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    • Data Center Best Practices and Power Effectiveness
      Data Center Best Practices and Power Effectiveness Bob Doherty; Principal & Data Center Mngr; OMS in Your Data Center LLC Recorded: Jul 30 2009 7:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • All IT organizations today are being asked to do more with less, reductions in budgets or perhaps curtailing Data Center expansion projects altogether. Faced with the harsh realities of a difficult economic climate, Data Center managers will need to focus on creating the most efficient operating environments possible in order to extend the life of existing Data Centers. These efficiencies can be found in a number of areas - but the two most critical needs in this are (1) implementing Data Center Best Practices (2) having a metric to gauge just how efficient the Data Center is, and to quantify all of the improvements in efficiencies created when Best Practices are implemented. They will soon be mandated in Your Future Data Center.

      Data Center Best Practices implemented properly will save energy. They will improve the Greening in Your Data Center, and are guaranteed to improve the ROI in Your Data Center. Last but not least, Best Practices in Your Data Center will make The President of the United States more satisfied with Your Data Center because of your continuing support for his White House Environmental Team.

      I will introduce well tested Best Practices that improve performance in Your Data Center. The cost of cooling can be reduced by as much as 30% through implementation and management of Data Center Best Practices. I have seen it work. I have tracked Best Practices that will allow you to be more successful in meeting your energy conservation budget and ROI goals.

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    • Professionalism and long-term value: helping banks to build mature cultures
      Professionalism and long-term value: helping banks to build mature cultures Stuart Woollard and Paul Kearns Recorded: Aug 29 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • This webinar will use Maturity Institute research evidence from a recent ground breaking study sponsored by Hermes Investment Management to show how banking culture has a direct and measurable impact on bank value. It will identify specific aspects of banking governance and culture that link with financial performance and wider societal value outcomes. As a banking professional, this webinar will show how you can effect positive cultural change within your own team, division or business; to add value and improve risk management within your own organisation.


      Stuart Woollard is Managing Partner of OMS LLP and co-founder and Council member at the Maturity Institute (MI). Stuart is leading pioneering work using MI’s OMINDEX to show how the very best organisations are able to serve society, build effective human value systems and provide the greatest benefit for all stakeholders. With the investment community, corporations, policy makers and academia, Stuart advises on improving Total Stakeholder Value through OMINDEX’s whole system diagnosis of organisational health.

      Paul Kearns is a founder and Chair of the Maturity Institute (MI); a new, multi-disciplinary, professional development body established in 2012 to address the professional development needs of leaders and managers for a reinvigorated capitalist system focused on creating maximum societal value. He is also a Senior Partner in UK-based advisory firm, OMS LLP (Organizational Maturity Services) which developed OMINDEX for adoption by MI as its main measure of Total Stakeholder Value. Previously, Paul had a long career in human resource management with over 20 years as a consultant specialising in people management strategies; with a particular emphasis on measuring the ‘unmeasurable’ and producing clear evidence of the value of progressive management practice.

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    • Advanced Security & Cloud Capabilities: The Evolution of Data Center Management
      Advanced Security & Cloud Capabilities: The Evolution of Data Center Management Alex Shteynberg, Mike Korgan & Jon Huber Recorded: Jun 1 2017 8:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    • What could you do with a new evolution of data center management, advanced security and minimal overhead?

      Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) represents the evolution of data center management, with cloud-inspired capabilities for log analytics, automation, disaster recovery, and security. With OMS, you can now deliver advanced security and management capabilities without a significant amount of overhead and without needing lengthy technical or security training.

      During this webcast, we'll demonstrate how this can work effectively for government agencies. You don’t need to be a security expert to leverage these capabilities. In fact, you can be up and running in a couple of hours.

      Join this webcast to:

      - Learn about Microsoft’s approach to holistic security and how our capabilities apply specifically to government agencies
      - View a demo and see how this applies to your own environment
      - Find out how to quickly configure your environment and test it out

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    • Seamless Data Migration & Disaster Recovery for VMware, AWS, Hyper-V & Azure
      Seamless Data Migration & Disaster Recovery for VMware, AWS, Hyper-V & Azure David Hansford, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft Recorded: Dec 13 2016 9:00 pm UTC 17 mins
    • Do you have VMware? How about AWS? Do you want to migrate to Microsoft Azure and modernize your IT investments? Are you looking for a true PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering to replicate on-premises virtual and physical machines to Azure for cost effective migration or disaster recovery?

      If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions on behalf of your customers, then join us in this session and learn how Operations Management Suite (OMS) Site Recovery enables a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) solution for your customer’s heterogeneous IT environments.

      You may have virtualized infrastructure on Hyper-V or VMware, or you may still run physical servers, but ASR can seamlessly enable cost-effective replication, migration and recovery to Azure.

