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    • Discover Hidden Cyber Threats with Network Forensics, presented by FireEye
      Discover Hidden Cyber Threats with Network Forensics, presented by FireEye Bill Cantrell, Vice President of Network Product Management, FireEye Recorded: Jun 28 2018 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Many modern cyber attacks routinely bypass firewalls and other perimeter defenses, leaving security professionals to play “whack-a-mole,” beating down threats as quickly and efficiently as they can. A network forensics strategy can give security professionals visibility into network traffic, and allow them to quickly find the threats hiding in their network.

      Join Bill Cantrell, Vice President of Network Product Management at FireEye, to get insight that will help you:

      • Understand the benefits of a network forensics strategy
      • Leverage network forensics to improve security and increase traffic visibility
      • Gain insights into how network forensics improves incident response times and reduces risk of loss
      • See how network forensics enables retrospective threat hunting

      Date and Time: Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. PT/ 11:00 a.m. ET

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    • FireEye in 2017
      FireEye in 2017 Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific CTO, FireEye Recorded: Apr 7 2017 5:00 am UTC 31 mins
    • Over the years the security market has evolved, as has the threat landscape. The threats have changed from being a nuisance, to ones that are specifically targeted to carry out activity such as theft of intellectual property, exposure of sensitive customer data, or holding the victim to ransom. Organisations need to keep evolving their security program to keep up.

      There are several challenges that FireEye has observed that reduce the ability to self-discover and operationalise response to breaches: lack of visibility, lack of intelligence, too many tools, too many alerts or not enough expertise.

      Join us in a live webinar and listen to Bryce Boland, FireEye's Asia Pacific CTO, as he describes how FireEye in APAC can support organisations in overcoming all these challenges, learn about the new platforms FireEye has to offer and the intelligence required to build a next generation security program.

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    • FireEye Global Threat Response – How we Protect the World
      FireEye Global Threat Response – How we Protect the World Tim Wellsmore, Director, Government Security Programs, Mandiant International, a FireEye Company Recorded: Oct 22 2018 2:00 am UTC 57 mins
    • Most approaches to the global cyber security problem are usually focused locally inside separate organisations, who struggle to look out across the global landscape and effectively respond. National responses from government capabilities can be challenged by capacity and jurisdiction to truly understand the global threat environment, and to effectively respond. This presentation will highlight how FireEye utilises its various capabilities and threat focused teams from all parts of the business to build a cohesive global detection and response capability for the biggest global threats.

      This presentation will outline how we tactically respond within our internal capability teams, and across our customer base of 67 countries and how we keep the media, our customers and our government partners informed on the latest information. How we scale quickly to respond to WannaCry or NotPetya to ensure our Community Protection mandate is relentless maintained is an impressive story. This presentation will highlight how our FireEye technology arm and FireEye's subsidiary companies of Mandiant and iSight work seamlessly together in a global cyber threat event to bring our best against the world's most advanced cyber threat actors.

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    • IDC names FireEye as a Leader - MarketScape: APAC Threat Lifecycle Services 2018
      IDC names FireEye as a Leader - MarketScape: APAC Threat Lifecycle Services 2018 Rob van der Ende, Vice President Asia Pacific & Japan, Mandiant, a FireEye company Recorded: Aug 14 2018 3:00 am UTC 39 mins
    • The cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving. Attackers develop new tools and techniques to breach technology environments, faster than most defenders can keep up with.

      IDC, a leading industry analyst firm, recently published a report called ‘MarketScape: Asia Pacific Threat Lifecycle Services 2018’, which highlights how organizations are struggling to rapidly identify the threats that really matter, due to a lack of visibility into both insider and external threats.

      In this webinar we will share with you how FireEye addresses this challenge through access to unique threat intelligence, collated from all the breaches we have been investigating around the world for more than 14 years, learning and observing the human aspects of the attackers.

      We believe that more visibility into attacker behaviour across the organization leads to efficient and effective threat detection and supports thorough remediation.

      Find out how services that span the full threat lifecycle can counter the threats organisations face from adversaries and help them become more resilient to breaches.

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    • 【最新機能が満載】ファイア・アイWeb脅威対策製品「FireEye NX」まるわかりWebセミナー
      【最新機能が満載】ファイア・アイWeb脅威対策製品「FireEye NX」まるわかりWebセミナー FireEye Japan Recorded: Dec 14 2017 1:00 am UTC 41 mins
    • セキュリティご担当の皆様

      昨今のセキュリティ攻撃は、ますます高度化が進んでいます。企業、組織のお客様がこうした脅威に対抗するべく、ファイア・アイのWeb脅威対策製品「FireEye NX」はどんどん進化をしています。


      つきましては、下記の通り、FireEye NXの最新機能で何ができるようになり、どういった脅威対策が可能になるのかを紹介するWebセミナーを開催いたします。

      本セミナーでは、ファイア・アイの会社概要、サンドボックス技術について、FireEye NXの基本機能を紹介した後、最新機能をわかりやすく解説します。標的型攻撃対策のポイントやファイア・アイの優位性などもお話させていただきますので、新たにセキュリティ担当になられた方、最新の脅威対策について知りたい方に最適な内容となっています。ふるってご参加ください。

