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    • So You Think You Know The Cloud: Hosting Alternatives You May Not  Know About
      So You Think You Know The Cloud: Hosting Alternatives You May Not Know About Jeffrey Papen, CEO & Founder, Peak Hosting Recorded: Dec 17 2014 6:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • It seems like everything has been moving to the cloud. Given the popularity of the term and the concept, it’s not surprising that many companies assume that cloud hosting is their best—and perhaps only—option for optimal hosting performance. Yet the truth is, there are plenty of other viable choices out there, including managed hosting, colocation and even DIY.

      It all depends on a business’s unique hosting needs—what works for one company may not work for the next, because their goals and challenges are different. And despite its buzz-worthy status, the cloud may not be the best answer. They key to making the right choice is understanding each of those choices and knowing how to evaluate which option suits your business in terms of capabilities, cost and scalability.

      In this webinar, Jeffrey Papen, Founder and CEO of Peak Hosting, will guide you through the different hosting options available, sharing the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision that works for your business. He will cover:

      - Options for hosting your business or application - Cloud, DIY, and dedicated managed hosting
      - Why the disadvantages of the cloud outweigh the benefits
      - Why outsourcing isn’t a dirty word
      - What Operations-as-a-Service is and how you can benefit from this model

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    • The Changing Compliance Landscape
      The Changing Compliance Landscape Johan Hybinette, HOSTING CISO Recorded: Mar 19 2015 7:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    • A lack of manpower and a dearth of resources are often major obstacles for organizations striving to achieve and maintain HIPAA and/or PCI compliance. Compliance guidelines are complex and difficult to decipher, even for the most experienced IT professionals. Recent headlines regarding unprecedented security and compliance breaches are causing companies to examine compliance-as-a-service (CaaS) solutions offered by cloud providers. But with the myriad of options available, it’s difficult for companies to discern which CaaS best fits their needs.

      Join Johan Hybinette, HOSTING Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), as he discusses the benefits and risks associated with CaaS. Drawing upon his 20+ years’ of experience in information security and compliance, Johan will also offer tips for selecting the right CaaS for your business. Bring your questions and leave with the information you need to confidently invest in a CaaS solution.

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    • Planning for the Cloud
      Planning for the Cloud Bill Santos, President, HOSTING Advanced Solutions Recorded: Dec 18 2014 8:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Taking your first steps in the cloud shouldn't be a rush affair. Instead, you should have a detailed plan for your cloud adventure, and it should be tailored to your specific business goals. But what elements do you need in a plan? What should you expect from the cloud and the migration process? All of these are questions organizations face at the beginning of their cloud journey, and HOSTING is familiar with every one. Join Bill Santos, President of HOSTING Advanced Solutions, for a detailed webinar about planning for the cloud. He'll discuss same basics of the cloud and what challenges you might face, then he'll dive into the steps of cloud planning. Bring questions; he'll open a live Q&A at the end of the presentation.

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    • The Cloud is Here – Are You Ready?
      The Cloud is Here – Are You Ready? Michael McCracken, HOSTING Director of Professional Services Recorded: Nov 20 2014 8:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • Lately, everyone is talking about the cloud. Research organizations are spouting promising statistics about increased adoption and success of managed cloud platforms. Developers are using cloud technology to build innovative new platforms and launch their SaaS applications. With all this cloud chatter, many IT leaders are hard pressed to define their strategy and approach to the cloud. But is your organization ready? Before taking the leap, it’s important to understand your current technology environment and determine if the cloud is right for you. If yes, you have plenty of items on your cloud readiness checklist to attend to before you launch. Join Mike McCracken, Director of Professional Services for HOSTING, for an overview of what items to consider when conducting a cloud readiness assessment. Come armed with questions, because we’ll do a live Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation.

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    • Scary Facts About Online Security
      Scary Facts About Online Security Tricia Pattee, HOSTING Director of Managed Services Recorded: May 5 2016 4:00 pm UTC 29 mins
    • As the Internet of Things encourages businesses to embrace big data, IT professionals turn to online resources to house and manage applications. However, cyber attacks are increasingly becoming a matter of “when,” not “if,” leading IT professionals to seek robust security solutions. Still on the fence about whether your small to medium sized enterprise really needs that much protection? Join Tricia Pattee, Product Manager at HOSTING, for a 30 minute webinar about scary facts about online security you need to know. Bring your questions – we’ll host a Q&A at the end of the presentation.

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    • Finding Your Virtualization Sweet Spot
      Finding Your Virtualization Sweet Spot Alan Glazer, Cloud Product Manager, HOSTING Recorded: Feb 13 2013 8:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • The advantages to virtualization are vast, including reduction of capital expenses, elasticity, agility, high-availability, and ease of migration. There are a lot of options in the Cloud hosting space and understanding your company’s preferred “flavor” of the Cloud has become as critical as the platform you use.

