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    • Service Catalogue…. The end is nigh? Service Catalogue…. The end is nigh? Angus Gregory, Biomni CEO and Rob England, The IT Skeptic Recorded: Apr 10 2014 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • A lot of people have said many things about Service Catalogue. But what is the reality? Has the Service Catalogue, as defined by ITIL V3 in 2007, been able to keep up with the demanding, highly tech-savvy, consumerized workforce? As a leading Service Catalogue tool vendor, we see these realities first hand… and we believe the ITIL V3 Service Catalogue is nearing its end!

      This may sound strange coming from a Service Catalogue vendor, but we have seen a definitive shift in focus and we feel this is a game changer. So join Biomni’s CEO Angus Gregory and ITSM commentator Rob England (aka @TheITSkeptic) for a lively debate on what the world’s leading IT organizations are actually implementing and the business value that they are driving for IT and the businesses they support.

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    • The Cognitive Science Behind Intelligent Content The Cognitive Science Behind Intelligent Content Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Rob Hanna, Precision Content Recorded: Jul 21 2016 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Explore the science that makes for effective topic-based authoring with DITA. Semantic specialization should be a leading differentiator for selecting DITA for projects, yet it is one of its most underutilized features. Information Typing is truly at the heart of DITA, yet it is one of the most poorly understood concepts behind creating effective DITA topics. Content reuse is cited as a primary reason for moving to DITA, yet it is one of the hardest features to deliver expected gains in reliability, efficiency, and consistency over time.

      Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Rob Hanna of Precision Content, for this free, one-hour webinar where attendees will learn to look at concept, task, and reference in a new light, see the value in effective semantics, and consider new guidelines for writing for reuse.

      We also hope you will join us for a follow-on webinar with Rob Hanna on August 18 — Advancing the Science Behind Intelligent Content. Check out the Content Wrangler channel to sign up!

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    • 3 Steps to Modernize Your Oracle Data Center 3 Steps to Modernize Your Oracle Data Center Rob Callaghan, Marketing Manager Recorded: Jul 14 2016 5:00 pm UTC 29 mins
    • Running Oracle in your data center often presents one of three challenges: storage performance, scale, or complexity. Frustratingly, solving one challenge often leaves you dealing with another – a modern day whack-a-mole. If you’re continually pouring money into new server hardware or software licenses, but still coming up short on performance, this webinar is for you!

      Join Rob Callaghan, Sr. Marketing Manager, to learn what 3 steps you need to make to solve these data center challenges, without compromising the others, and different ways you can apply flash technology to achieve Oracle nirvana.

      You’ll leave this webinar knowing how to:
      - Reduce Storage Bottlenecks
      - Consolidate Hardware
      - Increase Performance

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    • Advancing the Science Behind Intelligent Content Advancing the Science Behind Intelligent Content Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler and Rob Hanna ECMs of Precision Content Upcoming: Aug 18 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
Concept, task, and reference have served well as archetypes in technical publications, but are there others needed to serve the needs of the enterprise? Explore various techniques employed in learning theory and cognitive research that can extend the utility of DITA beyond technical publications. Learn how authors can focus on better content reuse.

Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Rob Hanna of Precision Content for this free, one-hour webinar where attendees will learn to work with Precision Content® information types, focus on writing blocks rather than topics, and apply rigor to titles and short descriptions.

      Please also join us for the first webinar in this series on July 21 (recorded after that date) — The Cognitive Science Behind Intelligent Content. Check out the Content Wrangler channel to sign up by July 21 to watch live, or you may watch the recording after July 21.

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    • Choosing a Citrix Monitoring Strategy | Key Capabilities & Pitfalls to Avoid Choosing a Citrix Monitoring Strategy | Key Capabilities & Pitfalls to Avoid Rob Beekmans, Citrix Certified Expert & Senior Consultant with PQR and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations Upcoming: Aug 3 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • 93% of respondents to the 2016 Citrix Performance Survey see Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop as two of the most performance sensitive technologies in use in enterprise networks today. Slow logins, frequent session disconnects and slow screen refreshes are just some of common complaints that Citrix administrators have to deal with these days. Furthermore, often when a user complains that their desktop is slow or an application is slow to launch, the issue is not in the Citrix tiers – but instead in the network, the virtualization platform, or storage tiers. End-to-end visibility, root-cause diagnosis and proactive alerting are therefore key requirements for Citrix administrators.

