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    • Stop the Hacking: Bringing Marketers Back to the Brand Experience
      Stop the Hacking: Bringing Marketers Back to the Brand Experience David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates and Chris Slovak, VP of Global Sales Solutions at Tealium Recorded: Mar 17 2016 5:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • Marketers know better than anyone that a compelling brand experience is one of the most essential elements in driving a business forward, both in acquiring new customers and building customer loyalty. Every interaction between an individual and a brand can be considered one of those experiences, and therefore, it’s imperative to get it right - every time, in every channel.

      In the attempt to effectively engage a customer across all channels and devices, the focus of many marketers shifted from building the best possible customer experiences to managing the many technologies that drive it. And in the attempt to build the perfect technology infrastructure, the marketer has become a hacker first - and creator of the brand experience second.

      In this interactive discussion on March 17th, we'd like to give the technological and organizational guidance needed to allow marketers to redirect the time and energy being spent on hacking back to driving rich, real-time customer interactions. David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates, and Chris Slovak, VP of Global Sales Solutions at Tealium, will dive into:

      •The four strategic pillars of successful customer engagement
      •The importance of a strategy executed by technology, rather than just a technology strategy
      •The four tent-poles of a well-functioning marketing technology stack
      •The approach of putting customer data at the center, and building out

      We hope you’ll join us.

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    • Hacking mobile retail: Marketing automation for LTV
      Hacking mobile retail: Marketing automation for LTV Jason Allen, VP Multi-Channel, GameStop Recorded: Aug 16 2016 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Shoppers have an unlimited number of retail apps that promise to deliver the right product at the right price at the right time. The latest and greatest app bells and whistles may attract the new user, but developing them into a long-term follower/ user is easier said than done. It’s easier to get them then to keep them, after all.

      With an increasing number of apps on a user’s device, app marketers are challenged to draw the user's attention not only through efficient user acquisition initiatives, but also via engagement and retention activities. Leveraging marketing automation technology to increase user lifetime value and minimize cost per install is the crux of the issue. Let VentureBeat’s panel of experts shed light on how to use marketing automation to implement acquisition strategies that work.

      By identifying synergies between acquisition and user engagement, this webinar hits the high points of reactivation tactics (via push, email, retargeting). Join Jason Allen from mega-retailer GameStop and Marissa Tarelton from RetailMeNot as they discuss how to increase LTV and lower CPI.

      In this webinar, you will:

      * Harness the power of marketing automation to build a user acquisition program that works
      * Explore key strategies for efficient, highly-optimized user acquisition
      * Gain new best practices for engaging and retaining users while reducing churn
      * Learn acquisition-engagement synergy tactics such as: pre- and post-install segmentation, organic growth, retargeting and reward-based acquisition

      * Jason Allen, VP, Multi-Channel at GameStop
      * Marissa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot
      * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology
      * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

      Sponsored by IBM Marketing Cloud

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    • Why visibility is a crucial part of any security strategy
      Why visibility is a crucial part of any security strategy Peter Smith, Regional Sales Manager - Europe & Russell McDermott, Sales Engineer, Netwrix Recorded: Sep 7 2016 2:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • With a recent increase in high-profile security breaches and compliance violations, traditional security mechanisms, such as firewalls, IDS, and antivirus are no longer enough to defend against external attackers, and insider threats. By having increased visibility into internal changes, configurations, access events, and permissions across the IT infrastructure, organizations can far more effectively defend against such attacks.

      So, please join our local auditing and compliance team from Netwrix, Pete Smith (Regional Sales Manager Europe) and Russell McDermott (Pre-Sales Engineer) and see how Netwrix Auditor can unlock the door into possible breaches in your IT environment.

      From our brief session you will learn:

      • How deeply security breaches and data leaks are really effecting organizations
      • How to protect your data from the insider threats
      • How to have “peace of mind”, and achieve complete visibility of your IT infrastructure

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    • Best Practices in Preventing Data Breaches with IT Audit
      Best Practices in Preventing Data Breaches with IT Audit John Morgan (Sales Representative), Adam Stetson (Sales Engineer) Recorded: Jun 15 2016 3:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • According to the Global State of Information Security Survey 2016, in 2015, the number of security incidents grew by 38% compared to 2014’s levels. Today, it is clear that traditional security measures are no longer as effective as they need to be and that even advanced techniques can be bypassed. Companies have realized the need to develop new security strategies that will help them address contemporary cyber-threats.

      Join Netwrix experts John Morgan (Sales Representative) and Adam Stetson (Sales Engineer) to learn how IT auditing helps solidify your security strategy. During the session, we will talk about:

      • Today’s data breaches and security experts’ predictions;
      • How auditing complements cyber-threat defense mechanisms;
      • Proven recommendations for what should be audited and why.

      Stick around for a live Q&A session for answers to your questions!

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