      The flavors of the Cloud range from a customer-managed to a fully vendor-managed service. By partnering with third parties and managed hosting providers, companies are able to tailor their Cloud environment to complement their internal architecture and personnel capabilities.

      In this session we will dive into the flavors of the Cloud, identifying the challenges that customer-managed and vendor-managed services create and the solutions to help mitigate these challenges. Lastly, we’ll breakdown the attributes of the full “flavor” spectrum – allowing attendees to identify their virtualization “sweet spot.”

      Topics Covered:
      • How to create your own set of Cloud requirements
      • Looking at the type of Cloud Providers that exist
      • A closer look at customer-managed and vendor-managed solutions
      • Basic steps to move to the Cloud that best fits your requirements

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    • Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Hybrid Hosting
      Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Hybrid Hosting Paul Croteau, Enterprise Marketing Program Manager, Rackspace Hosting Recorded: May 16 2012 4:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Companies today are feeling pressure to move their business "into the cloud." At Rackspace we have a saying: "The cloud is for everyone but not everything." This presentation will cover differences between dedicated, cloud and hybrid hosting followed by five important questions every company should ask itself before making cloud-related moves. This presentation is conceptual and not vendor-specific; it is intended to be an overview for business decision makers and influencers and is based upon the presenter's many customer interactions with clients interested in virtualization, cloud and hybrid hosting.

      Paul Croteau has 20 years of I/T experience and has worked with companies including Accenture, EDS, Verizon and AT&T. He is now in his eighth year at Rackspace where he has worked extensively with customers of all sizes, most recently with a focus on enterprise businesses. Paul helped design some of the earliest hybrid solutions deployed at Rackspace including mission-critical configurations for some of the most recognized brands in the world.

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    • Navigating the Cloud Migration Minefield
      Navigating the Cloud Migration Minefield Bill Santos, President, HOSTING Advanced Solutions Recorded: Jan 29 2015 8:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    • Migrating an existing workload to a new Cloud platform is a critical and often risky task. Aggressive timelines, budget pressures, limited manpower, lack of expertise, impact to current systems, and poor project planning are common challenges for organizations facing a migration. The good news is that through advancements in technology, process, and people, migrating to the Cloud is now achievable, affordable, and safe. Join me. Bill Santos, President of HOSTING Advanced Solutions, for an informative webinar on how you can migrate to the cloud with confidence. Bring your questions – we’ll host a Q&A at the end of the presentation.

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    • Culture First – A Successful Organization’s “Secret” Formula
      Culture First – A Successful Organization’s “Secret” Formula Joel Daly, HOSTING COO Recorded: Dec 12 2014 8:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    • Research firms, tech giants and employees have spoken – culture is key to business success. At HOSTING, we understand the necessity of a dynamite culture for our clients and employees alike. We were founded by entrepreneurs, and that spirit is perpetuated by none more so than Joel Daly, our COO. A culture fanatic, employee advocate, trainer and constant student, Joel is the face of what makes HOSTING tick. In this 30-minute webinar, Joel will discuss the idea of “Culture First” as a core strategy to business operations. He’ll give examples of why HOSTING developed its unique culture and discuss the benefits of emphasizing culture within your own organization. Plus, there will be time for Q&A with the man himself, so bring your questions!

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    • How a catalog can drive business for MTDC & Hosting Provider
      How a catalog can drive business for MTDC & Hosting Provider Patrick Buech Recorded: Apr 28 2017 11:40 am UTC 5 mins
    • Putting the customer center-stage when defining the service portfolio is crucial in order to stay successful in a highly competitive market. However, service providers in the multi-tenant and hosting market need to leverage a new catalog-driven approach to drive their organization end-2-end: from order management, delivery and provisioning, to billing, accounting and finally, to operation.

      In this interview, service management expert Patrick Büch explains how to tackle today’s challenges and how to increase an organization’s flexibility and agility in terms of how services are offered to the customer.

      For more details, please see the further information in the section "attchments": Expert Paper and website link.

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    • Order out of Chaos: Avoiding the Migration Migraine
      Order out of Chaos: Avoiding the Migration Migraine Jeffrey Papen, CEO & Founder, Peak Hosting Recorded: Jan 28 2015 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • When your business has outgrown your current managed hosting provider, the logical thing is to search for something better. Change can be difficult and chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be.

      This webinar focuses on best practices for making your migration from the cloud as pain free as possible, including a discussion on what you need to know and ask of your migration provider to ensure it goes smoothly. As an example of this, we will outline Peak Hosting’s migration process, as well as discuss one of our customer migrations and why they chose to undertake it.

      You will learn:
      -What is involved in migrating from the cloud
      -What key things you need to know before your service provider migrates your infrastructure
      -How it is possible to seamlessly migrate a system, with no downtime
      -Why it’s important to plan your migration ahead of time, and how your hosting company’s engineers can help

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