      Join us for this webinar, ‘Choosing a Citrix Monitoring Strategy: Key Capabilities and Pitfalls to Avoid‘, where Citrix Certified Expert Rob Beekmans, Senior Consultant with PQR, a Citrix Platinum Advisor, and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations, will discuss the key requirements of effective Citrix performance monitoring as well as common pitfalls you need to avoid.

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    • Key Findings From the 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report Key Findings From the 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report Rob Kraus, Director of Security Research and Strategy, Solutionary Recorded: Apr 21 2016 6:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • When it comes to protecting your organization against cyber threats, information is key. But with so much to comb through in today’s data-driven environment, how can you determine what’s actually useful? This is where threat intelligence comes in.

      In this webinar, Rob Kraus from Solutionary and Recorded Future’s Scott Donnelly will introduce the findings of the NTT Group 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) which analyzes the attacks, threats, and trends from 2015. The report pulls information from 24 security operations centers, 7 R&D centers, 3.5 trillion logs, 6.2 billion attacks, and nearly 8,000 security clients globally. Rob and Scott will cover highlights from the report, including:

      • The biggest lessons learned in cyber security in 2015.
      • How you can implement threat intelligence best practices to help disrupt attacks.
      • The top 10 vulnerabilities targeted by exploit kits in 2015.
      • Analysis on industry attacks, including which industries are most at risk.

      Register today to learn critical threat intelligence insights from 2015 that will ensure your organization is secure in 2016 and beyond.

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    • Becoming a Data-Driven Predictive Bank Becoming a Data-Driven Predictive Bank Vamsi K Chemitiganti, General Manager - Financial Services, Hortonworks & Rob McKendrick, EY Recorded: Mar 24 2016 2:30 pm UTC 71 mins
    • The banking sector continues to be a driving force of any economy and leading banks are adapting to consumer and technological advances that are presenting a multitude of business opportunities.

      Banks can now process huge amounts of data from both traditional and non-traditional sources in Hadoop giving them better insight into both their risks and opportunities. Deeper analysis and insight can improve operational margins and protect against one-time events that might cause catastrophic losses. Join Rob Toguri from EY and Vamsi Chemitiganti from Hortonworks as they discuss how banks are becoming more data-driven and predictive:

      · How data is disrupting the banking sector
      · Where business value is generated across the banking ecosystem
      · What the roles of a banking Chief Data Officer are
      · What are the requirements for data governance and compliance
      · How leading banks are benefiting from this opportunity

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    • Innovation in Identity & KYC: A Thought Leader Interview Innovation in Identity & KYC: A Thought Leader Interview Jodie Paula Cohen of ECN interviews Rob Laurence, Director of Innovate Identity Recorded: Mar 24 2016 10:00 am UTC 21 mins
    • Traditional methods of identity verification are contributing to lengthy and expensive KYC and onboarding processes. Technological advances, regulatory requirements and business necessity are leading organisations to a point where they have to rethink the way identity works.

      With so many financial services institutions embracing digital, the big challenge is bringing together information about each client, from multiple systems, to create one accurate client identity. Achieving this, while demonstrating robust and compliant KYC capabilities, is causing costs to spiral.

      In this exclusive webinar Jodie Paula Cohen, producer of the acclaimed Identity & KYC conference, catches up with leading Identity expert Rob Laurence, Director of Innovate Identity, to gain some practical insights into how these challenges can be tackled.

      Questions will include:

      1) How close are we to being able to access digital information about identity in a consumable and trusted way, across industries?

      2) Which technologies should organisations be looking into, to support their identity and KYC processes?

      3) Is the blockchain a complete solution for improved identity verification, or just part of a wider solution?

      4) How can institutions ensure a user-friendly and compliant KYC and onboarding process?

      5) What are the challenges and benefits of putting in place a ‘financial services passport’?

