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    • US Patent Reform Forum: Industry perspectives;  ITC proceedings;  Kappos Keynote US Patent Reform Forum: Industry perspectives; ITC proceedings; Kappos Keynote 1)Sherry Knowles, principle, Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies and Gary Griswold 2)Judge Paul Michel Recorded: Mar 27 2012 2:45 pm UTC 153 mins
    • 10.50am An Industry Perspective: We lobbied the cause; the act was passed – where did we land?

      • Case notes from the pharmaceuticals and life science industry perspective
      • Comparative reflections from the IT and software industry
      • Discussions on implications of AIA for the future of patenting
      • Advantages of trade secrets in the light of AIA: Considering recent trade secrets case law
      and developments

      11.50 Key considerations: The Joinder Provision; ITC proceedings and the new rules on false marking
      • Will the Joinder Provision of AIA result in more ITC filings?
      • Analysisng the relationship between post-grant procedures, litigation and ITC investigations
      • Pros and cons of ITC under AIA
      • Is this the end of false marking litigation and how will or should ‘Competitive Injuries’ be
      • A look at the opportunities and risks in the new enforcement landscape

      12.50pm Keynote address: David Kappos, undersecretary of commerce for intellectual property and director of the USPTO

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    • Integriertes Netzwerkmanagement: Einfach, automatisiert, sicher und stabil Integriertes Netzwerkmanagement: Einfach, automatisiert, sicher und stabil Tobias Balfanz, PreSales Consultant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Allessandro Soloperto, Senior Consultant, ITC Recorded: Apr 29 2016 8:30 am UTC 55 mins
    • Die Anforderungen an die IT sind klar definiert: Anwendungen sollen schneller, qualitativ hochwertiger und fehlerfrei entwickelt und zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Diese Anforderungen können nur durch eine effektive Integration der IT-Werkzeuge erfüllt werden – auch im Netzwerk.

      Ist die heterogene Netzwerkinfrastruktur aufgebaut, muss diese sicher und stabil betrieben werden. Neben dem Fehler- und Verfügbarkeitsmanagement sind auch die Disziplinen Performance- und Traffic-Management, sowie das Konfigurationsmanagement in Kombination mit dem Compliance-Management zur Einhaltung von fremden und eigenen Richtlinien notwendig.

      Um die beschriebenen Netzwerkmanagement-Anforderungen abzudecken, gibt es viele unterschiedliche Werkzeuge. Typischerweise sind diese oft nicht – oder nur mangelhaft – integriert. Dies hat zur Folge, dass die reibungslose Netzwerküberwachung im laufenden Betrieb scheitert, da die Pflege der isolierten bzw. nicht integrierten Systeme sehr arbeitsintensiv ist. Eine oft verfolgte Best-of-Breed-Strategie ist hier also nicht zielführend.

      Die Netzwerkmanagement-Lösung von Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), bestehend aus dem Network Node Manager i (NNMi) und dem Network Automation (NA), ist eine vollständig integrierte Softwarelösung, um die heutigen Netzwerkmanagement-Anforderungen abzudecken und die Arbeitsaufwände zu reduzieren.

      Erfahren Sie in unserem kostenfreien Live-Webinar mehr über die Lösung von HPE anhand von konkreten Anwendungsfällen unserer Kunden.

      Das Webinar findet in deutscher Sprache statt.

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    • ITC Standards for Satisfying the Domestic Industry Requirement ITC Standards for Satisfying the Domestic Industry Requirement Maureen Browne, Ashley Miller, Steven Haines Recorded: Dec 16 2009 5:00 pm UTC 66 mins
    • This webinar focuses on the type of complainants that qualify to use Section 337. As the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit have rendered decisions that make the district courts less attractive for patent litigation by non-practicing entities, their attention has turned to the ITC. There are several cases before the Commission right now that have raised very important questions regarding where the Commission should draw the line for satisfying the so-called Domestic Industry requirement. Panelists will provide an overview of Commission law on this topic, summarize the recent cases and discuss the policy and strategic implications for litigants.
      Panelists: Maureen Browne and Ashley Miller, Covington & Burling and Steven Haines, Legal Director, Seagate Technology

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    • Brexit: The Impact on Your International Patent Filing Strategy Brexit: The Impact on Your International Patent Filing Strategy James Nurton Recorded: Oct 18 2016 2:00 pm UTC 69 mins
    • Join RWS inovia and Managing IP Magazine for a complimentary webinar as we discuss Brexit and implications for the Unitary Patent (UP), the Unitary Patent Court (UPC) and other important patent related issues.

