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    • De waarde van Next Generation Security Platform
      De waarde van Next Generation Security Platform Fred Streefland Recorded: May 29 2017 12:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • De combinatie van complexe, moderne IT-omgevingen en een snel ontwikkelende bedreigingen maakt het voor veel bedrijven een uitdaging om kosten laag te houden en tegelijk de systemen te beschermen waarvan hun werk afhankelijk is.

      In veel gevallen zijn de uitdagingen het resultaat van te veel verschillende beveiligingsoplossingen die geen samenhang hebben in combinatie met een gebrek aan tijd en/of expertise.

      Organisaties in alle soorten en maten gaan deze uitdagingen aan door te zoeken naar manieren om hun beveiligingsinfrastructuur te bundelen, zodat ze hun beveiligingsbeleid kunnen verbeteren en de totale eigendomskosten (TCO) kunnen verlagen.

      Neem deel aan onze webinar waar we bespreken hoe het Next-Generation Security Platform van Palo Alto Networks uw organisatie in staat stelt om:

      - De bedreigings “footprint” te verkleinen
      - Bekende en onbekende aanvallen te voorkomen
      - Beleid aan gebruikers te verbinden

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    • SEP 14 Webinar Series: Easy Ways to Improve Your Security Posture
      SEP 14 Webinar Series: Easy Ways to Improve Your Security Posture Kirk Gibbons, System Engineer, Symantec Upcoming: May 30 2017 5:00 am UTC 30 mins
    • Effective communication between the network and the endpoint is critical to quickly identifying advanced threats and preventing the spread of infection. The more automated the process the less damage an attack can do.

      Join use to learn what tight integration between Symantec Endpoint Protection and Secure Web Gateway looks like. You will discover:

      •Why tighter integration between the network and endpoint improves security posture
      •How new REST APIs help orchestrate a rapid response at the endpoint
      •What the future plans are for new APIs, integrations, and global threat intelligence

      Lastly, watch a demo that showcases how easy it is to integrate Symantec Endpoint Protection and Secure Web Gateway and what orchestrated response looks like.

      We look forward to welcoming you in our webinar.

      Register today!

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    • Come proteggere le comunicazioni e-mail
      Come proteggere le comunicazioni e-mail Cristiano Cafferata Recorded: May 29 2017 1:30 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Le comunicazioni basate sulla posta elettronica sono un elemento fondamentale per fare business in modo efficace. Ecco perché le e-mail sono un vettore privilegiato per il sabotaggio delle reti e un trampolino di lancio per la diffusione di malware, tra cui ransomware e minacce zero-day.

      Questo webcast mostra come SonicWall Email Security – ora integrato con Capture Advanced Threat Protection – può fornire una protezione sandbox multi-engine basata sul cloud per le email dei tuoi clienti.

      Partecipa al webinar per scoprire come questa soluzione completa, flessibile e scalabile è in grado di:

      •Scansionare numerosi tipi di allegati e-mail per rilevare eventuali minacce avanzate
      •Analizzarli in una sandbox multi-engine
      •Bloccarli finché non viene accertata la loro natura
      •Installare rapidamente le signature di riparazione

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    • Conversational Technologies- The Catalyst For Customer Service Experience
      Conversational Technologies- The Catalyst For Customer Service Experience Sheryl Kingstone, 451 Research; Jordi Torras, Inbenta; & Phil Jennings, Ticketmaster Recorded: May 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • The shift of customer service from a cost center to an engagement center will spur investments in more intelligent automation and conversational approaches to service and commerce. With 76% of customers preferring digital channels to communicate with businesses, and roughly 40% choosing to chat with a business through SMS, social media or Facebook messenger, conversational technologies have forever changed the customer service experience. Learn first-hand, from industry peers, how smart chatbots are improving how businesses converse with customers, and nurture relationships across the customer journey.

      Join the 451 Group, Ticketmaster and Inbenta for this session to discover how:

      •Digital engagement will shift commerce and service from interactions to conversations [The 451 Group predicts that 80% of all customer interactions will eventually be contained in a self-service channel].

      •Customers want self-service options on their own terms, in their preferred channels, including SMS, web or mobile chat. [The 451 Group data shows 55% of survey respondents prefer self-serve tools to avoid calling a customer service agent]

      •How businesses like Ticketmaster leverage enterprise-class chatbots; key factors to include and what to to avoid when launching a chatbot pilot [55% of companies employ self-service solutions; and 26% say they plan to build a chatbot as part of their self-service strategy]

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    • Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to Identify Protected Health Information
      Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to Identify Protected Health Information Axel Wirth, CPHIMS, CISSP, HCISPP, Technical Architect, Symantec & Vishal Gupta, VP, Engineering/Product Management, Symantec Upcoming: Jun 1 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Part 2 of 7: The NIST Cybersecurity Framework Healthcare Webinar Series

      Of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors, healthcare is the only one yet to adopt a formal cybersecurity framework. That may be about to change.

