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    • How to get the best out of H.264
      How to get the best out of H.264 Professor Richardson Recorded: Nov 17 2010 4:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The H.264 standard is popular because it can be used to compress video
      more effectively than older video coding formats. However, getting the
      best out of H.264 is not straightforward. There are many optional
      modes within H.264 and choosing these options creates a problem.
      Getting the best compression performance for a particular video
      segment involves evaluating all the possible modes, but this can be
      very computationally expensive.

      In this talk I will explain the trade-off between processing
      complexity and video compression performance in H.264 video codecs. I
      will introduce techniques for choosing a compromise between three
      inter-dependent factors: computational cost, compressed bitrate and
      video quality. Understanding these concepts makes it possible to get
      the best out of H.264 in practical situations.

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    • H. 264 Video coding tutorial
      H. 264 Video coding tutorial Iain Richardson Recorded: Mar 22 2010 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Video compression or video coding is essential to a wide range of products such as broadcast digital TV, DVD and Blu-Ray disks, internet video and mobile video. H.264 Advanced Video Coding is an industry standard format for compressed video which is key to many of these products. Participants in this webinar will learn how H.264 makes it possible to compress video through a combination of prediction, transforms and coding and will gain an insight into how to get the best from this popular compression format.

      About the presenter: Iain Richardson is the author of the two leading texts on H.264 Advanced Video Coding and is an internationally known expert in video compression. Director of Vcodex Ltd and OneCodec Ltd and Honorary Professor at RGU, Aberdeen, he is sought after as a speaker, consultant and expert witness on video compression technology.

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