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    • The Role of FPGAs in SparK Accelerators The Role of FPGAs in SparK Accelerators Shreyas Shah, Principal Data center Architect, Xilinx Upcoming: Aug 29 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In the cloud computing era, data growth is exponential. Every day billions of photos are shared and large amount of new data created in multiple formats. Within this cloud of data, the relevant data with real monetary value is small. To extract the valuable data, big data analytics frame works like SparK is used. This can run on top of a variety of file systems and data bases. To accelerate the SparK by 10-1000x, customers are creating solutions like log file accelerators, storage layer accelerators, MLLIB (One of the SparK library) accelerators, and SQL accelerators etc.

      FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are the ideal fit for these type of accelerators where the workloads are constantly changing. For example, they can accelerate different algorithms on different data based on end users and the time of the day, but keep the same hardware.

      This webinar will describe the role of FPGAs in SparK accelerators and give SparK accelerator use cases.

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    • Using your Load Balancer for Application Performance Monitoring Using your Load Balancer for Application Performance Monitoring Ashish Shah, Director of Product, Avi Networks Recorded: Aug 25 2016 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Load balancers occupy an important position (in the path of application traffic) on the enterprise network. Yet, traditional application delivery controllers (ADCs) are unable to provide meaningful application insights to drive business decisions. Avi Networks’ software-defined architecture for load balancing separates the control plane (management layer) from the data plane (load balancers) to generate continuous insights about applications.

      In this 30 minute presentation from Avi Networks, learn how you can get rich analytics and actionable insights into end user experience, application performance, resource utilization, security, and anomalous behavior. See how you can benefit from:

      • A “Network DVR” to record and replay traffic events to pinpoint app issues
      • At-a-glance view of all virtual services throughout the system
      • Real-time visibility into DDoS attacks, SSL versions and ciphers used in transactions
      • Health scores that give you immediate feedback on application performance

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    • Información en línea de Aplicaciones y experiencia de usuario Información en línea de Aplicaciones y experiencia de usuario Raul Castillo Recorded: Aug 24 2016 3:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Hola Sr/Señora,

      Actualmente las Aplicaciones son el front del negocio hacia el usuario final (interno y/o externo), por ello elementos como: facilidad de uso, tiempos de respuesta y/o fallas en la transacción al tomar los servicios tienen incidencias directas en imagen, abandono de la transacción y por consiguiente perdidas de oportunidades e ingresos.

      Lo invitamos a este webinar donde podrá resolver las siguientes preguntas:

      ¿Puede su empresa conocer la experiencia de usuarios brindada a través de sus aplicaciones?
      ¿Tiene su empresa visibilidad de indicadores de experiencia de los usuarios que le permitan tomar decisiones y/o le permitan evidenciar la evolución del servicio?

      CA Technologies

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    • 9 Habits of Resilient e-Discovery Leaders, sponsored by kCura 9 Habits of Resilient e-Discovery Leaders, sponsored by kCura Doug Kaminski, Barclay Blair, Brian Stempel, George Socha, Tom Gelbmann Recorded: Aug 25 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • EDRM webinar sponsored by kCura

      9 Habits of Resilient e-Discovery Leaders

      e-Discovery is one of the most stressful, demanding, and high-stakes experiences that practitioners can go through. What do resilient e-discovery leaders do differently as they face setbacks or chronic adversity? The team will share insights into information leadership gleaned from their research and experience working with lawyers, technologists, and other IG professionals, helping organizations through the e-discovery process.

      * Barclay T. Blair, Executive Director and Founder, Information Governance Initiative
      * Doug Kaminski, Director, Major Accounts, Enterprise Sales, kCura
      * Brian Stempel, Director Litigation Technology, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

      George Socha, Co-Founder, EDRM and Managing Director, BDO
      Tom Gelbmann, Co-Founder, EDRM

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    • Fintech: Good and Bad News for Inclusive Sustainable Finance Fintech: Good and Bad News for Inclusive Sustainable Finance Hazel Henderson (FRSA) Recorded: Aug 22 2016 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • This presentation, FINTECH: Good and Bad News for Inclusive Sustainable Finance, will explore issues surrounding the rapid deployment of computerized electronic platforms, cryptocurrencies and algorithms now disrupting legacy financial firms and their models.

      Good News: this disruption was long overdue and welcome where it overturns inefficient, inequitable, over-priced services, democratizing lending, investment, banking, payments, remittance and widens easy availability of transactions. Widespread adoption of Blockchain-based distributed ledgers offer closer monitoring of financial ethics and performance. Bad News: this electronic, information-rich disruption of legacy finance ranges from algorithmic high-frequency trading (HFT) we explored for the UN Inquiry (2015) to the rapid co-option and buyouts of companies in the FINTECH 100 by the big legacy banks; the excessive run-up in pre-IPO valuations, focusing on big wins, short-term profits – evidence of the same excesses and unsustainable practices needing reform. Even the ingenious market-based reform in IEX’s platform’s technological designed “speed bump” which levels the playing field for investors also can be subverted to extort fees by unscrupulous firms. Vulnerability, internet and spectrum capacity as well as security issues need attention.

      While FINTECH offers so many opportunities for reforming and democratizing finance, the race is on to own and control these disruptive firms and their profits. Steering FINTECH firms toward globally inclusive, sustainable development goals as in the UN’s SDGs must now be built in. Ethical standards are key in optimal systemic design. How best to measure their social and environmental impacts, performance metrics and accounting, and monitor prudential architecture at global and national levels? How can we help design FINTECH for inclusive sustainable finance and markets?

