickly transform outdated, manual processes with minimal administration and support effort

      - Increase user adoption with modern, responsive solutions that provide a consistent user experience on a desktop or mobile device reduces

      Featured Speakers:

      Scott Harrison
      Sr. Director America's ISVs, SAP Global Partner Operations, SAP SE

      Brian Shannon
      Chief Strategy Officer, Dolphin

      Vishal Awasthi
      Chief Technology Officer, Dolphin

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    • Investment Trust Quirks…And How To Manage Them Investment Trust Quirks…And How To Manage Them Best Advice: Closed-end Fund Forum Recorded: Jun 13 2012 12:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Advisers have traditionally been put off investment trusts by perceived complexity. In reality, closed-ended funds are no more complex than open-ended, but it is worth examining the ‘tricks of the trade’ and how expert investors in investment trusts manage the quirks of investment trusts, notably discounts, liquidity and governance. Investors will also talk through where they use investment trusts and where open-ended funds might be more appropriate.

      Jackie Beard, Morningstar (Moderator)
      Julian Cane, F&C Investments
      James Moseley, Winterflood Securities
      Peter Walls, Unicorn
      William Hemmings, Aberdeen Asset Management

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    • Hands-on Demo: Engage and Motivate your Customers with a Loyalty Program Hands-on Demo: Engage and Motivate your Customers with a Loyalty Program Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo Recorded: Apr 21 2016 9:30 am UTC 59 mins
    • Reward programs are a highly effective way to attract new customers, build better relationships with your existing ones and increase customer lifetime value. In this hands-on demo, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, will show you how to engage and motivate your customers with a loyalty program integrated into your retail solution, and we will demonstrate different techniques to increase loyalty among your customers.

      What Will You Learn?
      - How to create a Loyalty Program and reward your customers based on their purchases.
      - Effective ways to create different rewards like gift cards, gift vouchers, customer management and special discount and promotions.

      Who Should Attend?
      - Roles with business responsibility in processes regarding loyalty programs in the Retail industry, for instance, Marketers, Store Managers, CIOs, CMOs, Merchandise Managers, etc.

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    • Learn the Seven Guiding Principles to Improve Engagement Learn the Seven Guiding Principles to Improve Engagement Ryan Phelan & Sundeep Kapur Recorded: Mar 17 2016 5:30 pm UTC 56 mins
    • Learn how to engage your subscribers and customers with these easy and proven guidelines! Advice from the pros!

      In a recent Adestra survey of over 1,200 consumers, 48% of respondents said that discounts/coupons are the reason they subscribe to a companies email. Email continues to grow and evolve into both an effect and personal way to communicate with consumers. The amount of messages the consumer received continues to grow dramatically. What is it going to take to drive success in 2016 and what can you do to stop just selling "stuff" and work on providing the subscriber what they want.

      Join this energetic and fun webinar with Ryan Phelan, VP of Marketing with Adestra and Sundeep Kapur, Author & Educator from emailyogi.com as we discuss
      * Delivering on personalization & relevance
      * Focused segmentation
      * Improved deliverability
      * Connecting channels
      * Responsive, adaptive, & interactive
      * Continuous improvement through testing & surveys
      * Anticipating the next transaction

      This will be an energetic discussion and with it being on St. Patrick's day, we expect to have a lot of fun!

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    • Addressing Retailers' Demands and Industry Trends with a Store Solution Addressing Retailers' Demands and Industry Trends with a Store Solution Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo Recorded: Jun 4 2015 9:30 am UTC 56 mins
    • During this webinar, Elena Martínez, Retail Specialist at Openbravo, will explain how the renewed Openbravo Commerce Suite addresses the demands of retailers and customers as well as the latest industry trends through its powerful and modern store solution. In addition, she will showcase some of the new features included in the latest product release from Q2, which includes loyalty management, price breakdown in cost and margin, discount coupons and several fraud control features.

      What Will You Learn?
      - How to address the retail industry trends as well as retailers' and customers' demands with a modern store solution.
      - Examples of specific features included in the latest product release from Q2.

