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    • How to Get Ready for Cloud ITSM How to Get Ready for Cloud ITSM David Smith President Micromation Inc. ITSM, ITIL, Lean, Kaizen, ISO, TCO, Author – Implementing Metrics Recorded: May 11 2016 3:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Why you need to get in control now before it controls your destiny.

      What are the cloud technologies and management challenges that they present?
      What’s driving cloud adoption?
      Who is responsible for managing cloud services?
      What are the risks?
      What impact will this have on legacy IT service models?
      How do you harvest value without killing it?
      Where will you get the resources?

      This session is about updating your ITSM strategy and best practices to help the business manage cloud technologies. Understand the cloud components, how they fit together, governance mechanisms and underlying foundation required for successful IT Service Management.

      In 45 minutes we’ll cover: 
      What’s cloud computing all about
      Why are organization adopting it
      Traditional vs. Cloud (shared) responsibility model
      Cloud computing benefits and challenges
      Cloud Computing Reference Architecture model and terminology
      Why you need to get ready now
      How to learn more: training/ certifications available
      Tips on how to get started

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    • Lean-ITSM: Keeping the business in business Lean-ITSM: Keeping the business in business Daniel Breston, ITSM Consultant Recorded: Sep 24 2015 9:00 am UTC 50 mins
    • Getting a release that is of value based on configuration items that are known, during the cycle of change, has been the hardest aspect of ITSM since it's foundation. However, there are some simple things you can do to create a flow of work that everyone understands, linked to roles and responsibilities, KPIs, and business strategy.

      In part 5 of Daniel Breston's 6 part Lean ITSM series, he explores why IT exists, and how to ensure that what IT creates and delivers is done for good reason and in a value-oriented manner, based on DevOPS, lean, Agile and ITSM.

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    • Adopting Lean ITSM today will make you ready for the IT of Tomorrow Adopting Lean ITSM today will make you ready for the IT of Tomorrow Daniel Breston, ITSM Consultant Recorded: Jul 15 2015 9:00 am UTC 39 mins
    • ITSM actually does have a strategy, but it is very waterfall based. Slow and cumbersome, and by the time it's been accomplished, it can be out of date, costly and frustrating to users, stakeholders and the creators in IT. How do you reverse this cycle and introduce meaningful strategy that is well governed? How do you create simple governance for IT and the business to ensure that technology is an enabler and not a waste of money? How do you make things better, faster, safer?

      Join Daniel Breston, in part 3 of his Lean ITSM series, as he explores the concepts of ITIL strategy and blends it with Lean ITSM to show you how changes made today will make you ready for the IT of tomorrow.

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    • 5 Ways ITSM Can Support DevOps 5 Ways ITSM Can Support DevOps Jayne Groll, President of ITSM Academy & Adam OBrien, Product Marketing Manager for SunView Software Recorded: Nov 18 2015 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • It’s widely thought that the presumably slow, bureaucratic tendencies of ITSM are at odds with the fast paced, agile work flows of the DevOps movement. However, these two sides of IT service management are far more equipped to work in conjunction with each other to help organizations achieve success than most may realize.

      Join Jayne Groll, President of ITSM Academy, and Adam OBrien, Product Marketing Manager for SunView Software, as they take a look at 5 ways that you can leverage your existing ITSM standards and best practices to help work towards a successful adoption of DevOps cultures and ideologies in your organization.

      About Jayne:

      ITSM Academy co-founder and President, Jayne Groll's management certifications including ITIL Expert, ITIL V2 Service Manager (with Distinction), ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Manager, Microsoft Operations Framework and Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE). Jayne draws on over 20 years of senior IT Service Management roles across a wide range of industries and domains.

      Jayne leads content development at ITSM Academy and ensures all courseware and trainers bring similar practical experiences into each of our offerings. She also strategically tracks service management trends, emerging industry practices and certification schemes. Her blog, Jayne Explains, keeps followers apprised of industry events and updates.