      Join Symantec on June 1 for the second webinar in our series around how healthcare organizations can adopt the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

      In this webinar – Using the NIST CSF to Identify Protected Health Information (PHI) – we will look at the Identify function, knowing that you cannot protect what you don’t know you have.

      Healthcare organizations need to identify digital systems, what data they hold, how it is used, and what value it holds before they can make the right decisions on how to protect it under their Risk Management program.

      This webinar will look at technical and administrative controls that reflect your mission and operations and why it must be the first step in protecting your sensitive data and patient information.

      During this webinar we will:

      -Discuss how to successfully implement an asset and risk management strategy that incorporates all of your hardware, software, and data to gain complete visibility of your organization’s assets

      -Provide a practical guide for healthcare organizations to navigate through the 5 categories within the Identify function

      On-Demand Webinar Series:
      - Part 1 of 7: Demystifying NIST Cybersecurity Framework for Healthcare Series http://bit.ly/Part10209WebinarNIST

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    • Vulnerability Intelligence Eine wichtige Komponen
      Vulnerability Intelligence Eine wichtige Komponen Thomas Todt, Senior Sales Engineer DACH, MEA & Eastern Europe Recorded: May 24 2017 12:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • Software Vulnerability Management ist eine Herausforderung für die IT- und Informationssicherheitsstrategie Ihres Unternehmens. Hunderte neue Schwachstellen pro Woche machen das Thema zu einem Albtraum für Sicherheitsprofis. Die Informationen zu sammeln, zu prüfen und sie den relevanten Personen als Grundlage für die Risikobewertung zur Verfügung zu stellen ist eine weitere Herkules-Aufgabe. Doch es geht auch einfacher:

      *Was ist Vulnerability Intelligence?
      *Wie kann Vulnerability Intelligence Manager eingesetzt werden, um die Herausforderungen zu meistern?
      *Wie managen Sie Software Vulnerabilities effektiv?

      Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil, um einen Überblick über Vulnerability Intelligence und den Wert für Ihr Unternehmen zu gewinnen. Lernen Sie, wie Sie die Sicherheit Ihrer Anwendungen mit Vulnerability Intelligence Manager effektiv steigern.

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    • 2017 IBM Government Analytics Forum Livestream
      2017 IBM Government Analytics Forum Livestream IBM Upcoming: Jun 1 2017 12:30 pm UTC 300 mins
    • More data was created in the last two years than in the history of humankind, and data keeps growing exponentially. Organizations and industries aren’t always able to analyze and utilize it effectively, but in the new era of cognitive computing, the opportunity exists to ingest massive volumes of data, extract insights and transform government. Commonly referred to as artificial intelligence, cognitive computing – or augmented intelligence – has the potential to reveal insights so that government can do what it does best: focus on mission outcomes.

      The advancements in open data, analytic capabilities, cognitive computing and cloud infrastructure options are enabling government to reimagine how to interact with and improve the lives of warfighters, veterans, employees and citizens. In the cognitive era, government agencies can enhance processes; realize actionable insights; uncover the previously unknown from structured and unstructured data; and yield better decision-making to address the many challenges our nation faces.

      Join us at the 2017 IBM Government Analytics Forum and begin your journey with advanced analytics, cloud systems and cognitive computing. Gain insights from government and industry experts on the vision for a cognitive government. You’ll leave with tools and best practices you can employ today as we co-create and transform government to:

      • Improve citizen engagement and experience
      • Realize the digital future of defense and intelligence
      • Modernize IT and reduce operational costs
      • Build government’s data science knowledge base
      • Design an open government that inspires innovation

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    • Credential Theft:  A Perspective From the FBI & Unit 42 Threat Intel Team
      Credential Theft: A Perspective From the FBI & Unit 42 Threat Intel Team SSA John Caruthers, FBI & Jen Miller-Osborn Palo Alto Networks Recorded: May 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Even the most sophisticated adversaries know it’s far easier to steal credentials and use them for covert activities than it is to locate a zero-day vulnerability in an external-facing system. Plus, since attackers will take the easiest path, most breaches still rely on stolen credentials.

      Join the FBI and our own Unit 42 threat intelligence team as they present their insightful perspective on the cyberthreat landscape in 2017, with an emphasis on credential-based attacks and phishing. In addition to presenting their unique attack lifecycle, they will:

      * Identify trends and techniques in methods used for credential theft and abuse.
      * Review how cybercriminals have changed their tactics to compromise networks.
      * Examine who is being targeted, and why.
      * Discuss techniques to stop credential leakage.
      * Review the FBI’s role in combating this destructive attack.

