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    • Enabling a Better Sign On Experience for your Customers
      Enabling a Better Sign On Experience for your Customers Andre Boysen, EVP, SecureKey - Rita Whittle, Government of Canada - Salim Hasham, PwC - Neil McEvoy, Cloud Best Practices Recorded: May 14 2014 4:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Governments and citizens both benefit when services are delivered online. But the adoption of online government services is often constrained by challenges with user registration and authentication. The usual problems of password security, forgotten passwords and sign-up abandonment are heightened for government services - they need to know its you to deliver the service. High credential churn drives up operational costs, weakens security posture, and frustrates users who want to accomplish tasks online.

      To combat password problems, many commercial sites are now introducing “Bring Your Own Credential” solutions. But can BYOC work for government services. Join us as we discuss practical ways that government services can implement BYOC solutions to improve the customer experience while enhancing site security, business assurance and citizen privacy.

      Join this webinar to learn …

      The business case for “Bring Your Own Credential” – Salim Hasham, National Cyber Resilience Leader, PwC Canada
      Customer Spotlight - GC View on implementing BYOC in the Public Sector – Rita Whittle, Executive Director, Government of Canada Security Policy
      Government of Canada
      Top 5 questions that the public sector needs to think about when considering BYOC – Andre Boysen, EVP of Marketing, SecureKey Technologies
      Heartbleed - Andre Boysen, EVP of Marketing, SecureKey Technologies

      Moderated by Neil McEvoy, Cloud Best Practices Network

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    • Heartbleed: Anchor User Access in Trusted Devices
      Heartbleed: Anchor User Access in Trusted Devices Andre Boysen, EVP, SecureKey Technologies Recorded: Jun 3 2014 4:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • In what might be the most dramatic lapse of Internet security in history, the Heartbleed bug has shaken every corner of the web. Heartbleed threatens a web services in a wide variety of industries across the globe - 2/3 of the websites on the Internet used the compromised the OpenSSL technology.

      So now what? Leaders everywhere are seeking solutions that can reduce risk and strengthen business assurance. How to increase business assurance without driving up the cost or driving customer nuts?

      This webinar provides key insights on the lessons learned from the Heartbleed Bug. Webinar attendees will receive an:

      - Overview of the global impact of Heartbleed
      - Exploration of the consequences and possible limitations of remediation to similar attacks in the future
      - Introduction of the concept of Digital ID and the role of Dynamic Authentication has to play to make customer access easier and to increase security.
      - Insight into the lessons learned and recommendations on how to anchor customer Digital IDs in trusted devices with dynamic authentication.

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    • Banking 2020: mCommerce, Virtual Money, and Privacy. Are you ready?
      Banking 2020: mCommerce, Virtual Money, and Privacy. Are you ready? American Banker, MODO, Intel, The Royal Canadian Mint & SecureKey Recorded: Mar 27 2014 3:10 pm UTC 58 mins
    • In the year 2020, trends that are hot today, such as mCommerce, virtual money and privacy will be commonplace. These disruptive topics and technologies should be examined and considered when building a digital strategy. Organizations that choose to ignore them, might find themselves behind the curve. Join Royal Canadian Mint, Modo, and Intel as they discuss:

      Digital Currency and the Role of Smart Devices:
      - What is digital/virtual currency?
      - What is the value proposition and what problems does virtual currency solve?
      - Critical Trends in the virtual currency market?
      - Is virtual currency all about mobile payments?
      - Where will this be in 2020

      Simplicity, Security and Familiarity- Critical success factors for digital payments & mCommerce

      Views from Mint, Modo, and Intel on what is critical to any mobile/digital strategy today and the future
      - What are the characteristics of a solid digital payment solution?
      - What do stakeholders need to do to be ready?
      - The Importance of Mobile Security and Payments
      - What is necessary for user adoption, whether it is consumers, merchants, banks and other financial institutions

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