      Join this webcast to learn how to:
      •Deploy replication, recovery, and migration solutions for your heterogeneous environments
      •Help lower your TCO through Azure Site Recovery
      •Enable seamless migration to and recovery in Azure through Site Recovery

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    • What's new in monitoring hyperconverged infrastructure
      What's new in monitoring hyperconverged infrastructure Tadej Žgur, Senior Product Manager, Comtrade Software Recorded: Dec 7 2016 4:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Modern trends, such as Internet of Everything (IoE), are rapidly changing the way we work and live, which makes it difficult for traditional datacenters to cope with the pace and adjust to Big Data paradigms – it is time for hyperconverged infrastructure.

      Hyperconverged infrastructure is changing the way datacenters are deployed by providing highly scalable, performant and easy to manage infrastructure that, unlike traditional 3-tier architectures, efficiently addresses and handles Big Data.

      Do you ever wonder: How do modern monitoring solutions address these new trends and provide visibility into hyperconverged infrastructure? How do they connect this information with applications running on it?

      Join us to learn more about modern monitoring approaches for hyperconverged infrastructure with use cases for both:
      - On-premise monitoring platform, like Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)
      Tip: You will also learn how you can connect different management packs together
      - Cloud based monitoring platform, like Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)
      Tip: You will also learn about log and event analytics possibilities for hyperconverged infrastructure, such as Nutanix

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    • How to Implement Architecture to Support Omnichannel Services
      How to Implement Architecture to Support Omnichannel Services Salil Godika Chief Strategy & Marketing Office at Happiest Minds and Ismael Ciordia, Chief Technology Officer at Openbravo. Recorded: Oct 8 2015 9:30 am UTC 61 mins
    • Omnichannel is at the heart of today's Retail Transformation. However, most retail CIOs still struggle to redesign their technology frameworks to serve today's multichannel connected customer and support a growing number of new ways to shop. Lack of an omnichannel strategy, rigid legacy systems not allowing to leverage the benefits of cloud and mobile technologies, non-single view of customers across channels or lack of inventory visibility across enterprise to support distributed order management capacity are only some of the key challenges retail CIOs are facing.

      This webinar will be conducted by Ismael Ciordia, Chief Technology Officer at Openbravo, Salil Godika, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer and Industry Group Head at Happiest Minds and introduced by Xavier Places, Product Marketing Director at Openbravo.

      What Will You Learn?
      - Key considerations when designing and rolling out new architecture that delivers omnichannel services.
      - Which technologies to evaluate, including PIM, OMS, Cloud, m-POS or Big Data.
      - How some leading customers in the Specialty Retail subsector are progressing on their omnichannel path with the help of Openbravo.
      - A summary of the main conclusions of the Happiest Minds' report "The State of Omnichannel Retail in the US 2015" .

      Who Should Attend?
      - CIOs
      - Business Areas Directors
      - IT Administrators
      - Consultants

      Register for this webinar and receive a FREE eBook "The State of Omnichannel Retail in the US 2015"!

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    • 5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand
      5 New Ways to Accelerate Demand Mani Iyer, Founder and CEO, Kwanzoo Inc. Recorded: Jan 10 2013 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • As an enterprise marketer, you are always looking for that extra edge to accelerate demand for your products and services. As online channels proliferate, it’s harder than ever to catch and keep your prospects’ attention, as they get bombarded with marketing messages and content offers every day.

      We will show you 5 new ways to engage your prospects, gain insights, accelerate demand, and grow your revenues:

      1. Capture Leads Everywhere without Landing Pages

      2. Make Nurture Programs more Engaging & Effective

      3. Deliver Relevance to Individual Buyers with Every Interaction

      4. Arm your Sales Team with Data and Insights in Real-Time

      5. Tap Mobile as a new B2B Demand Channel

      About the speaker:

      Mani Iyer is CEO of Kwanzoo, a SaaS-based platform for building and running rich media campaigns that accelerate & optimize demand across all online channels (email, website, social, display, re-targeting & mobile). Marketers boost lead conversions, increase prospect response rates and deliver one-to-one relevance of marketing offers using Kwanzoo’s rich media marketing & ad units. Kwanzoo uniquely bridges marketing automation (MAP), CRM and email systems to display advertising. Clients include Adobe, SAP, HP, Box.com, Paychex, Satmetrix and UBM TechWeb. Mani previously founded a software business acquired by Oracle/PeopleSoft. Mani is a serial entrepreneur, industry speaker on demand generation, pipeline acceleration, multichannel marketing, B2B interactive marketing and advertising. He has spoken at leading industry conferences including OMS, Leadscon, Ad-tech, Conversion Conference, Social Email Marketing, DemandCon, TiEcon and Virtual Edge Summit.

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