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    • Salesforce for Oil & Gas: From the Ground to the Cloud Salesforce for Oil & Gas: From the Ground to the Cloud Derek Cooling, Irving Oil. Kristie Knox, Weatherford. Martin Leach, Salesforce. Recorded: Jul 26 2016 6:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Oil and Gas is a competitive business: commodity pricing, seasonal demand, supply availability, inventory costs, and delivery logistics can reduce margins to fractional cents.

      Join us on July 26th at 11:00 PST for a special webinar featuring Derek Cooling, Irving Oil, and Kristie Knox, Weatherford, as they share how they've digitally transformed their businesses to respond to industry challenges.

      Attend this live webinar to learn how Irving Oil and Weatherford have:

      · Accelerated commercial / wholesale product sales, account & contract management
      · Delivered powerful automation and apps to focus on the right opportunities
      · Built stronger relationships with their entire supply chain including rig and terminal management
      · Connected sales, service, credit, pricing, and back-office operations

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    • Microalgal removal of CO2 from flue gas Microalgal removal of CO2 from flue gas Xing Zhang Recorded: Apr 22 2015 11:00 am UTC 39 mins
    • Microalgal removal of CO2 from flue gas
      Various methods have been developed to remove CO2 from the flue gas of coal-fired power plants. Biological post-combustion capture is one of these. Microalgae may be used for bio-fixation of CO2 because of their capacity for photosynthesis and rapid growth. The ability of microalgae to withstand the high concentrations of CO2 in flue gas, as well as the potentially toxic accompanying SOx and NOx has been researched. Microalgal strains that are particularly suitable for this application have been isolated. Most of the research on algal bio-fixation has been concerned with carbon fixation strategies, photobioreactor designs, conversion technology from microalgal biomass to bioenergy, and economic evaluations of microalgal energy. This webinar considers current progress in algal technology and product utilisation, together with an analysis of the advantages and challenges of the technologies. It opens with a brief introduction to the theory of algal bio-fixation and factors that influence its efficiency especially in terms of flue gas characteristics, and then discusses culturing, processing technologies and the applications of bio-fixation by-products. Current algae-based CO2 capture demonstration projects at coal-fired power stations around the world are described.

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    • Coal and gas competition in power generation in Asia Coal and gas competition in power generation in Asia Dr Nigel Dong Recorded: Mar 18 2015 12:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • Competition between coal and natural gas for power generation has been observed to occur in North America and Europe in recent years, where the costs of the two fuels have played a key role in determining the relative competitiveness. It is perceived that such a competition could also happen in Asian countries. More importantly, as these countries are expanding their generation capacity to meet growing electricity demand, a key question is raised of whether coal or gas power plants should be built with priority. This webinar is based on a recent report published by IEA CCC, where the authors investigate nine Asian countries to seek to understand the mechanisms that drive the competition between coal and gas for power generation.

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    • Rationalize IT Applications & Improve Efficiencies with the Salesforce1 Platform Rationalize IT Applications & Improve Efficiencies with the Salesforce1 Platform Matthew Sheppard, Sr. Manager, Accenture | Matt Pitner, AVP, Oil & Gas, Salesforce Recorded: Mar 5 2015 4:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • Agility, Mobility, Innovation, Time-to-Market. Are these words that describe your ideal business application environment? Now, you can leverage the Salesforce1 Platform to rationalize your business applications. Join this webinar to:

      -Learn how to improve application efficiencies while reducing operating costs.
      -Hear a successful case study where a global Energy Company leveraged the Salesforce1 platform to reduce the number of applications used by one of its business units by 70% in just 4 months.
      -Explore how this cross industry solution can help you rationalize your IT business application landscape.