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    • 【パートナー様向けWebセミナー】 FireEye NX 最新バージョン OS 8.0のご紹介と 提案のポイント
      【パートナー様向けWebセミナー】 FireEye NX 最新バージョン OS 8.0のご紹介と 提案のポイント FireEye Japan Recorded: Dec 14 2017 2:00 am UTC 38 mins
    • ファイア・アイ製品の販売に携わるパートナー、リセラーの皆様

      このたび、Web脅威対策製品である「FireEye NX シリーズ」の最新バージョン「OS 8.0」 がリリースされました。今回のバージョンでは、侵害後の水平展開の動きを検知できる「スマートビジョン」やアナリストの解析を支援するアラート画面の刷新など、他社製品と比べ格段に強力なセキュリティ機能が搭載されています。また、OS 8.0の性能を最大限に引き出す最新ハードウェアプラットフォームも合わせてリリースされます。
      つきましては、下記の通り、OS 8.0の新機能について詳細、および導入例やキャンペーン情報などをご紹介するWebセミナーを開催いたします。

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    • [Arabic] How FireEye Helix can deliver advanced capabilities to your org
      [Arabic] How FireEye Helix can deliver advanced capabilities to your org Yazan Hammoudah, SE Manager, MEA, FireEye Recorded: Apr 3 2018 11:00 am UTC 58 mins

      Most organizations have invested lots of money and resources into various security tools. The end result is an array of point products from different vendors that often don't work well together. FireEye Helix can help unify these existing investments while providing customers the ability to analyze and respond to alerts through a single centralized platform.
      With Helix, you get FireEye's top of the line MVX detection capabilities paired with industry leading iSight intelligence. The result is high fidelity, contextual alerts, and the ability to shift from detection to remediation immediately-both on the network and on the endpoint. You will be able to resolve attacks quickly and effectively and minimize any impact. At the end, you will see a demo of how Helix identifies and responds to an alert.

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    • Security Operation Platform: Une nouvelle réponse avec FireEye Helix
      Security Operation Platform: Une nouvelle réponse avec FireEye Helix Jerome Delaville, System Engineer, FireEye France Recorded: Mar 22 2018 1:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Les plateformes de sécurité présentent aujourd'hui beaucoup de challenges qui les rendent difficiles à gérer : manque de visibilité, trop volume d'alertes, peu de contextualisation… Le résultat est une perte d'efficacité, et de vitesse dans la prise en compte des incidents de sécurité.
      FireEye a conçu une plateforme de gestion des opérations de sécurité avec ces objectifs en tête, plus de visibilité, une meilleure lisibilité et une contextualisation de la menace, le but ultime étant de fournir une plateforme facile à déployer, à administrer et qui répond aux besoins d'aujourd'hui.

      Lors de ce webinaire nous couvrirons les points suivants :
      Comment HELIX centralise les opérations de sécurité :
      - Améliore la visibilité de bout en bout
      - Aide à la Priorisation et la contextualisation des alertes
      - Accompagne à la prise Prise de décisions et à la levée de doutes

      Nous terminerons par une démonstration de la plateforme à travers un Business Case réel et nous laisserons le temps aux différentes questions en live.

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    • APT33: Panoramica FireEye sulle attività cyber iraniane
      APT33: Panoramica FireEye sulle attività cyber iraniane Gabriele Zanoni, Systems Engineer, FireEye Recorded: Oct 11 2017 12:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Le recenti investigazioni condotte da Mandiant, la divisione di Incident Response di FireEye, combinate con le analisi del nostro servizio di Threat Intelligence iSIGHT, hanno fornito una panoramica completa sulle attività di un gruppo di Cyber attaccanti iraniani operante dal 2013.
      Durante il webinar, spiegheremo come questo gruppo di attaccanti sia stato coinvolto in attività di cyber spionaggio al fine di raccogliere informazioni strategiche di intelligence da aziende nel settore dell’aviazione e dell’energia, con il fine ultimo di mettere le informazioni trafugate a disposizione di uno sponsor statale o militare.
      Registrati al webinar per saperne di più!

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    • FireEye and Gigamon: How to Identify and Respond to Laterally Moving Threats
      FireEye and Gigamon: How to Identify and Respond to Laterally Moving Threats Fayyaz Rajpari, Senior Solutions Architect, FireEye and Druce MacFarlane, Director of Security Products, Gigamon Recorded: Sep 27 2018 5:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Detecting multi-stage attacks that move laterally through the internal network requires a pervasive, flexible and scalable security architecture. Adversaries will get into the network; the challenge is to detect, mitigate and stop their threat as soon as possible. Register for this webinar to learn how to identify and respond to laterally moving threats.

      Join Fayyaz Rajpari, Senior Solutions Architect at FireEye and Druce MacFarlane, Director of Security Products at Gigamon as they discuss how to:

      • Monitor the perimeter effectively and catch perimeter threats
      • Identify threats, even when they are encrypted
      • Monitor the network to identify and stop laterally moving threats
      • Protect your organization during each stage of a lateral attack lifecycle

      FireEye Network Security combined with the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform offers customers flexible deployment options and scalability for optimal threat protection. With network-side visibility and options for both inline and out-of-band deployments, APTs can be spotted and contained quickly and efficiently. The combination of FireEye Network Security and the Gigamon GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform architecture helps ensure traffic is analyzed and threats are detected in real time, allowing administrators to quarantine or delete harmful data before it damages their business operations.

      Learn more by registering for this webinar today!

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