      Who Should Attend?
      - Business Areas Directors
      - CIOs
      - IT Administrators
      - Consultants

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    • Marketing Technology: Cost of ownership and return on investment Marketing Technology: Cost of ownership and return on investment Stewart Rogers; Director, Marketing Technology VB Insight Recorded: Mar 11 2015 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Speakers:
      Stewart Rogers: Director, Marketing Technology; VB Insight
      Tia Newcomer: Vice President, Marketing; Cord Blood Registry
      Ryan Steingard: Director, Retention Marketing; Zulily


      A complete report on the current state of cost, payback and return within marketing technology.

      In this edition of the State of Marketing Technology, we look at the total cost of ownership across the most popular martech categories and show the ROI attributable to each of them.

      Which categories and tools provide the biggest return, and which are a waste of money?

      Which are the most expensive to own?

      Which tools might be best suited to your size of organization, and which should you discount from your selection criteria?

      And how do ROI levels change during different stages of marketing and sales?

      We also look at different approaches to marketing technology management, including insights on the shift from on-premise to cloud-based solutions, and uncover the reality of how many marketing technology projects fail to return on their investment.

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    • Improve your bottom line via your AP function Improve your bottom line via your AP function Cassandra Gholston Recorded: Jul 24 2014 4:00 pm UTC 20 mins
    • Your AP function pays the bills, but how else does it impact your business? For example, is AP saving your business money each month? Is it positively impacting your profit margins? Is it optimizing cash flow? Is your AP function as efficient as it can be?

      Join us to learn the top reasons why AP impacts your company’s success and how to maximize it:
      •Realize all available discounts and reduce late fees
      •Maintain profit margins via accurate cost measurement and controls
      •Achieve full visibility into all liabilities
      •Improve internal controls
      •Reduce errors and fraud
      •Maximize productivity across your business

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    • Intro to Global Content Marketing: Understanding Localization & Translation Intro to Global Content Marketing: Understanding Localization & Translation Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Diana Ballard, and Peter Argondizzo Recorded: Jul 31 2014 5:30 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Ninety-six percent of the world’s consumers do not live in the United States. This important fact is not lost upon American business executives, especially those looking for new ways to increase corporate revenues. That’s why many US firms have their sights set on emerging international markets. They’re developing partnerships and setting up shop in nations around the globe. It’s an exciting time. The opportunities are many.

      But, in a global economy, getting the right content to the right people at the right time in the right format and language can be challenging. It takes hard work — and a global view — to do it right.

      Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 10:30am PT for a free, one-hour web presentation for content marketers seeking to understand the role of translation and localization in a global marketplace. Three knowledgable international content experts — Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Diana Ballard, and Peter Argondizzo — will work together to demystify the role of content in a mobile, global world of business. You’ll learn what you can do to ensure your content works for the largest number of people possible, regardless of where they live or what languages they speak. And, you’ll learn why the way of the rules we were taught about content may actually prevent us from communicating effectively across cultural and language barriers.

      Bring your questions. This is going to be a great opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best and brightest on the subject.

      Attendees will receive a discount code for Content Marketing World 2014, September 8-11 in Cleveland, Ohio, The event is the largest of its kind and this year features an entire track dedicated to global content strategy issues for content marketers.

      This program is sponsored by Logos Group, where excellence in translation is more than a slogan. Learn more at www.logos.net

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    • (DK) Churn analysis and Loyalty (DK) Churn analysis and Loyalty Henrik Hammer Recorded: Mar 11 2014 8:00 am UTC 43 mins
    • (The webinar will be hosted in Danish)
      Many companies run loyalty programs for their customers. Customers in the programs receive discounts and special offers in return for doing business with you. In Denmark the amount of loyalty programs has seen a significant increase – resulting in a highly competitive market. Customers are churning from the programs. The cross sell and up sell revenue from these programs are declining – while the cost for aintaining the programs is increasing. Often customers develop a fatique an immunity to marketing initiatives in the program because they are treated with a one-size fit all message.

      We can improve all of the above by intelligently looking at the cross sell and churn
      patterns of your customer base. This allow us to focus retention efforts on customers
      with a high Customer Life Time Value and a high propensity to churn.

      Stay in contact on Linkedin:

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