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    • Insurance Linked Securities: A UK hub? Learning from the US model Insurance Linked Securities: A UK hub? Learning from the US model Danielle Myles; Lee O'Rourke; John Stokes;Steven McEwan;James Doyle;Tauhid Ijaz;Rob Ripin; Peter Humphreys; Therese Goldsmith Recorded: Apr 26 2016 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    • The UK government recently published a consultation paper outlining plans to make London a hub for insurance linked securities transactions. But what are these transactions? And what effect will these proposals have?

      Featuring presentations from leading Hogan Lovells practitioners, as well as representatives from HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs (see below), this webinar will provide an overview of insurance linked securities transactions, including how they are used and why. It will take a look at the government consultation paper and discuss how the proposals might interact with both EU capital markets regulation and EU insurance regulation.

      The session will also examine insurance linked securities in the US, from both a regulatory and transactional perspective, to see what insights the UK might glean from a more developed market.

      We are especially pleased to announce that the Hogan Lovells presenters will be joined by Lee O'Rourke, head of the insurance linked securities project at HM Treasury and John Stokes, policy & technical adviser at HM Revenue & Customs, who will offer a unique insight into the government's proposals.

      Danielle Myles, editor, IFLR
      Lee O'Rouke, head of insurance linked securities project, HM Treasury
      John Stokes, policy & technical adviser, HM Revenue & Customs
      Steven McEwan, partner, Hogan Lovells (London)
      James Doyle, partner, Hogan Lovells (London)
      Tauhid Ijaz, partner, Hogan Lovells (London)
      Rob Ripin, partner, Hogan Lovells (New York)
      Peter Humphreys, partner, Hogan Lovells (New York)
      Therese Goldsmith, partner, Hogan Lovells (Baltimore)

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    • Top 5 Predictions for Predictive Analytics in 2016 Top 5 Predictions for Predictive Analytics in 2016 Rob Jones, Director at Qbase Recorded: Jan 21 2016 10:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • What better way to start the New Year than with our free webinar, 'The Top 5 Predictions for Predictive Analytics in 2016'.

      In this webinar we will look at the emerging concepts within Predictive Analytics and explore their real-world marketing applications. We will discuss how marketers, data analysts and other data driven professionals can achieve pole position in the marketplace by maximising business performance with cutting edge ideas, concepts and methodologies.

      The 30 minute session will be hosted by Rob Jones, Director at Qbase, with panelists including Francesca Hose-Berté, Marketing Consultant at Apteco and Paresh Patel, Business Insight Director at Qbase, who will be providing their expert opinions on what's next in Predictive Analytics.

      If you are a marketing, data or analytics professional this is a must attend event that should not be missed.

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    • Building An SCV With Online & Offline Data Building An SCV With Online & Offline Data Ian Johnstone (CEO) Rob Jones (Director) Recorded: Mar 10 2016 1:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Most Single Customer Views (SCV) contain offline data, perhaps with some email history or online data for web-centric businesses, but they very rarely contain both. Integrating online visitor level data with traditional offline data can be extremely challenging. But for those organisations who are able to achieve this, they open the door to a world of new opportunities that enable them to deliver greater, more personalised browsing experiences and one-to-one communications. Intriguingly, it also creates some new digital insight variables, which drive increases in both online and offline ROI.

      In this presentation you will discover some of the technologies and techniques that can now be employed to bring your customer's online visitor level data together with their offline data. We will consider options for introducing social media data and how you can manage all this data in a scalable Single Customer View (SCV), including options for coordinating your customer preference management. Finally, we will point you in the right direction for how you can leverage this information through insight led marketing communications and customer journeys.

      The session will be hosted by Ian Johnstone, CEO, and Rob Jones, Director at Qbase, who will guide you through the presentation, fielding your questions and sharing their expertise.

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    • European Equities Update European Equities Update Rob Jones, co-Head of European Equities Recorded: Nov 16 2015 2:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • As the European Equity Team complete a very successful 5 years at UBP, we are pleased to invite you to a 30 minutes webinar with Rob Jones, co-Head of European Equities.

      Rob will present:
      - An update on the Team and fund inflows
      - His thoughts on the current market dynamics
      - Our current positioning, themes and an outlook for 2016

      The call will take place via the web-based platform BrightTalk.
      If you are not yet registered, you will have to do so to access the call. If you have any issues, please contact us.

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