      The UP was established with the intent of providing a single European patent covering 26 nations. With the recent vote for Brexit, there is uncertainty as to when and how the UP will come into force. If it does, it may not include the UK, one of the largest economies in Europe.
      How will this affect your patent portfolio? Join us for the discussion!

      The webinar will be moderated by James Nurton, managing editor, Managing IP and will feature Reinhard Ottway, CEO of RWS Group, Gary Smith, former Director of the PCT at WIPO, and Justin Simpson, Founder of inovia as they discuss the following topics:

      Following Brexit what are the implications for the UK, Europe, and beyond?
      How will this affect your filing and enforcement strategies?
      How will this impact the cost of receiving patent protection?

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    • The Stimulus Bill - Structured Tax Incentives The Stimulus Bill - Structured Tax Incentives Vicky McDowell, Greg Jenner, Kevin Pearson Recorded: Nov 4 2009 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    • Presenters:
      Vicky McDowell, ITC Grant Program
      Greg Jenner, Stoel Rives LLP
      Kevin Pearson, Stoel Rives LLP

      The Treasury Grant under Section 1603 has been a game changer for the Renewable Energy market. Most people are familiar with the basics of the Treasury grant; however, many questions have arisen about how the grant will work in practice:

      * How will Treasury interpret various standards, including starting construction and placed in service?
      * How will Treasury police recapture events?
      * What changes might be expected regarding disqualified persons?

      Join us for a discussion of these and other pressing questions.

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    • Pitalls & Strategies in Protecting your IP Rights in Africa Pitalls & Strategies in Protecting your IP Rights in Africa Simon Brown, Kevin Curran, Charles Macedo, Jenny Pienaar, James Nurton Recorded: Apr 6 2016 3:00 pm UTC 66 mins
    • Broadcasting live from the MIP Africa Roadshow taking place on April 6 in New York, this 60 minute webinar will discuss the vastly different approaches needed to effectively protect your IP rights in Africa.

      Topics include:
      •The last frontier: How African laws and systems are evolving in an ever-changing world
      • Adopting strategies for protecting and enforcing IP rights in Africa – unique challenges
      • Navigating vastly different approaches across territories in order to effectively protect IP rights
      • Gaining traction from the significant economic improvements that have occurred in many
      African economies

      Presenters: Simon Brown, partner and chair of trade marks department, Adams & Adams; Kevin Curran, global IP counsel, Ascensia Diabetes Care; Charles Macedo, partner, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein; Jenny Pienaar, partner - trade mark litigation, Adams & Adams; James Nurton, managing editor, Managing Intellectual Property.

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    • Magic IP Strategy Answers for IP Counsel Magic IP Strategy Answers for IP Counsel Barry Brager, Managing Partner, Perception Partners; Michael Loney, Americas Editor, Managing IP Recorded: Apr 13 2016 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • The presentation is about a magic eight (ball). Not quite the answer machine you knew as a kid, but similar.

      Today your clients expect outside counsel to manufacture answers on demand. Answers about extrinsic risks, expressed in terms of what client stakeholders are doing in legal, technology and business terms. And they may want you to bring the answers to the table before they commit to the firm. You can't just shake the old 8ball for answers but you also can't cost-effectively predict problems before they arise. Or can you?

      Spend 45 minutes with Anaqua to hear from World Leading IP Strategist Barry Brager as he discusses 8 factors of insight you can bring to the table in your client development - far in advance of your next client win.

      Barry is a Certified Licensing Professional that brings a unique combination of expertise in entrepreneurship, analytics and marketing to the firm’s diverse teams, tools and techniques. In his role, Barry helps clients fully leverage innovation and IP strategy with a range of Expert Services from IP creation to IP monetization that have supported decisions related to billions in IP transactions.

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    • Corning TransportoCells™, A Novel “Thaw and Go” Cell-based Transporter Model Corning TransportoCells™, A Novel “Thaw and Go” Cell-based Transporter Model Na Li Recorded: Mar 31 2014 4:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • SLC transporter-mediated drug–drug interactions (DDI) can significantly impact the pharmacokinetics and safety profiles of drugs. The regulatory agencies (FDA/EMA) recent guidance documents recommend testing six SLC transporters for potential DDI: OATP1B1, OATP1B3, OAT1, OAT3, OCT1 and OCT2. The 2013 drug transporter white paper published by the International Transporter Consortium (ITC) identified additional drug transporters relevant to drug development, including the Multidrug and Toxin Extrusion SLC transporters: MATE1 and MATE2-K. The webinar will introduce a novel cell-based SLC transporter model system - the recently launched “Corning™ TransportoCells™” - for studying regulatory agency recommended SLC transporters. The new system provides a convenient “thaw and go”, high performing mammalian cell model which supports regulatory agency recommendations for evaluating transporter mediated drug-drug interactions in vitro. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the product validation and applications for the TransportoCells™ transporter model system. Validation data will also be presented for the newly available MATE1 and MATE2-K Corning™ TransportoCells™.

