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    • Social Media Customer engagement strategy through the channel and results Social Media Customer engagement strategy through the channel and results Andrew Moloney and Olivier Choron Recorded: Aug 15 2013 3:30 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Andrew Moloney who has 20 years’ experience of marketing, channel marketing and social media will review the social media customer engagement strategies he has seen and used in his career with companies like RSA, 3Com, Redbourne, Commtag and others. Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder, purechannelapps will also provide an enlightening insight into how purechannelapps supports its clients by helping them to better communicate to employees and partners and how they use socialondemand to syndicate, share and amplify their social media content through their partners’ social media networks to reach and influence more customers. With Olivier’s 20 years’ experience of working with and achieving great results for clients such as Adobe, Avnet, Citrix, Jabra, Symantec and Microsoft, amongst others, this is a webinar that you don’t want to miss!

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    • What’s the future of work? Are you ready to embrace change? What’s the future of work? Are you ready to embrace change? Ben Ridler, CEO and Founder, RESULTS.com Recorded: Jun 3 2015 9:40 pm UTC 2 mins
    • Everyday huge amounts of money, time, and energy are wasted on unproductive activities. Everyday managers make subjective calls using old data and hearsay. Everyday people change jobs because they don’t feel they are acknowledged. Everyday companies fail because they can’t adapt to changing conditions.

      At RESULTS.com we believe that the same things that drive athletes can drive better business results. We believe business can be made more like sport - more fun, more fascinating, and more fulfilling. Take a look at today’s best workplaces, they get this, and they have a great company culture – outperforming their competitors by 200%. Listen to what our CEO, Ben Ridler, has to say about the future of work and how RESULTS.com plans to change the way we all view work.

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    • CapSpecialty - Leveraging Data to Deliver Faster Business Results Linked to KPIs CapSpecialty - Leveraging Data to Deliver Faster Business Results Linked to KPIs MicroStrategy, Snowflake and CapSpecialty Recorded: Apr 27 2016 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • CapSpecialty is upping its game to become the preferred provider of specialty insurance products using MicroStrategy Analytics and Snowflake Cloud Data Warehousing.

      CapSpecialty’s investment to overhaul its data pipeline and management systems has delivered fast and measurable results. The stage has been set for CapSpecialty executives to view dashboards that display real-time profitability and KPIs. Insurance analysts and underwriters have self-service access to 10 years’ worth of governed data, allowing them to analyze customer trends and view product performance by category, geography, and agent. CapSpecialty is witnessing measurable business results from the engines that power their BI environment: MicroStrategy enterprise analytics platform firmly integrated with Snowflake’s cloud-based elastic data warehouse.

      Attend this webcast to learn how CapSpecialty has combined enterprise analytics with an elastic cloud-based data warehouse, a solution that serves as the cornerstone of their agile, metrics-focused culture.

      Join us live!

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    • Future of Open Source Survey  2016 Results Future of Open Source Survey 2016 Results Black Duck Software and North Bridge Recorded: Apr 27 2016 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Please join us to learn the results of the 2016 Future of Open Source Survey.

      Today, open source drives technology and development forward. Its adoption worldwide is visible in companies ranging in size from a single employee to companies like Microsoft and Apple. All of these organizations rely on open source to innovate, reduce development costs, and speed time to market. In this evolving market, important questions remain about open source management, security, policies and procedures, and governance.

      The Future of Open Source Survey includes input from new players, established leaders, and influencers across vertical markets and communities. This range of respondents drives broad industry awareness and discussions of key issues.

      Please join these industry influencers as they review the top level results from the survey, and bring your questions.

      Jeffrey Hammond - Forrester Research @jhammond
      Paul Santinelli - North Bridge @paulsantinelli
      Bill Ledingham - Black Duck Software @bill_ledingham
      Jay Jay Billings - Oak Ridge National Laboratory @jayjaybillings

      Follow the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #FutureOSS

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    • Align your stars: performance management that drives results Align your stars: performance management that drives results Lori Kleiman Author and Managing Facilitator, HR Topics Upcoming: Jun 15 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Leadership in human resources requires understanding of the strategic initiatives and the ability to align organizational talent with success. Planning for the future needs of human capital, is a key component to success as a HR executive. In this action packed program, we will look at performance management through the lens of strategic. Attendees will walk about with an understanding of what to look for in a strategic plan, and how to craft performance discussions to ensure only those that are headed in the same direction as leadership are considered top talent. We will review a HR Topics proprietary tool that helps organizations evaluate who is really top talent, and what those individuals might need to move to the next level. Finally, we conclude with recommendations of how to incorporate changes to the performance conversation into the organization and impact a culture shift that will drive results.

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    • How to translate your strategy into a meaningful action plan your team "gets." How to translate your strategy into a meaningful action plan your team "gets." Ben Ridler, CEO RESULTS.com Recorded: Dec 9 2015 7:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Besides not truly understanding what constitutes a company strategy, most strategies fail because employees don’t feel connected to the plan or get how their role contributes to its success. The stats are alarming:

      1). Only 5% of employees understand their company's strategy
      2). about half of middle managers can name even one of their company’s top five priorities
      3). 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution
      4). And so 71% of employees are "disengaged"

      Get ahead of 2016 and ensure your strategy is on track for success. Grab your team and join this learning session where we’ll provide you with best practice on how to:

      1). Define what a strategy is and is not
      2). Uncover the requirements for creating a successful strategy
      3). How to choose the key strategic projects that will drive your success in 2016
      4). How to align your team to the vision and drive the execution of your strategy

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    • What do the results of the Growth Plan valuation mean for you? What do the results of the Growth Plan valuation mean for you? Tim Sharples, Richard Soldan and Sam Mullock Recorded: Feb 26 2016 11:00 am UTC 47 mins
    • Not-for-profit organisations that participate in The Pensions Trust’s Growth Plan have recently received details of their new deficit contributions payable from April 2016. These contributions relate to the 30 September 2014 actuarial valuation, the results of which have only recently been agreed. Employers are quickly trying to understand the results of the valuation and assess their options.

      This webinar will:
      - explain the results of the valuation and what they will mean for individual organisations;
      - analyse how the risk profile of the Growth Plan is changing and the steps that are being taken to mitigate risks;
      - look at how the actions of other employers can affect your organisation’s costs and risks;
      - explore what actions employers could and should be taking;
      - give you the opportunity to put questions to our experts about the current position of Growth Plan.

      The webinar is suitable for charity trustees, finance directors and HR directors, or anyone within not-for-profit organisations with responsibility for pensions.

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