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    • ISA 62443 Patch Management Overview and Methods for Zero-Day Threat Protection ISA 62443 Patch Management Overview and Methods for Zero-Day Threat Protection Joe Weiss, Managing Director for ISA99; William Cotter, Systems Engineering Specialist; Delfin Rodillas, Sr. Manager of SCADA Recorded: Apr 8 2015 4:00 pm UTC 67 mins
    • The growing presence of widely known and used Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) systems in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) provides an increased opportunity for cyber attacks against ICS equipment. Such attacks, if successful, could have severe impact to not only process availability but also safety. Patch management is one particular area of cybersecurity which requires special attention when applied to ICS. It is part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that increases cybersecurity through the installation of patches that resolve bugs, operability, reliability, and cyber security vulnerabilities. The ISA-TR62443‑2‑3 technical report, developed by the ISA 99 Working Group 6, addresses the patch management aspect of ICS cyber security. Also part of an effective strategy is the use of compensating cybersecurity controls to protect ICS systems from exploits and malware in between often long patching cycles. Novel network and host based technologies have recently become available to address even zero-day threats which bypass conventional signature-based approaches.

      Attendees of this webinar will leave with a better understanding of:
      -The unique aspects of ICS that entail a different and more rigorous approach to patch management than that used in business networks
      - An overview of the ISA 99 standards efforts with detail review of the main aspects of the ISA-TR62443-2-3 Technical Report on Patch Management in IACS
      - Advancements in compensating cybersecurity controls for protecting systems from zero-day threats

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    • Exposing Common Myths Around Cyberthreats to SCADA and ICS Exposing Common Myths Around Cyberthreats to SCADA and ICS Joe Weiss, Applied Control Solutions and Managing Director for ISA99; Del Rodillas of Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Jan 7 2015 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • While awareness over the need for improved cybersecurity in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) has improved in recent years, several inaccurate and dangerous assumptions about ICS cybersecurity best practices and the nature of cyber threats still persist. If held by organizations as fact, these myths could result in inadequate cyber-defensive measures and a high level of exposure to a range of attacks or even simple accidental cyber incidents both of which could have equally concerning consequences to process availability and safety.

      Join ICS cybersecurity experts, Joe Weiss and Del Rodillas, to learn about:

      - Common myths around cyberthreats to ICS and why they could be significant security gaps when held as truth
      - Select real-world examples that highlight the consequences when malicious actors successfully exploit these gaps
      - The more updated and accurate view to ICS cyberthreats as well as effective technologies which help asset owners build a stronger ICS security posture

      Joe Weiss, Managing Partner of Applied Control Solutions, Managing Director for ISA99

      Del Rodillas, Sr. Manager for SCADA and Industrial Control Systems Initiative at Palo Alto Networks

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    • Cyber Security of ICSs: What Is It and What Is Actually Happening Cyber Security of ICSs: What Is It and What Is Actually Happening Joe Weiss, CISM, CRISC, ISA Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, Applied Control Solutions, LLC Recorded: Oct 22 2015 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • ICSs (Industrial Control Systems) make up part of the “Internet of Things” and are used throughout the industrial infrastructures of electric power, water, pipelines, manufacturing, and transportation. ICSs are technically and operationally different than business IT systems. The policies, technologies, testing, and forensics used to secure IT may not be applicable to ICSs. For IT, Cyber security generally means malicious attacks using the Internet and targeting Windows systems. The same is not true for ICSs. There have already been more than 700 actual ICS cyber incidents causing impacts from trivial to significant environmental releases to equipment damage to deaths. However, very few of these incident have been identified as being cyber-related. This webinar will address what is ICS cyber security, why is ICS cyber security different than IT, what has actually been happening with ICS cyber security, and what should be done to help secure these critical systems.

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    • ISAs: Helping Early Birds to the Juiciest Profits ISAs: Helping Early Birds to the Juiciest Profits Lesley Hankin, Marketing Director, Marketing-hub.co.uk Recorded: Apr 26 2010 1:00 pm UTC 18 mins
    • Early bird ISA investors could be over £7000 better off than those who leave their decision until March, according to Fidelity FundsNetwork, yet only one in ten make their move at this time of the year. Using a five step plan, Lesley will outline how you can change that by contacting your own ISA clients simply, cost effectively and with maximum impact, to help as many as possible benefit from the potential which this tax year's increased allowance could bring.

      Lesley has a wealth of financial services marketing experience, gained almost entirely in the advisory channel. In a varied career, she has worked for a range of life, pensions, offshore and investment providers - most notably AXA Equity & Law, Framlington and, most recently, M&G - and also spent time with two national IFA firms. Just over three years ago, she joined the team which launched Marketing-hub.co.uk, a business set up to provide free marketing and business development support to financial advisers. Lesley is FPC qualified and holds the Diploma in Marketing.

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    • Who Turned Out the Lights? Managing Security in Key Systems Who Turned Out the Lights? Managing Security in Key Systems Eric Byres, P. Eng., ISA Fellow Chief Technology Officer, Tofino Security, a Belden Brand Recorded: Aug 15 2013 4:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • The susceptibility of critical SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) to security issues confronts many organizations. While it may be rare for an attacker to penetrate a control system directly from the Internet, corporate intranet connections, remote support links, USB keys and laptops all create pathways for the typical worm or hacker. Once inside, impacting an industrial control system is not difficult — in some cases, even the most basic scanning can wreak havoc.

      This talk will explore the key differences in the IT and ICS worlds and how this impacts security policy and technology. We will look at the standards available for SCADA and ICS security and contrast them with the ISO27000 security standards for IT. And we’ll look at what leading companies have done to be successful in the drive to a more secure and reliable industrial environment.

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    • A Ground-Breaking Structured Investment Kick-out Strategy: The 10:10 Plan A Ground-Breaking Structured Investment Kick-out Strategy: The 10:10 Plan Chris Taylor, Head of Strategic Development, Lowes Structured Investment Centre Recorded: Feb 25 2016 3:00 pm UTC 47 mins

      The 10:10 Plan is the first product co-operation series developed through Lowes Structured Investment Centre, in collaboration with independent provider Mariana Capital and global investment bank Societe Generale.

      Breaking new ground, by combining short term kick-out potential (from year 3) with an extended maximum term (of 10 years), The 10:10 Plan is designed to fundamentally:

      1) Maximise the likelihood of achieving positive returns for investors;

      2) Minimise the likelihood of investors experiencing capital losses.

      The 10:10 Plan offers 3 options for investors - across two different Plans (so, six options to choose from or diversify across).

      The comprehensive back-testing conducted for the Plan highlights its exceptional merits, with analysis of the defensive option of the FTSE 100 Index only linked Plan showing that it would NEVER have failed to generate positive returns for investors, if employed as an investment strategy on any day since the inception of the FTSE 100 Index, on 3rd January 1984! This is unparalleled - in any corner of the investment universe.

      The Webinar will provide: a background explanation regarding the structured investment sector and the popularity and success of kick out plans; a full inroduction and overview of The 10:10 Plan; present the back-test analysis, in detail; and consider other apsects of relevant research / due diligence.

      As the tax year end / tax year start, ISA / Pension 'season' approaches The 10:10 Plan surely warrants consideration for inclusion in the investment options that advisers are suggesting to their clients. The Webinar will also provide details of the marketing tool kit that is available to assist advisers in the marketing and use of the Plan, for both 2015/16 and 2016/17 tax years.

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