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    • Effective obviousness arguments in district court and PTAB Effective obviousness arguments in district court and PTAB Robert A. Surrette, President, McAndrews, Held & Malloy; Mary Elizabeth Mauro, Intellectual Property Counsel, Stryker Corp Recorded: Nov 4 2015 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Managing IP’s upcoming webinar ‘Effective obviousness arguments in district court and PTAB’, held in association with McAndrews, Held & Malloy, will take place on November 4 at 5:00pm London time (12pm Eastern/11am Central/9am Pacific).

      In this webinar speakers will discuss:

      •Obviousness: the evolving legal standard and its policy rationale
      •What PTAB/district data tells us (does not tell us) about trends in obviousness holdings
      •Patent holder tactics to combat obviousness during prosecution and after
      •Strategies for challenging and defending a patent with no validity presumption and a broadest reasonable interpretation
      •Best practices for petitioners at the PTAB and defendants in litigation
      •Practical tips for deploying and combating the objective indicia of non-obviousness

      Confirmed speakers:

      •Robert A. Surrette, President, McAndrews, Held & Malloy
      •Mary Elizabeth Mauro, Intellectual Property Counsel, Stryker Corporation
      •Michael Loney, Americas editor, Managing IP (moderator)

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    • Pitfalls in Post-Grant Trials Pitfalls in Post-Grant Trials Eugene Perez & Gerald Murphy, partner, Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch LLP; Michael Loney, Americas editor, Managing IP Recorded: May 12 2015 8:00 pm UTC 66 mins
    • Managing IP’s next webinar, run in cooperation with Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch LLP, will take place on May 12 at 4pm (eastern standard time); 1pm (pacific standard time) and will discuss ‘Pitfalls in Post-Grant Trials’.

      The popularity of USPTO post-grant patent trials have only increased. Whether the PTAB institutes an inter partes review, a post-grant review, or a post-grant validity review of qualified business method patents, each trial has procedural pitfalls with considerable strategic considerations during the Second Phase of the trial (from the institution decision to the final written decision by the Board). This webinar will explore the most common mistakes the third party petitioner or patent owner during the 2nd Phase, with an explanation of key decisions by the PTAB (including those posted on the USPTO microsite) as well as the Federal Circuit. The focus will be on discovery, the patent owner motion to amend, oral hearing, and estoppel.

      Speakers include:
      •Michael Loney, Americas editor, Managing IP (moderator)
      •Eugene Perez, partner, Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch LLP
      •Gerald Murphy, partner, Birch Stewart Kolasch Birch LLP

      With post-grant trials becoming increasingly popular, having an in-depths understanding of the pitfalls and challenges is essential for sustaining a strong presence in the market place. The live audience will be able to ask questions of the speakers during the webinar, which will be in English and will last one hour.

      This webinar relates to our April 16 discussion focusing on ‘Pitfalls in the first phase of Post Grant Proceedings’. You can listen to it here: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/327/149005

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    • IPnomics: Using Data to Re-Invent Your IP Management IPnomics: Using Data to Re-Invent Your IP Management James Nurton (MIP), Mark Bullard (Lecorpio), Jared Engstrom (Red Hat) Recorded: Mar 31 2015 5:00 pm UTC 73 mins
    • A lot has been made recently about using big data to gain a competitive edge. Perhaps the most familiar example was made famous in the book and movie Moneyball. The book examined how the budget conscious Oakland A’s manager, Billy Beane, used data to compete with the deep pockets of the New York Yankees and other rich teams. With one of the lowest payrolls in baseball, Beane was able to consistently field a winning team, including a twenty game win streak, the second longest in baseball history.
      However, Beane did not create baseball stats. In fact, he used data that teams had been collecting for the previous 75 years. What Beane did was to look at the data in a new way and ask a different set of questions: What stats matter the most to win a game? Which players are the most undervalued?
      Some in intellectual property management have begun to look at how data can be used to make their organizations more efficient. This webinar will examine how forward thinking IP organizations can use data to optimize their IP management process. Topics covered will include:
      -What questions are important to ask?
      -How do organizations go about collecting the data necessary to answer those questions?
      -How should organizations use data to optimize their IP process?
      Speakers will include:
      Mark Bullard, VP Product Management, Lecorpio
      Jared Engstrom, Senior Patent Attorney, Red Hat

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