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    • SIEM is dead. Long Live the SIEM! SIEM is dead. Long Live the SIEM! Michael Mackrill, Security & Intelligence Operations Consulting Recorded: Feb 23 2016 4:40 pm UTC 16 mins
    • SIEMs have been around for years and many companies are wondering if they actually got a return on their investment. Meanwhile, multiple vendors are claiming that their latest tool can do everything that a SIEM can and more! Can the SIEM survive?

      We believe that the SIEM is not dead. SIEM is evolving. It must be remembered though that a SIEM is a living, breathing creature that must be cared, fed and interacted with in order to thrive. SIEMs have gotten more robust and can be used to interact with other security programs in ways that they couldn’t a few years ago. Companies need to utilize the SIEM as their central pane of glass to see the threats to their environment and use integration with other tools to help ensure the security of their electronic data.

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    • SIEM Detection & Response Cases SIEM Detection & Response Cases Tom Clare, Director, Arctic Wolf Recorded: Jun 30 2015 5:00 pm UTC 32 mins
    • Before tackling a SIEM project to improve detection and response, learn from these case studies as their scenario likely matches yours. To firebreak your network brings together technologies, processes and people in the right balance across four phases. More than a security point solution or another box, you need to turn craft into a discipline to improve detection and response.

      Learn from your peers about the following:
      - Before environment and issues
      - Transition effort, cost and impact
      - After environment and benefits
      - Best practices for managed SIEM
      - Your network and next steps

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    • SIEM Roadmap 2015 SIEM Roadmap 2015 Tom Clare, Director, Arctic Wolf Recorded: May 27 2015 3:00 pm UTC 26 mins
    • Security event management continues to evolve as data breaches put more pressure on detective defenses providing continuous monitoring. Many companies have invested strongly in preventive defenses to stop attacks before they infect. Now the game changes to detecting the unknown and this requires scale and performance of SIEM solutions with increasing context for depth and visibility in the hands of security experts with an analytics mindset. Not everyone can play on this field, learn your options.

      Attendees will learn:
      - SIEM architecture changes for visibility
      - Increasing complexity of data analytics to explore
      - SIEM taxonomy and trade-offs between generations
      - Analyst recommendations & best practices
      - Why resources are key to SIEM success

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    • Rev Up Your SIEM with These Top 8 High Value Security Event Sources Rev Up Your SIEM with These Top 8 High Value Security Event Sources Randy Franklin Smith: Windows Security Subject Matter Expert Erick Ingleby: Product Manager, LogRhythm, Inc. Recorded: Jun 18 2015 3:00 pm UTC 97 mins
    • The secret to catching intruders with your SIEM is to feed it as much information as possible, the infosec world has been doing a better and better job by scaling SIEM technology up and integrating nearly every raw audit log from network devices, operating systems and even applications. But these logs are more raw data than refined information. It's time to make sure you are also feeding your SIEM the high value sources of security information from all the other security technologies and products on your network. You want your SIEM to have deep and wide visibility. Visibility at every level of your technology stack and across your entire network.

      When you look at the event log spectrum ranging from raw log data to high level/value security information - nothing is higher level, more refined and actionable than security technologies such as your:

      -Endpoint security
      -Network IDS/IPS/forensics
      -Next generation firewall
      -Vulnerability scanners
      -Threat intelligence
      -Identity management
      -Access control

      The list goes on. In this webinar learn the different opportunities to feed your SIEM extra nutritious event feeds from all the different security technologies on your network. Also, look at real world scenarios and explore how to correlate high level security information like this with the low level stuff coming from more traditional logs.

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    • Selecting a SIEM: Experiences from the Trenches Selecting a SIEM: Experiences from the Trenches Justin Everett: Williams Companies Dave Wiseman: Saint Luke's Health System.VP and Chief Information Security Officer: Recorded: May 13 2015 3:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Today’s cyber threat landscape demands a fresh look at security intelligence. Whether you have a first generation SIEM (e.g., ArcSight, enVision, Q1 Labs, etc.) in place today and are concerned about blind spots or are overwhelmed by its complexity, or you’re considering deploying a SIEM for the first time, this panel discussion will give you practical insights from SIEM veterans that will help you refine your security intelligence strategy.