      Jayne is involved in the Service Management community. She also is a founding officer of the South Florida IT Service Management Forum (itSMF USA) and Help Desk Institute (HDI) chapters and served as President of the Accredited Training Council Trade Association (ATCTA). Jayne is a member of the ITIL Qualification Board’s ATO Subgroup. She is a frequent conference, webinar and local interest group speaker.

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    • Refocus and Revisit your ITSM Stats and Metrics Refocus and Revisit your ITSM Stats and Metrics Malcolm Fry, ITSM and Cherwell Ambassador Recorded: Jul 16 2014 10:00 am UTC 46 mins
    • IT has a huge amount of statistics, but are they just pointless or do they provide a basis for the progression and management of service? During this webinar, we will discuss three distinct approaches that can help us to better manage and control our IT services: delivering the deliverables, performance versus quality, component criteria optimizing. There is no silver bullet for what needs to be measured, but understanding the three key approaches can clear your thoughts and allow you to refocus rather that use the same old stats raised by a previous ITSM generation. It is not a case of breaking the mould but a case of producing new and better metrics.
      Join this webinar to refocus and revisit your stats and metrics.

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    • Searching For ITSM Tools? 3 Reasons Why You Should Look Beyond the Help Desk Searching For ITSM Tools? 3 Reasons Why You Should Look Beyond the Help Desk Michael Pott, Product Marketing Manager, HP ITSM Solutions; Marco Sangiorgio, ITSM Practice Lead, HP Recorded: Jul 23 2013 9:00 am UTC 33 mins
    • Trends like the cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), social media, mobility and consumerization of IT drive an increasing demand for a user-centric IT. To fulfill this demand while at the same time increasing IT's efficiency, IT organizations need to look beyond the traditional help desk when searching for ITSM tools. Just throwing more functionality and capabilities on the help desk cannot live up to the new way that users want to deal with IT and related services.

      In this session we will discuss how this translates into 3 reasons why IT organizations want to look beyond the traditional help desk in search for ITSM tools: achieve a higher maturity to deliver and support high quality services, become a more efficient IT organization and meet user expectations risen from how users interact with IT services day-to-day via mobile devices and social media.

      Finally, we will discuss what characteristics an integrated ITSM solution should come with when looking beyond the help desk.

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    • The Unique ITSM Challenges of Multinationals The Unique ITSM Challenges of Multinationals Martijn Adams, Director of ITSM, Infravision Recorded: Oct 8 2014 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    • Today's ITSM world is changing rapidly. Important trends are; IT becoming a broker of Services, the need to control all your internal and external providers, the globalisation of organisations, etc.

      ITSM (applications) however are still struggling to deliver the required functionalities for end to end service delivery management and lack the architecture to provide high performance globally. The ‘ toolbox’ approach still practised by the majority of tool vendors and implementors is unfortunately just making things worse for organisations trying to improve their service management.

      Join this webinar to:

      *Learn how cloud and modern application development has finally made it possible to create ITSM applications that flawlessly support ITSM processes across multiple internal and external suppliers,

      -How to measure all SLA’s between you and your suppliers and their impact on the services you deliver to your customers!

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    • Automating ITSM: People and Process. And Technology Too! Automating ITSM: People and Process. And Technology Too! Gregory Tucker, ITSM Implementation Consultant, Ayearon, Inc. Recorded: Mar 12 2014 11:00 am UTC 48 mins
    • Good practice frameworks and their consultants tell us that our processes precede the tool. After all: “A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

      Practitioners know it seldom works this way. We often don’t know what we want. We don’t have enough data to justify a particular process or process improvement. Our requirements are changing constantly, and past preferences are outdated.

      The solution is simple: ignore the consultants, and be willing to adapt to the tool. This doesn’t mean caving in to the tool vendor. This presentation will provide plenty of advice on implementing, improving, and getting the most of your tool, based on years of implementing and managing ITSM automation tools for dozens of organizations in every industry with multiple tools.

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