      Matthew Sheppard, Sr. Manager, Accenture
      Matt Pitner, AVP, Oil & Gas, Salesforce

      Who Should Attend:

      -IT leaders interested in IT landscape rationalization and IT cost reduction
      -Business leaders looking for improved efficiencies, agility, and mobility for their business applications

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    • Volatility in the Oil & Gas Industry: The Impact on Talent and Workforce Volatility in the Oil & Gas Industry: The Impact on Talent and Workforce Tony Rogers, Ph.D, Senior Consultant and Rebekah Kowalski, VP Sales Enablement and Solution Integration, Right Management Recorded: Mar 18 2015 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Precipitous drops in oil processes and prices have resulted in declines in drilling and exploration, causing a round of layoffs to be announced by those hit hardest in the downturn. Earnings are down for companies that have made record profits in recent years, forcing them to decommission rigs and sharply cut investments in exploration and production.

      Challenges related to commodity price shifts coupled with the impending retirement of senior leaders and skilled workers is forcing smart organizations to consider how they weather the downturn while still investing in talent development. How can leaders prevent the creation of supply gaps that will hinder their ability to take advantage of longer term energy innovation and sector growth?

      Join us for our upcoming webinar, "Volatility in the Oil & Gas Industry: The Impact on Talent and Workforce" to learn about talent strategies to help you be successful in the short term while creating long term opportunity for your organization. We’ll discuss:

      + Talent strategies for balancing short term pressures with long term growth potential
      + Using career development and outplacement as workforce strategies
      + Strategies for Leadership to communicate how to succeed amidst the volatility and instability of commodity markets

      Our thought leaders have over 30 years of experience building and delivering innovative talent strategies, development programs and outplacement services across the globe. Join us to hear them share their insights and recommendations for your organization.

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    • Procurement-as-a-Service: Future-ready solutions for the Oil & Gas industry Procurement-as-a-Service: Future-ready solutions for the Oil & Gas industry Mary Ellen Mitchell, Karthik H. Recorded: Apr 28 2016 4:30 pm UTC 38 mins
    • It’s interesting to see how today, various macro-economic factors are changing the procurement dynamics in the Oil & Gas industry.
      The strategic importance of sourcing, procurement and supply management has risen manifold with challenges encompassing; the need for a reliable knowledge and analytics ecosystems to handle vast quantities and scopes of capital project data, multiple risk factors related to workforce scarcity, stakeholder community, cyber-security, regional regulatory stringency and variability and global price volatility and increasing requirements for speed, agility and precision as energy companies compete to extract profits and advantage from the plethora of industry innovation opportunities now underway. Choice of an optimal procurement solution can impact the key operations & profitability of any and every company.
      Click here to know more about how Dell's Procurement-as-a-service solutions specifically designed for Oil & Gas industry are pre-empting some of the key trends in the industry to bring to you the future-ready BPO solutions that creates measurable impact to you core business.

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    • Fuelling Controversy: Transfer Pricing in Oil & Gas Industry Fuelling Controversy: Transfer Pricing in Oil & Gas Industry Ralph Cunningham - International Tax Review, Randy Price - Deloitte, John Wells - Deloitte Recorded: Dec 14 2012 3:00 pm UTC 103 mins
    • Please join this special ITR Webcast to gather key transfer pricing insights specific to the Oil and Gas Industry value chain. This dynamic presentation, led by Deloitte Tax LLP’s National Transfer Pricing Leaders of its Oil & Gas Industry, will cover three core areas:
      •A primer on the O&G industry segments (e.g. upstream, mid-stream, etc.), transfer pricing fundamentals, and transfer pricing issues specific to the O&G industry to broaden the general knowledge base of international tax and transfer pricing professionals
      •The rapidly expanding global shale/tight oil and shale gas play and highlight some of the transfer pricing issues inherent in these cross-border investments of oil companies.
      •Transfer pricing considerations of intragroup financing that highlights the challenges of pricing cross-border loans in this capital intensive industry.
      Given the complexity and variety of tax issues within this industry, this presentation should be the starting point rather than the finish line for all of your O&G Industry transfer pricing inquiries.

