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    • Six Reasons Why Your ROI Calculator Sucks Six Reasons Why Your ROI Calculator Sucks Matt Heinz (Heinz Marketing), Craig Rosenberg (TOPO), Mike Genstil (Visualize ROI) Recorded: Oct 9 2013 5:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • Most B2B organizations now use an ROI calculator (or three) to help their prospects quantify value and make a decision. Unfortunately, in too many cases, your ROI calculator isn't getting used by the sales team, and in some cases, it actually confuses the prospect more than it helps.

      In this important webinar, we'll dive into a series of specific, proven reasons why ROI calculators haven’t been working. More important, we’ll discuss pragmatic and actionable ways to leverage your existing ROI calculator investments to start driving improved prospect conversions.

      Done successfully, this can lead directly to shorter sales cycles, fewer deals lost to “No Decision,” bigger deals, and more consistent renewals.

      In this webinar, you will learn:

      -Why collaborating with clients around “value” is more important now than ever before

      -The key reasons prospects get turned off by traditional ROI calculators

      -The primary reasons your sales team ignores these tools today

      -Five components of best-in-class “value applications” that get used…and make a difference

      -Strategies to drive adoption, including seamless CRM integration

      -Specific next steps to improve your execution & results immediately

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    • Mobile ROI: How to achieve massive results Mobile ROI: How to achieve massive results Jonathan Winters, Miniclip Games Recorded: Aug 4 2016 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • If it's done right, ROI is the ultimate marketing metric. There are few marketing initiatives that aren't ultimately supposed to strengthen the bottom line. Yet without a clear idea of how your campaigns are targeted, and what your objectives are, a fuzzy focus on ROI becomes an insecure and confusing metric. So how do you do it? When should you start focusing on ROI as your main metric? How do you encompass all the different ways in which marketing outreach (email campaigns, in-app messaging, retargeting, segmentation) contributes to and multiplies ROI?

      Join VentureBeat and its panel of experts from top gaming and ecommerce outfits to discuss their own approaches to the problem. In this webinar, we'll be debating:

      + How the best of the best measure ROI (Calculations, methods & techniques: how the experts do it)
      + How to solve key challenges and roadblocks to getting great results
      + Why and when ROI should become your core metric

      * Sebastian Goldt, Lead Performance Ad Networks, Lead Performance Ad Networks, Innogames
      * Jonathan Winters, User Acquisition Specialist, Miniclip Games
      * Paul H Müller, Co-Founder and CTO, adjust
      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat

      Join us for this executive session and register for free today.

      Sponsored by adjust

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    • Turning Social Media Into an ROI Positive Channel Turning Social Media Into an ROI Positive Channel Aseem Badshah, Socedo CEO Recorded: Aug 30 2016 4:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • As a social marketer, you might know that your target audience spends a lot of time on social. But your company’s social accounts are only being used to broadcast company news, and not helping with your company’s lead generation goals. In this webinar, Aseem Badshah, Socedo CEO, explains how to turn social media into an ROI positive channel in B2B organizations focused on demand generation. That means using social to generate new leads and opportunities.

      He discusses:
      – Why social media should not be viewed as just another isolated channel.
      – How social media helps you grow your database, send better emails, increase the efficiency of your paid advertising programs, and helps to increase ROI on events.
      – Why social media strategy needs to take into account the entire marketing funnel, not just the top of the funnel.
      – A roadmap with actionable steps for making social media ROI positive channel for your organization.
      – How to measure ROI from your social efforts to prove its value in a B2B context.

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    • Engagement: A New Metric to Demonstrate Event ROI Engagement: A New Metric to Demonstrate Event ROI Justin Gonzalez Senior Marketing Manager DoubleDutch & Hana Abaza VP Marketing Uberflip Recorded: Feb 19 2016 7:00 pm UTC 71 mins
    • In-person events are consistently regarded as one of the most effective channels among B2B marketers. Not only do they build brand awareness and generate massive demand, they also accelerate the sales process and empower customer advocacy.

      In order for B2B marketers to reap the benefits of events, they need to adapt a new mindset that incorporates engagement into their overall event strategy. With this approach, they'll be able to continue to foster the sense of community that is built at events and meet their marketing goals.

      Join Justin Gonzalez, Senior Marketing Manager at DoubleDutch, and Hana Abaza, VP Marketing at Uberflip, for a webinar that will provide expert insight on how engagement is a key piece to increasing your ROI at B2B marketing events.

      You’ll learn:
      How to define your event marketing goals and measure progress
      How to reimagine your event experience to engage attendees
      How to demonstrate the value of events to your leadership team

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    • How Structured Content Can Increase the ROI of Your Website & Content Marketing How Structured Content Can Increase the ROI of Your Website & Content Marketing Colleen Jones, CEO of Content Science Recorded: Jun 16 2016 4:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Content that is modular, structured and semantically rich can attain almost magical powers. These powers make your content have more marketing impact--and ultimately can increase your content ROI--no matter whether that content is part of your website, newsletter, blog, or mobile application.

      In this webinar, Colleen Jones, CEO of Content Science, will walk through the benefits of structured content and examples of using it for your marketing. She’ll detail how content can be organized for better distribution and discovery, all while delighting your customers or users.

      You’ll gain actionable knowledge about structured content as well as ideas to drive better results from your marketing and a higher ROI on your content.

      For more info, visit: http://www.dnnsoftware.com/

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    • EMM Platform Must-Haves for Harnessing Mobility ROI EMM Platform Must-Haves for Harnessing Mobility ROI John Nielsen, IBM MobileFirst Protect Recorded: Dec 22 2015 9:35 pm UTC 25 mins
    • In an increasingly mobile workforce, mobile security challenges continue to bubble up to the surface. New devices, OSs and attack vectors can keep a team of security professionals busy.

      This 3-part TechBytes series takes an in-depth look at the evolution of enterprise mobility and the how securing devices, users and applications has rapidly evolved over the past few years. Viewers will leave with actionable insights as to how to ease the mobile security burden for their enterprise.

      Part 2, EMM Platform Must-Haves for Harnessing Mobility ROI gives viewers a real-world list of features and benefits that business should expect from their EMM solution. This presentation by John Nielsen of Fiberlink presents a laundry list that IT and business teams alike should use when sourcing an enterprise mobility management solution and discusses how and why each item fits into the big picture.

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