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    • The 21st Century Landscape is Here: Water Wise Landscape Alternatives
      The 21st Century Landscape is Here: Water Wise Landscape Alternatives Michael Hazinski, East Bay MUD; Eileen Kelly, Dig Your Garden Landscape Design; Jodie Sheffield, Delta Bluegrass Recorded: Mar 24 2015 7:00 pm UTC 88 mins
    • Eileen Kelly, Dig Your Garden Landscape Design, will discuss a variety of landscape design alternatives to replace or minimize the traditional lawn such as no-mow grasses, hardscape materials (gravel, decomposed granite, natural stone, boulders, mulch, and sculpture), and eco-friendly strategies such as “sheet mulching” to quickly eradicate the lawn.

      For over ten years, East Bay Municipal Utility District has offered rebates for converting ornamental lawn to sustainable landscaping. Hear Michael Hazinski provide a water utility perspective on the trends in consumer acceptance of sustainable landscaping and a comprehensive approach to implementing landscape water conservation incentives.

      Jodie Sheffield, Sod Development Expert from Delta Bluegrass Company will introduce you to their water saving California Native Sod products. The presentation and discussion will focus on: how to choose the right native sod for your project, water wise irrigation management, and how to maintain native sod.

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    • Security-as-a-Service: New Threat Landscape Demands a New Paradigm
      Security-as-a-Service: New Threat Landscape Demands a New Paradigm Rudy Araujo, VP, Product & Solutions Marketing Recorded: Sep 30 2016 7:40 pm UTC 47 mins
    • The security paradigm for nearly two decades has been to increasingly invest in technology. These solutions have not only failed to solve the problem but have made the challenge more complex. Even if true threats are detected, they are lost in a sea of alerts and lack the context to prioritize and build response. This security posture is only exacerbated by the skills deficit currently facing the industry.

      In this webinar, we look at the emergence of a new security-as-a-service paradigm and the capabilities required to help organizations reduce risk and time to protection. The discussion will cover how the cost, specialization and complexity of cyber defense have positioned security to follow other markets in adopting an “as-a-service” paradigm.

      We will also address the capabilities that define an ideal security-as-a-service partner such as:

      •the availability of security expertise
      •a broad intelligence capability and
      •flexible deployment options

      Not only does this approach improve a security posture and reduce risk but it does so with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Register today to learn more about this emerging security-as-a-service model.

      The FireEye Team

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    • Spinning Plates in a Changing Landscape
      Spinning Plates in a Changing Landscape Betty A. Kildow FBCI Recorded: Sep 15 2017 1:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • In recent years we have experienced ongoing changes in BCM: increasing demands from customers for a validated BC capability, new and/or increased risks such as cyber threats, the need to fully include supply chain continuity, changes in terminology, scope, technology, and planning procedures, and requirements to earn and maintain certifications for our organizations and ourselves. All this is in addition to day in/day out responsibilities. This conjures up a mental image of the performers who keep plates and bowls spinning on poles without letting any of them fall. For BC professionals this at times may even seem like preventing tumbling crockery while riding a unicycle.

      This webinar will explore current issues including the changing BC landscape, the division of responsibility for some risks such as cyber threats, and discuss the increasing importance of cooperation, collaboration and communication to avoid gaps and overlaps in efforts to develop a resilient organization.

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    • The Changing Face and Landscape of Enterprise Storage
      The Changing Face and Landscape of Enterprise Storage Greg Schulz, Sr. Advisory Analyst, StorageIO Recorded: Jun 11 2014 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Enterprise storage is alive and well, however there are many changes occurring both in technology along with usage and applications scenarios. There are many different application and workload usage scenarios with various performance, availability, capacity and economic considerations, likewise there are various technology options. These options range from local on-site traditional enterprise-class storage systems to mid-range along with software defined across commodity and vendor proprietary hardware.

      Some of these solutions are evolution, some may even be revolutionary, however they all fit into supporting technolutionary enterprise storage needs. This webinar will look at the current landscape options for enterprise storage along with what to use when or where for different applications requirements.

      Key themes:
      - Hardware and software defined storage and software defined storage management
      - Cloud, Virtual and Physical storage for various applications and workloads
      - Performance, Availability, Capacity and Economics along with management
      - Metrics that matter including relevant benchmarks and marketecture
      - Flash SSD, SSHD and HDD as part of a tiered storage environment
      - Networking with your servers and storage
      - Various industry trends and directions