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    • Oil & Gas: Extend your real-time business using SAP in Remote Sites Oil & Gas: Extend your real-time business using SAP in Remote Sites Simon Spence, Sebastian Gueler and Gunther Manz from Dell and Mark Pyatt as guest speaker from SAP Recorded: Feb 18 2016 4:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • In December 2015, Moody's claimed a prolonged period of oversupply that will continue to keep oil and gas prices sharply low*. That means, oil and gas companies are faced with an enormous pressure to grow and stay profitable.
      There is a great opportunity to increase your process efficiency by utilizing technologies in Dell’s SAP solutions for the oil and gas portfolio, such as the liberation of remote locations using SAP Transaction Availability for Remote Sites (TARS) and Predictive Maintenance on SAP HANA integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) functionality and infrastructure.
      Join experts from SAP and Dell's SAP Practice for a free 45-minute webinar to learn how you can extend the use of SAP in remote, high-latency environments as a critical new piece in your ability to keep remote SAP users productive regardless of the connectivity issues or bandwidth of the environment.
      We hope you’ll join us to find out how Dell can help you innovate your business processes with cutting-edge SAP solutions for oil and gas.

      This webcast is interesting for all industries with remote locations, such as Utilities, Retail, Mining, Transportation, Farming, Forestry, Aerospace and Defense - and Oil and Gas will be used in this webinar as an example to explain how you can benefit from the integration of remote locations.

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    • How 700 Madison Gas and Electric employees are transforming their safety culture How 700 Madison Gas and Electric employees are transforming their safety culture Phil Nelson, Kevin Ellison Recorded: Mar 22 2016 3:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • Like many companies, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) used to gauge its safety performance solely by traditional measures – incidents and injuries. When the company committed to an aggressive journey to safety excellence leaders learned that world-class organizations measure safety differently. They look at the quantity and quality of the activities and engagements that prevent incidents. They know that error-proofing those leading indicator processes will deliver improvement in lagging measures, too.

      Join this event to learn how the MGE organization has involved everyone from its top leadership to front-line employees in shifting safety conversations from “what went wrong?” to “how are we going to do this right?” MGE Corporate Safety Manager Phil Nelson will join Caterpillar Senior Safety Consultant Kevin Ellison to share the step-by-step process behind the safety success story unfolding in Madison.

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    • Shale gas, public health and planning: five things to think about for shale gas Shale gas, public health and planning: five things to think about for shale gas Michael Stephenson, Director of Science and Technology, British Geological Survey, UK Recorded: Sep 22 2015 3:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • According the US Energy Information Administration, shale gas will provide half of the United States’ domestic gas by 2035. Shale gas is also well developed in Canada and being developed in South America and China. The economic benefits of shale are likely to cause other countries to look at this energy source. But shale gas is extracted by hydraulic fracturing which frees the gas from the tight shale and is different in scale and technique from more traditional ways of extracting oil and gas. What can local people expect from these sorts of operations and what do local planners, environmental engineers and health professionals need to know?

      In this webinar, Mike Stephenson will consider five important issues: noise and visual impact, truck traffic, air quality, groundwater contamination and induced earthquakes. He will look at the reasons why they occur, the effects they have, and aspects of their regulation – all explained in simple non-technical language.

      Prof. Mike Stephenson is Chief Scientist at the British Geological Survey. He has advised the UK government on shale gas and carbon capture and storage issues, and spoken at parliamentary events including at the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs. He has also contributed to debates at the UK Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering, and the European Parliament.

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    • IJGlobal European Oil & Gas Midstream roundtable. Sponsored by Natixis. IJGlobal European Oil & Gas Midstream roundtable. Sponsored by Natixis. IJGlobal and Natixis Recorded: Nov 19 2014 2:30 pm UTC 52 mins
    • European policymakers are renewing their attention to Europe’s energy sources.

