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    • Use InfoSphere Information Server with DB2 for Data Integration and Governance
      Use InfoSphere Information Server with DB2 for Data Integration and Governance Sriram Padmanabhan (presenter) and Rick Swagerman (host) Recorded: Feb 27 2014 5:30 pm UTC 86 mins
    • IBM InfoSphere Information Server is a market-leading data integration and governance platform. It provides a set of capabilities to build confidence in your data by helping you understand, cleanse, transform and deliver trusted information to critical business initiatives, such as big data, master data management and point-of-impact analytics. Information Server provides comprehensive connectivity to DB2 (including DPF and BLU Acceleration) and it can also push computation to DB2 when appropriate. By using Information Server with DB2, you get its best-of-breed capabilities to integrate DB2 data and manage its metadata as well.

      Join us for this DB2 Tech Talk to learn how using these products together can help you deliver trusted information to your business, support big data initiatives, and more.

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    • DB2 Tech Talk: Technical Tour of New DB2 10 and InfoSphere Warehouse 10
      DB2 Tech Talk: Technical Tour of New DB2 10 and InfoSphere Warehouse 10 Serge Rielau, Conor O'Mahony, Cindy Fung Recorded: Apr 26 2012 4:30 pm UTC 61 mins
    • On April 26th, join us for a technical tour of the details behind these IBM DB2 10 and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 10 new product releases as announced on April 3rd. We will cover powerful new features such as:

      • Storage Optimization Advances, including Adaptive Compression and Multi-Temperature Data Storage, which are designed to optimize your storage environment and system performance.

      • SQL Compatibility enhancements that make it even faster and easier to migrate from Oracle Database to DB2

      • Time Travel Query, which provides native temporal support, enabling you to better support your business, and more easily meet compliance and data retention needs

      • Real-time operational data warehousing, with features such as data ingest and query performance enhancements, designed to enable better and faster business decisions

      • NoSQL capabilities that help you implement models beyond relational, such as unstructured XML data and RDF graph triple data. Handling these new types of data along with your relational data is becoming a requirement in next-generation applications.

      This technical tour is the first DB2 Tech Talk on the DB2 10 and InfoSphere Warehouse 10 product releases. Additional webcasts will be offered throughout 2012 to provide an in-depth discussion on the features in these releases. We encourage you to attend this kick-off Tech Talk.

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    • How to Calculate Data Confidence
      How to Calculate Data Confidence Rodney Brown, UBM, David Corrigan, IBM InfoSphere, Nathaniel Rowe, Aberdeen Group Recorded: Sep 18 2014 5:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Data confidence is an abstract notion in most organizations. Yet it is critical in order to make your front line workers trust and act upon big data and analytic insight, as even the most game-changing analytics will have no impact if your team doesn't use them, because they don't trust in the data or the insights. Learn about compelling new research that identifies the critical criteria to measure and score confidence levels in customer data to make better business decisions. You will also learn about a new online tool that provides a fast and easy way for attendees to obtain their score.

      View this webinar to learn how to:
      - Calculate data confidence and improve the adoption of big data & analytics
      - Utilize data confidence scores to align resources to new big data & analytics projects
      - Calculate and share data confidence in your big data projects

      Moderator: Rodney Brown, Editor, UBM

      David Corrigan, Director of Product Marketing, IBM InfoSphere;
      Nathaniel Rowe, Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group

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    • DB2 Tech Talk:  InfoSphere Workload Replay for DB Environment Changes
      DB2 Tech Talk: InfoSphere Workload Replay for DB Environment Changes John Vonau (presenter, IBM Labs) Recorded: Jan 23 2014 5:30 pm UTC 83 mins
    • IBM InfoSphere Optim Workload Replay can significantly improve your database testing experience and help you successfully manage change in your database environments, whether you are adopting BLU Acceleration, upgrading DB2, or making the move to DB2. Using InfoSphere Workload Replay, you can build realistic testing environments to help assess a wide range of database changes before production deployment and without extensive script creation or application setup. This makes the change process faster and less risky.

      In this session, we will examine the use of InfoSphere Workload Replay to facilitate database testing in efforts to validate version, platform or infrastructure changes. We will discuss how to use the tool to prepare for BLU Acceleration, and review some of the key use cases. Learn the testing methodology and the various features to control capture, replay and generate reports. Using this realistic testing approach you will find key issues sooner in the test cycle, and resolve them before the deployment day.

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    • The Nature of Analytics & Stream Computing: Dances with Rhinos
      The Nature of Analytics & Stream Computing: Dances with Rhinos Rick Clements, IBM Recorded: Aug 7 2014 3:30 pm UTC 3 mins
    • Why is IBMer Rick Clements so well informed in regards to the white rhinoceros? Like researchers and environmentalists, he’s been given valuable insight through IBM InfoSphere Streams. And it’s more than just general knowledge about this endangered beast. It’s powerful information and insight that allows nature preservers to stop poachers before they ever strike. Through geospatial positioning, wildlife protection agencies use InfoSphere’s analytical capabilities to predict migration patterns and where those patterns cross with human activity. These agencies can then go on the offensive and stop the poachers from coming anywhere close to this 6,000-pound beast. It’s this exact same predictive capability of InfoSphere Streams that allows retailers to engage customers, monitor their preferences and prevent the competition from swooping in and stealing them away with offers on inferior services or products. So whether its understanding and protecting wildlife or better understanding and serving retail customers, IBM InfoSphere Streams is getting you in touch with the real nature of analytics.

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