      Watch a moderated panel discussion featuring security experts who will discuss:

      -Cyber security dynamics fueling the need for improved Security Intelligence
      -Visibility and functional gaps to be aware of in first generation SIEMs
      -Selecting a SIEM: Key considerations and requirements
      -Migration considerations when moving to a new SIEM
      -Assessing the staffing requirements for a new SIEM deployment

      Justin Everett: Security Analyst, Williams Companies
      Dave Wiseman: Director of Information Security, Saint Luke's Health System
      VP and Chief Information Security Officer, Fortune 500 Healthcare Services Company"

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    • Leveraging Next-Gen SIEM For Security Intelligence: A Buyer’s Perspective Leveraging Next-Gen SIEM For Security Intelligence: A Buyer’s Perspective Paul Lynch, Director of Data Security & Networks, American Board of Internal Medicine Recorded: May 19 2015 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Chartered with securing both the PII of over 250,000 physicians and a vast amount of highly valued intellectual property amidst a rapidly evolving threat landscape, Paul Lynch, Director of Data Security and Networks at the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), recognized the need to move beyond a traditional SIEM, and employ a more holistic approach to Security Intelligence.

      In this CISO Executive Network webinar, Mr. Lynch will share with you the path he took to go from defining ABIM’s core security intelligence requirements to making his ultimate selection. The path included establishing a detailed score card for evaluating various SIEM solutions, moving from eight vendors’ to a short list of four, then testing and ultimately selecting a unified platform for ABIM.

      Whether you have an existing SIEM platform and are overwhelmed by its complexity, inadequate visibility to today’s advance threats or the manpower required to manage it, or you’re considering deploying SIEM for the first time, you’ll benefit greatly by joining us for this webinar.

      Key themes to be covered include:
      • SIEM for Security vs. IT Operations – understanding and prioritizing your options
      • Establishing a score card to evaluate vendors and solutions
      • How to leveraging market research and outside perspectives to inform your decision
      • Considering total cost of ownership (price, deployment, implementation, usability, management)

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    • 451 Research: The Problem with SIEM, and Who’s Solving It Better than Others 451 Research: The Problem with SIEM, and Who’s Solving It Better than Others Daniel Kennedy Recorded: Nov 17 2015 4:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • In an ideal world, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) acts as a central repository for security events, ingesting logs from disparate systems, identifying and correlating information, and utilizing threat intelligence against the resulting data set to identify problems.

      But those capabilities come at a setup cost. The promise is there, but SIEM implementation projects can elicit a groan from security managers at the same time.

      Join Daniel Kennedy, Research Director for 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security, for a 45-minute webinar and Q&A summarizing key findings from more than 900 customer responses gathered during 451 Research's Q3 Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security survey.

      This Webinar will reveal:

      • The top concerns of information security managers
      • Where budgets are heading
      • The characteristics and inhibitors of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in the enterprise, and
      • How customers position vendors in the competitive landscape as shown by 451 Research's proprietary Vendor Window.

      Come armed with your own questions - there will be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

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    • So verteidigen Sie sich! Von Logmanagement über SIEM zu Security Analytics So verteidigen Sie sich! Von Logmanagement über SIEM zu Security Analytics Markus Knorr, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Recorded: Nov 6 2015 1:15 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Wenn Sie heute angegriffen werden oder Daten verlieren, finden sich in aller Regel Spuren davon in Ihren Logquellen. In diesem Webcast erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Spuren lesen und wie Sie neueste Analyse-Technologien einsetzen, um Schaden bereits im Vorfeld abzuwenden.
      In diesem Webinar erfahren Sie, welche Technologien Sie einsetzen können, um Ihr Unternehmen gezielt vor Angriffen von außen und innen abzusichern und vor Schäden zu bewahren:

      Im Detail geht es um:
      •Logmanagement: Einsammeln und Aufbereiten von Loginformationen unterschiedlichster Quellen.
      •Security Incident und Event Management (SIEM): Filtern und Korrelieren von Informationen, um Angriffe und Abweichungen erkennen zu können.
      •Threat Intelligence: Was passiert bei Ihnen, was passiert bei anderen und wie können Sie sich gegenseitig helfen.
      •Analytics: Wie kann man mit neuen Technologien proaktiv Schäden vermeiden.

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    • Cost of SIEM Cost of SIEM Tom Clare, Director, Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Dec 17 2014 4:00 pm UTC 25 mins
    • Security breach and incident headlines each week make the case for detective defenses very clear. Not looking at alerts, logs and events, or worse yet ignoring them is costly. However, understanding the costs of a security solution like Security Event and Information Management (SIEM) remain fundamental for project success. Limited resources and time will restrict your reach with detective defenses like SIEM that are known for high costs, complexity and resource allocation.

      The cost of cyber crime continues to increase and the ability to detect infections, open exploitable vulnerabilities and security risks can reduce the costs for incidents or a data breach. There is no such thing as a secure network is a perspective we face each day and detection defenses are a requirement. Attend to learn the following about the costs of detective defenses including SIEM:

      - What are the cost trends for security incidents & breaches?
      - What are the largest costs for detective defenses?
      - What response activity consumes the most resources?
      - What can reduce the cost of detection and containment?
      - How to build a case for detective defenses on your network.

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