      Russia dominates the supply of gas to Europe, and Europe has looked to reduce its dependence on Russia by turning to the Middle East and Central Asia.

      Now, new sources of gas from North America, Australia and even inside Europe offer the promise of increased diversity of supply. These include shale gas – both domestic and imported, and coal-bed methane deposits.

      At the same time, Europe is looking to pipelines from the Middle East and Central Asia to bypass potential supply black-outs.

      Join this European energy roundtable to assess the impact of European energy security concerns on infrastructure development and financing.

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    • Oil and Gas Industry The New Era of Cybercrime Oil and Gas Industry The New Era of Cybercrime McAfee, Lofty Perch, Honeywell Automation and Control Recorded: May 5 2011 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • In the year since McAfee's first report on the state of global critical infrastructure, the professionals charged with protecting these systems report that the threat has accelerated – but the response has not. Cyber exploits and attacks are already widespread. Whether it is cybercriminals engaged in theft or extortion, or foreign governments preparing sophisticated exploits like Stuxnet, cyber attackers have targeted critical infrastructure.

      In McAfee's pursuit to keep you safe in an ever connected digital world hear from experts who have witnessed the attacks firsthand and have been working with oil and gas customers to help secure their infrastructure against such threats.

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    • 5 Steps to Building an ERM Programme 5 Steps to Building an ERM Programme Mark Boult Director at DNV GL, Oil and Gas Recorded: Apr 21 2015 10:00 am UTC 62 mins
    • Risk management is an increasingly important
      business driver and stakeholders have become
      much more concerned about risk. Risk may be a
      driver of strategic decisions, it may be a cause of
      uncertainty in the organisation or it may simply be
      embedded in the activities of the organisation. An
      enterprise-wide approach to risk management
      enables an organisation to consider the potential
      impact of all types of risks on all processes,
      activities, stakeholders, products and services.
      Implementing a comprehensive approach will
      result in an organisation benefiting from what is
      often referred to as the ‘upside of risk’.
      The global financial crisis in 2008 demonstrated
      the importance of adequate risk management.
      Since that time, new risk management standards
      have been published, including the international
      standard, ISO 31000 ‘Risk management –
      Principles and guidelines’. This guide draws
      together these developments to provide a
      structured approach to implementing enterprise
      risk management (ERM)

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    • Winning Strategies to Mitigate the Changing Workforce Webcast | Dell EMC Winning Strategies to Mitigate the Changing Workforce Webcast | Dell EMC Sean Baird - Director, Industry Marketing, EMC Recorded: Sep 23 2016 5:45 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Attend this EMC webcast and explore key strategies to managing and providing access to critical asset information during the Big Crew Change.

      In today’s Energy industry, the workforce is undergoing tremendous change, as all sectors are facing the wave of employees retiring as part of the Big Crew Change. In the Oil & Gas industry, shakeups in the wake of lower oil prices have seen thousands of employees leaving companies. With the large exodus of subject matter expertise, managing and providing access to your asset information is more important than ever. During this webcast, we will explore the key strategies that ensure that you are able to survive without your most seasoned employees and are positioned to onboard new, less experienced employees in the future.

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    • 2015 Energy & Environment Industry Outlook 2015 Energy & Environment Industry Outlook Senior Consultant Jonathan Robinson and Research Manager Malavika Tohani Recorded: Mar 12 2015 2:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • The 50% decline in oil prices since August 2014 has shaken up the energy sector, with oil companies slashing investment in new exploration projects. However, the decline in price has raised wider questions about investment across the power sector, including gas and renewable energy.

      The efficient use of resources continues to be a hot issue, and technologies related to buildings, lighting and water continue to increase in prominence.

      Join the briefing to discover:
      - The top 15 trends that will impact the Energy & Environment sector in 2015
      - The role technology is playing in solving the challenge posed by global warming and scarcity of resources
      - Details of the evolution in business models currently taking place

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