      Defending against cyberattacks is tough enough, especially when attackers pose as authenticated users on your network.

      Join the FBI and Palo Alto Networks® Unit 42 to learn what to do when you discover intruders on your network, and how to prevent their attacks from succeeding

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    • Simplify Disaster Recovery Plans with DataON & Windows Server 2016 SDS Solution
      Simplify Disaster Recovery Plans with DataON & Windows Server 2016 SDS Solution DataON – Howard Lo, Microsoft – Ned Pyle, Western Digital – Kris Menon, Mead & Hunt – Joseph Anich Recorded: May 25 2017 5:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • With the launch of Window Server 2016, new storage enhancements bring revolutionary new features within reach of every organization with its software-defined feature setup.

      Storage Replica is one of those new features in Windows Server 2016. For the first time, Windows Server offers the peace of mind of zero data loss, with the ability to synchronously protect data on different racks, floors, buildings, campuses, counties, and cities. Before and after a disaster strike, Storage Replica offers you the ability to switch workloads to safe locations prior to catastrophes when granted a few moments warning with no data loss.

      Mead & Hunt is a leading engineering firm that chose a DataON and Windows software-defined solution. They replaced their aging SAN with DataON CiB storage, optimized for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V in a ReFS environment.

      The webcast will explore the following topics:

      •How Mead & Hunt was able to consolidate and simplify their storage environment, eliminating increasing SAN maintenance costs while increasing performance

      •How Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016 allows you to setup storage-agnostic, block-level synchronous replication between clusters or servers for disaster recovery

      •Best practices on how to deploy Storage Replica, with real-world examples from Mead & Hunt’s deployment

      Presented by:
      DataON – Howard Lo, VP of Sales and Marketing
      Microsoft – Ned Pyle, Program Manager
      Western Digital – Kris Menon, Business Development Manager
      Mead & Hunt – Joseph Anich, Systems Administrator

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    • Hunting From Network to Endpoint (Hunter Spotlight)
      Hunting From Network to Endpoint (Hunter Spotlight) Ryan Nolette, Hunter and security technologist at Sqrrl Recorded: May 25 2017 6:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    • Ryan Nolette, Sqrrl's hunter and security technologist, will break down:
      • Determining what endpoints to investigate in a hunt
      • Pivoting from network to endpoint investigations
      • Essential tools and best practices for endpoint hunting

      About the hunter:
      Ryan is Sqrrl's primary security technologist and expert. He has previously held a variety of roles including threat research, incident response consulting, and every level of security operations. With over a decade in the infosec field, Ryan has been on the product and operations side of companies such as Carbon Black, Crossbeam Systems, SecureWorks and Fidelity. Ryan has been an active speaker and writer on threat hunting and endpoint security.

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    • Sales Analytics: How to Build a Data-Driven Sales Strategy
      Sales Analytics: How to Build a Data-Driven Sales Strategy Joe Clarke, UK Sales Manager - Tableau Recorded: May 24 2017 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Tableau is the one of the leading players in analytics, and like any company, Tableau needs to make decisions about sales data. As a data company, we’re always on the hunt for the best way to look at sales information to help make decisions about quota, territory management, and must-win deals.

      In this webinar, see how the sales team at Tableau have made sales analytics and dashboards part of their team daily routine. We're going to dive deep into the dashboards that sales leverage to manage their time, measure performance, collaborate globally, strategically target territories, and more. Joe Clarke, Tableau's UK & Ireland SalesManager will show you how sales performance management is obtained and adopted across the organisation.

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    • 5 More Things You Can Do with a Security Policy Management Solution
      5 More Things You Can Do with a Security Policy Management Solution Jonathan Gold-Shalev Recorded: May 23 2017 3:00 pm UTC 28 mins
    • Today’s enterprises are continuously evolving to support new applications, business transformation initiatives such as cloud and SDN, as well as fend off new and even more sophisticated cyber-attacks on a daily basis. Many network and security professionals believe that they need latest and greatest new tools to address these challenges. But what if you already have what you need, up and running in your organization? Today’s security policy management solutions do a far more than automate traditional change management tasks.

      Following on from last month’s webinar, Product Manager Jonathan Gold-Shalev will present 5 more ways you can use a security policy management solution to manage security, reduce risk and respond to incidents, while maximizing business agility and ensuring compliance across your disparate, ever-changing, hybrid networks.

      In this technical webinar Jonathan will focus on how to:
      •Automatically discover and map application connectivity
      •Migrate application connectivity to another data center, the cloud, and throughout the development lifecycle
      •Enhance C-level visibility
      •Ensure your disaster recovery firewalls are secure and up-to-date
      •Plan new for applications and application changes even before your server exists

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