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    • Join us for a lively and informative webinar that explores the evolving role of the pharmacist and pharmacy services.

      Topics include:
      •Medicines optimisation and the evolution of pharmacy
      •Medicines optimisation: looking ahead
      •Hospital Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Project (HoPMOp)
      •Practice Pharmacist Initiative

      Wicked Minds are delighted to have the following speakers presenting:
      • Professor Ray Fitzpatrick, Centre for Medicines Optimisation, Keele University
      • Heidi Wright, English Practice & Policy Lead, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
      • Professor Ann Jacklin, UCL Centre for Medicines Safety and Service Quality (TBC)
      • Ravi Sharma, Head of Primary Care Integration and Lead GP Practice Pharmacist at Green Light

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    • Emerging Markets - Evolving Strategies for Portfolio Implementation Emerging Markets - Evolving Strategies for Portfolio Implementation Brendan Maton Recorded: Jul 3 2012 9:00 am UTC 65 mins
    • Investing in Emerging Markets is hardly a new concept for investors across Europe; most investors now recognise the potential long term returns benefits of including emerging markets exposure within their portfolios. Although the story remains compelling, we believe there is a shift in dynamics that could change the way we invest in emerging markets.

      Emerging markets have "grown up", the larger emerging market companies have become more correlated to the rest of the world while many sovereign debt issuers have established enviable fiscal positions. It has also become more challenging to find active managers who have capacity along with a strong track record of out performance. For equity investors this has led to strong inflows into passive emerging markets strategies, a quest for a broader emerging market exposure, and a plethora of new passive approaches to accessing emerging markets. In fixed income the time is now ripe to bring indexing discipline to a maturing market.
      We will share our insights on:
      • Changing dynamics and governance needs in Emerging Markets
      • Alternative approaches to Emerging Markets; news indices, access through developed market exposure
      • Efficient implementation given the changing dynamics
      • The growing suitability of index strategies to local currency Emerging Debt Markets

      There are many things to consider when investing in Emerging Markets. Northern Trust’s experts will highlight the evolving opportunity set, ways in which to get exposure and some of the new alternatively weighted indices. Finally we will take a look at implementation strategies for getting efficient beta exposure to emerging markets.

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    • The Evolving DataTech Landscape: Spend, Trend and Impact The Evolving DataTech Landscape: Spend, Trend and Impact Bruce Biegel, Justin Schuster Recorded: Apr 21 2015 5:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • As marketers in the digital age, it is important to understand the complexity and new demands of today’s evolving data landscape. In this webinar, Bruce Biegel, senior managing director at Winterberry Group will examine today’s evolving data landscape and the trends that marketers and suppliers need to be thinking about for 2015 and beyond. Based on new research from Winterberry Group, Mr. Biegel will also provide deeper insights into the impact of the $11.5 billion (and growing) U.S. market spend on data, data technology and data services across the direct mail, email and display channels.

      Attendees will leave this session with a deeper understanding of the changing marketing data landscape, how to tackle the complexities of marketing technology and what needs to be accomplished to deliver best in class data-driven marketing programs.

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    • The Evolving Security Threat Landscape:  Trends, Outlook and Next Steps The Evolving Security Threat Landscape: Trends, Outlook and Next Steps Don Smith, Technology Director Recorded: Oct 21 2014 11:00 am UTC 55 mins
    • The webcast will take you on a journey through the threat landscape, taking in sights such as the latest activity on trojans and viruses, how the ‘bad guys’ are stealing intellectual property through the use of malware and the future of cyber warfare.

      During this webcast, Technology Director, Don Smith, will present intelligence gleaned from the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU). He will discuss the rise of advanced persistent threats, and how the security threat landscape is evolving and what you can do to keep pace.

      What are the motives of the threat actors, and what could make your organisation a target? Don will provide pragmatic advice on what you can do to protect your critical information assets and reduce the risk.

      Key webcast topics include:

      •Evolution and revolution in the cyber landscape

      •War stories and examples from the coalface - An analysis of threat intelligence we have gathered

      •Inferences, conclusions, and the road ahead: what are the qualitative outcomes of our findings and how can these help inform your security strategy

      Dell SecureWorks processes more than 70 billion security events across thousands of networks around the globe on a daily basis, leveraging the Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team who perform in-depth analysis of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

      This global visibility and unmatched expertise enables early warnings and actionable security intelligence to customers to protect against threats and vulnerabilities before they impact their organisation.

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    • NHS governance in a rapidly evolving landscape of health and social care NHS governance in a rapidly evolving landscape of health and social care Paul Stanton, visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at De Montfort University, Leicester Recorded: May 22 2015 10:00 am UTC 61 mins
    • By the third week of May we should all know the composition of the next government. Whichever party or parties assume power, the next government will need urgently to confront a demand resource collision that threatens the continued existence of the welfare state and of the NHS itself.

      It has long been apparent that, as the House of Lords Select Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change made clear in 2013: "England has an inappropriate model of health and social care to deal with the needs of an ageing population ... By 2030 the number of people who are 85+ will have increased by 100%' compared to 2010".

      The argument for greater coherence and integration of health and social care commissioning and provision is driven as much by considerations of coherence and quality as it is by financial necessity. As the Five Year Forward View has already made clear there may be ‘local choice between radical options', but not a choice between the maintenance of the status quo and a radical option. For NHS commissioners and providers (across all specialisms) the challenge is to grasp the opportunity to shape new local forms of integrated commissioning and service development.

      The NHS organisations that survive and thrive in such a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace will be characterised by proactivity, agility and their eagerness to embrace new forms of strategic partnership.

      This Webinar will consider the specific governance challenges that will confront Boards and Governing Bodies in an evolving cultural context where, as Stevens recently observed, “my institution right or wrong is not going to be what’s required from the service’s new generation of leaders".

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    • The Evolving Threat Landscape: Advanced Persistent Threats The Evolving Threat Landscape: Advanced Persistent Threats Stephen Brennan, CSC Global Technical Consulting Lead and Robert Tavares, Trend Micro VP Recorded: Oct 30 2014 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • No industry or organization is safe from today’s advanced persistent threats (APTs). APTs are stealthy, insidious and mutate quickly targeting high-value assets within the target organization, such as financial data, trade secrets and source codes. A 2012 Ponemon study of 56 large US organizations concluded there are 1.8 successful attacks per organization per week with a median cost of cybercrime at $8.9M. With conventional security not being able to keep up and with industry and governmental regulations changing and growing in complexity, a new approach of security is needed to quickly detect, shut down and block APTS.

      We invite you to listen to CSC’s, Global Technical Consulting Lead, Stephen Brennan and Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery experts discuss how CSC’s Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) leveraging Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery toolset helps organizations:
      • Quickly detect evolving and sophisticated “zero-day” malware and other APTs
      • Protect their most critical information assets and intellectual property from damage, data loss and downtime
      • Continuously monitor their entire network 24x7x365

      Register today for this informative event and you would win a $100 AMEX gift card by attending.

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