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    • Pharma’s digital landscape: the evolution of multichannel strategy
      Pharma’s digital landscape: the evolution of multichannel strategy Paul Tunnah (Moderator) with Oksana Matviienko (Viseven), Bogdan Rakytskyi (Teva) and Chris Wade (Veeva Systems) Recorded: Sep 19 2017 1:00 pm UTC 72 mins
    • Pharmaceutical marketers are increasingly native multichannel practitioners, but building an effective and efficient campaign is challenging.
      This is also because the digital landscape, and the number of options available is still rapidly evolving.
      What are the best ways to choose the right channels and the right content? And how can you plan to optimize operations further by cutting down on costs and approval times?
      This webinar brings together experts in digital marketing with case studies from a leading pharmaceutical company to keep you up to date with the latest technology and trends and provide practical advice on how to maximize your impact.
      Within one hour, you’ll discover how to optimize and streamline all content-related processes within a single platform: starting with concept development and ending with the final launch. What is more, you will find out how to reuse and repurpose your ready-made content cost-effectively, as well as save time while adapting and updating content through its whole lifecycle.
      •How to develop best practice and a winning multichannel strategy
      •Making sure your content supports face-to-face interactions
      •Transforming the commercial teams to deliver successful digital and multichannel projects
      •How to innovate in multichannel, and the potential of future integration solutions

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    • TI Spotlight Series Part 4: The Cybercrime Landscape, 2016 in Review
      TI Spotlight Series Part 4: The Cybercrime Landscape, 2016 in Review Pallav Khandar, Researcher, CTU EMEA Recorded: Nov 9 2016 2:15 pm UTC 34 mins
    • The underground cybercrime marketplace is now a well-organised machine that follows the level of business processes you would expect from a legitimate industry. Cybercrime has evolved into a nexus of highly-organised actors, each with a dedicated function to perform, with each individual fulfilling a specific role to propel the mission of cybercrime forward.

      In this short 30-minute on-demand webcast, the final instalment of the four-part SecureWorks Threat Intelligence Spotlight Series, Pallav Khandar, Senior Researcher with the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), looks at how the cybercrime landscape has evolved over the past 12 months.

      Key topics include:

      - Botnet prevalence
      - Industry and geo targeting
      - Distribution vectors
      - New attack vectors
      - The rise of ransomware

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    • What to Expect in 2016: A View of the Emerging Threat Landscape
      What to Expect in 2016: A View of the Emerging Threat Landscape Adrian Davis, Peter Jopling, Simon Moores Recorded: Dec 1 2015 12:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • We're seeing a massive shift in cyber security activity from internal threats to organised gangs and targeted state sponsored activities. Recent news items suggest there is an overwhelming need for organisations to understand their "Situational Awareness".

      In this webinar, (ISC)² and IBM will explore what to expect in 2016, focusing on the following key questions:

      - How do organisations understand what threats are real?
      - How much risk appetite do boards have in this complex, mobile, interconnected near real-time world?
      - As more and more devices are connecting to an ever-increasing number of communication channels, how do you ensure you can protect, prevent and respond to cyber security issues, yet provide a transparent easy to use multi-channel experience?

      Adrian Davis, Managing Director (ISC)² EMEA
      Peter Jopling, Executive Security Advisor, Deputy WW Tiger Team Leader, IBM
      Simon Moores, Information Security Futurist

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    • Webcast: E-Signatures: Changing Landscape for Life Insurers
      Webcast: E-Signatures: Changing Landscape for Life Insurers Colleen Risk, Senior Analyst - Celent & Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing - eSignLive Recorded: Jul 27 2017 3:15 pm UTC 57 mins
    • The process of buying life insurance and receiving post-issue service is becoming increasingly digitized – driven by customer expectations for convenience and ease. Electronic signatures are enabling this digital transformation.

      In response to the accelerated adoption, Celent recently published the report, “Putting a Lock On Straight-Through Processing – Life Insurance E-Signature Vendors 2017”. The research aimed to answer the questions: “how is e-signature technology transforming the life insurance customer experience”; “who are the main vendors?”; and “what are the common components of a solution?”.

      The answers to these questions are shared in this on-demand webcast, hosted by LOMA. Watch it to learn what to look for in a solution, hear an update on how the vendor landscape has changed and takeaway these highlights:

      Top e-signature solution requirements
      How to evaluate and differentiate vendors
      Perceived and real obstacles to continued adoption
      E-Signature Case Studies in Life Insurance

      - Colleen Risk, Senior Analyst - Celent
      - Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing - eSignLive by VASCO

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    • The Evolving Threat Landscape versus Advanced Threat Protection
      The Evolving Threat Landscape versus Advanced Threat Protection Patrick Grillo, Senior Director, Security Solutions, Fortinet Recorded: Jun 28 2017 9:00 am UTC 40 mins
    • As the most recent outbreak of ransomware has proven once again, a debilitating attack can come from anywhere, with any sort of malware, and have a global impact. While headlines and marketing statements constantly shout “Zero Day”, even old malware can be used effectively to wreak havoc in a network if it’s not properly configured and up to date.

      The threat landscape never stops evolving and neither should an enterprise’s cyber security strategy. New products, new features and efficient source of threat intelligence are just some of the tools that an enterprise should look for from their security vendors.

      This session will look at the evolution of Advanced Threat Protection and how continuous development across the full range of technologies is crucial to maintaining security efficacy.

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