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    • The Identity Economy: Evolving from Analog to Digital
      The Identity Economy: Evolving from Analog to Digital Jose Caldera, IDM- Travis Jarae, One World Identity- Blake Hall, ID.me- David Delouya, AlphaPoint- Srikant Movva, HSBC Recorded: Mar 1 2017 7:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Digital identities are the lifeblood of the modern digital economy

      As human activity migrates online, challenges for authenticating physical identities arise, while businesses and consumers look around for guidance.

      Increasing demand for answers to the identity verification dilemma was just one of the contributing factors for the emancipation of the identity space as an industry of its own, vertical-agnostic.

      With such an outlook, it is important to understand what a Digital Identity is, and their current role in our society. Furthermore, how to leverage the identities to build better business models, deliver better products and services; and most importantly, how to take the leap and hop on the Identity Evolution train - after all, you don’t want to get left behind.

      We know implementing new technologies, and changing your current operations and processes can be a challenge. And even though the benefits far outweigh the costs, it always helps to have a guiding hand. Today, that guiding hand comes as a framework to understand how digital identities play a beneficial role in each industry and YOUR business, so you can start the journey from analog to digital identities within your organization.

      At the end of the webinar you will:

      - Be able to differentiate physical from digital identities, and the attributes that shape them.
      - Appreciate the function digital identities play today, and their potential to help overcome present [and future] social and economic challenges.
      - Understand the role of Blockchain in the Digital Identity Ecosystem.
      - Recognize the business models that are placing identity at the center: Identity-as-a-Service, or Identity APIs - and how they can reshape the world as we know it.
      - Know WHY and HOW to make the leap over to digital identities within your business.

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    • What’s Next In Securing Identities? Key Identity & Access Management Trends
      What’s Next In Securing Identities? Key Identity & Access Management Trends Danna Bethlehem - Director, Product Marketing, Identity Protection Recorded: Feb 13 2017 9:30 am UTC 43 mins
    • Over the past year, we have seen data breaches shift towards identity-based breaches, targeting personal information of either employees or consumers. The access to the information is used to craft and construct highly organized attacks on enterprises and is a growing contributor to identity theft. The problem is compounded by the convergence of personal and work place identities, ultimately creating major security challenges for companies.

      Our 2016 Authentication and Access Management survey found 90% of enterprise IT professionals are concerned that employee reuse of personal credentials for work purposes could compromise security. During the webinar, we’ll be discussing this and other trends in the strong authentication and access management market, including:

      - The status of the two-factor authentication market and what we can expect in the years to come
      - The enterprise risk issues of using social media credentials to access to corporate resources
      - The role the cloud is playing in the enterprise especially as it relates to single sign on and application management and access
      - The ongoing challenges enterprises cite as barriers to mass adoption of a mobile workforce

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    • Innovation in Identity & KYC: A Thought Leader Interview
      Innovation in Identity & KYC: A Thought Leader Interview Jodie Paula Cohen of ECN interviews Rob Laurence, Director of Innovate Identity Recorded: Mar 24 2016 10:00 am UTC 21 mins
    • Traditional methods of identity verification are contributing to lengthy and expensive KYC and onboarding processes. Technological advances, regulatory requirements and business necessity are leading organisations to a point where they have to rethink the way identity works.

      With so many financial services institutions embracing digital, the big challenge is bringing together information about each client, from multiple systems, to create one accurate client identity. Achieving this, while demonstrating robust and compliant KYC capabilities, is causing costs to spiral.

      In this exclusive webinar Jodie Paula Cohen, producer of the acclaimed Identity & KYC conference, catches up with leading Identity expert Rob Laurence, Director of Innovate Identity, to gain some practical insights into how these challenges can be tackled.

      Questions will include:

      1) How close are we to being able to access digital information about identity in a consumable and trusted way, across industries?

      2) Which technologies should organisations be looking into, to support their identity and KYC processes?

      3) Is the blockchain a complete solution for improved identity verification, or just part of a wider solution?

      4) How can institutions ensure a user-friendly and compliant KYC and onboarding process?

      5) What are the challenges and benefits of putting in place a ‘financial services passport’?

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    • Digitized identity verification - the future of ID & KYC
      Digitized identity verification - the future of ID & KYC Sarah Clark,Mitek Systems, Mike Montemarano, JP Morgan & Supriyo Guha, GENPACT Recorded: Nov 14 2017 4:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Financial institutions from all over the world are facing increasingly strict regulations regarding the verification and authentication of their customers’ identity. Furthermore, with the increasing amount of data breaches, status-quo identity verification processes have not only been compromised but have also made complying with current regulations harder. This ever-changing environment has forced a tipping point for organizations to regard the adoption of new technologies for identity verification as a must-have rather than a nice-to-have.

      In the end, financial institutions must satisfy consumers’ demands for speed and ease of use to prevent them from going to the competition. To gain a competitive edge, remain compliant, and offer a frictionless and user experience, it is imperative for FIs to invest in technologies that bridge the compliance-convenience gap.

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    • Digital Identities & General Data Protection Regulation
      Digital Identities & General Data Protection Regulation Paul Ferron, Digital Identity Strategist CA Technologies EMEA and Giulio Coraggio, Partner and Head of the Italian Technology Recorded: Oct 27 2016 2:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Do you know where all of your Personal Identifiable Information is hiding?

      Just like rabbits, personal identifiable information (PII) proliferates without control, however carefully you set out to manage it initially it’s likely to be contained in multiple places across your organisation. Understanding where PII is located and who is using your PII is a fundamental step in becoming compliant to GDPR.

      Searching for and classifying structured and unstructured data is just part of the challenge you’re faced with under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where the definition of what constitutes PII are also far broader than the current privacy laws and extend to more types of organisation both in and outside of the EU.

      In this webcast Paul Ferron, Digital Identity Strategist from CA Technologies is joined by Giulio Coraggio, Partner and Head of the Italian Technology Sector at DLA Piper to discuss:

      -What is PII, how to locate, manage and protect it
      -How to govern and manage information including who has access
      -How to manage legitimate access v’s potential data breaches
      -How to ensure fair processing of data and the ‘right to be forgotten’

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