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    • Masters of Mobile Data: Maximizing the Lifetime Value of App Users Masters of Mobile Data: Maximizing the Lifetime Value of App Users Aaron Price, SVP of Marketing, Expedia Upcoming: Aug 30 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Join us for Part 3 of this compelling 4-part series on mobile data. After all, it’s not news that when it comes to apps, consumers can be very fickle, engaging for one download and then abandoning the app. In many ways, an app marketer’s real job only begins after the install. Boosting engagement metrics and increasing the lifetime value of app users is what really matters more than ever.

      A compelling value prop and smart design are necessary but not sufficient to keeping people engaged. You also need to apply data and technology on an ongoing continuous basis to strengthen and sustain your user relationships, and in turn boost the LTV of the average app user by extending both their “lifetime” and their value. Furthermore, being proactive about managing churn, and retargeting users outside of the app itself, can mean the difference between success and failure.

      Join this exclusive VB Live event as experts from retail, hospitality and on-demand services demonstrate how to:

      * Use the right technology to maximize LTV of app users
      * Optimize each user engagement to avoid app abandonment and churn
      * Learn acquisition-engagement tactics such as: pre- and post-install segmentation, organic growth, retargeting and reward-based acquisition

      Speakers include:
      * Aaron Price, SVP of Marketing, Expedia
      * Rob Willey, VP of Marketing, TaskRabbit
      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
      * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Register today for this free executive session!

      Sponsored by: mParticle

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    • BotBeat: B2B and B2C use case for bots BotBeat: B2B and B2C use case for bots Jon Cifuentes, Analyst, VentureBeat Upcoming: Aug 30 2016 7:30 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Bots are more than just trendy. They’re increasingly becoming a smart business decision and one that more than just the big players are sitting up and noticing. From Foursquare’s Marsbot (eatery recommendations) to Uber (rides) to the many bots that plug in to Slack, it’s clear there is both a B2B and B2C purpose for bots.

      For Activision, using bots via Facebook to announce this year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare release to consumers netted them over 6 million messages between users. The beauty of bots, as Activision and others have discovered, is that they allow businesses greater access to increasingly mobile messaging consumers. Facebook is investing fully in the chatbot experience with brands including Staples, Bank of America, and Taco Bell.

      For both consumer brands and B2B companies, the time is now to consider the implications of bots for the bottom line.

      Join this panel of executive leaders as they discuss the use cases for bots for consumers and between businesses, including:

      • Elements of a successful bot strategy
      • Where consumers prefer to interact with bots
      * In-depth discussion of the B2B use cases for bots

      Speakers include:
      * Amir Shevat, Head of Developer Relations, Slack
      * Robert Hoffer, "The Bot Father"
      • Jon Cifuentes, Analyst, VentureBeat
      • Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

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    • How Software Eats Hardware in the Datacenter: Reducing Cost and Complexity How Software Eats Hardware in the Datacenter: Reducing Cost and Complexity Andy Ryan, Cloud Solutions Architect at vArmour Upcoming: Sep 1 2016 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • INTRO:

      As organizations move to virtual data centers and multi-cloud environments in a dangerous threat climate, they are faced with new security challenges they must overcome. But, they must do this without exponentially increasing the manpower, products, or resources they need, so they still get the most of their valuable security budgets. These challenges include:

      -Improving visibility inside data centers and cloud
      -Reducing the attack surface
      -Maintaining regulatory compliance standards.


      vArmour will explore trends in data center security that include the rise of software to replace firewalls inside the data center, segmentation and micro-segmentation as security techniques, and shifting ideas about how software defined networking that:

      -Eliminate under-utilized zones and choke points
      -Avoid costly hardware refresh cycles and on-going maintenance
      -Lower the time it takes to see and stop threats
      -Reduce the time and complexity to process security changes
      -Increase speed of secure application delivery


      Andy Ryan, Cloud Solutions Architect at vArmour

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    • A Journey Through the First 6 Months of Building a New Data Governance Program A Journey Through the First 6 Months of Building a New Data Governance Program Lori Kvasnicka, Dir. Data Governance, Sharp Healthcare & Susan Wilson, Enterprise Information Management Leader, Informatica Upcoming: Aug 31 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Sharp Healthcare, San Diego's health care leader, recently launched a data governance program from the ground up to ensure that they can meet the needs of the ‘Patient of the Future’. Through the first six months of their data governance program, they have learned a lot about what to do, how to maintain focus, and how to build the team around the cause. Join Lori Kvasnicka, Director of Data Governance at Sharp Healthcare, along with Susan Wilson, Enterprise Information Management Practice Leader from Informatica, as they tell you about the Sharp Healthcare journey and illustrate the hurdles that you may face as you begin your data governance plans.

      During the webinar, you will learn:

      • How to build your strategic and tactical plans with Informatica
      • How to get your team organized (and stay organized!)
      • How to get through phase one of your program and transition into phase two
      • What it means to reach your goals and how to keep the momentum going

      This Informatica data governance webinar will share best practices, critical insights from a successful journey, and will get you thinking about how to kick start your data governance program.

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    • Taming IT with SUSE Manager 3 & a touch of Salt Taming IT with SUSE Manager 3 & a touch of Salt Terri Schlosser & Joachim Werner Recorded: Aug 24 2016 2:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • As you look to transform your approach to infrastructure to capitalize on new innovations and data, you also face the challenges of increased complexity, costs and compliance. Join us to learn how SUSE Manager 3, the best-in-class open source infrastructure management solution - now with Salt integration can help you Tame IT. In addition to talking about the features and benefits of SUSE Manager, we will also take an in-depth look at the integration with Salt and the advanced configuration management capabilities it provides. We look forward to seeing you this interactive session.

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